D.A. Believe Nicole Eggert, But Scott Baio Won’t be Prosecuted for Sexual Assault

Scott Baio will not be prosecuted for allegedly sexually assaulting Nicole Eggert during the run of “Charles in Charge,” but we’ve learned the D.A. found her credible. Sources familiar with the case tell us on Wednesday Nicole met the L.A. County…


Kim Zolciak Turns 40, Wants You to Know She’s Still a MILF

Marlon Wayans is going to eat his hurtful White Chicks joke.

Kim Zolciak, reality star and mother of six, turned 40 years old over the weekend. That is a major milestone.

But in case anyone has any doubts about her enduring hotness, she and Kroy snapped some bikini selfies that should put your fears at ease.

Saturday, May 19, was Kim Zolciak’s birthday, and she shared her celebrations with a post to Instagram.

“It’s my 40th Birthday.”

She follows that line with a pink cake emoji and a red heart emoji.

“Last night was a dream. I am so grateful, blessed and humbled.”

Friends and family turned out to see the Don’t Be Tardy star turn “over the hill” as she ushers in a major life milestone.

“There are no words to truly describe how loved I felt and feel.”

But she’ll try anyway.

“Thank you to everyone that came I truly appreciate you,”

Naturally, though we’re sure that she sent plenty of private, direct thank-yous, she wants to show her appreciation in a public manner.

“I love you all from the core of my being.”

Awwww! That’s sweet.

“A huge thank you to my INCREDIBLE husband who put his heart and soul into making everything perfect for me.”

Kroy Biermann sure knows how to treat a lady.

“I love you @kroybiermann to the moon and back a gazillion trillion times always!”

She shareda  series of photos from her oceanic adventures with Kroy, captioning them:

“Walking on Sunshine”

Kroy wrote his own tribute to Kim, just recently, honoring her for Mother’s Day.

“This woman right here!!! Where do I even start!?”

He did, in fact, figure out where to begin.

“I am so proud that she is the mother of our children and my wife!!”

Please hold your Borat impressions until the end.

“Every single day she wakes up and gives her ALL to us as a mother, wife, caregiver, and provider.”

He credits her to the amazing successes and amazing little people that their six children are.

“Our children are filled with confidence, compassion, happiness, joy, and LOVE because of you @kimzolciakbiermann.”

He talks about why honoring her on Mother’s Day is so important.

“We celebrate you today and all you have accomplished in your time.”

She has six kids, so there’s a lot to honor.

“You have built incredible things and have touched so many lives in amazing ways.”

He even credits her with making him a better person.

“We are all better people because of you!! I love you so much!!”

This is so touching.


Kim and Kroy are one hot couple, and this set of steamy beach selfies show that Kim turning 40 really has not changed that.

Perhaps part of that is that the two of them cut out some unneeded stress, as Kim is not returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Allegedly.

Whatever the source of enduring hotness, fans clearly appreciated the photoset.

Though one fan did sort of complain by commenting with a request, writing: “Show kroy in that speedo.”

Social media is a wonder.

Happy birthday, Kim!


John David Duggar: First In His Family to Quit Reality TV?!

In recent weeks, there’s been much talk of the small-scale rebellion taking place within the Duggar family.

Fans seem to be convinced that it all started when Jinger Duggar began wearing pants in direct defiance of her family’s famously strict dress code.

According to this narrative, other Duggar kids then followed in Jinger’s footsteps, including newly-engaged Josiah Duggar, who – according to a source close to the family – is widely expected to be “the next [Duggar] to bust out.”

But this version of events overlooks the original Duggar rebel, the one who’s been rejecting elements of his father’s lifestyle so quietly and for so long that he his insurgence went mostly unnoticed.

We’re talking, of course, about the Silent Duggar himself, John David Duggar.

Even if you’ve been watching the family’s reality shows from day one, you may not know much about JDD.

And what you do know has probably been filtered through the Duggar PR machine:

John David is Michelle and Jim Bob’s second-oldest son, the twin brother of fan favorite Jana Duggar.

From a professional standpoint, he’s the most active of all the Duggars, working as a pilot, firefighter and sheriff’s deputy in his free time.

And it seems it’s the duties of that last post that have brought John David into conflict with his domineering dad.

As we reported earlier, Jim Bob’s efforts to control the town he lives in by purchasing both large tracts of land and politicians reportedly don’t sit well with John David, who’s sworn to uphold law and order.

Add to that the widespread reports that John David is disgusted by Jim Bob’s greed, and it’s not hard to see why so many are convinced the 28-year-old has already begun distancing himself from his family’s social media empire.

Interestingly, in a recent interview, John David has confirmed that he will appear in the new season of Counting On, which premieres this summer.

But he would not comment on his future on the show beyond that.

Instead, when asked about his future, he mostly focused on faith and family:

“Future plans would be to, I think, one day, you know, the Lord will bring the right one along, and I’ll start a family and hopefully be able to invest in their lives and raise up a generation that will be great people for this society,” John David remarked.

The comment has fueled speculation that John David is courting, which may have influenced his decision to be the first in his family to willingly leave the world of television behind.

Whatever the case, we wouldn’t be surprised if John David is actually the first to “bust out.”

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Jenelle Evans & David Eason: The Haters Want Us to Get Divorced!

Divorce rumors seem to circulate non-stop for just about every married couple in the Teen Mom franchise.

(With the exception of Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska, of course. No one seems to doubt that those two are in it for the long haul.)

But there’s only one marriage that fans actively want to fail:

Yes, every time there’s a new report that Jenelle Evans and David Eason are getting divorced, a certain segment of the Teen Mom 2 fandom jumps for joy.

It’s not so much that they all want Jenelle to be miserable (although some certainly do).

It’s more that the longer the Evans-Eason marriage continues, the more likely it is to end in disaster.

And since the couple has five kids between them, most viewers would like to see them call it quits before any irreparable harm is done.

But no matter how much you tweet or how many David- and Jenelle-shaped voodoo dolls you lock in separate cabinets, it seems Ensley’s mom and dad are still going strong.

It’s a sad fact that fans were reminded of during this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

The drama-packed reunion special saw Jenelle flipping out on just about every adult in her life except for David.

At one point, she absolutely lost it on Nathan Griffth’s girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, for daring to hug her mother, the infamous Barbara Evans;

“Because you wanna hug my mother in front of everyone,” Jenelle shrieked in an attempt to justify her tantrum.

“Me and my mom have turmoil right now.” 

This, among other things, caused Babs to lose it:

“You f-cking b-tch! I have never seen you like this ever,” she told Jenelle.

“Even on drugs, you didn’t act like this.”

At that point, David stepped in, because of course, he did:

“You’re right, Barb, you’ve never seen her like this because you’ve never seen her stand up for herself.”

David probably thought that was a witheringly clever comment, and amazingly, Jenelle agreed with him.

It was then that she made the remark that forced those are eagerly hoping for a Jenelle-David breakup to abandon all hope:

“I love how everyone hates us so much, but we’re so in love and happy with each other that it’s just like we don’t give a f–k,” Jenelle stated.

“Nothing’s wrong with us.”

Obviously, Jenelle has said a lot of questionable things over the years – but that last sentence might be her most ridiculous to date.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just ridiculous Jenelle and David truly are.