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Isaiah Austin — I’ve Been Cleared to Play Basketball Again … Gunning for NBA (VIDEO)

Isaiah Austin — the ex-college basketball star who was diagnosed with a rare heart condition before the 2014 Draft — says his doctors have finally cleared him to play again … and it sounds like he’s gunning for the NBA.  The 23-year-old was…


Antonio Gates — Philip Rivers Is SOOOOO Rich … He Doesn’t Need Gifts From Me! (VIDEO)

Antonio Gates is 3 TOUCHDOWNS AWAY from breaking Tony Gonzalez’s career TD record for a tight end. So, we had to ask … are you getting Philip Rivers a gift when you take the crown?! The short answer — HELL NO!  And why not? Gates points to…


Javi Marroquin: Forget You Kailyn … My New Chick is Much Hotter!

Javi Marroquin is moving on in a way … from Kailyn Lowry to a chick who sort of looks like Kailyn — just much hotter. 

The girl in the pic is Cassie Bucka, a “friend” of Javi’s, and if we’re being honest, this chick looks about 10 steps better than Lowry.  

Kailyn might be on Teen Mom and all, but Bucka seems to have serious je ne sais quoi … or, in layman’s terms, serious non-Teen Mom class. 

From what we gather from Bucka’s Instagram page, she really likes her friends, the Pittsburgh Steelers, her dogs, and was in the military at some point. 

From Javi’s Instagram, we gather that he’s obviously way better off without big-mouthed thirst trap, Kailyn Lowry. 

The two were photographed several times on different occasions, looking terribly comfortable with one another. 

All in all, we’d say, “Get it, Javi!” 

And after seeing this pic, wouldn’t you, too? 

In a recent interview with Radar Online, Javi was asked The Question — whether or not Bucka was his girlfriend. 

His sassy-ass response? 

“Let me ask her!” 

We have chills. 

Do you have chills?

‘Cause we have some serious chills. 

Recently, Javi and Kailyn were playing nice — and by “playing nice,” we mean that the passive-aggressive barbs were flying left and right. 

About the success of Kailyn’s new book, Hustle and Heart, Javi flashed the book in a pic and said, “I hate her but I’m proud of her.” 

Uh, okay? 

It’s not like we thought these two would be picking daisies in a field together with the kids anytime soon, but “I hate her but I’m proud of her?” 

That’s just a strange brew right there, y’all. 

In the book, Kailyn said Javi was jealous and controlling. 

The Teen Mom wrote, “I thought I had my fairytale ending on September 4, 2012 — the day I said, ‘I do.’ “

“I had Javi,” she explained, “my knight in shining armor, and we had big plans to build a castle together where we’d raise our children in a stable, two-parent home.”

“I wanted to open a blow-dry bar, an idea my friends were so supportive of,” she revealed.

“Javi, on the other hand, was not on board.”

“In fact, he was downright unsupportive, knocking down the idea every time I brought it up,” Lowry admitted. 

Kailyn even went as far as to assert that marrying Marroquin was a mistake

On one of her more recent Twitter rants, Lowry wrote, “I walked away from something that was toxic.” 

“A bad example for my children.” 

Well, you have to do what you have to do. 

Especially when it’s for the betterment of the kids’ circumstances. 

And we hope that’s exactly what Marroquin’s doing here — moving on from a toxic situation, and getting on with his damn life. 

Kailyn could take a leaf out of Javi’s book if she wasn’t all up in Twitter’s grill all the time. 


Kanye West: What Triggered the Breakdown?!?

We can most definitely say the following about Kanye West:

If his ongoing hospitalization is part of some kind of publicity stunt, then the rapper is more committed than we ever imagined possible.

West has been under a doctor’s care and supervision for over a week now, ever since he was accused of assault against a gym employee and considered a danger, either to himself or others.

At first, many wondered whether Kanye was simply being Kanye; that is, acting weird and doing whatever possible to garner attention and headlines.

But various reputable insiders have confirmed that West really is suffering from some kind of mental breakdown.

He’s been described as depressed and paranoid and there’s no date scheduled at the moment for his release.

Could we have seen this downfall coming? Perhaps.

Just days prior to his hospital admission, Kanye told fans that he would have voted for Donald Trump for President if he had voted in the election… slammed Beyonce and Jay Z… and ended a concert after just three songs.

But what actually caused this breakdown?

That’s a different question, with contrasting alleged answers.

According to Us Weekly, Kanye’s problems go back to the early morning of October 3.

It was on this date that wife Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris apartment, with numerous sources confirming the severity of the situation.

She was bound and gagged and truly believed she was going to be raped or killed or both.

“He’s been shaken up ever since the robbery in Paris. It did a number on him as much as Kim” an insider told Us Weekly, adding:

“The mere thought that anything could happen to her sent him in a tailspin. He wasn’t sleeping and he was having nightmares about it.”

If true, could anyone blame Kanye? We cannot imagine how we’d react if our closest loved one had his or her life threatened in this kind of manner.

There’s been a domino effect from Kim’s understandable decision to avoid the spotlight ever since this scary incident.

She has remained mostly at home with the couple’s children, leaving West on his own while touring.

“Without having Kim by his side during the tour as planned, Kanye wasn’t able to snap back,” People Magazine writes. “Kim being absent because of her own struggles seems to be why things are different with Kanye this time.”

The couple is reunited now, of course.

Kim has remained by Kanye’s hospital bedside throughout this troubling ordeal.

But TMZ does not place the blame for West’s mental state on Kardashian’s robbery or her absence from West’s professional life of late.

Yes, Kanye has had a lot to deal with as a result of what happened to his wife. He’s been especially stressed over the past few weeks.

Still, though, that celebrity gossip website says the the trigger for the breakdown was Donda West’s death way back in November 2007.

Kanye’s mother lost her life due to complications from a plastic surgery procedure. She was very close to her son.

Her funeral was November 20…  the same date West cancelled his show at the L.A. Forum.

The following day, Kanye called off the remainder of the tour and hours later suffered this breakdown.

TMZ writes that West has never “properly grieved” over the loss of his mother and that he’s always had a tough time in November as a result of this tragedy.

Combine this sad anniversary with the trauma of Kim’s robbery and it all starts to become far more clear.

Kanye reportedly  became paranoid when he was taken to UCLA Medical Center, refusing for a period to even let doctors touch him. He also screamed that people were trying to ruin his marriage.

We believe he’s calmed down over the last couple days, but there are no plans to send him home any time soon.


Paul Walker: Friends & Co-Stars Pay Tribute on 3rd Anniversary of Actor’s Death

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been three years since Paul Walker was killed in a car accident on his way home from a charity event.

Few actors have been as beloved by their co-stars as Walker, and Fast and Furious franchise star has been the subject of countless online tributes in the years since his untimely passing.

Today, Vin Diesel paid tribute to Walker along with several other Furious co-stars who continue to mourn a man that many of them thought of as family.

Diesel changed his Facebook background photo to the above photo of himself and Walker.

Not surprisingly, he wasn’t the only famous name to mark this sad milestone on social media.

Tyrese Gibson posted the following video of himself and Walker…

… along with a moving caption:

“This week is always rough for those of us who really knew him personally. Fourteen years of laughter, hugs and love — literally one of the nicest people on HUMAN FEET!!!!” Gibson wrote.

“Nov 30th, we lost an angel! Paul treated everyone with the upmost respect and went out of his way to make everyone feel like they mattered…… I love and I miss you dearly.”

Gibson went on to request prayers for Walker’s family, writing:

“We simply ask of you prayer warriors around the world pray for his daughter our niece, Meadow Walker, and his dear brothers, Cody and Caleb, and parents and his besty named Roland and Brandon, who were literally with him every day!!!!!!” he continued.

“May God rest your soul we hope we make you proud everyday!!!!! RIH ( rest in heaven )….. P-Dubber!!!!”

Actress Jordana Brewster, who played Walker’s love interest in the franchise posted a photo of the two of them together on Twitter.

She captioned the image:

“I miss you and I love you every single day #paulwalker”

Ludacris, who also starred in Fast and Furious films shared a photo of Walker, along with a caption reading:

“Gone but never forgotten.”

Walker’s family has also been vocal in paying tribute to the beloved son, father and brother:

“We had a lot of fun growing up,”his brother Caleb recently told ET.

“Paul was four years older than me, so he was the big brother, the cool big brother everyone knew. I just wanted to be like him.”


Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid — Let the Lingerie Games Begin at Victoria’s Secret Show (PHOTO GALLERY)

Kendall, Gigi, Adriana, Lily, Bella, Alessandra and co. are off and strutting for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show … and it’s got an awesomely dark and sexy twist this year. Most of the models are sporting lingerie that seems way more…


Mitt Romney Dines with Donald Trump, Twitter Rejoices

In late November of 2016, Mitt Romney met with Donald Trump in New York City to discuss his possible role as Secretary of State.

The two dined together at a restaurant in Trump Tower.

And the Internet reacted to one particularly awkward photo with memes, jokes and commentary galore. 

See what we mean below…

1. How Did I Get Here?

How did i get here
And how do I now get OUT of here?

2. One of Us

One of us
Romney has trouble relating to the average American while running for President in 2012. But he totally gets us now.

3. Waiter?

Man. If only they had shared a $ 5 shake.

4. Smile, Mitt. Just Try to Smile.

Smile mitt just try to smile
Nope, sorry. Can’t do it.

5. This is Scary

This is scary
But not any scarier than Trump’s Twitter account.

6. HIM, Really?!?

Him really
What does he have that I didn’t have?

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Olive Garden 911 Call — Ricky Smith Accused of Sexual Innuendo in ‘Racist’ Incident (AUDIO)

An Olive Garden employee called 911 on comedian Ricky Smith and his friends, and blasted them for allegedly sexually harassing their server and trying to buy alcohol for minors. TMZ obtained the audio … the caller asks for police backup because…