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Maci Bookout: See Her Precious Wedding with Taylor McKinney!

It's always such a pleasure to take a look at Maci Bookout's life, isn't it?

After all, she's never been in prison OR in porn.

As far as Teen Moms go, she's pretty much a golden goddess.

In recent years, one of the best things about Maci has been her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney.

He's always been so sweet and just so wonderful with her son, Bentley, and as he and Maci had two children of their own, Jayde and Maverick, he's only become a better father.

And then, on October 8th, Maci had the good sense to make Taylor her husband.

Yes, grab your tissues and also hold onto your heart, because we got some wedding footage here.

Maci was enough of a sweetheart to let MTV film her wedding for Teen Mom OG, and thank goodness for that.

In this clip, we get to see Maci, Taylor, their children, and the wedding party pose for photographs, and we also see some lovely moments from the reception.

We're talking fireworks, y'all. Literally.

But perhaps the most touching moment from this clip is when Maci pulls aside Mackenzie, Ryan Edwards' girlfriend, for a heart-to-heart.

If it's enough to make both Maci and Mackenzie cry … well, like we said, grab your tissues.

Watch the moving footage below:

Maci bookout see her precious wedding with taylor mckinney

Pirates Pitcher Tyler Glasnow — INSANE BETWEEN THE LEGS DUNK … I Got Major League Hops (VIDEO)

The “baseball players aren’t real athletes” crowd is gonna be seriously quiet for a while … ‘cause here’s Pirates pitcher Tyler Glasnow crapping all over that idea with a CRAZY NBA level dunk. Tyler — who’s 6’8″ — posted the video up of him…


Iggy Azalea & French Montana: Engaged?!

It’s only been five months since we first learned that Iggy Azalea and French Montana are dating, but it looks like the “rappers” (We’re not sure if Iggy qualifies for that title.) are moving much quicker than expected.

In fact, there’s reason to believe that Iggy may soon become Mrs. Iggy Azalea-Montana, which sounds like something you’d scream out if you had a stroke while high on bath salts.

Yes, French and Iggy are apparently close to tying the knot. 

The rumors have been circulating for months, but the engagement was sorta, kinda, not-really confirmed by French’s brother, Zack Karbouch, this week.

Asked by a TMZ pap if he and Iggy were related, Zack replied, “Soon to be!”

He laughed, but it wasn’t the first time the possibility Montzalea marriage was mentioned.

Last month, French took Iggy for a helicopter ride along with several member of his family, and it was widely rumored that he proposed midair.

Sounds like the kind of baller way he would pop the question, and we have reason to believe that Iggy is eager to settle down.

Until recently the Aussie emcee was engaged to Nick Young

The relationship fizzled shortly after video of Nick admitting to cheating on Iggy was leaked online:

For his part, French dated Khloe Kardashian for several months, beginning in 2014.

The rapper quickly became more famous for his personal life than for his music career.

We’re guessing Tyga witnessed how much attention French was receiving and got a head full of ideas.

Anyway, both French and Iggy went through very public breakups recently, and they’re on roughly the same level in terms of fame.

So it’s possible this quicky engagement could lead to a match made in heaven.

As a bonus, both of their rap careers are tanking at the moment, and together, they might be famous enough for a VH1 reality show.

People love watching D-list couples pretend to be C-list couples.

For about a season and a half, anyway.


Comedian Ricky Smith — Olive Garden Employees Suspended For … ‘Casual Racism’

Comedian Ricky Smith was not treated like family at an Ohio Olive Garden when he popped in for dinner with his friends … and we’ve learned the employees who he claims served him “casual racism” have been suspended. Smith tells TMZ … his crew had…


Watch Scream Queens Online: Check Out Season 2 Episode 7

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode was titled “The Hand.”

Ready for a recap of what took place? Let’s do this…

On this installment of the Fox drama, Dean Munsch’s attempts to grab positive press for the hospital lead to her pitching a risky surgery to Dr. Holt, whose hand was acting stranger than ever before.

Which is saying a lot!

Meanwhile, Chanel #3 forced Cassidy to take a psych test to get to the bottom of his problem; while Nurse Hoffel put in motion her diabolical plan.

Click on the video above to watch Scream Queens online to see what else transpired.


Prince Harry to Party with Rihanna; Should Meghan Markle Be Worried?

Over the past few weeks, numerous sources have confirmed the seriousness of the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Royal hunk and the Suits actress have been spending a lot of time together and may even soon get engaged.

Heck, they even have the blessing of Prince William.

So… what might get in the way of Harry and Markle’s romance? What might be the main obstacle that prevents the Suits star from birthing many Royal babies?

It’s not a what, it’s a who.

And what a who it is: Rihanna!

According to OK! Weekly sources, the gorgeous singer is scheduled to sing the national anthem at the 50th anniversary celebration for her native island of Barbados. 

This would not be especially noteworthy, except for the fact that Harry has been in the Caribbean for several days now and is expected to attend numerous parties at which Rihanna will also be present.

Do you see where we’re going here?

Do you understand why Markle, who will be unable to attend the festivities due to the filming of her USA Network drama, should be concerned?

If not, let us break it down for you:

Rihanna is extremely good looking and likes to have a good time.

Prince Harry is also extremely good looking and likes to have a good time.

Would anyone really be shocked if alcohol flowed, sultry looks were exchanged and Harry suddenly ended up naked under Rihanna umbrella?

The singer is now single, having split from Drake and, we sincerely hope, having finally put Chris Brown in her rearview mirror.

Yes, Markle is also very easy on the eyes and, yes, Harry seems to be going to every length he possibly can to make sure she is safe and comfortable.

According to one recent report, for example, he’s willing to pay for a personal bodyguard to track Markle throughout the day in order to ensure her well-being.

How many other men out there would make such an offer?!?

Last month, Harry also took the extraordinary step of acknowledging his romance with Markle via a statement that called out trolls for their online harassment and death threats.

Harry went as far as to refer to Markle as his “girlfriend” in this statement, which concluded by telling folks to calm the heck down and shut the heck up.

After all, it read, “this is not a game – it is her life and his.”

So all does seem to be going very well between Harry and Markle.

But still. Rihanna. That’s all we really have to say here. Rihanna.

Make sure you call your man often over the next few days, Meghan.


Kim Kardashian Works to Secure Kanye West Hospital Release

Last week, Kanye West was hospitalized following an emotional breakdown suffered during a session with his personal trainer.

Reports that West was placed on 5150 psychiatric hold were quickly debunked, but it quickly became clear that the rapper’s condition required emergency attention.

Kanye was scheduled to be released on Monday, but hours before he was to return home, TMZ learned that his release had been postponed indefinitely.

Now, Radar Online is claiming that a new release date has been scheduled for the end of this week – but Kanye still might not be returning to life as he knew it any time soon.

“Kanye was told by doctors that he will be released from the hospital by the end of this week, a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“He is only leaving under the condition he will be strictly monitored by a team of nurses.”

Since Kanye hasn’t committed any crimes or been deemed a threat to himself or others (that we know of), it’s safe to assume that his wife is the one making the rules.

Indeed, Radar’s source says Kim has been laying down the law, both because she’s concerned for her husband’s health – and because she has two kids to raise and a life to lead.

“Kim is forcing Kanye to comply with whatever the doctors say because she cannot stand being at the hospital with him anymore,” says the source.

“She wants him home and she has been asking what she can do to help facilitate the process.”

Apparently, Kim was instructed that the best thing she can do for her husband is ease his transition home by ensuring that he remais surrounded by trained medical staff.

And of course, the task of making sure the short-tempered rapper stays on his meds will mostly fall to her:

“Kanye’s doctors told Kim that the only way that he would get out of there is if he stopped start obeying their orders,” the insider told Radar.

“All they want is for him to follow his treatment plan and start taking his medications, as well as to stop fighting the process.”

It’s been rumored that West’s breakdown was triggered in part by the fact that Kim and Kanye are headed for divorce.

We’re not saying that’s definitively not true, but we are saying that at the moment, Kanye’s health seems to be Kim’s number one concern.