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Charles Barkley: I Don’t Hate LeBron James … ‘Some Of What He Said Is True’ (AUDIO)

Charles Barkley is finally responding to LeBron James’ scathing media attack — thanking the NBA star for “googling me” … and saying he’s not mad because he’s not a 12-year-old kid.  Barkley went on the “Waddle and Silvy” radio show on…


ATL Falcons Missing Playbook — ‘I’m Not a Belichick Spy!’ … Says NFL Writer (VIDEO)

The guy who took the Atlanta Falcons game plan is adamant … HE’S NOT A PATRIOTS SPY!!! By now you’ve heard the story … Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan lost his backpack with the game plans in it during Super Bowl Media Night on…


Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Ambushed

Did Stevie J get to spend some time with Faith?

That was his plan on Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 7 when it became clear that he was missing his girlfriend because of them being in a long distance relationship. 

Stevie knew he had just 12 hours with Faith, so he planned everything out so they would make the most of their time. 

We kicked off with Stevie going out looking at cars with Savannah. Savannah seemed to want only the most expensive car, but Stevie quizzed her about how she would be paying for it. 

Savannah wanted her mother and father to be the ones to pay for the car, but Stevie was having none of it. Maybe he was worried about that $ 1.3 million he allegedly owes in child maintenance. 

Savannah got wind of the date and decided to return the favor and crash his date. If you watch Leave It To Stevie online, you will probably know that Stevie crashed Savannah’s date recently. 

The date turned into a family day, with Stevie and Faith painting with Sade and Savannah. Clearly, Faith was enjoying herself, but Stevie made it clear he wanted some time alone with his girlfriend. 

Faith felt like it was a good thing the girls wanted to spend time with her. However, all Stevie wanted to do was spend the day with his girl… without his children. 

Later, Savannah found herself in an awkward situation when Stevie Jr. met her for lunch and tried to hit on the waitress. The waitress shut it down by saying she did not want to give him her number. 

The dude seemed pretty desperate and that’s what made him seek help from his father in the lady department. Stevie took his son to the gym to show him to hit on the ladies. 

The first lady was more shocked than pleased with the way Jr. approached her. It was pretty damn awkward. 

Eventually, when Jr. managed to get his confidence in check, he managed to get one phone number. Hey, he seems like a nice enough person, but he’s pretty much a younger version of his father. 

After that, Stevie was putting on a showcase for Alexis so that she could perform for a crowd, but disaster struck when the band were stranded in Chicago. 

Alexis refused to get on stage because she did not want to embarrass herself, but Stevie managed to save the day by playing every single instrument and looping them. 

It was a surprising turn of events, but it proved that Stevie really knew what he was doing. 

It then allowed Alexis to perform her set to the crowd and they really enjoyed it. However, Stevie should have a backup band on tap in the event that the band was lost. 

Now, we just have one episode left of the season. It’s been surprisingly decent so far, but will Stevie cheat on Faith?

Hit the comments below with your thoughts on the episode. 


Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 5 Recap: So. Much. Heartache.

On Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 5, Jenelle Evans’ pregnancy was finally out in the open, but her mixed feelings about it were obvious.

Meanwhile, Javi and Kailyn got into yet another massive argument, and Chelsea and Cole wrestled with the idea of postponing the wedding. 

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, or even if you don’t but you read celebrity gossip, you know that Kailyn and Javi have a strained relationship.

That was on display like never before Monday night.

It was so bad that the episode began like this, with just audio from Kail: “I’m not filming about it. I’m not filming for the rest of the day.”

“Like, I cannot. I physically cannot.”

She’d just gotten into a fight with Javi Marroquin and sent her older son Isaac away to be with his father, Lowry’s other ex, Jo Rivera.

Isaac cried as Jo came to take him away while Kailyn melted down in the driveway, then cried some more at the implications of it all.

Little Isaac had a great relationship with stepdad Javi, and it was heartbreaking to watch him break down to Jo about the whole thing.

Later, Javi revealed that he’d gone over to Kailyn’s place (his former place) to get some of his things, and he saw another man there.

He was not happy.

Javi and his friends felt they had caught Kailyn lying about where she was and who she was with, and all hell broke loose in the driveway.

More than anything, Marroquin was hurt to return from deployment to find his stuff in the garage, and other guys hanging around his kids.

With the divorce’s impact on the children, Javi wondered how Kailyn could possibly be focused on other men, which may be a bit hypocritical.

Obviously, whether significant others around the kids or not is a separate issue, but he’s the one who went public dating Cassie Bucka.

Also, there’s the whole Javi Marroquin nude photo scandal and allegations that he, too, was unfaithful … whatever that might be worth.

A little further south in North Carolina, Jenelle finally admitted that she was pregnant after that leaked police report confirmed it for her.

Evans admitted that the online “haters” get to her.

Jenelle said, “Everyone was happy for Chelsea [Houska], then everyone’s like, ‘Why is Jenelle embarrassed to come out with it?'”

“‘Chelsea did it right the first time.’ Well, I mean we all are on a show called Teen Mom 2, so no, we didn’t do it right the first time.”

NOTE: Nobody said that Chelsea did it right the first time … just the second time after she got her life together and married Cole DeBoer.

Anyway, we saw Jenelle’s ex (and the father of her second son) Nathan Griffith talking about the pregnancy with his friends this week.

The conversation wasn’t exactly positive.

Speaking of Chelsea, she and Cole decided to have a civil ceremony to get married, so that her pregnancy wouldn’t impact the event.

Then, on the couple’s first anniversary, they could throw the wedding they originally planned. Sounds like a terrific idea if you ask us.

Everything’s going really well in Chelsea’s world, except for the fact that her daughter Aubree’s dad is still that derelict of society Adam Lind.

Dude is still causing producers headaches and threatening to walk away from filming the reality show like it’s just job … which ironically it is.

“I can do whatever I want,” he told them.

Insisting that the producers and their “editing room” make him look bad, Lind drove away and locked them out on planned filming days.

Not helping his own cause, is he?

In West Virginia, Leah Messer’s daughters’ school was closed for an unknown amount of time due to flooding, causing a lot of stress.

Rather than sending them to a nearby school with other displaced kids, she considered asking Corey Simms to move them to her district.

Ultimately, she decided against this to keep her co-parenting relationship friendly and not inconvenience Corey, which was a net positive.

You have to pick your battles.