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Scott Disick Ditches Kourtney Kardashian, Hooks Up with Model in Miami

It’s been such an emotional roller coaster trying to keep up with the status of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship, hasn’t it?

One day they’re together, the next she’s pregnant, they’re broken up again the day after that. It’s a mess.

Throw in a dash of Justin Bieber and a heaping spoonful of Scott’s ongoing addiction issues, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

See, Kourtney and Scott have been having a rough month.

It started when Scott accompanied Kim Kardashian on her trip to Dubai for emotional support, as it was her first official appearance since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October.

During that trip, he went missing for a whole day, and later claimed that he “overslept.”

It was fishy, and Kourtney thought so too, so she let him know. She reportedly went off on him, but sadly, Scott isn’t in a position to care too much about what the mother of his children thinks about him.

Shortly after returning home from Dubai, he left again for the Sundance Film Festival, where he allegedly partied hard, booze and all.

Things aren’t looking good already, right? Well, hold on, because it gets worse before it gets better.

(Full disclosure: it actually hasn’t gotten better yet, so …)

OK, so after his bad behavior in Dubai and at Sundance, he went on the family’s Costa Rica vacation to make things up to Kourtney.

So that’s nice, right? Maybe they’re patching things up? Not so fast.

Apparently, Scott left the family getaway earlier, because he was photographed yesterday in Miami, hooking up with a model in a hotel pool.

This guy …

The model’s name is J Lynne, and according to TMZ, she’s been telling friends that she just met Scott yesterday and they simply “hung out” all day.

But judging by the photos, it was a pretty intimate hang session: at different points, she had her legs wrapped around him and he was kissing her neck.

It could have been just a one day thing, sure, but if he and Kourtney had any chance at getting back together, that one day could have ruined it completely.

Hope it was worth it, Scott!


Jessa Duggar: Jinger Broke the Courtship Rules!

Now that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are married, Duggar rules say they’re free to do whatever they want with each other (so long as it’s done in the name of procreation). 

But recent episodes of the Duggar’s reality series have taken place before the wedding, and we’re beginning to learn a bit more about the weeks leading up to the nuptials.

In the past, there’s been controversy over Jinger and Jeremy violating “courtship rules” prior to their marriage.

At the time, the talk was largely dismissed as tabloid chatter, but now we know that the Duggars themselves spent some time talking about Jinge and Jer getting a little too handsy.

On last night’s episode of Counting On, Jessa Duggar commented on Jinger and Jeremy’s “affectionate” behavior in a way that smacks of 

“Jinger and Jeremy are much more ‘huggy’ and affectionate, but to each their own.”

“To each their own,” says a woman who believes that everyone reading this is going to hell for like 87 million different reasons.

This is like when someone says, “I don’t mean to be offensive, but…” and then says something completely offensive.

You can’t just tack a half-assed dismissal onto the end of sentence to negate the passive-aggressive smack talk that came before it.

If Jessa really didn’t care about Jinger and Jeremy’s “huggy” ways, she just wouldn’t have commented at all.

Also, “to each their own”?

Is Jessa super woke in terms of her gender-neutral pronoun usage, or did she just skip homeschool that day they learned about grammar?

We’re leaning toward the latter, but hey – to each her own.

Look, obviously we could care less if Jinger and Jeremy swapped partners at a 70s-style key party before they got married.

We’re just calling out the Duggars for some of their most blatant hypocrisy to date.

This is the same family whose repressive approach to sex ed gave the world Josh Duggar.

Now that Jinger has been caught violating the rules they’ve been drumming into their kids’ heads since they were born, it’s all good because the guy is a preacher and his name starts with “J”?

Not hard to see why Jessa is a little salty about the situation.

You would be too if your first kiss was on your wedding night because your parents are insane, but they let your sister off the leash because they like her boyfriend more.


Eric Dickerson Says New L.A. Rams Coach Called Me … I’ll Be on Sidelines (VIDEO)

He may be young, but new L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay is no dummy … and ALREADY called Eric Dickerson to let him know he’s more than welcome on the sidelines.  Dickerson just landed in Houston for the Super Bowl (he’s pickin’ ATL) when we…


Tom Brady Breaks Down Over 7-Year Old’s Question

Who says that Tom Brady is nothing but a robot programmed to attract beautiful women and play football at a very high level for years on end?

The future Hall of Famer did his best to prove otherwise during a surprising press conference moment this morning.

During a question-and-answer segment in the build-up to this Sunday's Super Bowl showdown between his Patriots and the Falcons of Atlanta, Brady was initially just going through the motions.

He may play an exciting brand of football on the field, but he's a boring spouter of cliches off of it.

However, then a seven-year old named Joseph Perez – who won a contest and was allowed to ask the player one question, according to Yahoo Sports – stepped up and took Brady aback.

"Many people think you're their hero, but who's your hero?" the very young man wondered.

"Who's my hero? That's a great question," the father of three responded. "Well, I think my dad is my hero because he's someone that I look up to every day."

Brady then paused. He looked like he had more to say about Tom Brady Sr. Except he couldn't get the words out.

How did Brady finish answering this personal question?


Tom brady gets all weepy over unexpected question

Jenelle Evans: Custody Battle for Jace Gets Pushed Back AGAIN!

Things have really been looking up for Jenelle Evans lately.

It’s about time, huh? She just had her third child – and first daughter – little Ensley, but her journey of self-evolution goes beyond that.

She even has a stable-ish boyfriend in David Eason. He’s a first for Jenelle in that she’s never had to call the police to get him away from her.

She bought a whole bunch of land so she can build a beautiful home for herself, David and her two boys from previous relationships.

She hasn’t been arrested in months and months at this point!

Not only that, but she won her latest court case, the one where she was accused of throwing a glass at the head of her ex’s new girlfriend.

Yep, it looks like Jenelle has really turned over a new leaf.

Unfortunately, you can never fully outlive your past, and she’s still dealing with one pesky little issue from many, many years ago:

That whole thing where she gave up custody of her first child, Jace, to her mother, just a little while after she gave birth to the boy. 

Then-teenage Jenelle basically realized that she liked hanging out with her friends and smoking weed too much to be a parent.

So Jace’s grandma, the legendary Barbara Evans, stepped up, and she’s been raising Jace – under legal custody – ever since.

Jenelle was fine with the arrangement for a while, but nearly two years ago now, she began the process to get her son back.

But the process has not been going smoothly, to say the least.

As Jenelle explained all the way back in August, “We haven’t even had, like, one real court date trial for Jace’s case.”

She said that “It’s been going on for a year and a half and my lawyer has been going to court for me and my mom’s lawyer has been continuing it.”

“She’s continued it three different times.”

Then, Jenelle was hopeful that the matter would be resolved in October, but thanks to Hurricane Matthew, that court date was canceled.

It was rescheduled for this month, but as Jenelle revealed today, that potential court date has since been rescheduled, too.

“About Jace’s case,” she announced on Twitter.

“It has been continued again from Jan. Until May!”

The 24-year-old reality star added that despite her repeated efforts, she hasn’t “seen the judge once since filing in 2015.”

One of her followers suggested she ask her lawyer to “push to get the case heard,” but Jenelle said that it wouldn’t work.

She explained “I’m already on the priority list, but there are cases that are older than mine that are in the same position.”

And judging by some other tweets she made last night into this morning, she’s not feeling too much love for her mother right about now …

She retweeted several messages from fans about last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, messages like “Barb wants Jace to keep you in her life.”

“She is using him … so sad & controlling.”

Another fan told her that it seemed like Jace doesn’t want to hurt Jenelle or Barbara’s feelings by choosing between them, and Jenelle agreed.

“Exactly!” she wrote.

“I let the problem exist between me and my mom and try not to throw him in the middle. My mom then does the opposite.”

She also suggested that Barbara might be hanging onto Jace to get maximum airtime on the show, which honestly just sounds so gross.

We can’t see it from Babs. Even if she loves the fame, there’s a little boy’s future hanging in the balance here, and that comes first. Right?

Whatever happens, hopefully the May court date will stand, and this whole mess can get settled then, one way or the next.

After all, we really think Jenelle’s already had enough drama for literally a million lifetimes … but do you think she’s ready for custody?


Jason Hoppy: Arrested for Stalkig Bethenny Frankel!

Jason Hoppy has finally gone too far with Bethenny Frankel.

One could easily say, of course, that Hoppy went too far many times in the past with Frankel.

Back in November, for instance, Hoppy was accused by Frankel’s then-boyfriend, Dennis Shields, of sending dozens of emails with “increasing frequency and hostility.”

Those were the words of Shields’ attorney at the time.

The emails in question last fall referred to Frankel as old and ugly and warned Shields that she would soon leave him, just as Bethenny supposedly left all the other men in her life.

That was bad.

But the latest allegation against Hoppy is even worse.

According to The New York Post, Hoppy was arrested for stalking Frankel after her allegedly turned up outside the school of the couple’s daughter on Friday and screamed four words at his ex-wife:


The New York Police Department has confirmed the arrest and said it relates to the aforementioned email scandal.

After Hoppy sent nearly 50 threatening emails to Shields and Frankel over the span of about three months last year, he was issued a cease-and-desist letter.

Those past instances, combined with what happened late last week, gave the police ammunition to charge Hoppy with stalking.

Said a NYPD spokeswoman to the newspaper:

“On Friday, January 27, the suspect approached [Bethenny] and a friend at her child’s school at around 8:15 a.m. and tried to provoke a fight.

“He said, ‘I will destroy you, you can get all the lawyers you want, you’ve been warned.'”

The spokeswoman adds that Hoppy denies this account and was placed under arrest on Friday afternoon and charged with harassment in the first degree and stalking in the fourth degree.

Hoppy and Frankel are parents to a six-year old named Bryn.

They were married for two years prior to getting embroiled in one of the ugliest, most bitter divorce and custody battles on record.

The divorce was not even made official until July 2016, at which time it was believed Hoppy was awarded a ton of money in spousal support.

“Jason is thrilled that this chapter of his life is over; he is extremely pleased with the settlement that was reached,” an attorney speaking for Frankel’s ex said last summer.

In addition to a custody debate, the angry lovers endured conflict over who could live in the Tribeca apartment Bethenny bought in 2001.

Unable to decide on ownership themselves, the two actually lived for years under that same roof, despite their public and nasty breakup.

Frankel later referred to this arrangement as “brutal” and “horrendous.”

“I have cried enough tears to fill the Hudson River,” Frankel said last year of the split “I’d think, how could this go on for so long? Four years on a two-year marriage!”

Neither Frankel nor Hoppy has commented on this new arrest and the new stalking charge.

We aren’t going to choose a side in their ongoing drama.

We’re just going to say that a little girl is caught in between and we hope both sides remember that.


Kim Zolciak Flaunts Ridic Cleavage, Buff Husband on Vacay

Kim Zolciak is never tardy when it comes to rest, relaxation and downtime – while documenting the experience on social media, of course.

Case in point? Her trip paradise with Kroy Biermann.

The mother of Brielle Biermann and five other kids, 38, has been chronicling her "happy place" and giving us all some vacation envy.

Check out the epic shots in the gallery below …

1. Her Happy Place

Kim zolciak on the beach
Kim Zolciak called it this in her caption on Instagram. It certainly looks it.

2. Making the Connection

Kim zolciak cleavage action
“Manifestation waves. Where I connect best,” Kim said, and we’re guessing she doesn’t mean her followers’ special connection to that cleavage.

3. White on White

Kim zolciak white on white
“White on white,” she captioned this one. Somehow we doubt her fans were fixated on that.

4. Her Heart

Kroy biermann on the beach
Wonder if Kroy knows he was being photographed and that she posted this.

5. Oh, Snap

Kim z snapchat
The Bravo star prepared for her trip by trying on the smallest two-pieces possible. Looks like a few made it into her luggage.

6. Island Life!

Meet the biermanns
Though the Atlanta resident didn’t give away her location, she did share a pic of herself and Mr. Biermann on Snapchat.

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