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Farrah Abraham Turns 26: A Ridiculous Life in GIFs. ALL the GIFs!!

From 16 & Pregnant to Teen Mom to Backdoor Teen Mom and so much more, Farrah Abraham has led a memorable life thus far.

Love her or hate her, of this there can be no argument.

In her 26 years on this planet we share, she has already seen more (and we've seen more of her) than most of us ever imagined.

It's Farrah's planet. The rest of us are just witnesses.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online or just observe her on social media, or in any way, shape of form, you know Farrah is pretty peerless.

One can never take this fact away from Abraham:

She has produced a mammoth amount of hilarious (albeit often unintentionally so) entertaining, cringe-worthy and X-rated moments.

Here, we immortalize her legacy in GIF form.

1. Farrah Abraham is So Real

Farrah abraham is so real
Farrah Abraham is so real. She’s real something, that’s for sure.

2. Farrah Abraham: Okkkkk!

Farrah abraham okkkkk
She may be delusional, but for the entertainment value provided, Farrah Abraham is okkkkk with us!

3. The Eternal Question

The eternal question
Probably has something to do with the number per hand vs. the shape of a fist … just weighing in.

4. Farrah Abraham: Shut the F–k Up!

Farrah abraham shut the f k up
Farrah Abraham lays down the law and does not mince words.

5. Farrah Abraham Twerking

Farrah abraham twerking
Farrah Abraham twerking like it’s her job. Which it basically is, at least part of the time. We mean naked, on top of James Deen, and getting paid for it.

6. Your Trashy-Ass Show

Your trashy ass show
Farrah Abraham is pretty much the living embodiment of the pot calling the kettle black with this one.

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Apollo Nida to Phaedra Parks: Tear Up Our Prenup! Gimme Some Loot!

Every reality series thrives on drama, and Real Housewives is no exception.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is getting her share of drama … but it’s of the courtroom variety.

That doesn’t always translate well to reality TV’s ever-present cameras, especially when one of the parties is behind bars.

But legal drama is always a treat to follow.

Even if we don’t know how much of this can make it onto the small screen.

Apollo Nida and Phaedra have a prenup, but we can get to that in a moment because that is its own thing.

So, just a few days before the couple got married back in 2009, Apollo and Phaedra signed a prenup. Apparently, in addition to an agreement on how to divide their shared property, the prenup specified that neither of them would receive alimony in the event of a divorce.

Sounds simple, right?

We don’t have the luxury of looking over their detailed financial histories, but it stands to reason that, when they got married, Apollo was confident that he’d be the one paying alimony if the two of them ever split.

The guy’s in prison for money fraud, so he probably believed all sorts of things about wealth.

As it turns out, crime doesn’t always pay. Who knew?

Well, now TMZ reports that Apollo Nida wants his and Phaedra’s prenup voided. Because of course he does.

It sounds like Apollo legal troubles — to put it mildly — have adversely impacted his finances, and like he’s hoping to be supported by his ex, Phaedra.

It wasn’t long at all after their marriage that Phaedra was cast on RHOA, and that must have turned their financial situation on its head in the best way.

Except, of course, Phaedra’s not interested. Just because she became the breadwinner while his life collapsed doesn’t mean that she owes him a thing, and she wants the prenup upheld.


We have to talk about prenups themselves, though.

Sometimes they’re a great idea — to prevent, like, nightmare universe versions of Cinderella from marrying rich and then filing for divorce in a quick grab for half of somebody’s assets.

They’re usually assumed to be legal tools to “protect” husbands from manipulative femme fatales, but that’s because men are generally valued by their success while women are in so many cases still valued by their looks.

Isn’t sexism fun?

But it looks like those sexist stereotypes and how they must have influenced his own assumptions are coming back to bite Apollo Nida in the you-know-where, because Phaedra’s the one rolling in dough.

There’s no sure way to know how this case is going to end — there’s some extra drama around Phaedra spelling Apollo’s name wrong on the prenup, so for the first time ever, your kindergarten teacher’s insistence that correct spelling matters is actually sounding kinda real.

But it seems to us that a prenup is a binding contract. Unless it was made under duress or false pretenses, and it doesn’t sound like either of those were the case, shouldn’t it be every bit as ironclad as Phaedra believes it to be?

Legal cases can surprise you, though. We may never know the whole story with this messy pair of exes.

Maybe if Apollo had spent less time on money fraud and more time working on his relationship with his wife, he wouldn’t need a court battle to enjoy some of her wealth.


Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric Prep For Champions League Final On Massive Yacht (PHOTO GALLERY)

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos and his teammates took their chiseled bods and hot lady friends on a massive (and expensive) yacht this week … days before the Champions League Final. Ramos, Luka Modric, Lucas Vazquez and their significant others…


The Bachelorette: Will First Impression Rose Win Streak Continue!?

The Bachelorette’s streak of First Impression Rose winners from the premiere going on to win the show remarkably stands at … well, two.

But those are the only two to do it!

Will this season’s lucky fella make it a threepeat? (The Bachelorette spoilers have a lot to say on that, but we’ll keep you in suspense.)

For a time, this first rose of the new season was more like a kiss of death than a harbinger of success, but that’s changed since 2014.

Nick Viall came close, winning Andi Dorfman’s First Impression Rose in Season 10 before coming oh-so-close to winning the finale.

The next season, Shawn Booth became the first recipient of the inaugural rose to capture the final one, as well, from Kaitlyn Bristowe.

(Also defeating Nick on the finale.)

This had never been accomplished before, but last summer, Jordan Rodgers won the first and last roses on JoJo Fletcher’s season.

Can Rachel Lindsay make it three in a row? Or more accurately, can Bryan Abasolo, who caught her eye on last Monday’s premiere?

Booth, who remains engaged to Bristowe two summers after their on-air engagement, says he wouldn’t bet on that outcome.

“The guy that got the first impression rose … I’m willing to bet a lot of money that he will not be the winner of the season,” he predicted.

“Jordan [Rodgers] got the first impression rose on JoJo Fletcher’s season, I got the first impression rose the season before.”

“We both went on to ‘win.’ Do you think that there’s any chance that the producers will let that happen again? There’s no way.”


There’s no way the show’s producers would allow Rachel Lindsay’s free will to follow through if she found love at first sight?

Seems a little extreme. If you feel a connection right away, there’s probably a reason for that. It might not last … but it also might last!

It’s unclear why Shawn seems to think producers wouldn’t permit this, especially for a stand-up guy like Bryan Abasolo seems to be.

If this were Lucas a.k.a. Whaboom, or DeMario Jackson, that would be one thing, but Bryan could well be who Rachel Lindsay picks.  

Not that he’s a lock.

“I like that guy from Wisconsin … Peter,” says Booth, referring to Peter Kraus, who really stood out from the competition this week.

“He was great,” added Bristowe. “That’s because they played the romantic music when he came out, so all of a sudden we’re brainwashed.”

On their podcast, Kaitlyn and Shawn admit that watching their love story unfold on TV was awkward … but they love seeing other people’s!

Picking and choosing this season’s contenders and pretenders and trying to predict who will win The Bachelorette like we do is just fun.

Which category does Lucas fit in? “Whaboom is so happy we’re talking about him,” says Kait. “He is so happy the world is talking about him.”

“I feel like that’s why he went there.”

“He’s selling t-shirts,” says Booth.

“I’ll buy one,” Bristowe adds.

They may be onto something there. Going on reality TV for the exposure and a chance to make a living, rather than to find true love?

Who would’ve guessed.