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Cardi B & Offset: Televised Wedding Could Be Worth $1 Million!

Weddings are complicated. You have to pick the date, the venue, the menu, the seating arrangement, the decorations, the cake, …

Oh, and which million-dollar deal you’ll make for your wedding to also be a TV special.

That’s what Cardi B and her new fiance, Offset, are trying to decide.

We know that they say that your average little girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day, which says a lot about how weirdly people socialize their children.

But the actual planning of your wedding doesn’t usually happen until you’re engaged.

And even then, unless you’re part of the Duggar fertility cult or something like that, those “plans” usually take the form of vague notions during your engagement.

Not so for Cardi B and Offset, it seems.

Cardi B, of course, is the rapper whose smash hit, “Bodak Yellow,” managed to upset Taylor Swift’s domination of the music world.

Offset might sound like a name out of The Handmaid’s Tale, but he’s actually a hip-hop artist.

And he’s now engaged to Cardi B, having proposed to her just last week.

(Proposing to her while her career is at its height — good for them, you know?)

On Friday night, Offset got down on one knee and proposed to Cardi B.

They were on stage at the Philly Powerhouse performance.

Even though Cardi B had briefly posted that she was “single” just a week before revising that, she said yes.

Some fans are concerned.

For one thing, Offset might be trying to boost his career by latching onto hers. Her career, in the meantime, might suffer.

For another, public proposals are actually super creepy — unless you talk about them in advance.

The genuine surprise proposals made in the middle of a restaurant or on stage or in front of friends and family … those often feel like the one who planned it is blackmailing the other person into saying yes, for politeness’ sake.

Not everyone who does something like that is trying to be manipulative, of course, but there are some men who know what they’re doing when they pull that move.

Finally, fans are a little alarmed that a relationship that had briefly seemed over the previous week had suddenly become an engagement.

Regardless, though, a Cardi B wedding is going to be a big deal.

TMZ reports that a Cardi B and Offset wedding special is being pursued by VH1, BET, and WE tv.

Apparently, each network is vying to win a chance to turn the couple’s future wedding into a TV special.

The potential entertainment value for these channels and for their viewers is obvious.

For Cardi B and Offset? They could be making a deal worth as much as $ 1 million.

They’ll have to decide which network — if any — they want poking around their special day. There’s a lot to consider.

But … that’s a great situation to be in, right?

First of all, that’s an amazing deal. The inconvenience of cameras is no big deal compared to getting paid as much as seven figures for doing something that you can do anyway.

Also, weddings are pretty darn expensive. Celebrity weddings even more so.

A big payday for a special like this could really make a difference.

In fact, you might even say that the cost of this couple’s wedding might be … offset.



Alaskan Bush People: Filming WITHOUT Ami Brown?!

Alaskan Bush People‘s production has been in limbo for a while now. Ami Brown’s cancer battle takes priority.

But even though we know that Ami Brown is back in the hospital for another round of chemo, new evidence has surfaced of the Brown family being in Colorado — at their new homestead.

Are they filming the new season without Ami?!

Ami Brown has been battling stage 4 lung cancer.

The Alaskan Bush People star and Brown family matriarch’s news has seen waves of support from fans and viewers of the show.

If you’re concerned that living in the wilderness is no lifestyle for someone fighting cancer and dealing with the rigors of chemo, don’t worry.

The Brown family has been living large in their Beverly Hills mansion.

(People don’t do reality television for free, folks — and the Browns have filmed seven seasons. Yes, that adds up to a mansion)

The mansion is located just minutes from a hospital.

All of this adds up to an ideal situation for Ami Brown.

She can receive checkups and chemo treatments at the hospital.

Then she can come home and, surrounded by her family, recover and continue her battle in comfort.

Though they don’t know if Ami Brown is going to make it, the family is trying to stay positive and they hope that living in L.A. with its warm weather and sunny skies will do Ami a world of good.

So … what are we to make of this?

This beautiful, beautiful photo was shared by Rain Brown. Her caption provides a little context:

“Breathtaking… #nofilter #sundayhike #stayhappy #staystrong #CO #sisterphotographer”

Unless Rain is trying to alert us to the presence of carbon monoxide in the wilderness, we think that CO here means that she is in Colorado.

Oh, and she tagged the location as “Trinidad, Colorado.”

She says that she’s “hiking,” here, but you don’t have to be a geography whiz to know that hiking in Santa Monica or wherever isn’t going to take you to Colorado.

Rain is also still just 14, so … we don’t imagine that she and her sister are in Colorado by themselves.

Colorado, of course, is the site of the Brown family’s new homestead. A homestead that no one expected them to return to until, you know, season 8 begins filming.

Rain shared another photo the next day, revealing that the family is still there.

You can see the snowflakes in this photo.

Rain did not tag her location here (which is smart, folks — for minors and for celebrities and for women, you might not want to advertise where you stop for a cup of coffee or shop).

But it’s sure as hell not L.A.

The last time that it snowed in L.A. was either 1962 or the season 3 Christmas episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Either way, not during Rain’s lifetime.

So we think that it’s reasonably safe to say that at least a portion of the Brown family is in Colorado right now.

Are they filming without Ami?

There might be other reasons.

Maybe, for example, Rain is just looking to make some friends in the area.

It could also be that they sent just a few of the young Browns to check on the homestead and maybe make sure that whatever they already have there is prepped for the snow.

Or maybe … no, we’re out of alternative explanations.

Could the Brown family be filming without Ami Brown? They might.

Even if Ami Brown manages to pull a total recovery, her days of roughing it in the wilderness — even just for the camera’s benefit — may be over.

So it may be that, no matter how Ami’s cancer battle ends, the family will have to do the show without her. It’ll be different. And weird. But they’ll try to make it work.

We just don’t know if they’ve actually started filming yet. But we sure get the feeling that they might be preparing to.


Kim Kardashian: Terrified About How North Will Deal with Third Child?!

By now, you’ve surely heard the good news …

Kim Kardashian will become a mother of three in just a few short months!

Thanks to the magic of surrogacy, Kim and Kanye will welcome the new baby sometime this winter, and we’re so excited we can hardly stand it.

We’re sure Kim and Kanye are also thrilled.

It’s just so fun, because Kim’s first child, the legendary North West, is, well, a legend, and her son, Saint, is just too adorable.

Will the new baby be a boy or a girl? Will he or she be impossibly gorgeous like North and Saint? Will Kimye actually be welcoming twins, like some rumors have insisted?

Only time will tell.

But one thing seems certain: North will probably be super, super jealous.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing — the kid is only four, she’s not really old enough to understand why her mom keeps having more babies when she could just be playing with her all the time.

Jealous is totally normal, and with as outspoken as North seems to be, we’re not surprised she’s expressed that jealousy in the past.

Remember, back before Saint was even born, Kim said that she was “a little nervous” about having another baby because North didn’t like it when she even held other babies.

Then, after Saint came into the world, Kim confirmed that North was dealing with a lot of jealousy, so much that she had to “sneak moments” with Saint or have Kanye distract North.

Kim has clarified that North is “not, like, harmful, she’s not, like, hurting him or anything.”

And although Saint is just about to celebrate his third birthday, a source tells OK! magazine that “North still has jealousy issues over Saint and gets jealous anytime Kim lavishes attention on him.”

“Her temper tantrums are legendary,” the insider adds, “and Kris says it’s all their own fault for spoiling her so much. ‘No!’ is North’s favorite word right now.”

“North hates it when Saint takes one of her toys even though Kim is desperately trying to get her to share.”

Things are so bad that “North gets herself into such a state and only ice cream will console her.”

It’s tough out there for a big sister, huh?

However, things are so bad that “Kim’s worried sick how she’ll behave once their new baby comes home around the holidays.”

While it’s understandable that Kim would have concerns, we’re sure there’s no sense in her being so concerned.

Sure, maybe there will be a few more tantrums, and maybe North will demand ice cream more frequently, but in the end, it’ll all work out beautiful.

Another Kimye baby … what a time to be alive.


Blanket Jackson: Left Without a Guardian?!

Of all of Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson tends to keep the lowest profile.

Part of the reason, of course, is his age.

Blanket is only 15 and still in high school, which means that while his older siblings are embarking on careers in the media, is attending high school classes.

Obviously, as a result of being the youngest son of one of the most famous musicians of all-time, Blanket’s childhood has been far from typical.

But it’s not just the boy’s wealth and fame that set him apart from his peers.

For one thing, Blanket’s life has been marred by tragedy and instability.

Following his father’s death, Blanket’s family situation was thrown into complete disarray, with various relatives sharing guardianship duties.

Until recently, Katherine Jackson was Blanket’s primary legal guardian.

However, her advanced age and hectic travel schedule (Katherine is 87 and spends much of the year in London), she was often forced to hand off duties to other relatives.

The family generally does a pretty good job of shielding press-shy Blanket from publicity, but this week, several media outlets reported that Katherine has surrendered her guardianship duties.

According to E! News, Katherine has essentially retired from caring for Blanket, fearing that she’s no longer up to the task.

Other adults in the family co-signed, explaining to the court that Katherine is  “no longer needed to fulfill the duties.”

News of the legal developments sparked fears for Blanket’s safety amongst fans.

Even when Katherine was the primary legal guardian, childcare duties were often divided amongst several realtives, with Blanket’s Aunt Rebbie and Uncle T.J. assuming the bulk of the responsibilities.

Unfortunately, there were gaps in the division of labor, and sources say Blanket often spent the night alone or was unable to get to school in the morning due to scheduling confusion.

With Kathering removing herself from the situation, there were concerns that Blanket would be on his own even more than usual.

Fortunately, it seems his older relatives have been able to reach an agreement, and E! is now reporting that at Katherine’s request, T.J. will take over as Blanket’s primary caretaker. 

“[Katherine] feels that TJ is able to assume all necessary responsibilities of the guardianship,” one court document reads.

Obviously, at 15, Blanket is probably able to care for himself for the most part.

But fans on social media are still expressing their gratitude that the boy may be able to experience a modicum of stability during the last few years of his childhood.


Teresa Giudice: Sofia Vergara Should Be Nicer Since She’s an Immigrant!

Earlier this month, NeNe Leakes went up on stage and told a heckler that she hoped that she gets raped. It was neither a good thing to say nor a good career move.

Well, there must be something awful in the air that's making Real Housewives go up on stage and stay stupid, offensive things. This time, the perpetrator is Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice … being unkind? Difficult to imagine, we know. As you'll see in the video below, the subject of her ire is none other than actress Sofia Vergara.

Teresa giudice instagram pose

Teresa Giudice is getting blasted right now for some inflammatory, offensive comments that she made on stage for a panel discussion titled: "Gettin' Real With The Housewives."

Teresa, perhaps best known for flipping tables and for serving time in prison, was asked about her celebrity encounters.

The best … and the worst.

Teresa was quick to point the finger at Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara.

She describes Sofia as a "b–ch," saying that she stepped in front of her and captured the spotlight.

Oh, and Teresa also commented that Sofia should be nicer, because she's an immigrant.

Sofia vergara at the globes

Obviously, this is offensive, potentially on multiple levels.

Let's start with how it's potentially unfair — Teresa seems to be describing Sofia's entire personality based upon a single encounter in which the two women were photographed together.

But … what's really grabbing people's attention is the outright xenophobia and potential racism.

The suggestions that immigrants in particular should be nice or good-natured is appalling.

Sure, everyone should be nice. 

Suggesting that a particular class of people are obligated to be nice … has all sorts of nasty implications and really shows that you don't consider them to be equals.

While the folks over at TMZ who first shared this video were quick to point out the xenophobia, we think that Teresa is specifically motivated by racism.

Teresa giudice on season 8

Do you know why we think that this is racism and not more garden variety xenophobia?

Because Teresa Giudice's husband, Joe Giudice, is an immigrant.


The dude's in prison now, and it's even possible that Joe Giudice will be deported after he finishes serving his sentence.

Joe was born in Italy, which makes him an immigrant.

What's more is that Joe Giudice never obtained US citizenship.

So we more than suspect that Teresa doesn't have a problem with just any old immigrant.

What's different about Sofia? Well, she's not a European immigrant — she's Columbian.

Sofia also became a US citizen — even getting a perfect score on her citizenship test. Which should be easy for US citizens who were born here but requires a lot of learning for a newcomer.

(Seriously, you can take it for fun online and it's not hard, but a disturbingly large number of native citizens would be unable to pass it)

Sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara is a celebrated, award-winning actress and the highest paid woman on television. She also ranks reasonably high up there among the most powerful women in the world, in some listings.

We guess that, to Teresa Giudice, she was born in Columbia and that makes her somehow … lesser. That's sad.

You know what else jumps out at us about this?

Teresa Giudice believing that immigrants should be nice implies that she doesn't believe that native citizens have to be friendly.

And that explains a lot about Teresa Giudice.

Teresa giudice sofia vergara should be nicer since shes an immig