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‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Florida Project’ Stars Get Big Horror Film Paydays

Finn Wolfhard is turning his “Stranger Things” fame into a big payday at the movies, too. The 15-year-old who plays Mike on ‘Stranger’ is one of the leads in “The Turning” — a horror flick based on the classic novel, “The Turn of the Screw” — and…


Tristan Thompson Actually Speaks! And Plays!

Tristan Thompson balled out on Sunday afternoon.

By which, no, we don’t mean the dishonest baby daddy took some random Instagram model to a hotel room and railed her to orgasmic completion.

Instead, we mean the controversial power forward actually played meaningful minutes for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As previously documented, Thompson had been essentially benched by Head Coach Tyronn Lue over the past few weeks.

Not because he cheated on Khloe Kardashian, as some outlets suggests, but because his limited skill set on the court negatively affected the Cavs’ offense.

However, in Game 7 of his team’s first round playoff series against the Indiana Pacers, Thompson was named a starter… and ended up rewarding his coach’s faith in his abilities.

Big time.

Thompson scored 15 pounds and grabbed 10 rebounds, helping the Cavs eliminate the Pacers and move on to face the Toronto Raptors in round two.

It’s VERY safe to assume Thompson will see many minutes tomorrow night in Game 1 as well.

In response to his breakout performance, Thompson took to Instagram for the first time since his Khloe cheating scandal broke about three weeks ago.

Did he apologize to his girlfriend?

Vow to be a better man?

Share a photo of daughter True Thompson?

No, no and no.

Thompson simply reference the game and the home crowd in his not-so-revealing message.

“WHAT AN ATMOSPHERE IN THE Q!! GREAT WIN #OnToTheNextOne,” wrote Thompson after Cleveland’s 105-101 victory.

post by tt

As you can see from one comment above, not all fans are ready to forgive Thompson just because he rolled hard to the basket yesterday, finished strong and used his hustle to assist on many second-chance points for the Cavs,

“You’re still fowl if the only thing that’s important,” reads one remark in response to his post.

“Those skanks won’t want to know you when you’re old and washed up. Your daughter probably won’t either.”

For the first time in awhile, however, Thompson’s name was trending on Twitter for a reason aside from his wandering penis and inappropriate behavior.

Folks were talking about Thompson for what he did on the court Sunday, although these exploits also led to many easy jokes for some to make on social media.

To wit:

thompson slams

LOL at Thompson playing hard because he doesn’t want to go home to Cleveland.

It is true that Tristan and his colleagues are now off to Toronto for the next two games in this second round series.

He gets to be in an entirely different country than Khloe for a few days! No wonder he wanted yesterday’s win so badly, right?!?

A previous report had alleged that Thompson is angry his infidelity has become so public. He’s not dealing with the hate very well, apparently.

But whatever, right? Khloe isn’t dealing with his cheating very well, either, we’re sure.

Should she finally end the relationship? Will she finally end the relationship?

We delve into those questions below:


Jim Bob Duggar Outrages Neighbors With Efforts to Take Over Town

If you follow the Duggar family closely, then you’re probably aware that despite his frequent claims that he’s a humble man of God who seeks nothing more than to live a life of service, Jim Bob Duggar has quite a few worldly ambitions.

In fact, the 52-year-old’s incessant efforts toward obtaining greater wealth and power have reportedly alienated many his neighbors, friends, and even members of his famously close-knit family.

Those who know him best have complained about Jim Bob’s “high-class hoarding.”

His second eldest son, John David Duggar, has reportedly taken issue with Jim Bob’s greed and reckless spending.

Fans have complained that the Duggar patriarch’s unchecked ambition seems to fly in the face of the religious views that the reality star and aspiring real estate mogul claims to hold so dear.

And now, some of Jim Bob’s neighbors in the small community of Tontitown, Arkansas are hoping to take action that will bring a halt to one of his most ambitious projects to date.

According to KSFM News in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Jim Bob has applied to rezone 23 acres of land as the first step in transforming the property into an “upscale RV park.”

Neighbors have expressed concerns, with some declaring outright that they oppose the project and are fed up with Jim Bob’s constant side-stepping of local laws and ordinances.

Last week, a planning commission reportedly approved the rezoning, thus changing the land’s designation from Residential-Agriculture to Urban Thoroughfare, which makes it eligible for commercial development.

“I think that’s more important than swallowing it up with development that could be on the other side of the street for instance,” says local resident Renwick Hudson.

“Rezoning [the land]…” he added. “It’s tricky. We have to be really careful.”

Others, such as Fayetteville Planning Director Andrew Garner, believe that the development would be a net positive for the community:

“The addition that [the owners] are proposing, only to rezone the front part and kind of keep the back of it preserved, I think is in line with a lot of the city’s policies for tree preservation and environmental preservation,” Garner said.

Even if efforts to have Jim Bob’s provisional license revoked are not successful, the development still must be approved by planning officials. 

“If they decide to build the RV park, they actually have to turn in construction plans and large-scale development plans,” Garner said.

“We have to look at all the development details, but the actual zoning decision has to be made to allow the RV park.”

And it seems the Duggars will continue to face opposition from the likes of Renwick Hudson:

“At this location, from my perspective, not ideal,” Hudson said. “It butts right up against some of the areas that are already vulnerable to future development.”

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Jessica Alba: Husband Pens Moving Birthday Tribute

Jessica Alba is kind, beautiful, and incredibly talented. A lot of people love her, and with good reason.

But few know her so well or love her so much as her husband, Cash Warren.

Over the weekend, he penned a beautiful birthday message to her that will make you believe in love again.

April 28 was Jessica Alba’s birthday, and this stunning actress turned 37 years old.

Cash wrote a touching tribute to his wife as she snuggled with the couple’s daughters.

(They have three children; Jessica Alba gave birth to their third child on New Year’s Eve, 2017)

“I wrote this last night :)”

Posting to Instagram, his heartwarming message has an endearingly earnest emoticon before it truly begins.

“My love – It’s the eve of your birthday, you’re sleeping, our daughters are next to you in our bed, and I couldn’t think of a better time to write you a short note.”

That is such a sweet image.

“I say it every year, but I’ll never get used to how quickly time flies.”

It must be extra hard to process, since his wife looks at least a decade younger than she is.

“We can turn tiny moments into landmark events or we can accept that landmark events are simply fleeting moments.” 

That is so poetic.

“Either way, I’m slowly realizing there’s no real way to keep tabs on life….sadly.”

Clearly, he wishes that he could record and relive every single moment of their beautiful lives.

“The specific memories fade but somehow we’re able to hold on to the feelings those memories create.”

He’s talking about implicit memories in comparison with explicit memories, and also about lasting impressions. But, you know, more romantically.

“And those feelings shape who we are and who we’ll become.”

That’s very true.

Cash thanks his beautiful wife Jessica for her evocative qualities.

“If I could thank you for one thing on your birthday, I’d thank you for giving me all the feelings.”

Fortunately, he can thank her for many things on her birthday.

Just … not until she wakes up.

“Today marks the first day of your next year of life.”

It sure does.

“And I promise to continue to cherish our tiny moments and our landmark events…”

That is so sweet!

And he isn’t done yet.

(Here we see Jessica holding her youngest baby, Hayes)

Cash finishes the message with an adorable statement.

“Cheers to you and another 365 days of having all the feels!”

(Note that “all of the feels” is a common expression on social media for expressing being overwhelmed with emotion, often by entertainment media like television or video games)

Finally, he signs his message.

“Happy Birthday my babe!! – me”

That is so cute, so genuine, and so sweet.

That kind of love is exactly the kind of praise and adoration that Jessica deserves in her life.

She is an actress, a businesswoman, a model, and an activist. She’s also a wife and a mother.

More than that, she’s a good person who has had her low moments in life.

It is wonderful to see a happily married couple, when Hollywood marriages too often seem rushed and then doomed to fall apart.

Jessica Alba deserves the world.


Kim Kardashian: Did She EVER Like Tristan Thompson?!?

Kim Kardashian sat down for an extensive interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, April 30.

Among the many topics discussed between host and ex-sex tape star, of course, was the dishonesty and infidelity of Tristan Thompson.

As previously cited, Kardashian said simply that Thompson cheating on sister Khloe Kardashian was just so "f-cked up," a term she apologized for using on air.

But an appropriate term nonetheless, right?

Elsewhere in this sit-down, Kim described the entire situation as "sad," while not exactly answering Ellen directly when asked if she EVER liked Thompson.

Instead, she rambled on about how Khloe often "dives in" to romances and the family supports her as best they can.

Interesting, right?

As for other subjects touched on in this semi-revealing Q&A?

Kim wanted to initially name her third child Jo or Grace.

Kanye played the game Connect 4 during Chicago's delivery. (In his defense, Kim was not the one doing the delivering; they used a surrogate.)

"The second she came out, any fear that I had of, 'Will I not have this connection? Will she not look like me?' all of that goes out the door, and instantly, she's ours," Kim of watching a surrogate birth Chicago.

"It's such a good feeling."

Saint has an "amazing vocabulary" and may be a genius.

North has been "better" with Chicago than she was with Saint when he was first born but that Saint is still the "nicer" one."

Yes, despite photo evidence to the contrary at times, Kanye West is a happy person.

As for Kim's extended feelings on Thompson, both now and even before this scandal hit?

Check out the video below for more:

Kim kardashian doesnt sound like she ever liked tristan thompson