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Demi Lovato Will Remain In Rehab For a Very Long Time

It’s been three months since Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that nearly claimed her life.

After spending over a week in the hospital detoxing and recovering from the physical damage she had endured, Demi relocated to a treatment facility in Arizona.

Lovato isn’t taking any chances this around, spending most of her time in Arizona, but also taking regular trips to Chicago, where she consults with the team of specialists who helped her get sober the first time around.

(Lovato celebrated six years of sobriety just prior to her most recent relapse.)

While the process is reportedly going as well as can be expected, those who know the singer best say she’ll be remaining in treatment for quite some time, just to be safe.

In fact, fans shouldn’t expect to see Demi making any public appearances prior to 2019.

“Demi is taking her sobriety extremely serious, and knows she has a long road ahead of her,” a source close to the situation tells Entertainment Tonight.

“At the end of the day, Demi is doing this for herself.

“She has to stay sober for her, but every time she has family or friends visit her it reminds her of all the other important people in her life that she needs to fight for as well.”

On Maria Menounos’ podcast this week Lovato’s mother, Dianna De La Garza, revealed that Demi is 90 days sober and fully committed to the lifelong work of recovery.

“I couldn’t be more thankful or more proud of her because addiction being a disease, it’s work,” she said of Lovato’s road to recovery. “It’s not easy. There are no shortcuts.”

Insiders say Lovato looks back on her sober years as the happiest time of her life, and she’s determined to get back there.

“Demi is thankful she’s still alive and is doing whatever she can to never get to that point again,” says one source.

It certainly won’t be easy, but it sounds like Demi is very much up to the task.

We wish her all the best as she continues in her recovery process.


Kris Jenner Fights to Stop Keeping Up With The Kardashians Cancelation

15 seasons isn’t enough for Kris Jenner. She wants 25 or more.

But she may be in for a rude awakening, because Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ ratings have been getting stomped.

Is the show that made her family a household name on its last leg? Or will it go on forever?

RadarOnline reports that Kris is prepared to fight for Keeping Up With The Kardashians to continue.

“Kris says all the time she wants the show to go on for ten more seasons,” an insider reports.

Can you imagine?

“And,” the source continues. “If she had her way she’d do the show until she dies.”

Bold of this insider to imply that Kris Jenner is capable of dying.

Kris is eternal.

Kris is reportedly looking to secure a new contract that guarantees multiple seasons.

In the mean time, however, it looks like her brood has grown too successful for the show that made them stars.

“Kim is already moving on to produce new projects of her own,” the insider notes.

Kim has her own products, her video game from a few years ago was massively lucrative.

She’s a model and a mogul.

“And,” the source says. “The rest of the girls have terrific footholds in modeling and merchandising.”

Kylie Jenner is poised to become a billionaire, but none of Kris’ daughters are hurting for cash.

And it doesn’t look like they care about KUWTK as much as they once did.

“Of the family,” the insider reports. “Only Kris is for keeping the show on the air the #1 priority.”

Well, all of her children except for Kendall are parents, now. Priorities change.

“And the network has already given up on their once lucrative business of creating spinoffs of the show,” the source adds.

Yeah. No more Kocktails with Khloe for us.

“Even Ryan Seacrest, who is still as involved as he can be, has other things he’s working on”

“and leaves Kim to her own devices in terms of keeping the show relevant”

We would joke that Ryan Seacrest is too busy dealing with the serious accusations of sexual assault from his former stylist.

The woman had multiple witnesses to her allegations.

But it doesn’t look like Seacrest is too bothered. Like too many others, his career seems unscathed by the horrible #MeToo story about him.

Unfortunately, Kris has felt discouraged by some of those closest to her.

“It doesn’t help that pretty much the only advice people give Kris about all this,” the insider begins.

The source continues: “Is that she — and the kids — should quit ‘KUWTK’ before they get fired!”

It’s understandable that friends would suggest something like this.

Better to cancel a show with dignity, they reason, than to end up getting canceled.

But the insider says: “That’s just not where her heart is at all!”

It’s true that Season 15’s ratings weren’t as good as Season 14’s, and were certainly worse than what KUWTK saw years ago.

But isn’t part of that just a result of people changing how they watch television?

The Kardashians still rake in a sizable share of the market — enough that Kris can probably talk her way into renewal for years to come.

Maybe her friends are right. Maybe she should quit with her head held high before, one day, E! makes that choice for her.

But we kind of hope that she doesn’t. We’d miss the show.

And so would a lot of people.


The Voice Recap: Who Survived Night 2 of the Knockouts?

Night 2 of the Knockouts brought more of the same. 

By that, we mean some downright awful decisions from the coaches, some more input from Mariah Carey, and some sub-par singing. 

Hey, the show has been going for over seven years, so it was only a matter of time before the bar for talent had to be lowered. 

But who survived the three Knockouts on Tuesday night? 

Team Jennifer: Franc West singing “Call Out My Name” vs. Tyshawn Colquitt singing “Pillowtalk” 

Jennifer was open and honest about putting these two together because they sound so similar. It’s survival of the fittest at this stage of the game, so it made sense. 

Mariah wanted Franc to dial it back because he was essentially following the original version of his Weeknd cover, and it was repetitive. 

The musical powerhouse also told Tyshawn to start quiet and get progressively louder as the performance goes on. 

Franc took the advice on board, and it worked in his favor. His performance oozed confidence, but the same could not be said for Tyshawn’s. 

Basically, he fell apart after the first verse, and never quite recovered. 

Jennifer stuck to her guns and kept Franc. 

Team Kelly: Abby Cates singing “Because of You” vs. Claire DeJean singing “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” 

Abby’s nerves continued to get the best of her, so she went with a Kelly song that was switched up by the original performer of the song. 

As for Claire, they were worried she was rushing through the performance and told her to take baby steps with it. 

Abby dominated her Knockout, and the nerves seemed to subside early on which was a huge positive. Claire turned in a decent performance, but it was no match for the one Abby performed before her. 

Kelly kept Abby, and Claire was sent home. 

Team Blake: Dave Fenley singing “Stuck On You” vs. Kameron Marlowe singing “I Shot the Sheriff” 

Mariah had only positive vibes to send at Dave and Kameron. She felt they were strong vocally, and that they were ticking all of the boxes. 

Dave managed to sing from the heart during his performance, and wowed the coaches, while Kameron languished like he already felt his time on the show was over. 

However, Adam stepped in to give Kameron another chance. 

What did you think of the latest installment?

Hit the comments below. 

The Voice continues Monday on NBC!


Married at First Sight Recap: Not So Happily Ever After?


Shade has been thrown. We repeat:

Shade. Has. Been. Thrown!

ever afters

On the series premiere of Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After, Ashley Petta went on the attack, slamming Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman for their seemingly utopian marriage.

Overall, the spinoff followed a trio of couples from Married at First Sight, all of whom expecting kids and all of whom have come a very long way from the last time they graced our television set.

Bobby and Danielle, for example, have been married for 6 months — and the former is three months along in her pregnancy.

Still, as difficult as it may be to believe they still haven’t had a single fight. Not one, they claim. Not even the hint of one.

This actually worried the experts, who felt that Bobby was simply doing too much in the relationship.

“He’s really taken on everything,” Danielle said.

bob and danielle

Enter Ashley.

She hurled the aforementioned shade during the couples’ retreat after Bobby and Danielle both rated their marriage a 10.

Really, she said? Just, come on now… REALLY?!?

“There’s always room for improvement,” Ashley said. “There’s no such thing as perfect and anyone that says their relationship is perfect, I call bullsh-t.”

But what about Ashley’s own relationship with Anthony D’Amico?

This romance was proof, in Ashley’s mind, that no one has a perfect marriage.

ash and ant

“Watching our season was probably the worst part of our marriage,” Ashley admitted. “Anthony and I’s relationship was very rocky after the filming.”

Are they in a better place now? Yes.

But does Ashley wish her husband would communicate better? Yes.

“I don’t think Anthony’s a very good communicator,” she stated. “Sometimes I feel like if I didn’t ask him, I would never get the information.”

Finally, we close this recap with an update on Jephte Pierre and Shawniece Jackson, who are also expecting their first child…

Jephte Pierre and Shawniece Jackson

This husband and this wife confessed that, at one point, they were separated — and they still don’t wear their wedding rings, despite Shawniece being eight months pregnant.

What gives?!?

Jephte said that part of the reason they simply had to separate was because he slipped into a depression after their season aired. It got pretty serious and dire.

“It’s almost like you’re mentally drowning,” he said. “I felt weak. I felt vulnerable.”

Jephte kept this a secret from Shawniece because she has a history of miscarriages and he didn’t want to upset her, risking another lost child.

But he’s psyched to be a father and Jephte has hope for the couple’s future.

“I’m excited to be a father,” he said. “The fact that I just get a chance to be a father is probably hands-down the biggest blessing.”

Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After airs on Lifetime Tuesday nights at 10/9c.