Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin: Watch Them Get Matching Tattoos! Cringe Forever!

With all of the unrelenting drama their relationship caused, it's easy to forget that Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin only dated for a few months at the end of last year.

But it's true — after a long friendship and some heavy flirting, they officialy began dating in October, then they broke up in January.

Thanks to previews for this season of Teen Mom 2, we know that during that time, Javi was considering proposing to Briana, because that's normal.

And thanks to this one specific preview (and also photos from social media at the time), we know that the two of them got matching tattoos.

Again, because that's normal.

In the clip, which is sincerely just almost unbearable to watch, Javi is driving Briana to the tattoo shop while chatting with his brother on the phone.

"We're going to get tattoos right now," he tells him. "King and queen chess pieces."

And then, if you can even believe it, he adds "I told Bri she's gotta put my name so I know it's real but she doesn't want to."

Smart move on Bri's part, who, by the way, looks like she wants to crawl in a hole and die during this entire conversation.

Javi tells his brother that "it's gonna be lit" to make that terrible decision with his girlfriend of two days (approximately, anyway), then hangs up.

Briana asks him how long his brother's been with his wife, and Javi says they've been married five years, which for some reason is impressive to her.

She remarks on how his family "has a long history with long relationships," and Javi agrees and says that's why he values relationships so much.

"I want that," he tells her directly, and she nods but doesn't say anything.

At this point, we're basically at horror movie levels of "RUN, GIRL, RUN."

But she doesn't, and they go into the shop together, where she gets her tattoo first.

When it's done, she admires it in the mirror, and then Javi creeps over to her, looks at it, and says "Sorry, we can't break up. You're stuck with me forever, in some way."

In response, Briana makes this face:

Because who says that?! Who honestly thinks that's an OK thing to say to someone?

Probably the same person who wants his girlfriend to get his name tattooed on him after a month of dating.

Or possibly the same person who wanted his girlfriend to get his name tattooed on him, broke up with her a couple of months after that, then impregnated a new girl a couple of months after that.

It's weird. The whole thing is just very weird and uncomfortable and Javi desperately needs to learn how to relax a little bit in relationships.

Watch him and try not to get too creeped out in the video below:

Briana dejesus and javi marroquin watch them get matching tattoo