Briana DeJesus to Javi Marroquin: Your Baby Mama is a “B-tch!”

On this past Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, Javi Marroquin proposed to Briana DeJesus and she said no.

Or so the network would like us to believe.

Viewers never actually witnessed the proposal, which allegedly took place several months ago, back when this installment was filmed and Javi and Briana were a semi-serious couple.

On social media shortly after the episode aired, Javi expressed confusion over what supposedly went down between him and Briana, while DeJesus cursed off her ex and insulted his new baby mama, Lauren Comeau.

It's a lot to take in, consider and comprehend.

Scroll down and we'll explain everything…

1. What Allegedly Transpired?

Javi and briana
Marroquin thought he was going to be deployed on this Teen Mom 2 episode, so he did buy an engagement ring and did confere with his sister about proposing. We saw those events take place.

2. We Mean, Look: Here’s the Ring

Javi ring
Javi doesn’t deny having bought the rock. He willfully pulled it out in front of the camera.

3. So… How Did the Proposal Go?

Javi briana
That’s the thing: it was NOT shown on air. Weird, right? We simply heard Briana talking about it to loved ones, saying it lacked pomp, circumstance, romance, flowers, balloons…. heck, even an actual question.

4. Come On! Just Take It!

Briana eye roll
Briana told her sister that Javi showed her the diamond ring and said “here.” This was how he asked (or demanded?) her hand in marriage; again, ACCORDING TO BRIANA.

5. What Did She Say in Response?

Briana and javi make it official
Heck no, dude! Basically, that is. More or less. “It wasn’t my ideal proposal, and I wasn’t going to accept the ring,” DeJesus said to a friend, also telling her sister of Javi: “He wants to marry me, he wants me to have his children, he wants me to move in with him, there’s a lot of things that he wants. I told him, ‘We have some time to think about it, we don’t have to rush.'”

6. More from Briana

Javi and briana all smiles
“I don’t know why he wants to propose right now,” she said in front of the camera this week. “We’ve had a conversation about what we want for our lives, like what we want for the future, but it wasn’t like I want to get married with you, I want to have your kids right now. We spoke about it like, ‘Yeah, maybe one day.’ We’ve only been together for a few months, so it’s super fast.”

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