Carmelo Anthony Is What LeBron James Needs … Says James Worthy


James Worthy says L.A. should sign Carmelo Anthony … ’cause the Lakers legend tells TMZ Sports Melo is exactly what LeBron James NEEDS!!!

Rumors have been swirling this week that the move could go down … ’cause John Salley hinted to us something was in the works — and then LBJ was spotted with Anthony at dinner just a day later.

Worthy tells us he supports making the move happen … saying Anthony would bring something to the Lakers that they currently lack.

“I think Carmelo has proven that he’s an outstanding shooter,” Worthy says … “Kind of what we need!”

But … for as much as Worthy respects Melo’s game — he ain’t so sure Anthony is the missing piece for LBJ to win a ring THIS season.

Worthy says that will probably need to come this offseason … and ya gotta hear how many ‘ships he’s predicting for Bron if the right piece joins up in free agency this summer!!

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