Kailyn Lowry: Is She Trying to Get Pregnant By Chris Lopez?!

The Teen Mom franchise has shown us some pretty bad dads over the years, but Chris Lopez might actually be the worst of the lot.

We know what you’re thinking — how could this guy possibly be worse than Ryan Edwards or Adam Lind? — but hear us out.

Adam and Ryan have at least made half-hearted attempts to be involved with their kids’ lives.

According to his baby mama Kailyn Lowry, Lopez is merely an “Instagram dad,” who poses for pics with little Lux, but isn’t there when his son actually needs him.

Granted, we’re going entirely off of Kail’s comments about the guy, as Chris refuses to appear on Teen Mom 2, but she has a reputation as being among the most honest and least BS-y of the Teen Moms.

Several dudes have done Kail dirty over the years (we’re looking at you, Javi), so if she says Chris seriously sucks, we’re inclined to believe her.

But as anyone who’s ever sent a late-night “u up” text to a horrendous ex knows, sometimes what the head and the heart (or the genitals) want or two very different things.

It’s partially for that reason that fans are convinced Kail is still hooking up with Chris on the sly.

There’s even a very specific rumor that Kailyn is trying to get pregnant by Lopez.

As far as we can tell, this is a result of the fact that she stated Lowry said she wants a fourth baby, and Chris is a man who was recently in her vicinity. 

Some have even gone so far as to “call out” Lowry directly on social media, as though she’s just gonna break down and confess because someone tweeted at her:

“So when Chris wasn’t jumping in your pool, I take it he was jumping in your bed? You did say you wanted another baby by him right?!

Never one to shy away from a troll, Lowry replied with her signature brand of sarcasm:

“Yes, that’s what I do with him in all my free time,” she tweeted.

Now, we all know Lowry isn’t above hooking up with an ex, but if she were looking to bring another kid into the world, we’re pretty sure Chris would be very low on her list of potential baby daddies.

The guy is barely around for the kid he already has.

Plus he won’t go in front of a camera, which means all the drama he brings into Kail’s life doesn’t even equate to more screentime.

Talk about lose-lose situation.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on Kail’s turbulent love life.


Joe Jackson: Hospitalized with Cancer, On Verge of Death

Joe Jackson has been hospitalized with terminal cancer.

And, according to multiple outlets, the father of Michael and Janet Jackson will almost certainly never go home again.

Those close to the Jackson patriarch tell TMZ that loved ones are rushing to Jackson’s side, hoping to say goodbye to the controversial figure prior to his passing.

Joe’s wife, Katherine, is reportedly at the hospital and she has been joined there so far by a handful of kids and grandkids.

“Joe is going to die any day,” an insider says simply to Radar Online, adding of his wife:“Katherine doesn’t think he will live until Monday.”

This same source says Joe’s relatives “are already planning his funeral,” saying that Joe has made his wishes well known:

“Joe wants to be buried next to Michael. So he’ll be laid to rest in the mausoleum, and so will Katherine.

“The Jacksons have already bought multiple plots at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, have spoken to police and arranged car services.”

Joe’s health has been in decline now for a number of years, as he suffered a stroke in 2015 and has also been diagnosed with an aggressive form of colon cancer.

“He’s very very frail, he doesn’t have long,” Jermaine Jackson told The Daily Mail this morning. “The family needs to be by his bedside – that’s our only intention in his final days.”

Jackson, of course, is the father of the late Michael Jackson, as well as singer Janet Jackson and nine other kids.

This means he’s also the grandfather of Paris Jackson, the most prominent of Michael’s kids.

Joe was the manager of The Jackson 5 way back in the day, overseeing the group that made Michael into an icon via a rather heavy and scandal-filled hand.

He’s been accused on many occasions of abuse, infidelity and of fathering kids out of wedlock.

Specifically, Michael Jackson went on record before his own death of how Joe would force him to rehearse around the clock and how he was the victim of whippings and other forms of physical and emotional abuse.

Michael did also say that such strict parenting/managing contributed to his eventual success as an artist.

At this point, Joe is estranged from many of his sons and daughters.

A source close to Janet Jackson, for example, says that the star has been denied access to her father.

Joe’s daughter Joh’Vonnie Jackson, his sole child not with Katherine, has also reportedly not been allowed to see her father, despite their close relationship.

Joe does not want to be viewed in his current state, according to these reports.

His handlers have nee feuding with his family members over just who and who is not allowed inside Joe’s hospital room.

jj image

Jermaine confirms this account, saying that full access was really just granted on Thursday evening.

“No one knew what was going on – we shouldn’t have to beg, plead, and argue to see our own father, especially at a time like this,” he told the aforementioned British newspaper, adding:

“We have been hurting. We were not being told where he was and couldn’t get the full picture. Even from the doctor. My mother was worried sick.

“It’s what any family would want, but some people around him think they know better…and they don’t.”

Joe Jackson is 89 years old.


Kailyn Lowry Says Chris Lopez is Her First Love (Wait, What?!?)

Kailyn Lowry has dated many men.

We say this without a hint of judgment; it's simply a fact.

The Teen Mom 2 star has been married once and has three babies by three different men.

But while Kailyn has open been very candid about these relationships, both their ups and their downs, we were shocked by something she said a new Q&A session on her official blog.

What bombshell did she drop about third baby daddy Chris Lopez?

You'll be as shocked as we were when you find out below…

1. He’s a Deadbeat Dad!

Kailyn lowry looks pretty
This is what Lowry said about Chris Lopez not long after her son Lux was born. She came down hard on him in March of 2018 for never actually be there for his child.

2. Instagram Isn’t Real Life

Kailyn lowry on podcast
“Don’t be an Instagram parent.” This is what Kailyn wrote in response to Lopez sharing a photo online of Lux despite, in her view, rarely being around to care for him.

3. But That was Then

Chris lopez and lux
Of late, Lowry has said slightly more flattering things about Lopez. Heck, she allegedly wants to use his his sperm to get pregnant again, which means she can’t TOTALLY hate the guy.

4. Still, We Weren’t Prepared for This

Kailyn lowry ad
In the Q&A we cited above, Lowry was asked the following question: “Out of all the obstacles in life you’ve overcome, which was the toughest? Why? How did you get through it?” She considered this inquiry and gave a lengthy response.

5. Well, There Was My First Huge Break-Up…

Kailyn lowry jo rivera image
“When I think about everything I’ve been through, two things instantly come to mind,” Lowry said to open her response. “First was moving on from living with Jo and his family, and into an apartment alone with [first son] Isaac. The whole struggle of no longer being a “family” and understanding my feelings that went into all of those decisions was really tough.” Fair enough, right?

6. Kailyn Continued:

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
“I really struggled with the realization that the entire situation I was in, including my relationship with Jo, was not meant for me. I was so thankful that Jo’s family was there for me, but Jo and I weren’t meant for each other. Of course, even though I knew this, it was still hard to see him moving on. We were 18 years old with a child together, and I really didn’t know how to understand what I was feeling or properly cope with it.”

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