Counting On Returns: Check Out These New Duggar Storylines!

Counting On returns in the summer of 2018, and TLC has released a new trailer to tease fans about upcoming storylines.

Jessa speaks out about what fans can look forward to seeing if they watch Counting On online.

"It’s crazy how much has changed in our family over the past year."

And she reminds viewers that, in a family as large as the Duggar clan, there's just no shortage of major life events.

"There’s so much more to come. Babies, relationships, and milestones are always happening."

Duggar fans who keep a close eye on the family may know how a lot of stories end, but TLC's cameras will offer a front-row seat as several new storylines unfold.

Here's what you can expect as Counting On returns:

1. Counting On is coming back

The duggar family a photo
TLC promises fans and viewers that the series will return this summer.

2. The first new storyline is a sweet one

Joseph duggar and kendra caldwell on their honeymoon
Viewers will see Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar on their honeymoon

3. And Joseph and Kendra deliver a very important announcement

Joseph duggar and kendra caldwell honeymoon interview
Producers ask if Kendra is pregnant, and she says that she hasn’t taken a test yet. But …

4. Kendra Caldwell is pregnant

Joseph duggar and kendra caldwell
And viewers will even get a glimpse of the nursery. The pregnancy isn’t news to fans who keep up with the series.

5. Ben and Jessa talk about how their relationship works

Ben seewald and jessa duggar
They have two young children. That can be quite a handful.

6. Jessa seems to balk at the idea of having more children

Jessa duggar crazy eyes
At least, she doesn’t seem eager to have more young children any time soon.

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