Danielle Staub’s Ex-Husband Surprised By Her Wedding News … I Have My $uspicions


Marty Caffrey says Danielle Staub getting remarried so quickly after their divorce is pretty shocking — even for her — but he thinks there might be an ulterior motive … worth a couple million bucks.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star’s ex-husband tells TMZ … he doesn’t understand the urgency of Danielle tying the knot again UNLESS it has to do with their divorce agreement — specifically, the part where she has to buy their $ 2 million NJ home.

Marty says he hopes Danielle and her new fiance, Oliver Maier, are truly happy and in love, but watch the clip … he has a list of reasons that make him doubt it.

We broke the story … Danielle was ecstatic leaving the courthouse just a little more than a week ago, flaunting her divorce papers and giving Marty a parting middle finger.

Days later she revealed she was engaged again — for the 21st time! — and is scheduled to marry Maier Monday in NYC. After it’s official, Staub will become a duchess … because Oliver is the duke of Provence. His family is from southern France, and owns 15 vineyards and 2 castles.

Nice catch.

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Marty seems to be cool with all of it … as long as the house gets paid off. If it does, he says he’ll buy Oliver a drink.

We reached out to Danielle for comment — no word back so far … but she might be a little busy planning her 4th wedding.

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