DeMario Jackson: Will He Go Dancing with the Stars?

DeMario Jackson will no longer attempt to win over single women on reality television.

But might the former Bachelorette suitor soon be trying to win over viewers on… well… reality television?

According to TMZ, Dancing with the Stars producers have reached out to Jackson’s publicist and asked whether the ABC personality would like to join next season’s cast.

It makes perfect sense, really.

Dancing with the Stars often selects a contestant or two each season from its crop of ex-Bachelor or Bachelorette mainstays… and Jackson has been at the center of possibly the franchise’s biggest scandal in history.

Last month, DeMario and Corinne Olympios drank a lot of alcohol and shed a lot of clothing during an early season hook-up on Bachelor in Paradise.

After an employee on set wondered aloud whether Olympios was sober enough to give Jackson consent, the show shut down production and sent all cast members home.

The production company proceeded to conduct an internal investigation.

This controversy took place just a few weeks after Rachel Lindsay kicked Jackson off The Bachelorette because she discovered he had a girlfriend while trying to woo her.

After about two weeks of online rumors and accusations hurled his way, Jackson sat down for an interview in which he detailed all the X-rated action that went down between himself and Corinne.

Shortly thereafter, Warner Bros. concluded its investigation and determined that no sexual misconduct was committed by anyone on the series.

The company also announced that Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 will air in its entirety this summer.

Jackson, however, will only appear on the reunion special. He will not return to the program as a full-on cast member.

The 30-year-old reality star told TMZ a few days ago that he’d be thrilled to follow Bachelor Nation stars such as Nick Viall and Chris Soules on Dancing with the Stars.

Moreover, he already has a song in mind.

“I would murder Despacito on that show,” Jackson said, referring to Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber’s hit single, adding:

“You people don’t understand. I’m, like, a black, Latin, salsa dancer.”

Among other Q-Listers ABC is considering for the new season of Dancing with the Stars?

Disgraced White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

We wish we were kidding. But we’re not.