Emoji Movie Mocks Handmaid’s Tale, Much to Twitter’s Chagrin

The Emoji Movie tells the story of a fictional city called Textopolis that is hidden inside of all smartphones.

Each emoji has only a single facial expression, except for Gene, an exuberant emoji with multiple expressions.

We won't spoil the rest of the film for you, except to say that this really is the basis for an actual movie.

In promoting the unusual cartoon, producers Tweeted a photo of an emoji wearing the outfit of a main character from Hulu's drama The Handmaid’s Tale… and Internet users were simply NOT having it.

Not when The Handmaid’s Tale centers on a totalitarian state that treats women as pieces of property.

Scroll down to see what critics had to say about this misguided parody…

1. The Tweet That Started It All

The tweet that started it all
Blessed by the Emoji? You should not have gone there, The Emoji Movie.

2. What is The Handmaid’s Tale About?

What is the handmaids tale about
The Handmaid’s Tale tells the story of society in which women have no rights and are literally given to men to be used as breeding machines. This is why the parody didn’t go over well on Twitter, as you’re about to find out…

3. Take It Away, Twitter!

And go
Elisabeth Moss stars on the Hulu drama, so you can be damn sure she has something to say about this mockery of it.

4. There’s a Lot of Rape on the Show

Theres a lot of rape on the show
The folks behind The Emoji Movie may not be aware of this.

5. We All Know the Answer to This Question

We all know the answer to this question
It’s no.

6. Is It Too Late to Delete That Tweet?

Is it too late to delete that tweet
Nevermind. This is the Internet. You can never really delete anything.

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