Jussie Smollett Now a ‘Suspect’ … Grand Jury Hearing Case

Exclusive Details

Jussie Smollett is now officially in the crosshairs of law enforcement, because Chicago PD said he’s now “officially classified as a suspect in a criminal investigation … for filing a false police report.”

The cops say detectives are currently presenting evidence to a Cook County Grand Jury.

If Smollett is charged the felony carries a maximum 3-year prison sentence.

We’re told the 2 brothers are at the courthouse now and are expected to testify … most probably today.

The 2 brothers who claim Jussie Smollett staged the “attack” say he paid them $ 3,500 before the attack, but the reason for the payment is muddled.

Sources tell TMZ, Jussie wrote a check for the $ 3,500, but he wrote on the memo line on the check it was for training.  

Sources connected to Jussie tell TMZ, the money — paid shortly before the incident — was for workout sessions and a dietary regimen.

Sources connected to the brothers tell TMZ, Jussie was indeed paying for training, but he threw in more money than they were owed. When pressed, our sources admit Jussie did not say any additional money was for participation in the alleged scheme, but they say it was clear to all.

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