Justin Bieber: Struggling With Guilt Following Selena Gomez Breakdown

Selena Gomez suffered an emotional breakdown during her battle with lupus, and had to be hospitalized as a result.

As it turns out, her very much engaged ex Justin Bieber is feeling wrecked over her current health.

Despite his engagement, he’s said to be feeling “confused.”

According to what a pair of sources tell E!, Selena Gomez’s emotional breakdown and subsequent hospitalization is just too much for the Biebs.

An insider reports that Justin feels “conflicted and confused” over his own feelings.

“They have both had emotional struggles,” a source explains.

Justin’s angry outbursts over the years were well documented, and people close to him have spoken openly about his past struggles with substances.

“And,” an insider details, Justin and Selene “bonded over that in the past.”

Now, however, things are different.

Even if Justin wanted to come rushing to her side, that doesn’t seem likely.

“Justin and Selena are not in touch,” a source makes clear.

That’s no surprise. For one thing, Selena is cut off from all but a few trusted individuals.

“But,” an insider notes. “Him hearing the news about Selena definitely upsets him.”

“Justin,” a source adds. “Also feels guilty.”

Apparently, it is Justin’s innate nurturing nature, rather than merely their lengthy relationship history, that has him deep in his feelings.

“He wants to help everyone,” an insider says.

Awww. Bless his heart.

A source insists that “he truly wants Selena to be happy.”

“And,” an insider explains. “It’s upsetting to know she’s battling health issues.”

That makes a lot of sense. it’s upsetting to us that Selena is going through all of this, too.

Justin has admittedly “been very emotional” since this news broke.

However, insiders make it very clear that he is taking his engagement to Hailey “very seriously.”

In other words, don’t expect him to drop her and go running back to Selena.

To him, a promise to get married is sacred.

In fact, a source says that Justin raced to the altar with Hailey in an effort to “show her he was serious this time.”

Ah, yes — the best possible reason to marry someone is to prove a point.

So it sounds like Justin and Hailey’s engagement — or marriage, depending upon whom you ask — is secure for now.

But how is Selena doing?

An insider reveals that Selena is “already feeling better” now that she is receiving treatment.

Selena is “getting the help she needs,” a source affirms.

Lupus is already a hell of a thing, but we’re glad that she’s getting emotional support as she copes with it.

“Depression is something she’s always struggled with,” an insider explains.

That makes sense. Tens of millions of Americans cope with depression every day.

“But whenever it gets really bad for Selena,” a source details. “She removes herself from social media.”

Shortly before her breakdown, Selena took a step back from Instagram.

“And,” an insider continued, Selena then “withdraws from people who aren’t a handful of the people she trusts.”

That is a smart policy. Don’t over extend yourself when you are at your lowest point.