Justin Bieber Whines on Instagram: Where’s My Valentine?

Can someone please break out the violins for Justin Bieber?

The singer had to spend Valentine's Day all by himself.

Bieber took to Instagram last night to use an annoying baby voice and complain that all he "ever wanted" in life was a Valentine and "now I don't even have a Valentine."

The footage earned the artist sympathy from his loyal legion of fans ("Aww I wanna hug him," wrote one follower), but we have a strong feeling Bieber was actually trolling Selena Gomez here.

For starters, he begins his mini rant by paraphrasing the comedic film Dumb and Dumber.

Moreover, Bieber has been faced with endless questions of late about Gomez and how she's dating The Weeknd and how he feels about the entire thing.

In an earlier Instagram live chat, Bieber took a dig at The Weeknd by laughing like an idiot and pretending that he actually enjoyed that singer's music.

So it seems like Justin is sick of the questions and probably of the idea that he's lonely and sad over Selena having moved on with another man.

Hence this sarcastic plea for a Valentine when, in reality, he's Justin Bieber.

He could pull over his car at any moment and ask nearly any young woman to jump inside to go home with him… and they'd all say yes.

We somehow doubt he's too broken up over Gomez and The Weeknd and is just having a bit of fun in the footage below.

But you can watch and decide for yourself:

Justin bieber whines on instagram wheres my valentine