Mitt Romney Dines with Donald Trump, Twitter Rejoices

In late November of 2016, Mitt Romney met with Donald Trump in New York City to discuss his possible role as Secretary of State.

The two dined together at a restaurant in Trump Tower.

And the Internet reacted to one particularly awkward photo with memes, jokes and commentary galore. 

See what we mean below…

1. How Did I Get Here?

How did i get here
And how do I now get OUT of here?

2. One of Us

One of us
Romney has trouble relating to the average American while running for President in 2012. But he totally gets us now.

3. Waiter?

Man. If only they had shared a $ 5 shake.

4. Smile, Mitt. Just Try to Smile.

Smile mitt just try to smile
Nope, sorry. Can’t do it.

5. This is Scary

This is scary
But not any scarier than Trump’s Twitter account.

6. HIM, Really?!?

Him really
What does he have that I didn’t have?

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