Saturday Night Live Slammed for “Racist” Aer Lingus Skit

Aer Lingus sounds a lot like a certain sex act.

This was the initial premise of a sketch on Saturday Night Live that closed out a November 2017 episode hosted by actress Saoirse Ronan.

It featured the young star as a flight attendant named Colleen, wearing a green uniform, rocking a bouffant bob hairstyle… and making jokes about Irish stereotypes such as potatoes and dogs.

Watch the sketch below and then check out the strong reaction on Twitter…

1. The Sketch:

Saturday night live aer lingus sketch
Click PLAY on the video above to get an understanding of what the fuss is about. (And also to see lots of really cute dogs!)

2. Aer Lingus Responds!

Aer lingus responds
Was the airline trying to sound like Donald Trump? Why would it do that?!? How weird and random.

3. Major Disappointment

Major disappointment
The harshest critiques were saved for Ronan, and came from other Irish citizens or Irish-Americans who were upset she openly embraced such silly generalizations about the country.

4. The Accents ARE Funny

The accents are funny
You have to admit that, right? But perhaps not enough to base an entire sketch around.

5. Let’s Be Honest…

Lets be honest
… the cunnilingus part wasn’t very funny, either. It isn’t exactly original.

6. Come On, SNL

Come on snl
We expect more from you! (Although some folks who haven’t been a fan since the Bill Murray days might not.)

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