MTV’s ‘Ridiculousness’ Star Steelo Brim’s 3-Year-Old Nephew Drowns in His Pool

MTV’s “Ridiculousness” star Sterling “Steelo” Brim is mourning the loss of his 3-year-old nephew who drowned in his swimming pool … TMZ has learned.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the boy wandered into the North Hollywood backyard…


Michael Bublé: My 3-Year-Old Has Cancer

Are you ready to cry real tears here today? 

Because Michael Bublé’s eldest son, three-year-old Noah, was just diagnosed with cancer. 

In a statement on his wife’s Facebook page, Bublé wrote, “We are devastated by the recent cancer diagnosis of our eldest son Noah who is currently in treatment in the United States.”

“We’ve always talked a lot about the importance of the family and the love we have for our children,” he continued.

“[My wife] and I are going to spend all our time and attention to help Noah to get better, by suspending our professional activities for now.”

“During this difficult time, we ask that you pray for him and please respect our privacy,” he pleaded.

“We have a long road ahead of us and we hope that with the support of our family, friends, fans around the world and our faith in God, we can win this battle.”

The couple, who also have a younger son, Elias, reportedly traveled to the United States to seek treatment for what they initially thought were mumps, and then mononucleosis. 

After the attending physician ruled out mumps, Noah was tested for cancer, and was formally diagnosed. 

Just a year ago, poor Noah was hospitalized after climbing on the counter and spilling boiling water on himself.  

The specific type of cancer Noah is afflicted with is currently unknown, and the prognosis remains a mystery, pending further statements from the Bublé family. 

The Bublé’s son, Noah was born in August 2013, making him recently just three years old. 

The couple were overjoyed at the birth of their son, and shared a hospital pic captioned, “

“Overjoyed and filled with gratitude at the arrival of our son Noah Bublé.”

Luisana and Bublé announced the pregnancy via a video message earlier that year that they were expecting their first child, and said, “Mike, Lu and … mini Bublé!”

“We’re having a baby Buble!” they gushed. 

Wetpaint reported that both sides of the family are flying in from all over the world to support Michael and his little family. 

Good luck, prayers, and blessings to the family.  

This is simply heartbreaking – there’s no other way around it.  

God bless, friends.