Farrah Abraham SLAMS Amber Portwood: You’re the Worst Mom!

Farrah Abraham won't be winning any mother of the year awards anytime soon, and yet when it comes time to fire a shot at one of her Teen Mom OG rivals, insulting their parenting is always her favorite tactic.

For the past year, the Farrah vs. Amber Portwood feud has been raging like a wild fire, and it doesn't look like we'll be seeing a truce at any point in the near future.

This means, of course, that Farrah has been attacking Amber's parenting at every opportunity.

And this week, she launched one of her most brutal tirades yet…


1. Happier Times

Farrah abraham amber portwood kids
Believe it or not, there was a time when Farrah and Amber got along. Obviously, those days are long gone…

2. The Fight

Farrah abraham and amber portwood fight
Amber and Farrah squared off at the Teen Mom OG reunion show in 2016, and while they weren’t exactly besties in the months leading up to the altercation, afterwards they were full-blown enemies.

3. Shots Fired!

Farrah on instagram
In recent months, Farrah has talked every kind of trash imaginable to Farrah. She’s insulted her appearance, and congratulaed her ex, Matt Baier, after he and Amber broke up.

4. Amber Fires Back

Amber portwood farrah abraham
Amber has talked some smack of her own, accusing Farrah of being an alcoholic and a cokehead.

5. The Queen of Mean

Farrah abraham in greece
But Amber is simply no match for Farrah when it comes to issuing crushing takedowns. Say what you will about Ms. Abraham, the woman knows how to talk trash.

6. Hitting Where It Hurts

Farrah abraham siriusxm 2013
In her latest tirade, Farrah hit Amber where she’s most vulnerable, echoing recent viewer criticisms in brutal fashion…

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Farrah Abraham on Snapchat: BRB, I Have to Go Get an Abortion!

Farrah Abraham has never been one to hold back, but she may have just taken her unfiltered relationship with her fans to a new level.

As you’re probably aware, Farrah doesn’t keep many secrets with regard to her sex life.

We’ve seen Farrah’s sex tape; we’ve read her erotic novels (okay, no we haven’t, but surely someone has), and we’ve looked on in confusion as she hawked plastic molds of her various orifices.

In a way, we suppose it’s a natural career progression.

After all, Farrah became famous as a result of getting pregnant at a young age, so perhaps in her mind, it stands to reason that she should continue to share the details of her sexual activity with the general public.

Sure, the other stars of the Teen Mom franchise don’t seem compelled to masturbate on live streams, but Farrah’s not like the other girls.

In fact, Farrah’s really not like anyone, a fact that she reminded us of again this weekend, when she casually informed fans that her regular schedule of non-stop social media posting would be interrupted so that she could go terminate a pregnancy.

“Oh my gosh! I had a pregnancy scare,” Farrah exclaimed in a cat-filtered Snapchat video.

“Girls watch your expiration date — and that is on your birth control!”

Sound advice.

If the video ended there, it might be the least-WTF thing Farrah has ever posted to social media.

But end there it did not

“Um, I’m gonna have to tell you a little bit later because I gotta go take care of it,” Farrah concluded.

Yes, as far as we can tell, Farrah took to Snapchat so that she could inform fans of her difficult decision … while sporting a cat nose and ears.

Like we said, the woman has literally never had a thought that she didn’t post online, which we suppose is part of her … well, “charm” is a strong word, but whatever you’d call that unique quality Farrah possesses, it certainly prevents us from looking away.

As for the rumors that Farrah was fired from Teen Mom OG over those racy live streams, well, we think she confirmed on Twitter that she’s not returning to the show, but it’s Ms. Abraham’s unique way with words makes it hard to tell exactly what she’s trying to say.

“Watching @TeenMom @mtv I’m so happy I don’t welcome anymore of @MTV made up shit to help mention the other trash moms feel important lmao good luck @MTV #2018goals #Sorrynotsorry,” Farrah wrote.

Shout-out to Farrah for refusing to be limited by society’s notions of how words should work.

And for tagging MTV twice in the same tweet.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more of the inimitable Ms. Abraham.


Farrah Abraham Launches Weird New Porn Venture, Surprises No One

Farrah Abraham may have risen to fame as a member of the Teen Mom OG cast, but in recent years, she’s become well-known to a group that falls outside of the show’s target demographic.

We’re talking, of course, about dudes who really like porn.

Yes, as much as Farrah loves to point out the difference between sex tapes and porn, at this point there’s no denying it:

Farrah Abraham is a porn star, and it looks more and more as though she prioritizes sex work over reality TV stardom.

Even when it looked as though Farrah might be fired by MTV due to her decision to make some extra cash by charging people to watch her masturbate via webcam, she stuck to her guns.

Or her vibrators, as the case may be.

Of course, this is far from the first weird, sex-related business venture that Farrah has been involved with.

In the past, Farrah has sold plastic molds of her vagina, penned a number of erotic novels, and raked in thousands charging top dollar to perform at high-end strip clubs.

And it doesn’t seem that Ms. Abraham is at all eager to retire from the sex industry.

In fact, she just launched yet another weird side-project that’s should add more heft to her already fat pockets.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Farrah has teamed up with adult film site ManyVids to hock clips geared toward foot fetishists.

Somewhat confusingly, Farrah has titled her first video “Thank you for buying! My Feet Are For You.” 

Yes, Farrah is working under the assumption that you’ve already shelled out.

It’s like a “thank you for not smoking” sign, but rather than refraining from lighting up, the presumption is that you’ll crank it to Farrah’s oily feet.

Naturally, the description of the clip is equally entertaining:

“Watch as I oil up my pretty feet and toes for you. I remove my sexy gold heels and start playing with my feet. It feels so good. Do you like my perfect soles,” Farrah writes.

The video reportedly features Farrah massaging her feet with her own brand of–sigh–“backdoor lube.”

If feet aren’t your thing, Farrah also offers a package for lip enthusiasts.

It’s not clear what exactly the video entails, but who wouldn’t pay to hear the sultry words whispered by the same lips that have uttered all that semi-coherent “Farrah speak” over the years?

The answer, of course, is “everyone.”

In the immortal words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Watch Teen Mom: OG online for more of the ridiculousness that is Farrah.


Farrah Abraham Remembers Derek Underwood in Heartbreaking Tribute

Look, Farrah Abraham is awful. She’s really, truly just not a great person.

Like, at all.

But under that rough exterior, if you look past her rudeness and her inability to speak to literally anyone with the smallest amount of respect, you’ll see that she’s kind of a broken person.

Sure, she’s still awful, but she’s been through stuff, you know?

She’s hinted at some major trauma she experienced in her childhood, and we’ve seen on Teen Mom OG how bad her mother, Debra Danielsen, can be.

And then there’s the tragic story of her relationship with Derek Underwood.

Derek was Farrah’s high school boyfriend — and he’s also Sophia’s father.

They had a pretty dramatic relationship, as you’d expect with a couple of teenagers (one being Farrah Abraham). As she revealed in her book, her parents hated him.

At one point, her father caught them having sex in her bedroom and she claimed that he chased him out of the house with a knife.

Because of all those shenanigans, her parents wouldn’t allow her to see him, and so when he passed away in a car accident during her pregnancy, she’d never told him that he was going to be a dad.

If you watched the early seasons of Teen Mom, you know she really struggled with losing Derek.

And if you didn’t catch those old episodes, then all you have to do is check out this touching message Farrah wrote to Derek in an Instagram post commemorating the anniversary of his death.

Then you’ll see the heartache.

Along with a photo of his headstone, she wrote “In loving remembrance to Derek Underwood, 12/28/2008 father, son, nephew, cousin, friend, and so much more.”

Derek Underwood Grave

“December 28th comes every year when we review all of our love, great memories, share stories and know how special Derek was and how all the special and highly favored charisma passed on to Sophia.”

(Yes, it doesn’t exactly make sense, but she’s trying, OK?)

“This past year Sophia was bullied for not having a father at her old public school,” she continued. “I thought why would any child not understand that’s out of ones control and no one would ask for that.”

“In a world full of ignorance and wrong doing I’m happy to say my daughter knows her truth and has strength in that beyond the ignorance.”

Farrah also touched on her troubled relationship with MTV, writing “This year I saw an employer long time production and my mother try to use my loss as their gain for heartache and to act as though they cared about my health and supported the struggles of the loss of Derek I go though …”

“But for years they could not let it be at peace as nothing needs to be relived and this year of review has spoken for those who can not live life peacefully with you and support your growth and are not excited for your future and living better, happier, healthier are no longer welcome.”

In a piece of advice for the team behind Teen Mom, she said “Don’t ever manipulate or take advantage of a mother or child as they go through loss & challenges it’s disgustingly evil.”

She also wrote “Thank you Daddy Derek for always watching over us and this year we’re at peace and happy with the loving support of family who live by this and we’re in loving spirits on our Hong Kong trip as Derek would love the heights & the water of Hong Kong island as he did of his rock queries.”

She closed her message “with love” from “Farrah & Sophia for those who want peace, life, love, happiness and a new chapter.”

Again, a lot of this doesn’t really make much sense at all.

But it’s obvious that Farrah really feels some deep, complicated feelings about what happened with Derek, and losing a boyfriend like that at such a young age must have been devastating.

Losing a boyfriend at such a young age while pregnant with his child?

It’s no wonder the girl’s got some issues.


Farrah Abraham: Daughter Displays Disturbing Behavior in New Teen Mom OG Clip

Look, we all know that there are lots of things wrong with Farrah Abraham.

Like, just so many things.

She's rude and abrasive, her voice is so grating, she's loud and hateful and she rarely makes sense. It's actually kind of hard to think of a redeeming quality about this girl, as sad as that may be.

In the early days of Teen Mom, it was a little easier to root for her. She was dealing with a bad family situation, and after she found herself pregnant as a teenager, the father of her baby passed away.

She worked hard to get ahead, and while she still wasn't the most likable back then … well, she wasn't like she is now.

We really just want to drive it home how awful Farrah can be, OK?

And unfortunately, it seems like her daughter Sophia may be suffering for it.

In this new Teen Mom OG sneak peek for next week's episode, we see Farrah and Sophia at a restaurant with Farrah's mother, Debra.

Farrah starts telling Deb about Sophia's latest career move, because remember, even though Sophia is just eight years old, she already owns her own boutique, and she also models.

She has so much on her little kid plate that Farrah pulled her out of school so she could homeschool her herself, because we can all see that ending well, right?

Anyway, Farrah says that Sophia booked a new modeling gig for a fashion show, and that she gets to walk the runway like the little baby diva she is.

Deb gets all excited and starts talking to Sophia about it like she is a literal baby, but the kid already isn't here for it — she just nods while focusing on her coloring.

The subject changes to Deb's man, Dr. David, and when that happens, Sophia's mood changes, too.

When Deb starts talking about their wedding, which was then in the planning stages, Sophia starts mumbling to herself, then she begins growling at her grandmother.

The adults ignore it for a little bit, but when Debra pulls up photos of her wedding dress on her phone, she starts hitting herself while staring at good ol' Grandma.

It's more than a little concerning.

Finally, Farrah reacts, telling her "Do not punch yourself! Are you angry?"

Sophia just keeps glaring at Deb, so Farrah pulls her away to speak to her in private.

"You're not happy hearing about the wedding?" she asks her. "'Cause it's upsetting?"

Sophia answers with "I never want to see her again if she gets married to David."

This whole thing is very hard to watch, because it's hard to think about all the things Sophia has been exposed to in her short little life.

Just last season, we saw her sit there as Deb cried and talked about killing herself — and we all know that's just the tip of this messed up iceberg.

Since Deb did go through with marrying Dr. David, and since Farrah seems to be handling the situation better herself, Sophia feels a little better about the situation now.

But man, this clip is a rough one:

Farrah abraham daughter displays disturbing behavior in new teen

Farrah Abraham & Tyler Baltierra Clash Over Claims That He’s Gay

Farrah Abraham is essentially a bratty child with a social media following in the millions.

And as she's demonstrated many times, that can be a very dangerous thing.

Earlier this week, Farrah went off on ALL of her Teen Mom: OG co-stars for reasons that still aren't entirely clear.

Without citing any evidence, she suggested that Catelynn Lowell's husband, Tyler Baltierra, is secretly gay.

Now, Tyler is clapping back in a way that's sure to get Farrah's goat…

1. The Pettiest Mom

Farrah abraham up close personal
Farrah has long been the most irritable, petty cast member on Teen Mom: OG, but this week she reached a new low, attacking all of her co-stars on social media for no apparent reason.

2. One-Woman Roast Battle

Farrah abraham in greece
“I’m just happy amber stays In bed, Maci sits on the couch, Catelynn smokes weed in her car , Tyler’s gays still doesn’t admit it, I travel the world & know how to run businesses #teenmom @mtv all I can say is #WOW,” Farrah tweeted Monday night.

3. Apropos of Nothing

Farrah abraham blonde for single af
The tweet followed an episode of Teen Mom: OG, but seemed to have nothing to do with what transpired on the show. In fact, as with most episodes of TM: OG, Farrah in no way interacted with her co-stars over the course of the hour.

4. Feeling Threatened?

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra snuggles
Farrah doubled-down in her criticism of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. No other couple on the show was subjected to TWO Farrah burns. The question is, why?

5. The Reason

Catelynn lowell with tyler baltierra photo
Many fans have speculated that the reason Farrah seems especially pissed at Tyler and Catelynn is the episode focused on their business ventures, and Ms. Abraham likes to think of herself as the only true mogul on the cast.

6. Only Farrah

Farrah abraham models lingerie
Very few people think it’s an insult to be called gay or a pothead in 2017, and those who do are unquestionably morons. So it’s not surprising that Farrah is one of them. Fortunately, Tyler didn’t shy away from the conflict.

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Farrah Abraham SLAMS Co-Stars: Bunch of Lazy, Closeted Potheads!

Farrah Abraham has never been one to shy away from conflict.

In fact, she often creates conflicts where none had previously existed, seemingly for no other reason than to alleviate her own boredom.

Farrah has clashed with her co-stars on Teen Mom: OG more times than we can count, but it's possible she's never gone on such a direct, savage attack as the one she launched last night.

We're still a bit in shock over Farrah's latest comments, a feeling that we're sure is shared by the targets of her smear campaign…

1. Farrah On the Attack

Farrah abraham in greece
There was nothing subtle about Farrah’s latest comments. The woman clearly hates everyone she works with, and she wants the world to know it.

2. Globetrotter

Farrah abraham up close personal
Last night’s episode of Teen Mom: OG featured Farrah returning from a trip overseas to try and make amends with her mother. Apparently, Farrah feels that her busy travel schedule makes her a superior person to her co-stars.

3. No One Is Exempt

Abraham farrah a photo
For no apparent reason, Farrah went off on the entire cast after the episode, tweeting, “I’m just happy amber stays In bed, Maci sits on the couch, Catelynn smokes weed in her car, Tyler’s gays still doesn’t admit it, I travel the world & know how to run businesses #teenmom @mtv all I can say is #WOW”

4. Breaking It Down…

Farrah abraham models lingerie with a horse
So what prompted Farrah to make the comment? And why did she feel the need to include every single one of her cast mates? Join us as we dissect one of the most vitriolic Teen Mom tweets of all time…

5. "Amber Just Stays In Bed…"

Amber portwood and her dog
Clearly, Farrah feels that Amber is lazy. While it’s true that Portwood isn’t involved in as many business ventures as Ms. Abraham, she certainly doesn’t seem to be lacking in the ambition department.

6. "Maci Stays on the Couch…"

Maci bookout interview with mtv uk
Farrah hit Maci Bookout with pretty much the exact same burn, and it’s just as nonsensical as it was with Amber. The woman is raising three kids! How lazy can she be?

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