Jenelle Evans Child Abuse Claims: Is She in the Clear?

Jenelle Evans has posted numerous photos of the years that have made many people think she's a bad mother.

She's also said lots of cruel things and acted in various ways that have caused Teen Mom viewers to question whether or not she's a fit parent.

But is she actually an abusive one?

Yes, ex Nathan Griffith alleged several weeks ago, telling authorities that the son he shares with the MTV star, Kaiser, had been showing up to his home with bruises.

This took their long-time feud to an entirely new level.

But was Nathan telling the truth? Will authorities bring charges against Evans?

The answer is finally is…

1. The Battle Over Kaiser

Jenelle and sons
Jenelle and Nathan welcomed Kaiser into the world in 2014. But things have gradually gotten worse and worse between the exes, with Griffith even filing for custody earlier this summer.

2. For What Reason?

Nathan and kaiser being tough
Nathan believes Jenelle and husband David Eason have created an unsafe environment at the home in which Kaiser is being raised.

3. Wait, There’s More

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Nathan has also demanded that Eason not have any contact with the four-year old and claimed that Jenelle did drugs while pregnant. Like we said, this has all turned vicious.

4. How is Kaiser’s Home Unsafe?

Jenelle evans in pool
It may seem like a small thing, but one issue at stake has been that David and Jenelle basically do not have a fence around their pool. (More children die from drowning in the United States than any othr cause of accidental deaths.)

5. And What About Those Guns?

Kaiser griffith gun photo
There has also been quite the social media uproar over Kaiser actually using a gun. Is he being taught proper gun safety… or being placed in severe danger?

6. How Bad Have Things Gotten?

Jenelle evans eye roll
Child Protective Services has reportedly visited Jenelle at home 20 times — in the last year alone. That is just bonkers.

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Danielle Staub Accused of “Financial & Emotional Abuse” by Husband

You may not believe this.

We hope you are sitting down for this.

Okay, here we go…

Danielle Staub – the former full-time Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member known for having a sex tape and screaming at Teresa Giudice and sort of being a criminal coke whore – is involved in more drama.

This time, the drama, involves Marty Caffrey, Staub's husband of two months.

Who may not be her husband for very much longer.

Scroll down to discover ALL the ways in which he takes some issue with his controversial wife:

1. Wait, Danielle Staub is Married?

Danielle staub husband
Yes! She tied the knot with Marty on May 5 in the Bahamian island of Bimin. Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs were Matrons of Honor, while Melissa Gorga served as bridesmaid.

2. Such a Happy Bride

Marty caffrey and danielle staub
“There’s just not a better feeling in the world,” Staub told People Magazine after she exchanged these vows. “I’m still crying over it… it was beautiful.”

3. So, Where Did It Go Wrong?

Danielle staub all business
Umm….everywhere? In a three-page statement submitted to Radar Online, Marty said he has suffered “financial, verbal and emotional abuse” from his “arrogant, disrespectful, presumptuous and entitled” wife. After mere months of marriage!

4. A Not Very Happy Birthday

Danielle staub with vodka
“Her birthday party was the tipping point,” Marty tells Radar of a mid-July 2018 celebration. “I was left completely in the dark. I wasn’t allowed to know who was invited. My family and friends were left out until the last minute only because I kept pressing the issue. There was no intention of including my family or friends.”

5. Tell Us More, Marty…

Danielle staub makes a return
“I was expected to pay for it. Which I refused to do,” he says of this party, rattling on about Staub: “This arrogant, disrespectful, presumptuous and entitled attitude I find disturbing. All of this is why I did not attend. You want to throw a self-indulgence, attention seeking party for yourselves, want me to pay for it, but I’m not allowed to know anything about it or to ask any questions? What world do you live in?”

6. The World of Danielle Staub?

Danielle staub in 2012
Did Marty never see the way she acted throughout her run on The Real Housewives of New Jersey? The answer is actually no, Marty says. He was unfamiliar with that part of her life when he married her.

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Chris Hardwick Reinstated at AMC After ‘Careful Review’ of Sexual Abuse Claims

Chris Hardwick has a green light to return to hosting ‘Talking Dead’ after what AMC says was a thorough investigation into the sexual assault allegations made by his ex-girlfriend. The network announced Wednesday Hardwick has been reinstated, and…


R. Kelly Addresses Sex Abuse Accusations in 19-Minute Song

We have all read horror story after horror story about R. Kelly.

He allegedly seduces much younger women, isolates them, grooms them to accept abuse, and keeps them captive using violence and starvation to control them.

Multiple women who have come forward have also accused him of having groomed some women for this role since they were underage.

R. Kelly is being sued for sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Additionally, the #TimesUp movement has called to #MuteRKelly in an effort to force him out of the entertainment industry.

R. Kelly has now responded in a truly bizarre way.

Early on Monday, out of nowhere, he dropped a 19 minute song.

The song is titled "I Admit." In it, he seems to beg people to pity him. He also mocks the accusations against him and laments that they are endangering his career. He also name-drops an investigative reporter.

Take a look at these truly bizarre lyrics.

1. It begins with his sob story

R kelly i admit lyrics 01
The accusations against R. Kelly aren’t about him being “imperfect.” They’re about him allegedly abusing and terrorizing women and underage girls. Childhood struggles are sad, but not an excuse for monstrous deeds as an adult.

2. R. Kelly tries to minimize the criticisms against him

R kelly i admit lyrics 02
Sleeping with fans is fine. Allegedly keeping them locked up and isolated while punishing them with violence and starvation is not.

3. Here’s the chorus

R kelly i admit lyrics 03
While many people would be happy to hear him say these words in a deposition, interrogation room, or a courtroom, as a chorus, it’s mocking his accusers. And that is intentional.

4. Here, he sounds like he’s bragging

R kelly i admit lyrics 04
R. Kelly will seem to brag about his sex life more than once. You might think that a man accused of running a sex cult of brainwashed women would present a humble face to the world to avoid suspicion. R. Kelly does not.

5. He again wants listeners to feel sorry for him

R kelly i admit lyrics 05
Difficulty reading — whether it’s illiteracy or dyslexia — is definitely a sympathetic struggle. But this seems like a transparent ploy to elicit sympathy in the face of the harrowing accusations against him.

6. And now he’s back to bragging

R kelly i admit lyrics 06
Perhaps he hopes to convince listeners that if he is “confessing” (these sound more like boasts) to these actions, surely he has not done anything worse.

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Edgar Hansen, Deadliest Catch Co-Star, Confesses to Sexual Abuse

Edgar Hansen, one of the stars on the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, pleaded guilty in court late last week to the sexual abuse of a 16-year old.

According to The Seattle Times, Hansen confessed to a charge of fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation on Friday.

In exchange for his plea, he received a 364-day suspended prison sentence and was ordered to undergo a sexual deviance evaluation.

He also received two years’ probation and various fees and fines totaling $ 1,653, with an additional $ 4,800 fine suspended, court records show.

Hansen will not serve any time behind bars.

The 47-year old fisherman is the deck boss and key crew member of a Seattle-based crabbing boat helmed by his older brother, Sig Hansen.

The siblings have risen to fame and fortune due to their popular Discovery Channel reality series.

As for the details of this ugly case?

A 16-year-old girl told her therapist in October of last year that Hansen sexually assaulted her at a suburban Seattle home on September 30, 2017.

The aforementioned newspaper cited a probable-cause affidavit filed in Snohomish County District Court to back up this allegation.

This teenager also relayed to the police these same allegations.

deadly catchers

In a brief handwritten statement accompanying his guilty plea, Hansen acknowledged “touching [the victim’s] private areas … for the purpose of my own sexual gratification.”

He added:

“I committed this assault… I am very sorry for that conduct and I have commenced treatment to ensure that nothing like this assault ever happens again.”

The victim (unnamed because she is a minor) said Hansen “kissed her on the lips, touched her vagina and had her touch his penis,” prosecutors said in their probable cause affidavit.

Investigators also spoke with Hansen’s wife, who said she “confronted him” after learning of the abuse.

He “initially denied” it, but “eventually admitted that he kissed [the victim] and touched her inappropriately.”

Edgar Hansen’s guilty plea comes just weeks after his famous brother, Sig, was sentenced to probation for spitting on an Uber driver last year.

This Deadliest Catch caption was given a deferred sentence, ordered to undergo alcohol treatment and placed on a year of probation.

Sig told People Magazine at the time that he was “terribly sorry” and “very embarrassed” for his role in this incident.

eh pic

Sig Hansen is also currently awaiting a decision from the state Court of Appeals over a King County judge’s ruling that would allow a sexual-abuse lawsuit brought by his estranged daughter, Melissa Eckstrom, to proceed to trial.

He has denied her claims referring to Eckstrom’s law suit “an old-fashioned shakedown.”

Also of note, in regard to Deadliest Catch, Blake Painter, a former captain on the show, died in May of a suspected drug overdose.

Neither Hansen sibling nor any Discovery Channel representative has spoken yet on Edgar Hansen’s crime.


Jenelle Evans: New Evidence of Child Abuse Shocks Fans!

Over the years, Teen Mom 2 fans have watched in stunned horror as Jenelle Evans ranted, raved, and terrified her love ones with her infamous temper.

But as shocking as Jenelle's tantrums have been, it's possible that the greatest threat to her children's health and safety is not Evans' anger, but rather her negligent tendencies.

In the past week, several new pieces of evidence have emerged which seem to indicate that Jenelle is not performing the basic duties that the law expects of her as a mother.

The outcry from those who follow her on social media has been intense, and many believe Evans is soon to lose custody of her children.

1. One Bad Mom

Peace jenelle evans
Over the past two weeks, video evidence of Jenelle neglecting her kids coupled with some truly repugnant behavior on Teen Mom 2 has led fans to the conclusion that it’s time for CPS to intervene.

2. Couldn’t Care Less

Jenelle evans eye roll
Of course, Jenelle claims there’s no cause for concern, but that’s always her response to fan outrage.

3. All In a Day’s Work

Jenelle and her pills
On the show, Jenelle received a visit from the local sheriff in response to child abuse claims. Viewers were shocked, not only because Evans refused to allow him in the house, but also because she apparently keeps dozens of pill bottles within reach of children.

4. Effing Up in Real Time

Jenelle and sons
But while her behavior on TV has been predictably appalling, many viewers believe Jenelle recently became her own worst enemy by posting even worse evidence of her own shoddy parenting on social media.

5. Pool Crisis

Jenelle evans in pool
It all started when Jenelle began posting photos of her backyard pool. Many fans noted that she had failed to comply with local laws by erecting a fence around then pool.

6. The Fenceless

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Jenelle seemed unconcerned and continued posting pics like this one that show her lounging near a fence-free pool. But, of course, the most damning evidence was yet to come …

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Kylie Jenner: Accused of Child Abuse! For Real!

Kylie Jenner is probably a decent mom, right?

We really haven’t seen much of her parenting in action, or any of it, really.

Aside from a few selfies with Stormi and that admittedly precious video she shared about her pregnancy, she’s been pretty private about everything.

But there are some things you just can’t help but notice, certain choices that Kylie’s been making as a mother.

And one of those recent choices has gotten a lot of people riled up.

Kylie was kind enough to share a new video and photo of Stormi earlier this week, and once you get over how precious that little baby is, you notice something.

She’s got her ears pierced!

Stormi's pierced ears

She looks adorable, just like always, but people always have very strong feelings about piercing a baby’s ears.

Those people were not shy in expressing their dismay.

“Kylie Jenner’s baby has her ears pierced and I have lost every bit of respect I had for that girl that should be illegal,” one person tweeted.

Another told her that she should “be ashamed” of herself, and that “this is utterly disgraceful.”

“I think it’s f-cking awful that she’s pierced her baby’s ears as a fashion statement,” someone in Instagram complained, and another agreed, saying “I really don’t understand how people can put holes in their babies.”

Because, as a Twitter user argued, “They’re kids for f-cks sake, why put them through unnecessary pain?”

Kylie playing with Stormi

“Sorry but no just no,” yet another person declared. “Piercing a 5 month old childs ears is NOT cute it is called CHILD ABUSE. Shows that you are NOT fit to be a parent and should be investigated.”

So … that’s a lot, right?

We can probably all agree that getting a baby’s ears pierced isn’t actually child abuse, let’s start there.

Sure, you may not agree with the idea, and you may even be outspoken about it like some of these people, but it’s not on the same level as actual abuse, at all.

And, as plenty of people pointed out, getting your kid’s ears pierced at such a young age is normal for many, many people.

“Y’all really mad at Kylie for getting her baby’s ears pierced?” one of those people asked. “That’s the first thing poc do after cutting the cord.”

“I just read ppl complaining abt kylie jenner getting her 6month year old baby’s ears pierced and i feel like they’re all white,” another said. “Like pls i got mine done out of the womb.”

From the point of view of a former baby in Stormi’s position, “I got mine pierced at 9 months and I PROMISE, I have never felt like my parents took my autonomy away from me. It’s truly not that serious.”

And then, in one particularly strong argument, someone tweeted “People are upset Kylie Jenner pierced her 5 month old daughter’s ears. Wait until they find out what some people do to their sons penis 2-3 weeks after birth!”

So maybe we can give Kylie a break on this one, just this once?

At the very least, maybe we could avoid acting like she’s the worst mother in the whole entire world.