Thomas Ravenel Accuses Kathryn Dennis of Exploiting Kids for “Marketability” and Fame

Thomas Ravenel continues to prove that he’s simply the worst.

We doubt anyone familiar with the former Southern Charm lead would argue this point, but please allow us to explain why it must now be emphasized once again…

As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, Kathryn Dennis recently filed to amend her ongoing child custody agreement with Ravenel.

The stars are no longer together, but they will forever be parents to a four-year old daughter named Kensie and a nearly three-year old son named Saint.

Dennis filed these papers and asked a judge to grant her full custody of the toddlers after Ravenel was arrested for sexual assault.

Obtained by People Magazine, the documents accuse Ravenel of relying “upon the use of full-time nannies” to care for his kids, while also referencing the pair of sexual assault allegations brought against him.

Dennis also alleges that Ravenel “has drunk alcohol to excess, mixed with prescription drugs, that has caused him to be impaired during periods of time in which he had custody of the children.”

She says plenty more as well.

Dennis claims her ex of exhibited “periods of impulsive and uncontrollable bouts of anger” and “extreme narcissism and anger management problems.”

Moreover, Dennis went after Ravenel’s most recent girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, writing that he encouraged her to “verbally assault and attack” Dennis on the Bravo series, something for which Jacobs has actually apologized.

On November 6, responded to these scathing claims.

He actually filed a counterclaim, strongly denying all of Dennis’ allegations and accusing Kathryn of acting “in bad faith.”

Ravenel doesn’t believe Dennis actually cares about the well-being of her kids or that she really thinks Thomas is a bad influence on them.

Instead, Ravenel writes in his official reply that Dennis filed her complaint “for the purpose of garnering media attention, creating material for her storyline on Southern Charm and ensuring her marketability as a reality TV star.”

Indeed, there’s simply no way Dennis would want to keep her kids away from someone accused by two women of rape, right?

She must have a self-centered motive and simply must be making these claims to advane her own career.

(That second sentence was written with sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.)

In his filing, Ravenel allegsd that Dennis’ attempt to seek primary custody was “for the sole and/or primary purpose” of securing her role on the Bravo program and “progressing her storyline as the ‘rehabilitated mother who regains possession of her minor children.’”

(Dennis lost custody of the kids and entered rehab in 2016 after she failed a drug test. She has since earned back 50/50 custody.)

It’s hard to get much more cynical than that.

Ravenel even says that the producers of Southern Charm encouraged Dennis to seek full custody in order to have “dramatic material for next season.”

No one from the network has responded to this charge just yet.

Ravenel is asking the court to issue a restraint prohibiting Dennis from discussing their litigation on the show, on social media and with the press.

He’s also asking the court to prohibit their kids from being filmed or featured on Southern Charm.

Ravenel is saying all of this just days after a South Carolina judge found probable cause for second-degree assault and battery charges against Ravenel stemming from an incident in 2015.

A nanny who worked for the star has said on legal record that Ravenel “corralled” her into his master bedroom at that time, dropped his pants, blocked the door and “proceeded to rip my clothes off.” 

She doesn’t explain how, but the nanny says she managed to extricate herself from the situation before anything further took place.

Ravenel has denied this claim and has said he will not return to Southern Charm for Season 6.


Lindsay Lohan Accuses Mom of Trafficking, Gets Punched in Face

So much for Lindsay Lohan remaining out of the news.

And so much for Lindsay Lohan not doing something totally weird, kind of insane and quite rude.

In the shocking and ridiculous video featured here, Lohan is on the street in Moscow when she comes across two kids and their parents.

The family is sadly homeless and just trying to get by.

At first, Lindsay approaches them and tells her fans watching:

"Hey everyone I just want to show you a family I met, a Syrian refugee family. I’m going to introduce you to them."

But the washed-up celebrity then accuses the mother and father of trafficking, for reasons unknown, eventually voicing said accuations loudly and rudely.

“Guys, you’re going the wrong way, my car is here, come,” Lohan is heard yelling at the children… who continue to follow their parents as she chases them down the street.

“They’re trafficking children, I won’t leave until I take you, now I know who you are, don’t f-ck with me," she says.

The actress, who spent a few years residing in Dubai, can also be heard shouting Arabic phrases in a what sounds like a Middle Eastern accent.

It really is all as bizarre as it sounds.

“You’re ruining Arabic culture by doing this. You’re taking these children they want to go," she tells the parents, prior to addressing the son as follows:

"I’m with you. Don’t worry, the whole world is seeing this right now, I will walk forever, I stay with you don’t worry.”

Lohan then tries to grab the boy's hand… only to get PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY THE BOY'S MOTHER.

It's rather amazing, and totally understandable, considering this random, rich, privileged white lady is accusing her of human trafficking simply because… we're not even sure why?

She's dumb and ignorant and the family is in a touch situation?

After the unexpected punch, the video ends with a crying Lohan gasping:

“I’m like in shock right now, I’m just like so scared."

Watch the full video here and prepared to be equally shocked.

Lindsay lohan accuses refugee mother of trafficking gets punched

Nathan Griffith Accuses Jenelle Evans of Child Abuse, Reveals Her Teen Mom 2 Salary in Shocking Rant!

It's been quite a month for Jenelle Evans.

Beginning with her refusal to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Florence, it's been one controversy after another for Evans and her husband, David Eason.

In the days since the storm subsided, Jenelle has been accused of stealing a dog and pilfering charitable donations that were meant for her neighbors in need.

And believe it or not, those allegations pale in comparison to the charges that Nathan Griffith has now leveled against his ex.

1. Hurricane Queen

Jenelle eason bikini photo
Jenelle seems to be living the high life in the wake of Hurricane Florence. But all the while, she’s been sending very mixed messages to her fans.

2. What Hurricane?

Jenelle evans dude shirt
At first, Jenelle was criticized for downplaying the impact of the storm. She refused to evacuate despite warnings from local governments, and she used the #WhatHurricane hashtag when boasting about how much fun her kids were having.

3. Changing Her Tune

Jenelle evans gaze
Shortly thereafter, however, Jenelle complained that she had run out of food and gas and was quickly growing desperate.

4. A Gift From the Food Gods

Groceries for jenelle
When Evans posted this pic of “free” food that her family had received from a charitable organization, fans were quick to point out that the packages were distributed based on income, which should have disqualified self-proclaimed millionaire Jenelle.

5. Nathan on the Case

Nathan griffith profile pic
For months now, Jenelle has been locked in a bitter custody battle with Nathan Griffith, and it seems she may have just given her ex the ammo he needs in order to claim victory.

6. Nate Goes Off

Nathan griffith and kaiser smiles
After learning of Jenelle’s suspicious behavior in the wake of Florence, Nathan decided to share some information about the Teen Mom 2 star’s very sketchy existence.

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Julie Swetnick Accuses Brett Kavanaugh of Gang Rape

Julie Swetnick has become the third woman to go on record with an accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Unlike the first two, however, Swetnick is not alleging any attempt by Kavanaugh to force himself upon her.

She is alleging that the judge took part in a gang rape of her and other women.

In a sworn declaration, Swetnick – who is represented by the same lawyer who works for former Donald Trump fling, Stormy Daniels – Swetnick says she first met Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge, at a house party in 1980 or 1981.

She says the pals were “joined at the hip” and and that she observed the pair “engage in highly inappropriate conduct” while drunk over the years.

This included “being overly aggressive with girls and not taking “No” for an answer.

Kavanaugh has been nominated for the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump and has already been accused of:

– Holding down a woman named Christine Blasey Ford and trying to rape her during a party in high school.

– Pulling out his penis in front of a woman named Deborah Ramirez during his freshman year of college and making her touch it against her will.

Kavanaugh has denied both of these allegations and is due to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning in response to Ford’s claim.


Swetnick goes on to label Kavanaugh’s personal claims of “[innocent]” behavior in high school (during a recent Fox News interview) as “absolutely false and a lie.”

She then gets into grisly detail regarding why she says this and how she knows it.

During the years 1981-1982, Swetnick says she “became aware of efforts” by Kavanaugh and Judge to “spike the punch” at house parties. The goal, she says, was to “cause girls to lose their inhibitions.”

“I also witnessed efforts by Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh and others to cause girls to become inebriated and disoriented so they could be “gang raped” in a side room or bedroom by a “train of numerous boys.”

She writes that she has a “firm recollection” of Judge and Kavanaugh being among the males waiting outside of a bedroom in order to take their turn in this horrible act.


Swetnick then writes that she was a victim of one of these gang rapes.

And that Judge and Kavanaugh were “present” for it.

“During the incident, I was incapacitated without my consent and unable to fight off the boys raping me. I believe I was drugged,” Swetnick says.

She adds that other witnesses are out there who can “attest to the truthfulness of each statement” she has made — and that she declares, under the penalty of perjury, that this is all “true and correct.”

As of this writing, Kavanaugh has not commented on this latest accusation.

He has maintained throughout his nomination process that he rarely drank or parties and has dismissed all notions that he was ever out of control in this manners; let alone that he ever committed sexual assault.

Among others who knew Kavanaugh, however, his freshman year roommate at Yale says the type of drunken behavior outlined by his accusers and others “100 percent” sounds like the man he knew in college.


Judge’s ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Rasor, recalled to The New Yorker “that Judge had told her ashamedly of an incident that involved him and other boys taking turns having sex with a drunk woman.

“Rasor said that Judge seemed to regard it as fully consensual.”

A spokesman for Senate Judiciary Committee, meanwhile, has confirmed the following this morning:

“Michael Avenatti provided a declaration to the Judiciary Committee. Committee lawyers are in the process of reviewing it now.”

Expect to hear plenty more about Julie Swetnick in the hours and days to come.


Deborah Ramirez: Second Woman Accuses Brett Kavanaugh of Sexual Misconduct

Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale classmate of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, has come out and accused the embattled judge of sexual misconduct.

She’s the second woman in about a week to have done so.

In an explosive article penned by Ronan Farrow (the reporter who exposed allegedly heinous sex-related crimes by Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves) and investigative journalist Jane Mayer, Ramirez says Kavanaugh exposed his penis to her during a party their freshman year of college.

The 53-year old admits to having been very drunk at this dorm gathering, but that Kavanaugh “caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.”

She says he then laughed at the incident, which allegedly took place at some point in 1983 or 1984.

Farrow and Mayer write that Ramirez was initially hesitant to come forward due to “gaps in her memory” as a result of the alcohol consumption that night. However…

“After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.”

This is what Ramirez says about what transpired:

“I wasn’t going to touch a penis until I was married [because] I was raised a devout Catholic in Connecticut… I was embarrassed and ashamed and humiliated.”

Describing her memory of Kavanaugh’s act and subequent reaction, Ramirez told the magazine:

“I can still see his face, and his hips coming forward, like when you pull up your pants.”

The aspiring Supreme Court Justice, who is currently scheduled to testify in from of Senators on Thursday morning in response to an attempted rape allegation by Christine Blasey Ford, has issued the following statement:

This alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen.

The people who knew me then know that this did not happen, and have said so. This is a smear, plain and simple.

I look forward to testifying on Thursday about the truth, and defending my good name — and the reputation for character and integrity I have spent a lifetime building — against these last-minute allegations.

And then there’s this from White House spokesperson Kerri Kupec:

This 35-year-old, uncorroborated claim is the latest in a coordinated smear campaign by the Democrats designed to tear down a good man.

This claim is denied by all who were said to be present and is wholly inconsistent with what many women and men who knew Judge Kavanaugh at the time in college say.

The White House stands firmly behind Judge Kavanaugh.

Sources say President Donald Trump has no intention on asking Kavanaugh to withdraw his name from consideration, while Senator Diane Feinstein has called for a delay of all hearings and testimonies until the FBI can investigate both allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.

According to The New Yorker article, “Senior Republican staffers also learned of the allegation last week and, in conversations with The New Yorker, expressed concern about its potential impact on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“Soon after, Senate Republicans issued renewed calls to accelerate the timing of a committee vote.”

A roommate of Kavanaugh’s in college tells the publication that he may not have been present at this Yale party in question — but that he is “100 percent” sure that Kavanaugh would have done something like this during his time at Yale.

The judge was part of a fraternity (Delta Kappa Epsilon)back then that whose members waved a flag made of women’s underwear around campus during his time as a brother.

The Yale Daily News has also noted that Kavanaugh became a member of Truth and Courage, one of Yale’s secret societies for seniors that was nicknamed “Tit and Clit.”

In 2015, referring to his high school, he said in a speech that “what happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep and that’s been a good thing for all of us, I think.”

This may not be the case after all, however.

“I would think an FBI investigation would be warranted,” Ramirez told The New Yorker of her claims.

Ford has also encouraged the FBI to look into her allegations against Kavanaugh.

Neither Republican Senators nor President Trump have given the agency a green light to do so, however.


Colin Evans: Brother of Jenelle Evans Accuses Father of Sexual Abuse

While Teen Mom 2 villain Jenelle Evans is making peace with Barbara, she’s still having plenty of conflicts.

In addition to feuding with other Teen Moms, she has also attracted the ire of her own brother, Colin Evans.

Colin is hitting back at claims she has made about him … and accusing their father of having sexually abused him for five years.

“She lies more than Donald trump,” Colin writes in a scathing post on Facebook.

In case there was any doubt, he makes it clear that he is talking about his sister by adding, in parentheses, “Jenelle Evans.”

In her book, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, she claims that Colin had developmental problems and that he once accidentally burned down their home.

“My entire house was not burnt down to the ground at all,” Colin insists.

“Keep on all the lies and for ur info lil sis I’m not developmentally challenged,” he asserts.

Colin Evans house

Colin shared a photo of a fully intact house, then demands that Jenelle “stop lieing for ur fame.”

This is when his post takes a much more serious turn.

“I’m PTSD from our father sexual abused me for 5 years and beat me and starved me,” Colin writes.

Colin continues: “and i almost died in prison and all u care about is your money (jenelle Evans) lil sis.”

“And u never say hi u don’t care about any one but your self,” Colin concludes. “So keep up the lies lil sis.”

Now, Colin did accidentally start a fire when he was a boy when one his toy cars caught on fire.

Afterwards, he was sent to live in group home in Texas for two years. Colin was only 9 years old.

Starcasm notes that Colin has had legal troubles as an adult.

His rap sheet includes larceny, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, injury to personal property, and communicating threats.

None of those sound especially serious — a couple of them shouldn’t even be crimes — but they paint an unflattering portrait of Colin as a troubled man.

We have to say that Colin’s history of petty crimes fits a profile of someone who is overcoming childhood trauma.

That of course does not mean that everyone who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse commits a string of petty crimes, or vice-versa.

But it’s not uncommon to see someone struggle to cope with their traumatic childhood as they enter adulthood.

Children are not equipped to handle trauma in the way that adults are, and can suffer lifelong consequences as a result.

Some would suggest that Jenelle’s history of drug use and her relationships with terrible men and her poor quality as a parent are indicators of someone who came from a deeply troubled home.

Colin Evans Illuminati post

Colin has recently shared that he is hoping to avoid appearing on MTV in the near future.

It looks like he has also grown paranoid about “the Illuminati organization.” Sometimes, people who are troubled can fixate on fictitious entities.

He has said that he doesn’t want anything to do witht he Illuminati or with Satan, saying that he doesn’t have a family of his own, but that Jesus is all of the family that he needs.

It looks like he also went through a breakup with a woman very recently, and is heartbroken over it.

Obviously, the accusations of sexual and physical abuse that he has leveled at his father are very serious.

While adults are of course responsible for their own actions, these allegations do help to explain his behavior, if not excuse them.


Thomas Ravenel Basically Accuses Ashley Jacobs of Cheating

Thomas Ravenel does not want your pity.

But, if you’re a woman, he very much does want you to give him a call.

The veteran Southern Charm star took to Twitter over the weekend in order to make one accusation and one offer.

First, the accusation:

Ravenel – who quit the aforementioned Bravo series this month amidst allegations of rape by two women – wrote on his personal account that he’s totally fine with Ashley Jacobs ending their relationship a couple weeks ago.

For what reason?

Because Ravenel hints strongly that Jacobs cheated on him.

Today, my personal life just took a huge upward turn,” Thomas Tweeted on Saturday, explaining why as follows:

“I finally have more than enough information to move forward without any doubt or hesitation and I’ll never look back.”

TR Tweets

How ominous sounding, right?

The assumption around the Internet is that Ravenel is confirming that he has gathered the necessary intel to prve that Jacobs was sleeping with other men behind his back.

That’s why he can finally “move forward” confidently and that’s why he replied to a follower asking if he were single by writing:

“And ready to mingle!”

Ravenel also sent a second Tweet that cited the Chicago song “If She Would Have Been Faithful,” suggesting that Jacobs had been untrue, writing:

“After 30 years I finally understand the lyrics from that wonderful Chicago tune:

“If she would have been faithful, if she could have been true, then I would have been cheated, I would have never known real love.”

Jacobs – who dated Ravenel for two years and whose feud with his two-time baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, drove much of Season 5 – broke the break-up news to her own social media followers back in mid-August.

Fighting off tears in a video, Jacobs said “I love Thomas and I’ll always love Thomas. I’ll always care about him.”

That’s sweet and all, but as we noted above:


A former housekeeper and a woman with whom Ravenel went on a date in 2015 have both said he assaulted them sexually.

This does not mean he’s guilty, we know.

But it’s worth emphasizing.

The very rich Charleston resident has denied these accusation, while resigning from Souther Charm and blaming his portrayal on that series for his sullied reputation.

“I’m not doing the show anymore,” Ravenel said upon announcing his departure, adding:

“In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.”

As for Jacobs?

“I hope the best for her … I do feel a bit sad now,” he Tweeted over the weekend.

“But now I know that just around the corner, down the street, around the block, something magical is going to happen … perhaps real love.”


Or maybe jail time for those aforementioned rape allegations.

Ravenel said he is now seeking “a woman with whom the trust, faith, respect and love is immovable,” adding that he felt he never got that from Jacobs.

Will Ashley return to Southern Charm for Season 6? It remains unclear.

But she attempted to make amends with Dennis via a lengthy Instagram apology last week.

Might she next write one to Thomas?


Michael Cohen Flips on Donald Trump, Accuses the President of Federal Crimes

Michael Cohen, who worked for two decades as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, reached a plea deal today with federal prosecutors in court.

In doing so, the man who has often been referred to as the President’s “fixer” implicated the Commander-in-Chief in two major crimes.

Michael Cohen in a Suit


Cohen is now on record as saying “in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office” he acted to keep information that would have been harmful to the candidate and the campaign from becoming public during the 2016 election cycle.


Cohen has flipped on his long-time client.

The “candidate” referenced above is very obviously Trump (no one is arguing against this) and the coordinated effort about which Cohen is talking has to do with payments made on Trump’s behalf to a pair of women:

1. Karen McDougal.

2. Stormy Daniels.

Trump allegedly carried on affairs with both of these women and, with Cohen’s assistance, arranged for each to be paid off in order to keep them quiet about the sexual intercourse.

Under regular circumstances, this might not be illegal.

A woman is allowed to sign a contract in which she agrees not to disclose details about nearly anything in exchange for a sum of money.

HOWEVER, Cohen says he was instructed by Trump to make these payments specifically so that news of his affairs would not affect the Presidential election.

The deals were made with the explicit cause of influencing the minds of votes and THAT is what makes them potentially against the law.

“I participated in the conduct for the purposes of influencing the election,” Cohen said about his payments to porn star Daniels and ex-Playboy model McDougal.

Yes, he said this in court.

Yes, it’s safe to assume he will testify to this same charge if he must do so again.

And, yes, it’s possible Cohen has tapes of Trump making various admission and issuing certain directives, since one exchange between the attorney and his former client has already been made public.

It depicts Cohen and Trump discussing the payment that will be made to McDougal.

You can listen to it here:

Cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts during his day in court on Tuesday.

The charges against Cohen include:

Tax fraud, false statements to a bank and campaign finance violations tied to his work for Trump… including payments Cohen made or helped orchestrate that were designed to silence women who claimed affairs with the then-candidate.

Regarding the charge linked to Daniels, Cohen said the money “was later repaid to me by the candidate.”

Trump, of course, has denied having knowledge that Cohen paid anyone off on his behalf and has certainly denied ever paying him back.

Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, didn’t shy away from directly calling out the president this afternoon.

“If those payments were a crime for Michael Cohen, then why wouldn’t they be a crime for Donald Trump?” he asked in a statement.

That’s a fair question.

Elsewhere this afternoon, Paul Manafort – President Trump’s former campaign chairman, pictured below – was found guilty on eight counts of financial crimes by a federal jury in Virginia.

This verdict came about as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Manafort faces a maximum of 80 years in jail after being found guilty on five tax fraud counts, two counts of bank fraud and one charge of hiding foreign bank accounts.

For the record now, Trump’s former national security advisor, lawyer and deputy campaign manager have all pleaded guilty to various federal crimes.

His former campaign manager has been convicted of eight felonies.

Can you imagine all that Mueller and his team would uncover if this weren’t a Rigged Witch Hunt?!?