Angelina Jolie Wants THIS Actor for Her “Revenge Romance”

Angelina Jolie has heard all the rumors.

She’s read all the celebrity gossip sites.

She knows that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may soon make babies together.

But a new report claims the famous actress has a plan to get back at her estranged husband for his possibly rekindled romance.

She’s figured out exactly how to attack Pitt where it may hurt him the most:

By sleeping with a guy who sort of looks just like him!

According to Radar Online, Jolie has been in contact with Garrett Hedlund, a 33-year old actor who is very easy on the eyes.

And he apparently thinks there’s something between himself and Jolie, or is at least confident that something could happen between the stars, considering his alleged aggression.

“It’s gone from exchanging the odd email to texting several times a day and planning to meet up for dinner,” claims an insider of the connection between Jolie and Hedlund, adding:

“It’s Garrett who’s making all the moves!”

Hedlund dated actress Kirsten Dunst for four years after they met on the set of 2012’s On the Road.

He also actually co-starred with Pitt way back in 2004 in Troy and he grew close to Jolie after she cast him in Unbroken a decade later.

Might these two really end up dating? Or at least banging?

“Angie’s incredibly flattered and enjoying Garrett’s attention,” Radar writes.

The website then goes on to compare Hedlund with Pitt:

“He’s like a younger, hotter Brad and she’s confessed to a couple of girlfriends that she’d be up for a fling with him. It would be the ultimate revenge romance!”

Well, let’s be honest here:

If Pitt really does get back together with Aniston, that will be the ultimate revenge romance.

It will be the ultimate revenge romance to end ALL revenge romances.

Within seconds of Internet users learning that Aniston was splitting from husband Justin Theroux, pretty much anyone with a Twitter account was assuming Pitt and Aniston would start getting it on once again.

That would be cool with us, but not nearly as cool as the flipside:

What if Jolie and Theroux decided to sleep together?!?

Yes, this is another rumor making the World Wide Web rounds.

“Angelina is interested in working with Theroux, she actually put feelers out before he and Jennifer’s split,” Hollywood Life wrote about a month ago, adding:

“Apparently she’s a big fan of The Leftovers.

“When Justin and Jennifer were together no one expected it to happen, but now that they’ve split the chances of him saying yes to Angelina are way up.”

Yes, this report claims Angelina just wants to work with Justin.

But she merely worked with Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and we all know what transpired from there, right?

Red. Hot. Sex.

We’re just sayin.


Sylvester Stallone Reported Dead; Actor Claims Otherwise

According to a number of social media accounts out there, Sylvester Stallone is dead.

The veteran actor has passed away from prostate cancer, one Twitter user has alleged, writing online that Stallone kept his illness a “secret” for as long as possible…

… but, in the end, was unable to “beat” the terrible disease.

Along with this claim, the same Twitter user included photos of Stallone seemingly going bald, presumably from chemotherapy.

Here’s the thing, however:

Stallone has come out and shot down this allegation, responding on his own Twitter page that he is, in fact, alive.

Sharing the initial report, along with the aforementioned pictures, Stallone wrote the following as a message he REALLY hopes can make its way around the Internet quickly:

Please ignore this stupidity… Alive and well and happy and healthy… Still punching!


We’re pretty sure the Creed sequel is filming at the moment, which may explain why Stallone is missing most of his hair in those disturbing snapshots.

Even if they are not from the star reprising his iconic role of Rocky Balboa, they may be taken from a different role Stallone is shooting for the big screen.

Or perhaps Stallone’s hair really is falling out.

The important point to remember here is that Sylvester Stallone is alive.

In case you don’t believe Sly himself, the actor’s younger brother, Frank Stallone, also took to social media to slam this hurtful gossip.

He didn’t really see the humor in the death hoax.

“Rumors that my brother is dead are false,” wrote Frank, adding:

“What kind of sick demented cruel mind thinks of things like this to post? People like this are mentally deranged and don’t deserve a place in society.”

We agree.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time a rumor about Stallone’s demise has surfaced online.

In September of 2016, talk of Stallone having been found dead at his Los Angeles home circulated all over Facebook.

We’re just happy neither of these claims proved to be accurate.

For one thing, we don’t wish death of anyone.

For another, we’re psyched for Creed 2.

And for another, if Stallone can’t throw on some stars-and-strips shorts and defeat a steroid-using Russian boxer who killed his best friend… there’s no hope at all to solve this latest version of the Cold War.


‘Child’s Play 3’ Actor Jeremy Sylvers Charged with Assault, Joyriding in Mom’s Car

Jeremy Sylvers — who played Tyler in the third Chucky movie — is facing serious jail time for allegedly stealing his mom’s ride … but it could have been a lot worse. The now 37-year-old “Child’s Play 3” star is facing 6 misdemeanor charges ……


Actor Patrick Boll Arrested for Soliciting Prostitute in Undercover Sting

Actor Patrick Boll was busted along with 5 others in a Florida prostitution sting. The actor, whose credits include “Gossip Girl,” “How to be Single,” and “Burn After Reading,” was arrested in a Naples hotel. The men arrested range in age from 29…


Reg E. Cathey Dies; Veteran Actor Was 59 Years Old

Reg E. Cathey, a veteran actor likely best known to television fans for roles in House of Cards and The Wire, died this week from lung cancer.

He was 59 years old.

According to TMZ sources, Cathey was surrounded by friends, family members and loved ones at the time of his passing, which took place at his home in New York.

It’s unclear at the moment for how long Cathey had been battling his illness.

The Wire creator David Simon confirmed Cathey’s death on Twitter, leaving the following statement along with a photo of the veteran star:

Reg Cathey, 1958-2018.  Not only a fine, masterful actor — but simply one of the most delightful human beings with whom I ever shared some long days on set.

On wit alone, he could double any man over and leave him thinking. Reg, your memory is a great blessing.


Cathey was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2014, 2015 and 2016, each time for his portrayal Freddy Hayes on HBO’s House of Cards.

The character was the owner of a rib restaurant that provided the Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood a sanctuary and secret hideout.

He won this Emmy Award in 2015.

On Season 4 of The Wire – generally considered to be the legendary drama’s best – he played Norman Wilson, a reporter-turned-political operative who consulted with Tommy Carcetti as the latter quickly rose to prominence up in Maryland politics.

Cathey also played a part on The Corner, Simon’s predecessor to The Wire on HBO.

A native of Alabama, Cathey’s big screen resume included roles in Fantastic Four and Se7en.

In response to this sad news, House of Cards creator Beau Willimon said the following on Friday evening:

Reg Cathey was one of a kind. Brimming with life force, generosity, humor, gravitas and a fountain of talent.

Loved by everyone lucky enough know him and work with him. He will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace, Reg.

Having been in the business for so long, Cathey was mourned on social media by a wide range of actors from both the TV and movie worlds.

To wit…

Mike Colter: Go gentle into that good night my brother. It was an honor spending time with you on set. Getting to know you as a person and an artist. You will be missed. Condolences to your family. I salute you.

Michael McKean: Reg Cathey was my friend and my wife’s friend and a great actor. I am very very sad. RIP, Reg.

Bobby Cannavale: We lost a sweet, sweet man and a sweet, sweet, SWEET artist today. Rest In Power, Reg E. Cathey We will miss you.

Chandra Thomas: Absolutely heartbroken. Reg, miss your brilliance, sharp wit and gracious love for your Cheremio beyond words….

Our thoughts go out to the family of Reg E. Cathey.

May he rest in peace.


Scott Baio: Accused of Physical Assault by Another Actor

Former child actress Nicole Eggert has accused Scott Baio of sexual abuse, alleging that he molested her starting at the age of 14 when they both worked on Charles in Charge.

One of the people who has backed up her story is former costar Alexander Polinsky.

In Polinsky’s new statement, he levels some accusations of his own at Scott Baio.

In a statement that Polinsky sent in to The Talk, he reveals:

“Working on the set of Charles in Charge from age 11 to 15 was no picnic, it was a toxic environment.”

Child actors are the most vulnerable people on any set. They deserve better.

“I witnessed Scott Baio acting inappropriately towards Nicole Eggert during my first year of working on the show.”

As Nicole has mentioned, some of Scott Baio’s alleged inappropriate behavior took place on or near the set.

“I walked in on them together behind the set. Nicole was on Scott’s lap and he did not appreciate my intrusion.”

That matches well with what Nicole has described.

“He yelled at me and called me various homophobic slurs.”

A horrible way to treat anyone, but an inexcusable way for a grown man to speak to a child.

This becomes even more upsetting, however, as Polinsky then details his own accusations.

“Growing up on the show I received regular verbal attacks, mental abuse, and I also suffered a physical assault at the hands of Scott Baio.”

What kind of disgusting adult physically assaults a child?

“There is no excuse for his behavior. It is abhorrent.”

He emphasizes Scott’s age difference (Scott Baio is 11 years older than Nicole; his age gap with Alexander is even wider)

“Both Nicole and I were minors. We deserved safe passage to do our jobs and also be kids.”

Polinsky then lays out what he believes needs to change in order to make a safer, better world.

“If we want to change the culture, we have to bring out the truth, take back control from the abusers, and make them listen to the pain of their victims.”

That is true. He also has less abstract advice.

“For the sake of the next generation of young artists we must empower parents and social workers to heed the signals, ask the proper questions, and protect children from monsters in the workplace.”

On-site safety monitors, particularly for children, could be vital to preventing situations like this from happening in the future. And those worried about being “falsely accused” should want that, too.

“The cycle of abuse must stop. Even 30 years after the acts, they still matter.”

As Nicole Eggert has described in detail, Scott Baio allegedly began his sexual abuse of her when she was 14 and he was 25.

He was an adult, he was a star, and he was effectively her boss. And, according to her accusations, he digitally penetrated her in the garage of his house.

The alleged abuse went on about once a week until she was 17, at which point the two had sexual intercourse. From her account, Baio may have lost interest at that point.

She also says that he cautioned her that if anyone found out, the show would be canceled and everyone would lose their jobs.

Nicole Eggert has reported Scott Baio to police, and we note that California law does give prosecutors one year to charge him now that police have been told (despite the time delay; this law was written specifically for situations of child abuse).

For his part, Scott Baio has vehemently denied Nicole Eggert’s accusations.

He has claimed that he and Nicole Eggert had sex, but only after she “seduced” him at his house and only when she was 18.

He has also claimed that he never saw Nicole off of the set of Charles in Charge.

Baio has attacked Nicole, claiming that she cannot be believed because her story has allegedly changed over the years.

Some wonder if there are others mustering the courage to speak out with their own stories of working with Scott Baio.