Nicolle Rochelle, Former Cosby Show Actress, Explains Topless Protest

A woman was arrested on Monday and charged with disorderly conduct after going topless during a protest outside of Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault retrial.

This action made headlines across the Internet even before we learned the woman’s identity.

Her name is Nicolle Rochelle.

Why is this relevant?

Because Rochelle is a former actress who actually appeared on four episodes of The Cosby Show back in the early 1990s.

According to IMDB, Rochelle portrayed a woman named Nicole Leach during her appearances opposite Cosby on his iconic sitcom.

On Monday morning, however, Rochelle jumped over a barricade and charged at the disgraced comedian outside the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

She had the words “Women’s Lives Matter” scrawled in red on her topless body at the time.

The 38-year old also scrawled the first names of some of Cosby’s alleged victims across her torso, including Andrea Constand, whom the 80-year-old actor is accused of drugging and molesting in 2004.

Altogether, Cosby is accused of assaulting over 50 women.

Rochelle – who also appeared in episodes of Chappelle’s Show, Law & Order and  NYPD Blue – does not face any prison time; but could face a fine for her actions.

Why did she take them?

In a photo posted on Facebook, she dons Cosby’s “Hello Friend” hoodie… but with the word “friend” crossed out and replaced with “rapist.”

And she writes as a caption:

“In honor of the first day of the Bill Cosby retrial, I went by the address where they filmed The Cosby Show exterior in New York City. LET’S HOPE JUSTICE WILL FINALLY BE SERVED!”

nicolle fb

Rochelle also spoke to People Magazine after her arrest, explaining herself as follows to the publication:

“He’s a man who’s disempowered women’s bodies for decades. It doesn’t seem to be recognized.

“The case is being publicized with this narrative of race. He’s being painted as the victim.

“I wanted to emphasize that this is about rape. I wanted to make him uncomfortable and to make people think about women’s bodies.”

Cosby stood trial in 2017 after being accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Constand at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, mansion.

In June, a Pennsylvania judge declared a mistrial after the jury announced that they were “hopelessly deadlocked” after deliberating for days.

Rochelle, and nearly everyone else across the globe, is hoping for a different outcome this time around.

“My action today was first and foremost an action lead by the group I joined in Europe about a year-and-half ago called Femen,” Rochelle said in a statement last night, adding:

“Femen is an international Women’s movement of topless female activists painted with slogans and our mission is protesting the patriarchy and reclaiming our bodies.

“Protesting Bill Cosby was important for us because he is a man who has been disempowering women’s bodies for decades and in being naked today.

“I was symbolically taking back the ownership of all the victims’ bodies and redefining it as a political tool as opposed to a sexual object.”


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Tori Spelling: Dean McDermott Calls Cops on Actress AGAIN!

Earlier this month, sources indicated that Tori Spelling had suffered a nervous breakdown during a confrontation with her husband.

The incident resulted in police being called to the scene, and neighbors claim as many as six units arrived at the home Spelling shares with husband Dean McDermott.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that police were called to Spelling’s home again yesterday.

This time, it seems the 911 call was placed by McDermott, who was reportedly concerned about Spelling’s behavior.

Sergeant Eric Buschow of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office tells Radar that officers were dispatched to the home for a well-being check and found that there was no cause for additional action.

“We received a call from her husband who was concerned about [Tori’s] well-being,” Buschow says.

“Deputies located her in Thousand Oaks, spoke to her for a few minutes and determined she was fine. That was that. She was fine and no further action was taken.”

The night before her breakdown, Spelling called the police herself to report what she believed to be an intruder but was later revealed to be McDermott.

So while the latest visit by police may have passed without incident, it’s still troubling that officers have been dispatched to Tori and Dean’s home three times in the past week.

And what’s been the source of all this commotion?

Well, while the exact cause of Spelling’s breakdown remains a mystery, sources concur that Tori’s troubled marriage and ongoing financial woes have combined to put a major strain on the actress in recent months.

Those who know the couple best say Spelling and McDermott are headed for divorce, and while Tori has been the one pushing for a separation, the prospect of suddenly becoming a single mother of five is causing her frequent panic attacks.

“Tori and Dean have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for the past six weeks,” a family insider claimed.

“Things have been very bad at home between them.”

Compounding Tori’s stress is her crippling debt.

Spelling has been sued by creditors multiple times in the past year, and McDermott was nearly jailed for failure to pay child support to his ex-wife.

It’s entirely possible Tori is suffering some sort of mental illness – but unfortunately, her anxiety has firm roots in reality.


Ruthie Ann Miles, Tony Award-Winning Actress, Loses 4-Year Old Daughter in Car Crash

Ruthie Ann Miles, who won the Tony Award in 2015 for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, was one of three survivors of a fatal car accident in Brooklyn on Monday.

According to various news outlets, however, Miles lost her four-year old daughter, Abigail, in the tragic crash.

The incident occurred after a driver allegedly struck Miles’ vehicle after running a red light.

Another woman, Lauren Lew, was also struck in the accident and survived – but her one-year-old son, Joshua, was killed.

Both children were pronounced dead at Methodist Hospital shortly after the crash took place.

Lt. John Grimpel of the New York Police Department confirmed to People Magazine in an email that the cars collided around 12:40 p.m. when a 44-year-old female “failed to maintain control of the vehicle and struck the pedestrians.”

The driver then continued down the street until crashing into a handful of parked cars.

The one-year-old’s stroller was dragged halfway down the street with the one-year-old in it, according to authorities.

The driver of the out-of-control car has said she suffered a seizure at the time of the accident.

Insiders say Ruthie Ann Miles, who is pregnant, is listed in stable condition.

She won her Tony Award for her role in The King and I and also had a part on The Americans Season 4.

A GoFundMe page, meanwhile, has been set up to assist Ruthie and her family at this time. It includes the picture below and it reads as follows:

Our dear friend Ruthie Ann Miles encountered tragedy on March 5, 2018, when a reckless driver ran a red light in Brooklyn, striking four people, including Ruthie and her sweet four-year-old daughter, Abigail.

Ruthie, who is pregnant, is injured and in critical condition, and, very sadly, Abigail passed away.

This GoFundMe has been set up as a centralized point to accept donations. These contributions will go to Ruthie and her family.

Ruthie is beloved by her many friends and colleagues in the Broadway and touring communities. She is always kind and always has a smile.

It is our honor to help her in this difficult time.


Broadway actors such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth and Laura Benanti have taken to social media to offer support to Miles and her family and also to urge people to donate to this GoFundMe campaign.

“Heartsick for Ruthie and her family,” wrote Miranda. Unimaginable. Help if you can.”

And this from Chenoweth: “@RuthieAnnMiles sending love to you and your family  there are no words. Except you are loved.”

And Benanti:

“Humans of twitter. Our friend @RuthieAnnMiles has suffered an unimaginable loss and is pregnant and in critical condition. Please give what you can.”

And McDonald:

“This is heart shattering. Please help if you can and if you can’t please send love and hope and prayers their way. Ruthie, I am sending you all the love and light in my heart today sweet lady.”

Our heart breaks for Miles and her family.

May they find peace during this incomprehensible time.