Shauna Sexton Actually Visits Ben Affleck in Rehab

All across the Internet these days, there are cries of concern over Ben Affleck.

That’s what happens when you sadly enter rehab for a third time.

But if you listen closely enough, there’s another sound starting to make its way around the Web.

Or at least the possibility of a sound.

By which we mean the following:

Might wedding bells be ringing down the line for Shauna Sexton and Ben Affleck?!?

This is not anything we could have imagined writing back when the actor started dating the Playmate this summer. It seemed at the time like the epitome of a fling.

Mere weeks after talk of the romance spread throughout the globe, Affleck entered rehab because it had become clear that he fell hard off the wagon while partying with Sexton.

But… well… Sexton is still around.

She and Affleck may be about more than bumping proverbial uglies after all.

Last week, we reported that Affleck actually left his treatment center for a brief period of time in order to hang out with Sexton.

And now comes the news that Sexton paid Affleck a visit in rehab on Sunday morning.

The 22-year-old was spotted leaving the Malibu treatment facility at which Affleck has been staying at for the last three weeks, according to People Magazine and other outlets.

She was even driving Affleck’s Ford SVU at the time.

This seems like a big deal for two reasons:

FIRST, because a man does not just lend a woman his wheels unless things are very serious.

SECOND, because this means Affleck is letting Sexton see him at his most vulnerable… and that she wants to see him at his most vulnerable.

The previous assumption had been that she was just sticking around for the booze and the wealth and the Hollywood lifestyle. But here she remains. Still around.

Sexton recently clapped back at a fan on Instagram who accused her of getting Affleck “thrown in rehab.”

She made it clear that she isn’t about to take misguided flak from a bunch of strangers.

“Never drank around or with him for the record,” Sexton wrote in a number of responses in the comments section of a photo of her drinking red wine, adding:

I love to drink and party! Absolutely dude. Most 22 year olds do…

“Do these mistakes mean I would disrespect someone’s hard-earned sobriety by drinking with them or in front of them? Hell no. I have limitless respect for those who take action and actually do something about it.

“With that being said, Ben is a grown ass man, baby. He makes his own decisions. Blaming a 22-year-old for someone’s 3rd time in rehab is just ridiculous.

“He is human. I am human.”

Amen. Well said, Shauna.


Demi Lovato’s Drug Dealer Actually Speaks on Near-Fatal Overdose

The man who allegedly sold Demi Lovato the drugs that nearly ended her life has actually stopped on the sidewalk and given an interview.

And he’s talked rather openly about the entire situation as well.

drug dealer

Over the past week or so, reports have identified Brandon Johnson as the dealer with whom Lovato had supposedly worked since April.

The two had developement a pretty close relationship that some outlets even claimed cross over from professional… to plutonic… to sexual.

Jacobs had just recently gotten arrested prior to meeting Demi — and has been under fire (even more fire than comes the way of most drug dealers, that is) because there’s a rumor floating around that Lovato took tainted drugs.

This is to say, Demi may have been unaware that the substance she was given had been laced with fentanyl.

Was this the case, TMZ asked Johnson when the website grabbed a few moments with him over the weekend?

No, the drug dealer replied.

The artist “100% she knew what she was taking,” Johnson tells TMZ, adding:

“I disclosed to her that these were not pharmaceutical. There were after market drugs, they were much stronger. She understood fully.”

Johnson would very obviously be an example of the kind of toxic acquiantance that Demi let into her life since she fell off the wagon this past spring.

He says the two had a  “flirty friendship” that did, at times, becomes a “sexual” relationship and that they occasionally “messed around.”

Why did she text him at 4 a.m. the night of July 23, after going out with some friends to celebrate a birthday and then going back to her home with a select few of them?

“Cause she’s a girl and she wanted to kick it,” he said.

What did he and Lovato during at this late hour?

“We hung out. We watched our detective shows as usual… she sometimes has such long days, stressful hours and a stressful job” and she needs to relax.

Johnson admitted that he and Demi also took drugs together, but he didn’t get into any specifics and he claimed to not even have known what the drugs were mixed with.

Moreover, Lovato was a “little drunk” when he showed up, this shady individual confirms, but he tucked her in and left around 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. after she appears to be safely in bed, asleep.

“I’m not here to hurt anybody. I care for her very much,” the drug dealer told TMZ, concluding:

“I care for her a lot. I hope she comes through this better than she was before she got into it.”

Last we heard, Lovato was doing pretty well in rehab.

She is at an undisclosed location and she will remain there for an extensive period of time; the rest of the year, at minimum, according to various insiders.

When she gets out, she’d be wise to continue therapy in some fashion; to rely on her family members and long-term friends; and to never contact anyone such as Johnson ever again.

Hang in there, Demi. We’re thinking of you.


The Hills Reboot: Will Anyone Actually Watch This Thing?

MTV’s reboot of The Hills sure made a lot of headlines at last week’s VMAs, but whether the buzz ends there remains to be seen.

In other words, will it lead to any actual viewers?

Here, The Hollywood Gossip staff debates whether or not this latest, shameless effort to reboot and recaputre nostalgia will be a hit.

IN ONE WORD, YES by Hilton Hater

Yes, The Hills revival will be a hit.

And I need just two words to explain why: Heidi and Spencer. Better yet, I need just one nickname to explain why: Speidi.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag entered the celebrity mainstream over a decade ago, initially appearing on The Hills as your basic wanna be A-Listers who would do anything for attention.

But that’s the thing: They would do ANYthing for attention, whether that meant trying to make it as a singer (Heidi) or stirring up every type of scandal or controversy imaginable (Spencer).

These two were Donald Trump before he became President Donald Trump: they had no shame.

They sky-rocketed to stardom just as social media was taking off, squeezing every millisecond out of their 15 Minutes of Fame and milking every comment on that platform for Likes or Dislikes.

They didn’t care and they still don’t care. Speidi was simply after attention.

That was back in 2007, however. There are millions of current MTV viewers who were too young at the time to watch or appreciate the couple’s antics.

So now that Twitter, Instagram and Facebook dominate absolutely everything at all times, we can’t fathom the heights that a rebooted Spencer and Heidi will be able to reach.

We can’t comprehend how popular (or, at least, how DISCUSSED) the duo will become in this second incarnation.

Oh, and here’s the final thing: They’re still together! They have a son! The couple that came across all those years ago as faker than Heidi’s boobs have somehow managed to find real, lasting love.

It’s sort of amazing. And it makes The Hills definitely worth watching.

NO, IT’S A BRIDGE TOO FAR by Tyler Johnson

Reboots are all the rage these days, and no one at MTV has had a fresh idea since the Clinton administration, so it should come as no surprise that the network is repackaging all its old hits.

But with The Hills, they may have gone too far.

After all, a second iteration of Jersey Shore makes sense – the original series was a cultural touchstone that made household names of its most colorful stars.

But The Hills?!

The closest thing that show ever had to a colorful star was Spencer Pratt, and that’s only because dude likes to wear tie-dye while fondling his collection of crystals.

If you’re lost in a fog of nostalgia, it might be easy to lose sight of the fact that The Hills overstayed its welcome well before it wrapped up its initial run.

The show’s best-loved star, Lauren Conrad, famously saw the writing on the wall and quit before the final season and split.

Not surprisingly, she won’t be back for the reboot.

Hell, one could argue that the concept behind The Hills was played out before the show even premiered. It was a spinoff of Laguna Beach, which was itself a lazy attempt to capitalize on the popularity of The O.C.

Despite all that the show became a hit, but that was likely due in part to the fact its target demo had far fewer entertainment options in those days.

So for the moment, The Hills are alive … but my guess is they won’t be for long.

THE HILLS HAVE A YES by Simon Delott

Reboots are so often reviled, fairly or unfairly.

But technically what we’re talking about here is a revival, where people can wax nostalgic about a show from yesteryear and see some of their returning favorites.

So … is The Hills: New Beginnings going to be a success? Maybe so. Heidi and Spencer, who are new parents, will be returning.

You know that people are going to want to check in on two of the world’s most famous hot messes in this new chapter of their lives.

Other familiar faces will be there, too, and we also should look at another revival from a similar era. Jersey Shore‘s comeback has been a hit.

It’s not dominating our culture the way it once did, but it’s making a splash in a big way, no doubt paving the way for this latest effort.

Some would say that bringing back The Hills without Lauren Conrad is like bringing back Jersey Shore without Snooki. And they’re not wrong.

But while people will surely miss Lauren, who is too busy being a mom to relive her reality television days, producing a reality series has fewer expenses than traditional television.

If there’s any entertainment value that these famously entertaining disasters can offer, this new series could run for a while.

GO HOME, 2007, YOU’RE DRUNK by Free Britney

Look, I don’t blame MTV for wanting to revive The Hills, nor can I blame the cast members for wanting to jump on board.

There’s very little risk, and what the hell else are they gonna do, come up with fresh ideas, or get real jobs, respectively?

With all due respect to the lovely Whitney Port (above) and company, obviously not. They don’t exactly have a lot going on.

Availability and opportunity doesn’t mean there’s enough nostalgia or new, capitvating material for this to stick, though.

The Hills dates back to when Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were tabloid mainstays and reality TV was a novel concept.

In other words, it was a long ass time ago, and the show was more noteworthy in pioneering a genre than anything else.

A dramatized, quasi-scripted series about a real, likable person (Lauren) and her telegenic friends, frenemies and enemies (Speidi)?

That was something new and different.

Endlessly dramatic and fascinating, and just real enough to be relatable on some level, it became a pop culture staple.  

Looking back, it’s no surprise that this became a hit, or that it spawned hundreds of shows following that same basic formula. 

But therein lies the issue:

What made The Hills groundbreaking TV has essentially become ALL TV, and too many other shows (Jersey Shore included) do it better.

A lot of the time, Hills episodes were like watching paint dry. Its chief protagonist had enough and bailed. Even Speidi’s act got old.

No one has thought about The Hills or its stars in years. Years. After this initial buzz dies out, that will be the case once more.


Ashley Jacobs Actually Apologizes to Kathryn Dennis in Open Letter

Ashley Jacobs says she is very sorry.

But critics still say she is full of it.

Scroll down, read the latest piece of news about these Southern Charm stars, and try to decide for yourself on which side of this debate you fall.

“To all the Southern Charm fans, in general. And to Kathryn, in particular. I owe you all an apology,” Jacobs wrote in a note posted to Instagram on Tuesday, August 21.

Seems like a strong start, right?

Jacobs and Dennis engaged in a tense relationship throughout Southern Charm Season 5.

At the time, Jacobs was dating Thomas Ravenel, Dennis’ ex-boyfriend and the father of her two kids.

This created some understandable awkwardness, but perhaps now Jacobs has seen a bit of light after she broke up with Ravenel late last week.

(And after Ravenel was accused of rape by two different women.)

Continues Jacobs in her unexpected mea culpa:

“I’d like to apologize for how I treated Kathryn, and how badly I disrespected her. I’m not sure what made me think it was okay to speak to a mother that way.

“It wasn’t.

“It was not my place to say anything at all, much less the reckless comments I made. I crossed a line and hurt people who don’t deserve it.”

What are the sort of “reckless comments” to which Jacobs is referring here?

Well… she once called Dennis nothing but Ravenel’s “egg donor,” saying her kids “weren’t planned on.”

She also slammed her parenting style, suggesting Dennis was on drugs, and alleging she sees Ravenel’s children more than Dennis does.

You know, that sort of stuff; the sort of stuff ripe for a reality TV rivalry.

insta apology

But now that Jacobs is no longer with Ravenel, and now that she maybe sees him for the monster he appears to be, Jacobs has seemingly come around.

“After many chats with my friends and family with children, I never understood the unbreakable bond a parent has with their child,” the 33-year-old writes here, adding:

“I can listen and learn and be more respectful in the future but until I’m blessed with a child, I can never truly understand the sacrifices a parent makes on behalf of their children.

“Some children may not truly get it until they have their own baby.

“It makes me feel horrible that I may have taken my own parents for granted and thus I’ve learned a tremendous lesson from all the good parents out there.

“I can’t rightfully describe how sorry I am, but I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t at least try.”

Wow, huh?

two bravo women

Jacobs started to appear on Southern Charm last year after she got together with Ravenel, who sahares four-year-old daughter Kensie and two-year-old son Saint with Dennis

It’s unclear if she’ll play a role on Season 6 now that Ravenel has announced his departure from the show.

It’s also unclear, to some, whether Jacobs is even sincere in writing all of these very kind words.

“Ashley just wants attention,” a critical insider tells Entertainment Tonight, adding that these women have not had any contact since the fiery Season 5 reunion.

“Kathryn is focused on more important things,” the source concluded when asked whether Dennis will respond.

Jacobs swears she means all of this, though.

“I have tried to ask her to lunch/coffee so I could apologize to her person to person,” Jacobs replied to one comment before revealing that she “attempted to apologize to her person to person a few months ago” to a different user.

No other Southern Charm cast member has remarked on this attempt to end the nasty feud, but we can guess what Patricia Altschul thinks about Jacobs.

Actually, we don’t need to guess.

“My new favorite word is ‘famewhore,’” she told Entertainment Tonight in July of Jacobs.

“I love to use it whenever possible, so… famewhore! Famewhore! Famewhore! I think it’s hard to fall in love after five dates.

Call me a skeptic, and the fact that she was so adamant about getting a ring, getting clothes, getting jewelry, getting Vuitton luggage.

“I mean, it seemed a little too obvious to just be love.”


Meghan Markle: Why She May Actually Be Pregnant This Time

We interrupt our coverage of Meghan Markle feuding with members of her real family to provide an update on Meghan Markle’s hypothetical future family.


Allow us to explain…

The first part of that introduction needs no explanation, right?

Markle’s father, Thomas, and half-sister, Samantha, have spent the past several weeks trashing the Duchess of Sussex in every conceivable manner.

It’s grown so bad that Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly considering some extreme measures in order to get Thomas and Samantha to shut the heck up.

So that sums up Markle’s terrible relatives.

But what about her impending relatives?

That is, what about all the chatter that Markle is either pregnant or about to be pregnant or anything of that nature?

The public is beyond anxious to learn when Meghan and Harry will procreate, despite the fact that the Royal Beauties only got married this past May.

Now, however, we have some concrete information that may give us an idea of what Markle and Harry have planned.

We’re not talking about some supermarket tabloid report here about Markle and Kate Middleton both being pregnant and expecting on the same day or anything.

Instead, we’re talking about how the attractive newlyweds are preparing to move into their new home at Windsor Castle – and at least one renovation has folks thinking that a baby is on the way.

Actually, that two babies are on the way.

Why is this now a safe assumption to make?

Because part of the work being done on Adelaide Cottage involves a pair of nurseries being set up.

Does this mean Markle is expecting twins?

Or simply that she and Harry plan on having two kids?

Or merely that the size of the home only really allows two nurseries to be built right now?

We can’t answer these questions for certain at the moment.

Rest assured, however, that we’ll continue to ask them until a pregnancy announcement is made!

Says a source to Celebrity Insider:

Harry and Meghan both feel Adelaide Cottage is the perfect place for them to raise a family together.

“But given that they’re rushing to make room for a baby, palace insiders are whispering that they could be expecting already!”

See! We’re not the only ones constantly refreshing our browsers for confirmation and hoping to hear the exciting news from Meghan and Harry at some point soon.

Prince Harry has already sai that he “would love to be a dad,” while Markle admitted that it was her “dream to start a family.”

There’s no doubt that the stars will eventually become parents.

The only question now is… when?!?


Thomas Markle: I Actually Hung Up on Prince Harry!

Like so many people who have followed Thomas Markle’s reign of terror in the media, Meghan Markle has been driven to tears by her idiot dad’s cruel comments.

Now, Daddy Dearest has given yet another embarrassing interview. He claims that this interview will be his last.

In it, he says that Prince Harry gave him a hard time right after his heart attack — and that Thomas then hung up on his son-in-law.

In a new interview with The Daily Mail, 74-year-old Thomas Markle says that his relationship with Prince Harry went downhill after his photo scandal in May.

“Harry told me that I should never go to the press,” Thomas says of an early conversation. “That it would end in tears.”

Thomas describes the advice that Harry gave him about the entertainment news media: “He said, “They will eat you alive.””

Unlike Harry, Thomas had not spent his entire life as one of the most famous people on the planet. He was not prepared to deal with people who need to make headlines and to sell photographs.

“He was right,” Thomas admits.

Back in May, it came to light that Thomas had been posing for paparazzi photos in exchange for a little money — in an effort to improve his image.

When Harry first called to ask him if it was true, he admits that he lied by denying it. After further details came to light, though, he admitted it.

Thomas says that Harry told him: “If you had listened to me this would never have happened.”


“Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead,” Thomas recalls having said to his son-in-law. “Then you could pretend to be sad.”

“Then,” Thomas reveals. “I hung up.”

As you may recall, there were adorable paparazzi photos of Thomas.

Some featured him reading a book about Great Britain.

Others featured him getting fitted for a suit.

These were, it turned out, staged.

Thomas had apparently become obsessed with his coverage in the media, and concerned about a paparazzi photo that featured him holding a can of beer.

You know what’s really odd?

For months, Thomas Markle, just like a couple of Meghan’s horrible siblings, has done nothing but make her newly wedded life more stressful by constantly blabbing to any microphone he can find.

But Good Morning Britain read this new, “final” interview with Thomas and the hosts all seemed to feel sorry for the man.

They lamented that Harry and Meghan haven’t visited Meghan’s family, and that Prince Charles didn’t personally call Thomas after walking Meghan down the aisle in his stead.

In the view of those hosts, the Markle’s are “more real,” and the bad behavior that the world has witnessed is a consequence of the royal family not giving them enough support.

In real life, however, individuals are usually responsible for their own misbehavior.

Thomas Markle trashes his daughter at every turn and comes across as a drama queen.

His constant blabbing makes it impossible for Meghan to trust him enough to contact him, and then he whines about not having heard from her.

Meghan Markle’s vile sister Samantha Grant may be the intentionally hurtful and cruel one, but Thomas’ endless stream of nonsense is every bit as harmful to Meghan, no matter his intentions.

If this really does end up being his final interview, well, maybe he really does intend to be a better father from now on.

But even if he keeps his word, it could be a very long time before Meghan or Prince Harry are willing or able to trust him.


Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble: Actually Engaged?!

There are very few secrets in the Kardashian family.

When there’s a major development in the life of a member of the Kard clan, it’s usually big news within a matter of hours.

But apparently, the mother of all momagers herself has decided to temporarily step away from that game.

Yes, Kris Jenner is playing coy these days, and in doing so, she’s basically confirmed a major rumor about her personal life.

For years, reports that Kris is engaged to Corey Gamble have been circulating pretty much non-stop, but neither Kris nor Corey ever addressed the speculation directly.

That all changed last night, when James Corden grilled Kris in front of a plate of crickets.

In case you’re among the many who find Corden’s personality a bit too saccharine for late-night consumption, he regularly plays a game with his guests in which they’re forced to choose between answering a personal question or eating something gross.

In Kris’ case, the cuisine had six legs, and the question was about her relationship.

“Kris, you’ve been spotted wearing a massive diamond ring on your wedding finger,” James said.

“Are you and Corey Gamble engaged?”

At first, Kris said simply, “No.”

Corden followed up by asking if she meant no to the question, or no, she wasn’t going to answer.

“No!” Kris said. “I’m not going to answer!”

“The ring’s right there,” James said, pointing to Kris’ hand.

“It’s a real giveaway.”

“This isn’t the ring,” Kris replied evasively before taking a big bite of cricket.

The whole situation left us with one important question:

What in the actual hell is going on here?

We can understand not wanting to make an engagement announcement on James freakin’ Corden’s show, but she’s really willing to eat a cricket just to dodge the question?!

Does she not realize that that’s basically the same as saying “yes”?

Her fiancé boyfriend was in the audience that night, so we know that despite rumors to the contrary, Kris and Corey have not broken up.

And the only reasons we can think of why she would be hesitant to talk about being engaged is if she were newly single or newly engaged.

We’re going with the latter — and we’re guessing Kris knew the best way to drum up interest in her relationship was to dodge Corden’s questions.

She didn’t get to be where she was by not understanding how the media works.


Farrah Abraham: Is She ACTUALLY a Hooker?!

Farrah Abraham has been the subject of many rumors for many years.

Some really bad stuff, too.

But one of the more popular rumors, one that's been going around for at least five years now, is that she's an escort.

How did that rumor get started? What evidence is there? Is there any truth to it at all?

Let's investigate!

1. Oh, Farrah

Farrah abraham in underwear for some reason
Farrah Abraham has been involved in the adult entertainment industry for several years. This is not a secret.

2. Memories!

Farrah abraham sex tape cover
In 2013, her first sex tape was released. She claimed that it was an actual sex tape that had been leaked, but her co-star was James Deen, probably the most famous male porn star these days, and also come on, of course that’s not how it happened.

3. Get It

Farrah abraham wears clothes
After the success of her tape, Farrah leaned hard into her newfound porn fame — eventually she released another tape, and she started going to adult conventions, that sort of thing.

4. Wow

Farrah close up
She also began selling her own sex toys, made from molds of her very own naughty parts, so that her fans could actually buy replicas of her butthole. It was a weird time.

5. A True Businesswoman

Farrah abraham strip club promo
On top of all that, she also made several appearances in strip clubs, sometimes even stripping herself. During that time, she said she was “researching” a future film role, not just stripping to be a stripper. Funnily enough, that movie hasn’t been released yet.

6. Farrah the Cam Girl

Farrah abraham cam soda
She’s also dabbled in cam girl sites, and by that, we mean she’s gotten naked and masturbated in live streams on those sites.

View Slideshow

Duggar Family Members: Who Will Actually Break Free?

The notion of Duggar family members “breaking free” has been a topic of discussion for quite some time inside fan circles.

But will it actually happen, and who will be the one to do it? Moreover, what does it even mean to break free in their case?

Below, THG staff writers break down who they believe is most likely to escape the cultural shackles of the famous TLC family.

Some of our selections and reasons behind them may surprise you … or in the case of one recently-married Duggar, probably not.

JILL DILLARD by Emily Trainham

When you think about which Duggar might be most likely to break free from the chains of that oppressive, creepy, molester-friendly family, Jill may not be the first person that comes to mind.

But if you just think about it for a minute, it’ll all come together.

For one, Jill’s been rebelling quite a bit against Duggar tradition lately. Like, the girl wore shorts this summer. Ones cut above the knee, even.

She’s also been photographed in an actual swimsuit instead of the traditional Duggar swimsack. She’s practically a stripper now by Jim Bob’s standards.

For two – and this is the real reason we see Jill breaking free – have you been keeping up with the shenanigans of Derick Dillard?

The way he’s going, we imagine he’ll be officially starting his own cult soon, and she’ll be too busy mindlessly supporting her husband and insisting everything is fine to remain an active member of the family. 

This transition has already started, really, since Derick got himself and Jill fired from Counting On.

Since then, they’ve appeared to spend less and less time with the rest of the Duggars, for obvious reasons.

As such, it’s easy to imagine that soon they’ll cut ties completely.

After all, bashing transgender people, begging fans for money, and gallivanting around impoverished countries in an attempt to look like decent people doesn’t leave much time for extended family!

So will Jill leave the rest of the Duggars in some inspiring, badass way?

Nah. But trust, she’s on her way out.

JOSIAH DUGGAR by Tyler Johnson

When a young man gets married, folks often talk about him “settling down.”

But when Josiah Duggar married Lauren Swanson earlier this month, it may have been the beginning of his effort to break free from the constraints that have held him down so long.

For years, Josiah has been regarded as one of the most rebellious members of the Duggar clan.

As long as he was living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, however, there were limits on how much he could flout their belief system.

But for the Duggars, getting married is second only to cranking out kids in terms of milestones that mark one’s passage into adulthood.

Certain freedoms are afforded to those who have carried have taken steps toward their God-given duty to sire a small army.

That’s why Jinger Duggar is allowed to wear pants and move to a different state, while her older sister Jana is forced to do her gardening in a floor-length denim skirt.

For the most part, acts of rebellion by married Duggars have been exceedingly mild.

But those who know Josiah best say he can’t wait to prove to the world that he’s his own man.

Our own Duggar insider has called Josiah “the most likely to break out” and defy his overbearing father.

My guess is that now that Josiah has found himself a wife, it won’t be long before he begins to assert his independence.

He’ll probably start with something rather subtle, a small tattoo of his favorite Bible verse, but even that will be enough to give Jim Bob conniptions. And I’m sure it will all be incredibly fun to watch. 

JINGER VUOLO by Free Britney 

Sometimes, the most obvious answer isn’t the best. Sometimes conventional wisdom needs to be challenged and paradigms reexamined.

Not here. It’s always been Jinger and always will be.

Card-carrying members of Duggar Nation have known this for years. She’s been the family rebel since the concept was a mere pipe dream.

Sensing her independent streak, fans started an online movement, Free Jinger. (Our only regret is that there is no sister site Free Jana.)

Jinger hasn’t and will probably never throw two middle fingers in Jim Bob’s face or flaunt her freedom in ways that will disrespect him. 

But make no mistake, she is her own woman. By design or serendipity, she has taken heed – with an assist from her husband, Jeremy.

Let Jinger Be Jinger. That might as well be Jeremy’s mantra, as he’s helped her push back against Duggar norms from the day they met.

Vuolo is former pro soccer player from the Northeast, and a pastor with less stringent lifestyle views (and a Calvinist, to Jim Bob’s dismay).

Our point? The proof is in the pudding, honestly.

Since marrying him, Jinger Duggar moved out of state, waited over a year to get pregnant, and started wearing whatever she wants.

Enough said.

JASON DUGGAR by Simon Delott

If you’re only a casual Duggars fan, you might be shuffling through the different Duggar offspring in your mind, trying to remember which one is Jason.

Jason, folks, only turned 18 in April. He is not yet married.

As of early 2017, he co-owns a house with his father (though he is of course not allowed to live there, as an adult living independently might make independent choices).

He also wants to be a videographer. This is why I’m just optimistic enough to say that Jason has a shot at breaking free. 

If he’s serious about this calling, the Duggars might actually let him receive a real education in the matter.

Even if they don’t send him off to college (where he might encounter different people and new ideas, the horror!), there is reason for hope.

Just the process of learning videography in any setting aside from a tech room at a megachurch could broaden his horizons.

If he’s really passionate about this, then once he’s married, he and his obedient, Jim Bob-approved Handmaid’s Tale reenactor of a wife could move anywhere to pursue his career. 

And even if Jason focuses exclusively on Christian organizations and Christian video projects, he could still realize that there’s more to the world than the ideological prison in which Jim Bob and Michelle kept him for the first two decades of his life.

Be free, Jason. Be free.


Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin or Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson: Who’s More Likely to Actually Wed?

Millennial heart throbs Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have all made headlines with abrupt engagements.

They’re young. They’re hot. They’re celebrity gossip and pop culture staples, and they’re head overheels in love right now. 

But will either couple actually tie the knot?

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Split

That’s the million-dollar question THG’s staff debates below. We’re spilt on the subject, so read our views and share your own below.

JUSTIN & HAILEY by Tyler Johnson

When word got out that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were engaged, fans were flat-out stunned – and rightfully so.

After all, here was one of the world’s most famous and beloved women coupled up with an SNL bit player who seems incapable of playing any character other than himself. 

It’s one of those Julia Roberts-Lyle Lovett mismatches that makes you fully believe in the power of that intangible attractant that’s recently been dubbed “big dick energy.”

Ariana has enthusiastically tweeted about Pete’s massive dong, but my best guess as to what really draws her to Davidson is the fact that he represents a sort of down-to-earth groundedness that can be hard to come by in the world of an A-list celeb.

After back-to-back relationships with self-serious rappers, Ariana has found herself a goofy Staten Island stoner with a penchant for self-deprecation.

The problem is, she hasn’t been with Davidson long enough to know if his schtick will grow old.

And as someone who’s seen LOTS of Pete thanks to a non-existent social life that’s led to many a Saturday night in front of the TV, well …

… I can pretty much guarantee that it will.

That’s why you need to let the heady thrill of a blossoming romance subside before you make any major decisions about your future together.

Pete’s penchant for Harry Potter-inspired pot comedy might seem cute now (“More like Hufflepuff, puff pass, amiright?!” we imagine him quipping before coughing up a cloud), but world famous pop icons tend to get bored easily.

When Ari begins to realize that Pete’s humor leans more toward early Adam Sandler than the best of Seth Rogen, whatever he’s packing in those pricey sweatpants might not be enough to save the relationship.

Justin and Hailey win by default.

ARIANA & PETE by Free Britney

This is not a vote of confidence in Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson as much as a vote of no confidence in Justin Bieber. 

Forgive me if I’m not buying his newfound commitment to settle down with one woman for the rest of his life.

Selena Gomez, Paola Paolin, Baskin Champion, Hailey Baldwin, Sofia Richie Split

He’s shown no ability to keep one around (or not act like a lost puppy slash derelict of society) for more than a few weeks at a time. 

See above. And here.

Also, Hailey is 21 and just broke up with a 19-year-old. She’s model gorgeous and has her whole life ahead of her. 

You think she’s not going to wake up one day and realize she’s settling for a washed up pop star who can’t keep it in his pants (either when fornicating or urinating in public) and who obviously pines for someone else?

As for Ariana, well, at least she’s a serial monogamist, and Pete is so against type that there’s gotta be something absolutely electric there. 

Or just long and wide. In any case, both couples face steep odds, but give me Grandson to outlast Biebwin any day. 

JUSTIN & HAILEY by Hilton Hater

Oh, God.

No, this was not my reaction to the news that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. This is my reaction to the haters who think they won’t last.

Such doubters appear to have overlooked not just Hailey, but the Higher Power to whom Justin has now pledged his life.

Have you not noticed that he hasn’t released new music in months? That he stopped touring early last summer?

That he brought Selena Gomez to church when those two got back together and that sources have said he’s been doing the same with Baldwin?

Bieber may have had problems with his ego, his temper and with commitment to his cacophony of lovers in the past, but the singer has clearly changed his ways. 

He’s on a different path now, one defined by things more important than albums recorded or arenas sold out – and he wants a true partner by his side for this journey.

I believe that person is Baldwin. I believe in their love.

ARIANA & PETE by Simon Delott

I’d have to put my money on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

I’m the first to admit that I love Ariana and Pete too much to view either of them objectively, let alone their relationship. But …

… I can and will cite a pseudo-scientific indicator that these two are more likely to stay together.

Several years ago, sociologists at NYU used decades of statistical data from 4,500 families and found that couples in which the man was much taller than the woman were, for whatever reason, more likely to stay together.

Folks, Ariana Grande is 5 feet tall.

Pete Davidson is 6-foot-3.

Those 15 inches could see them through to the end. And, speaking of inches, Ariana herself started a rumor that Pete is what one might call genitally gifted.

We’ve all seen couples stay together for worse reasons.

It could very well be that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin actually make it down the aisle. After all, they’ve dated before and they seem compatible. 

They both have very Christian parents and are outspoken Christians themselves. They’ve even been attending Hillsong Church services together.

But they are exes.

If they broke up before, they can and probably will break up again. Justin just got finished doing this same thing with Selena Gomez.

He calls her out of the blue, says that he wants to talk, and suddenly they’re spending time at Hillsong together as if Justin’s suddenly a brand new, much better person than he was.

Well, we all saw how long that lasted. 

So, sure, Justin and Hailey could be endgame. But it seems more likely that, as soon as that oxytocin high of reuniting with an ex dies down, the game will end.

Now it’s your turn, THG Nation.

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