Duggar Family Members: Who Will Actually Break Free?

The notion of Duggar family members “breaking free” has been a topic of discussion for quite some time inside fan circles.

But will it actually happen, and who will be the one to do it? Moreover, what does it even mean to break free in their case?

Below, THG staff writers break down who they believe is most likely to escape the cultural shackles of the famous TLC family.

Some of our selections and reasons behind them may surprise you … or in the case of one recently-married Duggar, probably not.

JILL DILLARD by Emily Trainham

When you think about which Duggar might be most likely to break free from the chains of that oppressive, creepy, molester-friendly family, Jill may not be the first person that comes to mind.

But if you just think about it for a minute, it’ll all come together.

For one, Jill’s been rebelling quite a bit against Duggar tradition lately. Like, the girl wore shorts this summer. Ones cut above the knee, even.

She’s also been photographed in an actual swimsuit instead of the traditional Duggar swimsack. She’s practically a stripper now by Jim Bob’s standards.

For two – and this is the real reason we see Jill breaking free – have you been keeping up with the shenanigans of Derick Dillard?

The way he’s going, we imagine he’ll be officially starting his own cult soon, and she’ll be too busy mindlessly supporting her husband and insisting everything is fine to remain an active member of the family. 

This transition has already started, really, since Derick got himself and Jill fired from Counting On.

Since then, they’ve appeared to spend less and less time with the rest of the Duggars, for obvious reasons.

As such, it’s easy to imagine that soon they’ll cut ties completely.

After all, bashing transgender people, begging fans for money, and gallivanting around impoverished countries in an attempt to look like decent people doesn’t leave much time for extended family!

So will Jill leave the rest of the Duggars in some inspiring, badass way?

Nah. But trust, she’s on her way out.

JOSIAH DUGGAR by Tyler Johnson

When a young man gets married, folks often talk about him “settling down.”

But when Josiah Duggar married Lauren Swanson earlier this month, it may have been the beginning of his effort to break free from the constraints that have held him down so long.

For years, Josiah has been regarded as one of the most rebellious members of the Duggar clan.

As long as he was living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, however, there were limits on how much he could flout their belief system.

But for the Duggars, getting married is second only to cranking out kids in terms of milestones that mark one’s passage into adulthood.

Certain freedoms are afforded to those who have carried have taken steps toward their God-given duty to sire a small army.

That’s why Jinger Duggar is allowed to wear pants and move to a different state, while her older sister Jana is forced to do her gardening in a floor-length denim skirt.

For the most part, acts of rebellion by married Duggars have been exceedingly mild.

But those who know Josiah best say he can’t wait to prove to the world that he’s his own man.

Our own Duggar insider has called Josiah “the most likely to break out” and defy his overbearing father.

My guess is that now that Josiah has found himself a wife, it won’t be long before he begins to assert his independence.

He’ll probably start with something rather subtle, a small tattoo of his favorite Bible verse, but even that will be enough to give Jim Bob conniptions. And I’m sure it will all be incredibly fun to watch. 

JINGER VUOLO by Free Britney 

Sometimes, the most obvious answer isn’t the best. Sometimes conventional wisdom needs to be challenged and paradigms reexamined.

Not here. It’s always been Jinger and always will be.

Card-carrying members of Duggar Nation have known this for years. She’s been the family rebel since the concept was a mere pipe dream.

Sensing her independent streak, fans started an online movement, Free Jinger. (Our only regret is that there is no sister site Free Jana.)

Jinger hasn’t and will probably never throw two middle fingers in Jim Bob’s face or flaunt her freedom in ways that will disrespect him. 

But make no mistake, she is her own woman. By design or serendipity, she has taken heed – with an assist from her husband, Jeremy.

Let Jinger Be Jinger. That might as well be Jeremy’s mantra, as he’s helped her push back against Duggar norms from the day they met.

Vuolo is former pro soccer player from the Northeast, and a pastor with less stringent lifestyle views (and a Calvinist, to Jim Bob’s dismay).

Our point? The proof is in the pudding, honestly.

Since marrying him, Jinger Duggar moved out of state, waited over a year to get pregnant, and started wearing whatever she wants.

Enough said.

JASON DUGGAR by Simon Delott

If you’re only a casual Duggars fan, you might be shuffling through the different Duggar offspring in your mind, trying to remember which one is Jason.

Jason, folks, only turned 18 in April. He is not yet married.

As of early 2017, he co-owns a house with his father (though he is of course not allowed to live there, as an adult living independently might make independent choices).

He also wants to be a videographer. This is why I’m just optimistic enough to say that Jason has a shot at breaking free. 

If he’s serious about this calling, the Duggars might actually let him receive a real education in the matter.

Even if they don’t send him off to college (where he might encounter different people and new ideas, the horror!), there is reason for hope.

Just the process of learning videography in any setting aside from a tech room at a megachurch could broaden his horizons.

If he’s really passionate about this, then once he’s married, he and his obedient, Jim Bob-approved Handmaid’s Tale reenactor of a wife could move anywhere to pursue his career. 

And even if Jason focuses exclusively on Christian organizations and Christian video projects, he could still realize that there’s more to the world than the ideological prison in which Jim Bob and Michelle kept him for the first two decades of his life.

Be free, Jason. Be free.


Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin or Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson: Who’s More Likely to Actually Wed?

Millennial heart throbs Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have all made headlines with abrupt engagements.

They’re young. They’re hot. They’re celebrity gossip and pop culture staples, and they’re head overheels in love right now. 

But will either couple actually tie the knot?

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Split

That’s the million-dollar question THG’s staff debates below. We’re spilt on the subject, so read our views and share your own below.

JUSTIN & HAILEY by Tyler Johnson

When word got out that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were engaged, fans were flat-out stunned – and rightfully so.

After all, here was one of the world’s most famous and beloved women coupled up with an SNL bit player who seems incapable of playing any character other than himself. 

It’s one of those Julia Roberts-Lyle Lovett mismatches that makes you fully believe in the power of that intangible attractant that’s recently been dubbed “big dick energy.”

Ariana has enthusiastically tweeted about Pete’s massive dong, but my best guess as to what really draws her to Davidson is the fact that he represents a sort of down-to-earth groundedness that can be hard to come by in the world of an A-list celeb.

After back-to-back relationships with self-serious rappers, Ariana has found herself a goofy Staten Island stoner with a penchant for self-deprecation.

The problem is, she hasn’t been with Davidson long enough to know if his schtick will grow old.

And as someone who’s seen LOTS of Pete thanks to a non-existent social life that’s led to many a Saturday night in front of the TV, well …

… I can pretty much guarantee that it will.

That’s why you need to let the heady thrill of a blossoming romance subside before you make any major decisions about your future together.

Pete’s penchant for Harry Potter-inspired pot comedy might seem cute now (“More like Hufflepuff, puff pass, amiright?!” we imagine him quipping before coughing up a cloud), but world famous pop icons tend to get bored easily.

When Ari begins to realize that Pete’s humor leans more toward early Adam Sandler than the best of Seth Rogen, whatever he’s packing in those pricey sweatpants might not be enough to save the relationship.

Justin and Hailey win by default.

ARIANA & PETE by Free Britney

This is not a vote of confidence in Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson as much as a vote of no confidence in Justin Bieber. 

Forgive me if I’m not buying his newfound commitment to settle down with one woman for the rest of his life.

Selena Gomez, Paola Paolin, Baskin Champion, Hailey Baldwin, Sofia Richie Split

He’s shown no ability to keep one around (or not act like a lost puppy slash derelict of society) for more than a few weeks at a time. 

See above. And here.

Also, Hailey is 21 and just broke up with a 19-year-old. She’s model gorgeous and has her whole life ahead of her. 

You think she’s not going to wake up one day and realize she’s settling for a washed up pop star who can’t keep it in his pants (either when fornicating or urinating in public) and who obviously pines for someone else?

As for Ariana, well, at least she’s a serial monogamist, and Pete is so against type that there’s gotta be something absolutely electric there. 

Or just long and wide. In any case, both couples face steep odds, but give me Grandson to outlast Biebwin any day. 

JUSTIN & HAILEY by Hilton Hater

Oh, God.

No, this was not my reaction to the news that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. This is my reaction to the haters who think they won’t last.

Such doubters appear to have overlooked not just Hailey, but the Higher Power to whom Justin has now pledged his life.

Have you not noticed that he hasn’t released new music in months? That he stopped touring early last summer?

That he brought Selena Gomez to church when those two got back together and that sources have said he’s been doing the same with Baldwin?

Bieber may have had problems with his ego, his temper and with commitment to his cacophony of lovers in the past, but the singer has clearly changed his ways. 

He’s on a different path now, one defined by things more important than albums recorded or arenas sold out – and he wants a true partner by his side for this journey.

I believe that person is Baldwin. I believe in their love.

ARIANA & PETE by Simon Delott

I’d have to put my money on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

I’m the first to admit that I love Ariana and Pete too much to view either of them objectively, let alone their relationship. But …

… I can and will cite a pseudo-scientific indicator that these two are more likely to stay together.

Several years ago, sociologists at NYU used decades of statistical data from 4,500 families and found that couples in which the man was much taller than the woman were, for whatever reason, more likely to stay together.

Folks, Ariana Grande is 5 feet tall.

Pete Davidson is 6-foot-3.

Those 15 inches could see them through to the end. And, speaking of inches, Ariana herself started a rumor that Pete is what one might call genitally gifted.

We’ve all seen couples stay together for worse reasons.

It could very well be that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin actually make it down the aisle. After all, they’ve dated before and they seem compatible. 

They both have very Christian parents and are outspoken Christians themselves. They’ve even been attending Hillsong Church services together.

But they are exes.

If they broke up before, they can and probably will break up again. Justin just got finished doing this same thing with Selena Gomez.

He calls her out of the blue, says that he wants to talk, and suddenly they’re spending time at Hillsong together as if Justin’s suddenly a brand new, much better person than he was.

Well, we all saw how long that lasted. 

So, sure, Justin and Hailey could be endgame. But it seems more likely that, as soon as that oxytocin high of reuniting with an ex dies down, the game will end.

Now it’s your turn, THG Nation.

Vote below and hit the comments!

And the Winner is?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. So are Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Both face a chorus of critics doubting that it can possibly last, so we ask: Which duo is more likely to?! View Poll »


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin May Actually Be Engaged (EEEEK!)

We hope you’re sitting down, Beliebers.

And we hope you’re not reading this right now, Selena Gomez.

But a stunning new report claims the following…


Before you totally and completely flip out and call everyone you know and scream so loud that you shatter every window in your house, a word of caution:

Neither Justin nor Hailey has confirmed this news.

Neither has any representative for either star.

However, this wild gossip item does not come to us from some unreliable tabloid or even some random anoynmous source just looking for a click or a page view.

It comes to us from TMZ, which is not in the business of conjuring up stories just to build traffic.

And it also comes to us from a pair of alleged eyewitnesses to the proposal itself.

According to the aforementioned website, two women saw Bieber and Baldwin at a resort in the Bahamas on Saturday night.

They explain that everyone at this property was having a blast and salsa dancing when the singer’s security team told all in the vicinity to put their phones away because some special was about to take place.

And this is when Bieber popped the huge question.

TMZ even quotes a third source (“with knowledge of the situation,” it writes) that confirms this same engagement between the artist and the model.

If this report is to be believed, we’ll go ahead and speak for all readers by responding as follows:


We had actually heard late last month that Bieber was begging Baldwin to marry him, but we mostly dismissed that claim as total nonsense.

Yes, Bieber and Baldwin had dated back in 2016, but the latter had made a point of saying at the time that it was mostly just a fling full of red hot sex.

Moreover, the pair only got back together about a month ago.

Yes, they’ve been inseparable ever since, cuddling up and kissing a ton in public without caring who’s around.

But still: An engagement? Already?!?

It seems awfully quick, especially when you consider that Bieber only split from Gomez a few months ago and that she was allegedly the love of his douchey life.

Heck, Bieber and Baldwin have not even shared any pictures of each other on social media since they got back together.

However, Justin’s dad, Jeremy, posted a photo of hisson on Sunday with the following caption:

“@justinbieber proud is an understatement!  Excited for the next chapter!”

Thats’s pretty close to a confirmation, is it not?

We’ll continue to call our sources and keep our ears open for more on this developing story, but we’re gonna go ahead and assume this story is true at the moment.

So, with our jaws picked up off the floor, what else is there to say but…



Jenelle Evans: My Son Would NEVER Call Me a Piece of S–t If He Actually Knew Me!

If you watched Teen Mom 2 this week, then you know what a roller coaster ride of an episode it was.

We got to see Chelsea Houska do a sweet little gender reveal for her husband, Cole DeBoer, which was adorable and wonderful and precious.

But then we saw Leah Messer discuss her daughter’s increasing health problems, which, as always, was positively heartbreaking.

Briana DeJesus was dealing with her breakup with Javi Marroquin, which was pretty whatever, but the best part of her segments was her sister, Brittany, comforting her while on painkillers after a wisdom tooth removal.

Kailyn Lowry’s segments dealt with Javi too, but we also got to see Isaac’s birthday — so cute!

And then there’s Jenelle Evans.

In the previous episode we’d learned that David Eason had just been fired, so of course in this week’s show, Jenelle explained that he’d just been refusing to film for his own personal reasons.

In another scene, she gave us a good example of her lack of parenting skills when she explained to her mother Barbara that she hadn’t given Jace his medication because he was “fine,” because that’s how medicine works.

She also didn’t return the medication she didn’t give him to Barb.

Barbara asked Jenelle out to lunch, but Jenelle shut her down because she was too busy, and then we saw Jace and Barb back at home.

He told her that Jenelle didn’t allow him to call her, which is awful, and then he told her that the whole family had gone out on the boat for a big, fun day.

Well, the whole family minus Kaiser, who they stuck in daycare.

Barbara was upset at that news, because it doesn’t sound fair to exclude poor Kaiser when they actually do something fun. She said that it broke her heart.

And then Jace actually said “Mommy and David are pieces of sh-t.”

Barbara looked shocked and asked him what he’d said, so he repeated himself, and he spit on the ground for good measure.

She didn’t say anything, because what can you say after something like that? Then the episode ended.

A lot of Teen Mom 2 fans had a lot of feelings about the moment — most were as shocked as Barb was.

Some thought that he was repeating something he’d heard from her, but others thought that the phrasing sounded something more like David would say, particularly with the spitting on the ground for emphasis.

Regardless, most people agreed that it really did seem like he was fully aware of what he was saying, and that he meant it.

Since it was the last scene of the episode, and since the next episode obviously hasn’t aired yet, we don’t know how Barbara ended up dealing with what Jace said, or if Jenelle heard about it before watching the episode.

But since Jenelle is Jenelle, she’s discussing the issue on Twitter in the dumbest manner possible.

Early this morning, she tweeted “If Jace lived with me he wouldn’t have ever spoke those words about ANYONE.”

“Thought me and my mom were actually building our relationship lately and now it’s two steps back.”

There are approximately a million things wrong with this one short tweet, but let’s try to break it down anyway, all right?

For one, why is she blaming her mother for this?

Sure, Jace may have heard the sentiment from her originally, but it’s not like she forced the kid to say it.

And since this was filmed several months ago, it shouldn’t have an impact on any progress their relationship is making now.

Also, why on earth does she think that anyone would actually believe that Jace wouldn’t talk like this if he lived with her?

We’ve seen Jenelle and David both be absolutely horrible to all kinds of people — David’s called Kaiser a “screaming little bitch,” he’s called Dr. Drew a “f-g,” and it’s impossible to keep up with all the names he’s called Nathan Griffith.

Throughout the years we’ve seen Jenelle say awful things about Barbara in front of Jace, too.

If Jace lived with Jenelle and David, he’d almost certainly being saying worse about several people.

And let’s be real, it’s not like Jace was wrong in his original statement, anyway.

Does she forget that she’s been on a reality show for the better part of a decade and that lots of people are familiar with her life and her personality?

Because anyone who’s ever seen like ten minutes of her footage would be able to tell you that her statement on this subject is absolute nonsense, and it’s a little embarrassing that she’s trying to act like she could raise Jace better than Barbara is.

Jenelle, just … stop, girl. Just stop for a little bit.


Jenelle Evans: I’m Actually Going to Quit Teen Mom 2, Dude, I Swear to God!

Jenelle Evans knows how to throw a fit.

If there's one thing in this whole entire world she knows, it's that.

Well, it's that or proper bong maintenance.

Yep, Jenelle can throw a fit like it's her job, because in a way, it is. She's definitely brought the drama during her many years on Teen Mom 2, and we're all so thankful for that.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and while her brand of drama was never exactly good, we can probably all agree that it's gotten uncomfortably terrible at this point.

So it might actually be for the best that all signs are pointing to Jenelle being done with MTV.

For real this time.

1. Where to Begin?

Where to begin
So … it’s been a bit of a week for Jenelle. And yeah, you could probably say that most weeks out of the year with some accuracy, but these past few days have been especially eventful.

2. As Always, Poor Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser birthday pic
Sometime last week, precious little Kaiser went to spend some time with Nathan Griffith and his mother, Doris. And after they noticed some bruising on the child, they decided to take action.

3. Here We Go

Nathan griffith shirtless
Nathan reportedly sent David Eason a text to let him know that he believed he’d been abusing Kaiser, and Doris made a police report. She also told Jenelle that she wouldn’t be returning Kaiser to her that Sunday as planned.

4. Too Sad

Nathan griffith with kaiser
A 911 call that Nathan made has also been released, and during that conversation, he can be heard claiming that Kaiser had told him that “David hit him with a stick.”

5. Go, Doris!

David jenelle eason
When Sunday came, Doris kept her word — she refused to drop Kaiser off with Jenelle and David. And Jenelle, well, she got real aggravated, dude. Enough that she called the police and drug them down to Doris’ house to settle things.

6. Tough Break

Jenelle hearts drugs
The poor officer who dealt with this mess got child protective services involved, and the CPS agent determined that while Kaiser did have bruising, there wasn’t any definitive proof that the bruises were due to abuse, so there was nothing she could do.

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Audrey Roloff is Actually Getting Dragged for This Photo of Ember

If this photo doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will.

This is what Audrey Roloff wrote as a caption to the following photograph:

Makes perfect sense, right?

It’s an image of her husband and her daughter, both looking as happy and as cute as can be.

This is the Internet, however.

And a bunch of Instagram trolls somehow managed to take a look at this precious photo and come up with reasons why Audrey ought to be ashamed of it.

Here is a sampling of what some critics have said about it:

You would think her mother would have put a cute top on her.

[Ember] might be cold while dad is wearing a long shirt and long trousers!

Cute photo, but I would have never put my daughter’s pictures on social media without a top. Too many weirdos now a days. You gotta be afraid.

We’ve asked this question many times before and we’re sure we’ll ask it again, but…

… what is wrong with people?!?

Who could look at that adorable image of a father and his young child and criticize the latter for her fashion; and/or think any sort of thoughts regarding nudity simply because she’s wearing a diaper.

That’s totally bonkers in our book.

Just about two months ago, Audrey came under similar scrutiny for posting pictures of Ember on the beach.

Once again, to nearly any rational person, these were simply cute snapshots of a proud mother and her very cute eight-month old.

Yet Ember wasn’t wearing any clothing… and that was enough to get dumb people all up in arms, once again hurling major shade at the Little People, Big World star.

Oh, and her husband, too!

Jeremy Roloff also heard it from Internet users for a picture of his daughter and his hand.

Yes, his hand.

See, in THIS PHOTO, Jeremy is hoising his child up, propping her within some foliage for a pretty cool and artistic snapshot.

That was our take at least.

But others chimed in and referred to the pose as “creepy” because Jeremy is holding his daughter by her crotch.

And let’s be honest: it says a whole lot more about the people who thought in this way than he did about Jeremy for doing something 100% normal and natural and harmless.

Audrey and Jeremy got married in September of 2014; revealed their pregnancy in February of 2017; and welcomed Ember into the world in September of last year.

She was over a week late, which must have really sucked for Audrey.

The pair told Us Weekly shortly afterward that they chose the name Ember because “campfires have been a big part of our love story.”

How sweet, right?


Amber Portwood: I’m Actually Going to Try to Be a Good Mom This Time!

So hey, have you been keeping an eye on Amber Portwood lately?

Because what’s been going on with her is pretty darn bizarre.

Like, if you think of Amber Portwood, you don’t think of anything good, you know?

You think about the time she hauled off and hit Gary Shirley in the face, or you think about the time he was walking down some stairs and she kicked him right in the back, and how if he wasn’t such a big dude she actually could have seriously hurt him with that.

Or you think about how much she always screamed and yelled at Gary right in front of their daughter, Leah.

Or you think about how she used to leave Leah crying in her crib while she laid in bed.

Or about how she chose to serve a five-year prison sentence instead of giving rehab another go, and how she thinks that makes her the best mother in the history of mothers.

Maybe your Teen Mom OG viewing began a little later in the series, and hearing Amber’s name brings back memories of the greasy horror that was Matt Baier.

There’s also a chance that the way she picked up Andrew Glennon while on Marriage Boot Camp with Matt sticks out the most in your mind, or how she went on to get pregnant with his child after knowing him for like two weeks.

Basically, Amber has always been a mess.

A great big one.

She’s violent, rude, self-centered, and just so many bad things.

But the weird thing is that lately, she’s been kind of … nice?

She went off on a few of her classic Twitter rants during her pregnancy — she’s never been great to turn down a chance to tell everyone what a “damn good mom” she is, even after getting called out for only seeing Leah twice during her summer vacation last year.

But as she got closer and closer to her due date, she seemed to calm down a lot, and after giving birth to a seriously adorable baby boy she named James back in May, she’s been almost serene.

It’s been nothing but calm, sweet social media posts, including the most precious pictures of her new baby.

And in this new interview she did with Us Weekly, she explains why she’s been so different lately …

Because this time around, she wants to be a damn good mom, for real!

About her first go at motherhood, she admits “I was clueless.”

“I didn’t want to ask questions because I didn’t want to sound young or stupid. This is a chance for me to really show what kind of mother I am.”

Leah’s is going to be 10 years old in November, so Amber’s had plenty of time to show what kind of mother she is with her, but sure, let’s focus on the baby, whatever.

“Before, I wasn’t mature nor was the relationship right,” she explains. “I want to make sure I don’t fall into old patterns and get into a depressed state.”

“I have to take care of myself. Healthy mommy, healthy baby.”

She also says that unlike back when she and Gary had Leah, “I’m more driven and have the means to take care of a baby better.”

No one would argue that a 28-year-old would have an easier time raising a baby than an 18-year-old, but isn’t it a little odd how she’s acting like she’s completely done with parenting Leah, like she had her chance but it’s gone now?

Anyway, as for Andrew, Amber says “He is such an amazing man and loves taking care of James.”

“He was afraid of postpartum depression, so he’s always checking up on me. He just wants to make sure I’m loved. It’s almost perfect.”

We’re sure we’ll see that “almost” part in the next season of Teen Mom OG — after all, Amber is known for her habit of making things seem perfect on social media before everyone sees how messy things actually are on the show.

But for now, we hope things really are going as well as they seem to be.

We also hope she realizes that she still has a chance to be a great mother to Leah, but one thing at a time, right?


Matt Lauer Actually Thinks People Want to See Him on TV Again

Matt Lauer reportedly thinks enough time has gone by for no one to care any longer that he’s an (alleged) rapist and (alleged) serial sexual harasser.

Seriously, folks:

The disgraced former Today Show host is (allegedly) plotting his return to television.

Lauer, of course, was fired by NBC in November after allegations from an ex-Today staffer surfaced in which she accused Lauer of acting in a very inappropriate manner toward her.

At the time, NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said he and his fellow executives didn’t hesitate to make this decision… largely because they had reason to believe Lauer had acted in a very inappropriate manner on many occasions.

Toward many ex and current staffers.

This is what Lack said upon canning the long-time anchor:

On Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer. It represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company’s standards.

As a result, we’ve decided to terminate his employment.

While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over twenty years he’s been at NBC News, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.

Since this development, numerous other reports have detailed a handful of Lauer’s supposedly heinous actions; from gifting interns with sex toys… to carrying on an affair with a subordinate… to, in one case, flat-out raping someone.

We can’t say for certain which of these accusations are legitimate and which are inaccurate.

But it’s been widely accepted by nearly everyone at this point that Matt Lauer is a rather terrible and egotistical human being who frequently abused his power at NBC.

Whatever, though, Lauer thinks these days!

That was, like, seven months ago!

“Matt and his people think if enough time passes, he will be forgiven,” a source tells Radar Online, adding:

“He believes the only thing he’s guilty of was engaging in a consensual affair in the office.

“His view is that he was unfairly caught up in the rash of #MeToo abusers and did nothing that merited getting fired.”

We’d LOVE to see Lauer make this argument in public.

For the first few months after he got fired, Lauer basically lived in exile, hanging out around his house in Long Island and staying far out of the spotlight.

More recently, however, he’s been spotted around NBC’s Rockefeller Center studios in Manhattan, probably just to passive aggressively remind folks in the business that he still exists.

Although this same update claims that Lauer is also being actively aggressive.

“Matt’s been meeting with loads of his former producers, including Deborah Kosofsky – and Don Nash, who was also fired by the show,” an insider tells Radar.

After Hoda Kotb was announced as Lauer’s permanent replacement, ratings for Today soared.

But they have since leveled off and the show is once again getting beat each week by Good Morning America.

“Matt believes those numbers should be more than enough to convince the network to bring him back,” the source said, concluding ominously:

“Matt is certain he can work his way back to the top anchor spot in time. He is convinced he’ll be back on TV by the end of the year!”

We’d say this sounds crazy, but have you seen who is in the White House?

Anything is possible.


Anna Duggar Actually Tweets, Sends Note to Brother-in-Law

Anna Duggar Tweets less often than family members of hers have babies.

That’s barely even a joke.

The Duggars have A LOT of babies and Anna sends very few messages on Twitter.

But the woman who is stuck sharing a bed each night with Josh Duggar took to her social media account on Tuesday night in order to address her brother-in-law, John David Duggar.

Anna did so in light of the bombshell news that John David is courting.

He’s officially googly eyes (and nothing more!) at someone named Abbie Burnett, having confirmed the development yesterday to Us Weekly and then on the official Duggar website.

“Abbie and I are just so excited, we’ve known of each other for several years,” the 28-year-old explained simply, adding that the two “fell in love quickly.”

Burnett, meanwhile, says she and her beau really connected at a church event in Oklahoma, which is where she resides and works as a nurse.

The relationship is taking a segment of the Internet by storm, prompting even someone as shy as Anna to chime in.

“Congratulations! So happy for you both!” she wrote in response to John David and Abbie praising the goodness of God on their joint Twitter account.


Oh, yes, things are serious enough for this new couple to already have a Twitter handle, @johnandabbie.

The message you see above is the first they’ve sent from it.

And the message penned by Anna above is the first she has personally sent since May 1, at which time she asked if anyone else was going to watch some film titled “Like Arrow.”

Aside from that, her Twitter page over the past two months has just been filled with re-Tweets of posts from the official Duggar account.

The mother of five has stayed very quiet on all forms of social media ever since her husband was accused of molesting two of his sisters, along with the family’s babysitter, in 2015.

Josh eventually admitted to this digusting actions, and also later admitted to cheating on Anna through the hook-up website Ashley Madison.

The guy totally sucks, but that isn’t the point right now.

The point, instead, is that John David may have at last found the woman of his dreams.

At 28 years old, in the view of his controversial parents, he’s waiting long enoughm that’s for certain.

This is what Jim Bob and Michelle had to say in the wake of their son’s courtship confirmation:

We are so excited to announce the courtship of John David and Abbie!

John David brings our hearts so much joy and we’ve watched him faithfully pray, wait, and trust God for the right girl to come along!

Now, a beautiful relationship has blossomed between the two of them.

We can’t wait to see what the Lord will do in the future.


Jerry Seinfeld Actually Defends Roseanne Barr

First, Jerry Seinfeld refuses to hug Kesha. Now he’s defending Roseanne Barr, of all people.

Remember how Roseanne Barr got fired for her racist tweets?

Seinfeld thinks that canning her was overkill.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jerry Seinfeld defends Roseanne Barr, which has left a lot of people scratching their heads and others outraged.

“I didn’t see why it was necessary to fire her,” Seinfeld said.

Seinfeld then hits his interviewer with a very peculiar analogy.

“Why would you murder someone who’s committing suicide?” Seinfeld asks.

The suggestion seems to be that Roseanne was killing her own show or career and that ABC should have “let the market decide” when her show would end.

That perspective is both devoid of moral judgment and, quite frankly, seems to be willfully ignoring broader PR and business concerns for ABC and for Disney.

Mostly, Seinfeld sounds bewildered at how quickly Roseanne sabotaged her own career and her own show.

“But I never saw someone ruin their entire career with one button push,” Seinfeld muses.

ABC greenlit a Roseanne spinoff, The Connors. This will give 200 people, including the cast, jobs for at least another season.

(We would point out that some of those crew members may have missed other job opportunities since they were already on Roseanne, so this is very welcome news)

Jerry Seinfeld has opinions about that, too.

“I think they should get another Roseanne.” Seinfeld suggests.

Recasting someone for that famous titular role would be a bizarre choice, especially since the character’s name is also the actor’s name.

“They brought Dan Conner back,” Seinfeld points out.

Seinfeld mentions that the character’s resurrection is somewhat famous, pointing out that “he was dead and they brought him back.”

For that reason, he believes, a simple recasting wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination.

“So,” Seinfeld asks, with Dan’s resurrection in mind. “Why can’t we get another Roseanne?”

For one thing, Barr would probably have to sign off on that.

Seinfeld argues: “There’s other funny women that could do that part.”

Sure. But … what, some wonder, would be the point of making an awkward situation more awkward?

“You need,” Seinfeld insists. “To get the comic in there.”

“I hate to see a comic lose a job,” he laments.

A pity that he doesn’t reserve some of that hate for dehumanizing racism.

Twitter saw Seinfeld’s comments and responded by excoriating him.

One person tweeted: “Please f–k off Jerry, thank you!”

Short and to the point. Not terribly sweet, though.

Another tried to explain: “Hello. Disney is an international company. By Keeping her they’re saying the agree with her views. Think about the repercussions this could have on Disney around the world. They had no choice.”

Very reasonable.

Another tweeted: “well Curb > Seinfeld so yea.”

That is referring to Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Another settled for a gentle burn: “Seinfeld, didn’t his show get cancelled?”

To clarify, Roseanne has years of history of being explicitly racist on Twitter. We don’t mean “edgy” humor. We mean sincere tweets about combatting “Jewish mind-control.”

Roseanne has also expressed the belief that Donald Trump is conducting secret arrests of non-existent Illuminati pedophile rings. She routinely shares fringe-right conspiracy theories on social media.

So, while one particular tweet became the focus of viewers’ ire, Roseanne hardly ended her career with a single button-push.

Instead, it was death of a thousand cuts, and that tweet, if you’ll allow mixed metaphors, was the final straw.