Chelsea Houska: Adam Lind is an Irresponsible DICK!

So Adam Lind is just the absolute worst, right?

Like, we dare you to come up with a single redeeming quality he has.

And just think, as awful as we know him to be, we’ve only seen a very, very small part of his life on Teen Mom 2.

Imagine how bad it must be to actually know him in real life.

OK, and then on top of that, imagine actually sharing a child with him.

Poor, poor Chelsea Houska …

Chelsea made some poor decisions when she was young and dumb, and while we’re sure she doesn’t regret having Aubree even a little bit, she’s tied to Adam for the rest of her whole entire life.

Adam, who does meth, has multiple arrests for things like domestic violence and DUIs, was once accused of murdering puppies, and who refuses to pay child support for his two daughters.

It’s got to hurt. It just has to.

Adam hasn’t appeared on the past couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2, and in recent years, Chelsea’s been a little more private on the show, but we’ve still heard a bit about him lately.

Last week, we saw them go to court to make it so that Adam could only see Aubree at a visitation center, and also so that Aubree could have “DeBoer” added to her last name.

MTV cameras weren’t allowed in the courtroom, but we did see Chelsea cry from relief after everything was said and done, and we definitely can’t blame her.

Now, in a sneak peek from this week’s episode, we’re seeing that there was actually another matter she and Adam discussed at court that day: child support.

And if you didn’t despise Adam already, well, prepare yourself.

In the beginning, Chelsea explains in a voiceover that she’s in mediation with him because he’s trying to lower his child support, which is weird, because he doesn’t pay it anyway.

She leaves the courthouse with her friend, and on the ride home, she tells her all about what happened.

“OK, he has no bank account because that got closed,” she begins. “He has no vehicle, people are driving him around. He has his house and he paid in full, but when asked how he pays his bills, he says he doesn’t.”

“He has no job,” she added, and “he doesn’t want to apply for a job because as of today, he’s going to start his own business.”

And when asked what kind of business he wanted to start, she said that he admitted he “hasn’t gotten that far yet.”

So … that’s where Adam is right now.

No job, no car, no bank account, though he does own a house he was able to pay for with Teen Mom money.

If he doesn’t pay his bills, does that mean he sits in his house with no electricity or running water, are things that bad?

Because it kind of sounds like things are that bad.

Chelsea says that Adam confessed he hadn’t applied for a single job for months, and when asked about that, he “went on this rant, ‘I can’t get a job because the publicity against me from MTV is, like, negative.'”

Yeah, that’s why he can’t get a job, because MTV portrayed him as a scumbag. Not because he actually is one.

“You’re not getting a job because you did that to yourself,” Chelsea says. “You’re a huge dick, so they probably don’t want to work with you. Because you’re a huge, irresponsible dick.”

Don’t hold back, girl!

She’s obviously justified in being so frustrated by Adam, and she’s also obviously not wrong about him.

He’s proved time and time again that he definitely is a huge, irresponsible dick, and he deserves to get called out for that on TV.

Will it do anything to change his ways?

Probably not.

But we bet it felt good for Chelsea to let loose with that real talk.


Adam Lind: Arrested! Again! For Maybe the 27th Time!

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but…

… Adam Lind is in trouble with the law.

Absolutely and totally stunning, we know.

According to Radar Online, the VERY often-troubled ex-husband of Chelsa Houska was arrested in South Dakota and placed behind bars for a “new violation of a stalking protection order.”

These were the words used by Officer Kastner of the Minnehaha County Jail, per the aforementioned celebrity gossip website.

“He had two warrants, both served on him. His court date will be tomorrow, Tuesday, May 29,” Officer Kastner added of Lind, who no longer appears on Teen Mom 2.

The rarely-law-abiding former MTV personality has far bigger things to worry about right now than camera time anyway, considering he was also arrested in January for drug possession.

Shortly after this incident, Houska was awarded sole custody of Aubree, the eight-year old daughter she shares (shared?) with Lind.

The Minnehaha inmate listing report says that Lind’s alleged charges include “violation of a stalking protection order,” “violation of protection or no contact order,” and “non-support of a minor child.”

No bond was listed in this document, meaning Lind cannot be released from prison until a bail amount is set by the assigned judge.

The guy could be in serious, serious trouble.

Details are scarce regarding what, exactly, transpired in this case — but Lind was taken into custody at 3:37 a.m. on Memorial Day.

Was his frequent ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton the subject of Lind’s reported stalking?

We can’t say for certain, but she filed a restraining order against Lind several years ago and he’s been accused of stalking her in the past.

Due to his pending and numerous legal issues, Lind is not permitted to see Aubree at the moment outside of supervised visitation.

Based on court documents obtained by Radar in January, Lind’s parents are still allowed scheduled visits with their granddaughter, but their son most be monitored at all times when in the presence of his child.

We’re not sure of the status right now when it comes to Lind’s second daughter, a young girl named Paislee, who he procreated along with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbut.

She has said in the past that Lind was rarely on time with his child support payments.

This is also not surprising.

Meanwhile, Houska has a career to worry about these days.

With Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry hurling shade back and forth and allegedly getting into a fight during a recent reunion taping, this veteran reality star has threatened to leave Teen Mom 2 altogether.

Chelsa says the cast-on-cast violence is just getting to be too much for her.

Can you blame her if she really does quit the show?

After dealing with Lind for all this time, Houska must be ever so sick and tired of all the drama.


Tonya Harding, Adam Rippon Join Dancing With The Stars’ All-Athlete Season!

Watch out for your kneecaps! (Kidding!) 

Tonya Harding will be on the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson and Olympic figureskater and media darling Adam Rippon will also be joining the cast.

The finale of Dancing With The Stars was last November, and it’s about time that the world learns who’ll be starring on this next season.

Well, Us Weekly reports that Tonya Harding will be one of the “stars” who will be dancing.

Harding was infamous in the ’90s after her ex-husband … who was also her bodyguard … orchestrated a “hit” on Nancy Kerrigan, designed to injure Harding’s rival so that she could not compete.

Harding did not order it herself, and complains that she has been unfairly condemned for it. But she did admit to knowing about the attack before it happened.

It’s worth noting that Kerrigan has competed on Dancing With The Stars before, during season 24.

This will be the dance competition’s first-ever all-athletes season, so this controversial Olympian won’t be alone.

Olympian Adam Rippon made headlines earlier this year over his back-and-forth conflict with Vice President Mike Pence.

Rippon is openly gay, Pence is notorious for holding extremely anti-gay views.

Donald Trump himself has reportedly joked that Pence would prefer to see gay Americans be executed by hanging.

And Pence’s history of espousing extremely conservative views and carrying those beliefs into government speaks for itself.

Rippon, however, turns out to be a media darling, adored by American fans for his unbridled honesty and his sense of humor.

He’ll make a great addition to this upcoming season.

As one of the best figureskaters on the planet, he’ll also be one hell of a dancer.

Jamie Anderson will also be on Dancing With The Stars.

She is an extraordinarily talented snowboarder.

Anderson is one of the top slopestyle riders in the world, and demonstrated this at the Sochii Winter Olympics in 2014 and in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018.

With four gold medals, five silver medals, and two bronze medals, she’s proven that she’s devastating in the snow.

But how will that translate to dance?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tonya Harding reentered the spotlight recently with the Oscar-nominated film, I, Tonya.

It appears that she hopes that this film can be part of her redemption in the eyes of the public.

“The media had me convicted of doing something wrong before I had even done anything at all,” she lamented last December. “I’m always the bad person.”

Honestly, she hasn’t always done herself that many favors, as she has sometimes taken odd stances in interviews over the years.

It will be interesting to see how well she takes the inevitable jokes at her expense when she appears on Dancing With The Stars.

To be clear, ABC has yet to officially confirm that Harding, Rippon, and Anderson will be on this season.

They’ll announce the full list of “stars” on Friday, April 13th, on Good Morning America.

Considering how interesting these three names are, we have to wonder who else will be among their competition.

And, for that matter, who their dance partners will be.


Adam Lind to Chelsea Houska: You Can’t Keep Me Away From Aubree!

The Teen Mom landscape is absolutely littered with young men who have outlived their purpose as unwitting sperm donors.

But for all the franchise’s deadbeat dads and loser boyfriends, perhaps no one has sunk to such appalling depths as Adam Lind.  

(And yes we’re aware that Ryan Edwards got arrested the same week he got caught cheating on his pregnant wife. Believe it or not, Lind might actually be worse.)

Lind has always been an abusive boyfriend and a negligent father, but it’s only over the course of the past year that we learned just how low he’s willing to sink.

It all began when Lind tested positive for meth just moments before a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter, Paislee.

In the months that followed Lind was arrested several times, on charges ranging from domestic assault to possession to violating a restraining order.

These days Lind has lost all visitation rights and is not legally permitted to be in the presence of either of his daughters.

But it seems his casual disregard for the law continues unabated, as Radar Online is reporting this week that Lind spent much of Easter weekend with Aubree, his eight-year-old daughter by Chelsea Houska.

Sources say Houska was not aware of the situation until afterward and would not have given Lind permission to visit Aubree. 

“Chelsea let his parents have her for a couple of hours. It wasn’t their time to have her,” a source tells Radar.

Adam apparently stopped by his parents’ house unannounced and even went so far as to taunt Chelsea by posting a Snapchat video in which he’s seen hanging out with Aubree.

Houska has apparently made it clear to Linds’ parents that by allowing their son to violate the law in their home, they’ve sacrificed the privilege of receiving future visits from their granddaughter:

“[Chelsea is] livid and won’t do that anymore. These grandparents haven’t learned a damn thing. [One] can definitely tell where Adam gets the rules and law don’t apply to him attitude.”

The insider says that Houska took immediate action and “e-mailed her lawyer to find out what the next step should be” as soon as she learned of Lind’s visit with Aubree.

Her attorneys have since reminded Adam’s parents of a clause in their visitation agreement, which reads:

“One weekend a month Aubree will be with his parents from Friday to Sunday. Adam may not be present when Aubree is with Donna [Adam’s mom].” 

Stripping Linds’ parents of visitation rights may sound severe, but Chelsea is no doubt well aware that her daughter’s health and safety hang in the balance.

For the most part, Houska is one of the more even-tempered moms on MTV’s flagship reality franchise.

But clearly, if you mess with her kids, she will go full mama bear on your ass.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Chelsea’s perfect parenting.