Tonya Harding, Adam Rippon Join Dancing With The Stars’ All-Athlete Season!

Watch out for your kneecaps! (Kidding!) 

Tonya Harding will be on the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson and Olympic figureskater and media darling Adam Rippon will also be joining the cast.

The finale of Dancing With The Stars was last November, and it’s about time that the world learns who’ll be starring on this next season.

Well, Us Weekly reports that Tonya Harding will be one of the “stars” who will be dancing.

Harding was infamous in the ’90s after her ex-husband … who was also her bodyguard … orchestrated a “hit” on Nancy Kerrigan, designed to injure Harding’s rival so that she could not compete.

Harding did not order it herself, and complains that she has been unfairly condemned for it. But she did admit to knowing about the attack before it happened.

It’s worth noting that Kerrigan has competed on Dancing With The Stars before, during season 24.

This will be the dance competition’s first-ever all-athletes season, so this controversial Olympian won’t be alone.

Olympian Adam Rippon made headlines earlier this year over his back-and-forth conflict with Vice President Mike Pence.

Rippon is openly gay, Pence is notorious for holding extremely anti-gay views.

Donald Trump himself has reportedly joked that Pence would prefer to see gay Americans be executed by hanging.

And Pence’s history of espousing extremely conservative views and carrying those beliefs into government speaks for itself.

Rippon, however, turns out to be a media darling, adored by American fans for his unbridled honesty and his sense of humor.

He’ll make a great addition to this upcoming season.

As one of the best figureskaters on the planet, he’ll also be one hell of a dancer.

Jamie Anderson will also be on Dancing With The Stars.

She is an extraordinarily talented snowboarder.

Anderson is one of the top slopestyle riders in the world, and demonstrated this at the Sochii Winter Olympics in 2014 and in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018.

With four gold medals, five silver medals, and two bronze medals, she’s proven that she’s devastating in the snow.

But how will that translate to dance?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tonya Harding reentered the spotlight recently with the Oscar-nominated film, I, Tonya.

It appears that she hopes that this film can be part of her redemption in the eyes of the public.

“The media had me convicted of doing something wrong before I had even done anything at all,” she lamented last December. “I’m always the bad person.”

Honestly, she hasn’t always done herself that many favors, as she has sometimes taken odd stances in interviews over the years.

It will be interesting to see how well she takes the inevitable jokes at her expense when she appears on Dancing With The Stars.

To be clear, ABC has yet to officially confirm that Harding, Rippon, and Anderson will be on this season.

They’ll announce the full list of “stars” on Friday, April 13th, on Good Morning America.

Considering how interesting these three names are, we have to wonder who else will be among their competition.

And, for that matter, who their dance partners will be.


Adam Lind to Chelsea Houska: You Can’t Keep Me Away From Aubree!

The Teen Mom landscape is absolutely littered with young men who have outlived their purpose as unwitting sperm donors.

But for all the franchise’s deadbeat dads and loser boyfriends, perhaps no one has sunk to such appalling depths as Adam Lind.  

(And yes we’re aware that Ryan Edwards got arrested the same week he got caught cheating on his pregnant wife. Believe it or not, Lind might actually be worse.)

Lind has always been an abusive boyfriend and a negligent father, but it’s only over the course of the past year that we learned just how low he’s willing to sink.

It all began when Lind tested positive for meth just moments before a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter, Paislee.

In the months that followed Lind was arrested several times, on charges ranging from domestic assault to possession to violating a restraining order.

These days Lind has lost all visitation rights and is not legally permitted to be in the presence of either of his daughters.

But it seems his casual disregard for the law continues unabated, as Radar Online is reporting this week that Lind spent much of Easter weekend with Aubree, his eight-year-old daughter by Chelsea Houska.

Sources say Houska was not aware of the situation until afterward and would not have given Lind permission to visit Aubree. 

“Chelsea let his parents have her for a couple of hours. It wasn’t their time to have her,” a source tells Radar.

Adam apparently stopped by his parents’ house unannounced and even went so far as to taunt Chelsea by posting a Snapchat video in which he’s seen hanging out with Aubree.

Houska has apparently made it clear to Linds’ parents that by allowing their son to violate the law in their home, they’ve sacrificed the privilege of receiving future visits from their granddaughter:

“[Chelsea is] livid and won’t do that anymore. These grandparents haven’t learned a damn thing. [One] can definitely tell where Adam gets the rules and law don’t apply to him attitude.”

The insider says that Houska took immediate action and “e-mailed her lawyer to find out what the next step should be” as soon as she learned of Lind’s visit with Aubree.

Her attorneys have since reminded Adam’s parents of a clause in their visitation agreement, which reads:

“One weekend a month Aubree will be with his parents from Friday to Sunday. Adam may not be present when Aubree is with Donna [Adam’s mom].” 

Stripping Linds’ parents of visitation rights may sound severe, but Chelsea is no doubt well aware that her daughter’s health and safety hang in the balance.

For the most part, Houska is one of the more even-tempered moms on MTV’s flagship reality franchise.

But clearly, if you mess with her kids, she will go full mama bear on your ass.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Chelsea’s perfect parenting.


The Voice Recap: Adam Levine Steals Another Singer

Is it just us or has the addition of Kelly Clarkson given The Voice a new lease on life? All shows go through testing times at one point or another. 

The last few seasons of The Voice have just been there, with little in the way of exciting performers that make lasting impressions. 

But there’s something about the addition of Kelly that’s making the feedback considerably more constructive and beneficial to the performers. 

Could it be down to the fact that she came from American Idol and knew what it was like to be on the other side of the stage?


It is hilarious that ABC tried to poach her for American Idol, which, by the way, has actually been a fun revival. 

Let’s break down the next three battles that took place on Tuesday night’s episode of this NBC juggernaut. 

Team Kelly: Jorge Eduardo vs. Amber Sauer –  “Starving”

Kelly paired these two because she felt like they showed the most passion for their singing, and that would make for the fairest battle of the entire series. 

Some coaches pair two polar opposites together, and it comes across as unfair. Maybe that’s why the process is still very flawed after all these years. 

Jorge decided to surprise Kelly by adding a new section into the hit song, and it was needed. It set him above Amber, but if he hadn’t added that part, it would have been too difficult to call who was going to win. 

Amber still sang like a pro, but she never managed to upstage Jorge, and that’s why she never got to stay on the team. The biggest shocker was that there was no steal. 

Winner: Jorge

Team Adam: Reid Umstattd vs. Davison – “Love On the Brain”

This pair went with the Rihanna hit, and it was a solid, but unspectacular performance. The good thing was that it was fair to put them together. 

Because neither of them was better than the other, it made it difficult for Adam to pick which of them to advance to the next stage of the competition. 


Team Alicia: Kelsea Johnson vs. Jordyn Simone –  “Don’t Let Go”

This one was a real head-scratcher. Both performances were poised to be the best of the night, but they both had their fair share of flaws. 

They both shouted their way through the performance, and it made it difficult to tell who was singing. It was a disappointing performance. 

Winner: Kelsea Johnson

Steal: Jordyn Simone to Team Adam

Despite Adam struggling to find some decent performers at the auditions, he has been building up a solid team through the steals.

What did you think of the episode?

The Voice continues Monday on NBC. 


Adam Lind: Will He Ever See His Daughters Again?!

The Teen Mom franchise has seen plenty of awful parents, but it’s possible that Adam Lind is the very worst of the bunch.

Last we checked in on Chelsea Houska’s ex, a warrant had been issued for Lind’s arrest in response to various probation violations and a persistent refusal to pay child support.

As far as we know, Adam is not in jail, but you wouldn’t know it based on his relationships with his children.

Sources say Lind currently has no contact with either of his two daughters.

Restrictions on his custody rights necessitate that Lind spend time with his daughters either at an approved visitation center or at his parents’ house.

“One weekend a month, Aubree will be with his parents from Friday to Sunday,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

During Aubree’s time at his parents, Lind can come and go freely and spend as much time with his daughter as he wants.

Apparently, he has not availed himself of the opportunity in over a month.

He can also spend time with Aubree at a supervised visitation center, but he would need to set up an appointment through the court.

And he reportedly has yet to do so even once.

“Adam has not taken the initiative to set up a visit with her yet,” says the insider.

The source says the situation is even worse with Paislee, Adam’s daughter with Taylor Halbur.

He reportedly has not seen the 4-year-old “since August.”

Fans chastised Lind for his absence at Aubree’s recent father-daughter dance, but the source says that situation is actually not Adam’s fault, as he’s not allowed to visit his daughters at their schools.

“He’s only allowed to see her at the visitation center,” says the tipster. 

Fortunately, Chelsea’s husband, Cole De Boer, was able to attend the dance with Aubree.

The warrant for his arrest is the latest in a long line of legal troubles that began when Lind tested positive for methamphetamines just before a scheduled visit with Paislee.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how terrible of a parent Adam really is.

His daughters may have dodged a bullet.


The Voice Recap: Is Adam Levine Doomed?

The Blind Auditions continued last night on The Voice, and that meant there was another batch of sub-par performers given the opportunity to advance to the next stage of the competition. 

Granted, most of the dull performances hailed from Team Adam. 

Also odd: ABC aired American Idol opposite The Voice. Do we really need these two shows fighting it out for more viewers than the other?

Let’s break down the performances!

Stephanie Skipper – “Piece by Piece” 

Stephanie plucked up the courage to perform a Kelly Clarkson number in front of Kelly herself, and it was a robust performance that was different enough from the original to set herself apart. 

Kelly did not seem impressed and didn’t turn her chair around. Luckily, Adam snapped the Nashville native up for his team. 

Tish Haynes Keys – “Chain of Fools” 

Tish opened up about falling pregnant at just 14 years old, and she claimed that it changed her life. Her performance was solid, but not spectacular. 

“You just killed Aretha Franklin!” said a shocked Kelly. Alas, she joined Team Adam. 

Bransen Ireland – “Tulsa Time” 

The first big miss of the night came in the form of Bransen. His vocals were most certainly not up there as the best, but he seemed like a natural fit for Team Blake.

The troubling thing about it was that Blake failed to turn around initially, and it took him some time to get on board with all of it. 

Teana Boston – “Unfaithful” 

Teana could have fooled us if she hit the stage and said she was a guest performer. She was polished and had a significant stage presence. 

She should make it far into the competition, but this show has been known to cut acts in their prime. Maybe Team Kelly will serve her well. 

Miya Bass – “Issues” 

While Miya Bass may have charisma for days, her song choice was way off for her audition. There was nothing about it that made her seem like a marketable artist. 

Adam’s team is beginning to look like the go-to place for the contestants who are just not great at performing. 

Jordan Kirkdorffer – “In Case You Didn’t Know”

This was another one of those middle of the road performances. We’re sure there must have been better contestants than Jordan to put through. 

We’re sure if he performed a pop song, he would not have joined Team Kelly … or any of the other coaches for that matter. 

Shana Halligan – “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”

After a string of downright dreadful performances, Shana appeared and reignited my interest in the show. Her vocals tugged at the heart because they were so beautiful. 

Team Alicia is the perfect place for her. 

Gary Edwards – “What’s Going On” 

Gary was ready to graduate from the church stage to the bigger stages that would propel him to stardom. His voice matched up, and he proved he has what it takes to become a professional singer. 

At least Adam finally got someone on his team who could make it far. 

Hannah Goebel – “If I Ain’t Got You”

In true The Voice fashion, the show left the best for last. Hannah scaled a lot of vocal heights throughout. We may very well have a finalist right here, you guys!

What did you think of the latest performances?

Sound off below.