Catelynn Lowell Addresses Haters: Mental Illness Does NOT Make Me a Bad Mom!

Over the course of the past 18 months, Catelynn Lowell has checked into rehab three times.

Sadly, she’s taken a fair bit of flak from insensitive fans as a result of her struggles with mental illness.

While it certainly wasn’t her intention when she first decided to seek help, Catelynn has become a sort of spokesperson for young mothers struggling with mental health issues.

Most have applauded Lowell for her willingness to share her struggle with Teen Mom OG fans.

But as is always the case in 2018, haters have come out of the woodwork with the apparent goal of raining on Lowell’s parade.

Fortunately, Cate has no patience for their trash-talk:

“You’re not the only parent struggling with mental health issues,” a Twitter user wrote this week.

“I am a single parent with mental health issues BUT, I still have to provide for my family and be there when my children need me.”

Catelynn was quick to clap back by pointing out that in seeking treatment, she was doing what was best for her family:

“I wasn’t ‘running away from my problems. I was FIXING them! Working HARD & getting on the right medication,” she tweeted.

“I wouldn’t wish this crap on my worst enemy! But I guess I’ll have haters no matter what! Just glad I got myself better and if ppl r mad then be mad I guess.”  

Catelynn further confirmed that her health is on the upswing these days by posting the photo below on Instagram:

“I love you so much!!!” she captioned the pic, in apparent tribute to her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

“And for all you haters vows say —in SICKNESS and in health . . . remember that . . . Because this man has done that for me beyond what could imagine.”

We’re sure Catelyn understands the frustrations of moms who are struggling but can’t afford in-patient treatment.

But at the end of the day, she’s making no apologies for taking steps to ensure her own health and the happiness of her husband and daughter.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more of Catelynn’s courageous struggle.


Meri Brown Finally Addresses Sister Wives Future: Is She Outta There?

You’ve likely been hearing the rumor for months.

But will it soon become a reality?

Will Meri Brown get up and walk out on Kody Brown, following endless chatter that the end of this relationship is both near and inevitable?

Meri herself has finally decided to address this long-gestating piece of gossip.

Consider what she wrote on Sunday night in response to what folks were talking about on Twiter:

Already starting the night with a blocking spree! Come on guys, I have a family, I’m not bailing! Sheesh!! #SisterWives

Oh, so there we go. Simple enough, we guess.

meri message

Concerns of Meri and Kody Brown’s romance for back a very long time.

Back in 2015, Kody filed to divorce Meri so that he could make Robyn is lone official wife.

Meri, however, remained very much in the picture; she was simply demoted from the status of Lead Wife in This Very Unusual Family.

Then, in May of 2016, Meri found herself at the center of one of the more unexpected celebrity scandals in recent memory, as she flirted hard with a man she met online.

Or at least she thought it was a man she met online.

She later learned that she had been catfished (that is, fooled and lied to) and that she had really been in contact with a woman who she met on the Internet.

This was pretty darn awkward for all involved, not just due to the whole catfishing thing — but because Meri was seemingly out there, looking for love.

TLC, meanwhile, has teased various seasons of Sister Wives by hinting that break-ups and walk-outs were imminent.

This arrangement always seems on the verge of falling apart.

In December of 2016, however, Meri did assure Twitter followers that anything you hear from someone outside the family is “probably a lie.”

Probably, though.

That does leave some wiggle room, doesn’t it?

On the last season of Sister Wives, Meri and Kody attended therapy together in an attempt to move past the catfishing scandal and save their relationship.

In one emotional episode, Kody confronted Meri’s complicated situation and told her:

“You didn’t want to be out of the family, you just wanted to be out of your relationship with me.”

So now you can see where those Meri-Kody breakup rumors come from, right?

We aren’t just making them up, people!

One glance through Meri’s Instagram page does reveal a seemingly content individual, however.

It may very well be that TLC and the Browns themselves perpetrate these sorts of rumors in order to make headlines and remain relevant.

It wouldn’t exactly be the first time a reality television show did such a thing, would it?

Either way, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the many relationships of Kody Brown and report back if or when any does finally come to an end. 


Wendy Williams Addresses Health Concerns: My Body Was a “Mess”

Wendy Williams doesn’t want your sympathy.

But she does want your attention.

The controversial talk show announced on February 21 that she would be taking a three-week leave of absence due to a diagnosis of Graves Disease.

This is an autoimmune disease that leads to a generalized overactivity of the thyroid gland and is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism in the United States.

It’s a pretty serious illness.

We aren’t very big fans of Williams because he entire career is predicated on tossing out one uneducated and cruel hot take after another…

… but we don’t wish any physical hard on her or anything.

We were glad to hear on Good Morning America today that she’s set to return to the air and is feeling better these days.

Being able to recuperate for those three weeks was the “best prescription ever,” Williams explained to Amy Roach, admitting that were “levels were way off” before this break and she could feel it.

This doesn’t mean Williams was thrilled to learn she had to take almost a month off of work, however.

“I cried and then I laughed,” she recalled of being informed of this news. “[I told the doctor,] ‘Are you out of your mind? It’s sweeps.'”

She quickly learned, though, that she was “very deficient of vitamin D,” the worst her physicians had even seen in fact, and really had no choice in the matter.

“There’s was just a mess going on inside my body,” she explained.

Armed with a renewed focus on her health, Williams also says she has learned some valuable lessons from this ordeal; both for her gender and for herself, personally:

“We, as women, particularly if we have families, you know, we’re taking care of children, we’re taking care of our home, our husbands, we take care of everybody but ourselves.

“I’m not doing that anymore, Amy. Wendy first!”

And despite appearing on national television to discuss her disease, Williams does NOT want anyone feeling sorry for her.

Not at all.

Not even a little bit.

“When I see you in the streets, the grocery store, don’t ask me with the woo-woo-woo and the the puppy eyes,” she said, making it clear she’s not here to host any pity parties and adding:

“Then I’m going to snap.”

Jerry O’Connell has been filling in as a guest host on Wendy’s absence, but Williams admits she’s only tuned him to see him in action on two occasions.

She says it was simply too painful because she wanted to be the one in the purple chair so badly.

“Wendy is a true champion and has never missed a day of work. But her health and well-being must be put before all else,” a rep for the show said via statement last month, adding:

“Wendy has been openly dealing with her Graves’ disease for many years in addition to hyperthyroidism.

“Yesterday, Wendy’s doctor prescribed a necessary three weeks of rest to get her levels and medication in sync.”

Now that time is over, however, and Williams can go back to saying really dumb and mean things.


Jenelle Evans FINALLY Addresses Pregnancy Rumors!

Jenelle Evans is not exactly the most beloved of all the Teen Moms.

In fact, she’s currently locked in an eternal battle with Farrah Abraham for the title of Most Hated Cast Member.

But fans remain fascinated by Jenelle’s life – and who could blame them?

The woman is nicknamed the Carolina Hurricane for a reason, after all.

Pretty much the only constant in Jenelle’s life is that it’s constantly filled with drama.

It’s a condition that might make life stressful for those around her, but it also makes for compelling reality TV.

For example, Jenelle just married David Eason in September, and their marriage is already the subject of constant rumors.

First, there were reports that Jenelle and David are headed for divorce.

The Easons claimed otherwise, but given their shaky relationship with the truth, it’s not hard to see why they had a hard time convincing fans that all was well in their marriage.

(The fact that David changed his Facebook relationship status to “single” didn’t help their argument.)

Anyway, after weeks of rumors, a stunning thing happened:

Teen Mom Twitter completely reversed course and started circulating a rumor that Jenelle and David’s relationship is going swimmingly.

In fact, several media outlets insisted that – far from getting divorced – the Easons were planning to welcome a fourth child.

Jenelle wanted nothing to do with those reports, and she tweeted the above photo as evidence that she’s not currently expecting.

“Now the @theinquisitr is FASELY trying to report that I’m pregnant with baby 4 and has @ok_magazine convinced and also writing FALSE statements about me once again,” Evans captioned the pic.

“So kill your curiosity, I’m not pregnant.”

Fans were mostly convinced, but they still had fun taking some shots at Jenelle:

“Isn’t this the drama you said you weren’t entertaining?” one fan wrote.

“Anything to try and stay relevant huh?” another commented.

Because it’s generally pretty funny to roast Jenelle, we won’t bother pointing out the irony of commenting on someone’s social media page to inform them they’re no longer relevant.

Anyway, it seems Jenelle very much has her guard up these days.

In addition to the tummy tweet, she posted the following on Twitter:

“Today’s motto: TRUST NO ONE.”

All caps?! Clearly, the woman is serious.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more shenanigans from the Carolina Hurricane.


James Kennedy Addresses Rumors of Gay Affair With Logan Noh

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules this season, then you know that half the cast is cheating on their partners, and the other half is acting like they’re deeply concerned for said partners, when really they’re loving every second of the drama.

At first, it looked like Jax cheating on Brittany would continue to dominate the race for this season’s most incendiary infidelity.

But in the past few weeks, a true dark horse candidate has emerged to prove that it’s not about the pasta … but it is about the noodles.

Yes, for the past two weeks, the show’s cast has been urging James Kennedy to come out the closet in response to rumors that he’s sleeping with his roommate, Logan Noh.

At first, they were basically tenting their fingers and cackling maniacally over the situation, but then someone whispered to them that they work in West Hollywood; they annually culture vulture a gay pride parade; and it’s 2018, so they probably should adopt a less bigoted stance on the possibility of their co-star being bisexual.

Now, their noses are still buried deep in James’ personal business, but they’ve changed their tack bit by pretending that they’re deeply concerned for his girlfriend.

It’s a tactic known as “concern-trolling” and it’s beloved by people who know what’s best for you.

Anyway, offering your two cents on the alleged romance between James and Logan has quickly emerged as the best way to guarantee yourself some of that sweet, sweet screentime this season, and the cast is behaving accordingly.

Even exiled former SUR-vers are getting in on the act, such as one Faith Stowers confirmed that James is gay and sleeping with Logan in a recent interview with Radar Online.

Of course, even the most salacious and problematic storylines get old after a while, so it should come as no surprise that the show’s writers James decided to put an end to the rumors once and for all on last night’s episode of Vanderpump.

Logan apparently told Brittany Cartwright’s visiting sister that he and James were sleeping together, but then he threw in a “welcome to Hollywood,” so he may have just wanted to give her Kentucky ass a story to go home with.

When James found out about this, he confronted Logan on speaker phone in front of an audience.

Logan admitted to lying and chalked it up to “being a jealous bitch,” but that wasn’t quite the end of it.

Many viewers pointed out that the conversation seemed very staged, and they’re right–but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was orchestrated by James and Logan.

Kennedy’s horrendous acting has been on display throughout this season, such as when he incessantly repeated “it’s not about the pasta,” having obviously been coached by producers.

It’s reality television, folks.

If you try to separate the real from the scripted, you wind up sounding like Neil DeGrasse Tyson watching an episode of Black Mirror.

The point is, this lame-ass storyline is being put to rest, and for that, we’re eternally grateful.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more from reality TV’s most sociopathic cast.


O.J. Simpson Addresses Khloe’s Pregnancy: Is He the Grandfather?!

For years, people have speculated that Khloe Kardashian might be O.J. Simpson’s daughter. With O.J.’s release from prison, the topic’s come up more and more recently.

Now that Khloe Kardashian has confirmed her pregnancy, some of those same people believe that O.J. may be the grandfather.

O.J. is finally speaking up. What does he believe?

The O.J. Simpson trial was one of the most infamously divisive trials in the history of the US.

But there are people who believe that O.J. is responsible for more than a couple of alleged murders, an armed robbery, and a series of brutal domestic assaults against his late ex-wife during their relationship.

Quite a number of people believe the conspiracy theory that O.J. Simpson is responsible for Khloe Kardashian.

In that these people believe that Kris Jenner cheated on Robert Kardashian with O.J. Simpson back when they were all friends. They believe that Kris then got pregnant and passed off Khloe as Robert’s daughter.

It might be absurd. It might also be a veiled insult against Khloe for being “bigger” than her sisters (she’s only 5-foot-10, folks; that’s not actually tall; call me when she hits her head on a regular doorframe while walking without heels).

Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby, and the couple is delighted.

Well, okay. Khloe is tired of unsolicited advice from her sisters.

She’s also pretty tired from concern-trolling on social media about things that she continues to do, like exercise.

She’s said that her doctor told her that she should keep doing whatever she’s been doing before she became pregnant.

And, despite the claims of mom-shamers everywhere, people who exercise in a healthy manner while pregnant aren’t endangering their babies.

But is O.J. Simpson going to ruin her party by publicly announcing that he’s excited about “his” grandchild?

TMZ caught up with O.J. and asked him what he thought about Khloe’s pregnancy, using language that clearly suggested the possibility that Khloe is his secret daughter.

He says that congratulations are in order.

“Well, for Bob, God bless his soul, yeah.”

It will always be sad that Robert Kardashian died knowing that he’d been part of keeping O.J. out of prison.

“I don’t know for me.”

Wait … is he saying that he doesn’t know if he’s Khloe’s dad?

“I don’t think for me I have nothing to do with it.”

He then pivots to talking about Kris’ daughters in general.

“Khloe and the girls are all terrific girls … I think today they’re still nice and terrific.”

Remember, folks, that he knew those girls as they were growing up.

He also comments on their sex appeal that they have going now, which is gross to the max.

Finally, he commends Khloe and Tristan on their impending parenthood.

“I’m happy for them. Congratulations to her.”

And then denies that this will be his grandchild.

“But, trust me, I had nothing to do with it. I would be proud if I’d had anything to do with it.”

One, trust me is not a great choice of words here, my guy.

Two, he would be proud if he’d slept with his best friend’s wife?