Roloff Christmas Album: Adorable Baby Photos Galore!

The stars of Little People, Big World had an extra special reason to enjoy the holiday season in 2017.

Actually, TWO extra special reasons:

  1. Jackson Kyle Roloff.
  2. Ember Jean Roloff.

The son of Tori and Zach and the daughter of Audrey and Jeremy both got to experience their very first Christmas and, naturally, various family members had to snap photos of the babies for the occasion.

We've collected a number of these adorable images below.

Click through and enjoy!

1. Lucky Grandpa

Lucky grandpa
Matt Roloff made a point to often say how fortunate he was to have two adorable grandkids to spoil on Christmas. He’s so great with them both!

2. Christmas Eve Celebration

Roloffs on xmas eve
Awww! Jackson and his father are wearing matching shirts!

3. Actually, Matching ONESIES

Actually matching onesies
Wow. This is even better.

4. With Santa!

With santa
We don’t know what Jackson asked Santa for, but we just want more and more photos of this adorable child!

5. Who Are You, Again?

Who are you again
Santa? Santa CLAUS, you say? Sorry. Never heard of you.

6. First Christmas!

First christmas
Look at how proud Audrey and Jeremy are of holding their daughter in this holiday pic.

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Lux Lowry: All the ADORABLE Photos of Kailyn’s Baby So Far!

Not sure if you heard, but Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry recently became a mother for the third time on August 5.

It hasn't been an easy journey – but it has been a cute one.

From the moment she conceived the child in late 2016, Kail's life has been shrouded in mystery and under heavy scrutiny.

Her relationship with Chris Lopez, the baby's father, continues to puzzle observers (and possibly Lowry herself) to this day. 

Are they together? Are they not together? Are they fighting for custody? Is she really changing Lux's name to spite him?

It's quite unclear. But what's perfectly clear is this:

They made an adorable little man. Lux Russell Lowry is as precious as they come, as evidenced by the images she's shared.

No matter what you think of Kail, she's momming like a boss. Here are the sweetest moments of Lux's young life thus far …

1. Her Three Sons

Kailyn lowry three sons
Kailyn Lowry shared this super adorable photo of her sons, Isaac and Lincoln, with their brand new baby brother not long after he got home from the hospital! Isaac, left, is her son with Jo Rivera; Lincoln, right, is from her marriage to Javi Marroquin. Pretty precious trio right here.

2. Family of Four

Kailyn lowry children
Kailyn shared another sweet photo of her three sons, Isaac, Lincoln, and the baby formerly known as Baby Lo, after the boys got to meet their little brother for the first time. If this doesn’t make your heart melt, you might want to check yourself for a pulse and see that you in fact have a heart.

3. Baby Lux

Baby lux
Baby Lux Russell Lowry is Kailyn’s littlest little man. (Her other two little men are still pretty little … stop growing up so fast you guys!) Look at L-squared here, showing off some adorable newborn swagger. We cannot.

4. Lux Lowry Smiles

Lux lowry smiles
Kail captioned this one, “I literally cannot.” We literally cannot either! If there’s ever been a cuter picture of a newborn, we challenge you to find it. And send it to us because it would probably make a good article.

5. An Introduction

Kailyn lowry with baby lo
Kailyn shared this image of Lux when he was still just “Baby Lo.” Very early on in his life, he didn’t have a name yet! “Lo” worked as a nice placeholder, especially given his parents’ surnames (Lowry and Lopez).

6. And Now For the Public Introduction

Kailyn lowry as a teen mom
This is life as a Teen Mom. Your life is always lived in front of a camera. Kailyn puts the hustle and heart into … well, her book called Hustle & Heart. She’s got a lot of love to share with her kids and with the world, and if she can make a living as a social media influencer and personality to boot, more power to her. #bossmom

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Saint West Turns 2, Remains Positively Adorable

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as celebrities.

But be careful what you say about them as parents.

The reality star and the rapper are mother and father to a pair of precious little people, daughter North West and son Saint West. 

(Go ahead and say what you want about those names as well.)

Below, we pay tribute to Saint via a collection of his most adorable photos. Check them out now!

1. Saint West Smiles!

Saint west smiles
How about is Saint West?!? Check out this photo of Kim’s daughter, smiling like the precious little creature she is.

2. Saint and Mom

Saint and mom
How adorable is this?!? It’s a photo of little Saint West cupping his mother’s cheeks in his hands.

3. North and Saint West

North and saint west
This is a photo of North West’s hand holding Saint West’s hand. Kim Kardashian shared it on Instagram.

4. The First Image

Saint west first photo
This photo doesn’t give us a great look at Saint West, of course, but it was the first one of him to go viral.

5. The First Official Photo

Saint west photo
Saint truly went viral, though, with this precious photo, courtesy of his mom.

6. And Also This One

Saint west second photo shared by kim kardashian
Look at that little fella!

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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Share First Tandem Video Since Pregnancy News, Are Totes Adorable

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have not yet confirmed the baby news that nearly brought down the Internet last week.

At least not directly.

Not in so many words.

But the famous couple basically came out over the weekend and doubled down on this exciting piece of news.

Thompson shared a Snapchat video on Saturday that depicted the parents-to-be cuddling together and teasing each other in very cute fashion.

“I ate too much,” Thompson says, to which Khloe replies: “Your tummy hurts?”

The Cleveland Cavaliers power forward then laughs and agrees: “My tummy hurts.”

Of course, it’s Khloe’s tummy that has captured the attention of the celebrity gossip, as numerous outlets reported on September 26 that Kardashian is pregnant with her first child.

The father is Thompson, who actually welcomed a baby with his ex-girlfriend this past December and who’s been dating the E! reality star for over a year now.

An insider close to Kardashian told Entertainment Tonight late last week that Khloe is due early next year and that “everyone is thrilled” over the development.

Those who watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and/or have followed Khloe’s life over the past several weeks are aware that she’s wanted to start a family for a very long time.

She and ex-husband Lamar Odom reportedly tried to procreate for a number of years back during their marriage, but were unable to do so.

Khloe went on to date James Harden and French Montana after she split from Odom, but sources have said she never tried to have a baby with either.

The relationships simply weren’t serious enough.

Conversely, it’s been clear for awhile that she and Thompson are in love; they’re in this for the long haul.

Does this mean the stars will be getting married before their baby arrives? It doesn’t sound that way.

Does this mean Khloe will pose naked alongside Kylie Jenner at some point in the near future?

Wait… what?!? Yes, this is an actual rumor.

We don’t exactly see that happening, but it is true that Kylie is also pregnant.

She’s expecting a child with short-term boyfriend Travis Scott and is also due in early 2018.

Pretty crazy, right? But it actually gets crazier:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are ALSO expecting a child next year, albeit via surrogate.

Still, though. This means THREE babies will become part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan in just a few months.

While the world shakes its collective head and wonders how we arrived here, Kris Jenner just laughs up a storm and counts her upcoming money.

Think of all the potential spinoffs that are likely already in the works!


Chelsea Houska: See Her ADORABLE Son Say His First Word!

Chelsea Houska is considered by many, many fans to be the best mother in the entire Teen Mom universe.

And sure, it's mostly because she's one of the few moms who came from wealthy families, and because her father, Randy, was there for her emotionally and financially in a way most of the other moms didn't experience.

And yes, she definitely had her questionable moments — mostly the way she refused to let Adam Lind go even after he repeatedly proved to her what a terrible, terrible person he was (and still is).

Remember when he called her a "fat stretch-marked bitch" and told her he wanted to give up his rights to their daughter, Aubree?

Who, by the way, he actually referred to as "that mistake."

So yeah, Chelsea has some lovers, but she also has some critics.

But none of that will matter when you watch this painfully adorable video she was kind enough to share on Instagram.

In the video, Chelsea is tending to her second child, little bitty Watson Cole DeBoer.

It seems like just yesterday that she gave birth to him, but he's actually seven months old now!

And, as you can see in the video, he's ready to start talking!

We see her coaching him, making a "ma" sound over and over …

And it pays off, because with her help, Watson technically says his first word: mama!

As she explains it in her caption, "He may not know what it means yet … but I'm gonna go ahead and count it as his first word."

And we don't blame her one bit.

Check out Watson in action in the video below!

Chelsea houska see her adorable son say his first word

Audrey Roloff Shares ADORABLE Details of Her Pregnancy!

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that we learned Audrey and Jeremy Roloff were expecting their first child?

How are we supposed to relish reality star pregnancies when they just move so darn fast?!

In reality, we’ve known about Audrey’s pregnancy for a good while now, but still, with all the things this family has been up to lately, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Molly had her wedding earlier this month, and Jacob has been working his way back into the family spotlight.

And that’s not even touching on the birth of the insanely precious Jackson

But now it looks like things are settling down a bit, and with Audrey’s due date just days away — it’s September 1st!!! — all Roloff-loving eyes are on her.

So thank goodness she gave this in-depth interview all about the impending birth of her baby, right?!

About the little angel’s upcoming arrival, she says “I’d say we’re very excited, but there are definitely some nerves that come along with it!”

“At this point, we’re just trying to relax and bring some calm back into our life.”

She says that Jeremy “has the house almost wrapped up,” so “now we’re looking forward to spending these last few days just the two of us.”

Speaking of Jeremy, Audrey explains that “One of the best things about big milestones in life is being able to do them alongside your spouse.”

“Jeremy has been so patient with me during this process. I really couldn’t imagine doing it without him.”

To give an example of the kind of doting soon-to-be father he’s been, she says “I have full confidence that when I need something, or even just want a scoop of ice cream, that he’ll be off the couch and getting it before I finish my sentence.”

“I feel loved and am thankful for a husband like Jeremy.”

But that adorable little story doesn’t mean she’s been spending her time asking her husband for ice cream!

She says that she hasn’t really had any cravings during her pregnancy, except that “I craved sour candy in the beginning and have consistently craved sparking drinks.”

Still, it’s nice to know that Jeremy is there for her if she does decide she needs anything!

He’s not the only one, either — don’t forget, for a while there, she and her sister-in-law, Tori, were pregnant at the same time.

“It’s been so fun being able to experience this season of life alongside Tori,” she says.

“She and Zach are always so willing to answer any question we may have, or have us over to hang with Jackson and talk.”

Sharing this time together has been “great,” she says, “and our sister bond is definitely strengthening through this process.”

As close as they are, though, of course they won’t be in the delivery room when Audrey has the baby.

“At this point,” she reveals, “I’m planning on it only being our midwife, Jeremy and our doula. We will have family and friends outside anxiously waiting, I’m sure!”

She also says that “We’ve got one name in mind that we really like, but haven’t fully committed on it yet!”

“We’ll probably name her once we see her beautiful face!”

We can’t wait to see her beautiful face either, and we’re sure they’ll pick a beautiful name to match!

Congrats again, Roloffs!


Kailyn Lowry Shares ADORABLE Photos of New Baby with Isaac and Lincoln!

Look, we all know that there’s a lot of stuff going on with Kailyn Lowry right now.

She just gave birth to her third child, all three kids have different fathers, she’s not romantically involved with the new baby’s dad … we know all that.

But while sometimes it’s fun to get into the drama, how about, just this once, just even for a few moments, we set it aside?

Instead of focusing on Kailyn’s questionable decision-making skills or how active Chris Lopez is going to be with this baby, why don’t we just focus on the positive aspects of this situation?

After all, there’s a seriously precious new baby in the Teen Mom universe, and that’s certainly something worth celebrating!

Although Baby Lo still doesn’t have a name, we know that he does have some killer hair.

And thanks to some new photos Kailyn shared, we also know that he’s got two big brothers who look very excited to welcome him into the world:

This is so cute it hurts, isn’t it?

Isaac and Lincoln just look so thrilled to have a brand new baby brother, and as for Baby Lo himself …

He’s almost too adorable.

A lot of Kailyn’s followers are also pointing out that little Baby Lo looks quite a bit like Isaac did when he was a baby, and we can see the resemblance.

Which is lucky for him — Isaac has to be one of the cutest kids in the world, hands down.

In addition to having two doting big brothers, Baby Lo also seems to be enjoying breastfeeding!

“Shout out to breastfeeding moms!” she tweeted yesterday. “I forgot about cluster feeding. This mom is tired.”

Then, a little later, she asked her followers “What’s bigger, pregnancy appetite or nursing appetite?”, which leads us to believe that Kailyn is currently living her life with a baby on her breast and snacks in her face.

As for the baby name, she explained that she still hasn’t decided on one — which is fair. It’s a big decision.

“Isaac said the name Murphy was ‘eh, ok… for a dog,’ and also suggested Francis. Lunc is still adamant about naming baby Lo ‘Climber,'” she wrote.

We have to agree with Isaac on both of his thoughts, and Climber Lowry-Lopez has a certain ring to it too, doesn’t it?

But it does sound like she’s considering a more realistic option.

One of her followers suggested the name Milo, and she responded with “Yes! That one keeps coming back to me!”

She does have some time though — in Delaware, you have ten days after the baby’s birth to choose a name for the birth certificate.

Whether she goes with Milo (which actually is very, very cute) or Climber or Francis or something different entirely, what a lovely little family she has here.

Congrats, Kailyn!