Karen McDougal Details Lengthy Affair with Donald Trump

Karen McDougal has come out and confessed to having had sex with Donald Trump.

We know: we’re as grossed out as you are.

But we’re also intrigued.

In an explosive New Yorker article, the former Playmate of the Year details her months-long affair with the current President, along with the extensive coverup system Trump set up to hide his extramarital affairs back during his real estate days.

The article was written by Ronan Farrow and titled “Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity.”

A section of the article that is getting re-published across the Internet explains how Trump used “clandestine hotel-room meetings, payoffs, and complex legal agreements to keep affairs – sometimes multiple affairs he carried out simultaneously – out of the press.”

Earlier this year, it was (strongly) alleged that Trump agreed to a $ 130,000 payout to porn star Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence over a 2006 affair with The Donald.

Since then, Trump’s attorney had admitted that he personally made this payment to Daniels.

But he did not provide any details as to why.

Farrow writes that Trump had a very close relationship with National Enquirer publisher American Media, Inc. and its C.E.O. and chairman, David Pecker.

Pecker describes the President as “a personal friend,” Farrow reports, who adds that the company would purchase the exclusive rights to a story about Trump’s affairs in order to bury it.

As for McDougal?

She claims she met Trump in 2006 during a taping of The Apprentice at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

McDougal says that Trump “immediately took a liking to me, kept talking to me – telling me how beautiful I was, etc.”

Married at the time to Melania – who had just given birth to the couple’s child – Trump asked for McDougal’s phone number and she says they later met and had dinner in a private bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Afterwards, they had consensual sex, according to McDougal.

The affair continued for nine months; it concluded in April of 2007.

McDougal says she traveled with Trump to the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in July of 2006 and was also at the January 2007 launch party in Los Angeles for Trump’s now-defunct liquor brand, Trump Vodka.

The ex-centerfold says she paid for everything and was “reimbursed” in cash over the course of the affair by Trump because he didn’t want a paper trail.

At one point, McDougal explains that Trump even gave her a tour of his New York City apartment and pointed to Melania’s second bedroom.

In this New Yorker piece, the White House responded to allegations about the affair as follows:

“This is an old story that is just more fake news. The President says he never had a relationship with McDougal.”

You are free to believe that if you so desire.

If the name Karen McDougal sounds familiar, it’s because she also slept with Bruce Willis a decade ago.

She was also the first woman to appear on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine and she starred in The Arena, a direct-to-video movie that maybe some readers watched.

McDougal was named Playmate of the Year in 1998.


Stormy Daniels Discusses Her Trump Affair on Jimmy Kimmel

In what would have been a huge scandal for a normal presidency, Donald Trump is accused of having had an affair with a porn star and then paying her hush money out of his own campaign fund.

Stormy Daniels, however, is not at liberty to speak on what may or may not have happened. But that doesn't prevent her from talking to Jimmy Kimmel.

You might think that an interview with someone under an NDA would be boring. As you'll see in the video below, this interview is anything but.

Stormy daniels and jimmy kimmel

The alleged affair took place in 2006, just months after the birth of his son, Barron. He had been married to Melania for a little over a year.

Though initial reports described only one sexual encounter, a later report on the details of "generic" sex with Trump revealed a lot — including that their relationship went on for months.

Also, Trump is terrified of sharks. Allegedly.

Stormy Daniels, who was born Stephanie Clifford, allegedly had to sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for $ 130,000 which was reportedly paid to her by Trump's lawyer using funds from his 2016 Presidential campaign.

So, though she reportedly spoke about this years ago, she is not at liberty to confirm or deny … anything.

Despite that, this video below is one hell of an interview.

Stormy daniels smiles

Fans of Trump who believe that this is all some sort of conspiracy to discredit Trump  like to portray Stormy Daniels as some Leftist concoction.

(Which is silly. Discredit Trump? Anyone still giving credit to Trump is fine with everything he's said and done since day one of his campaign, and probably cannot be reached by anything or anyone. He could eat a live puppy on television and they'd go "And YOU thought he didn't like dogs!")

The reality, however, is that Stormy Daniels is someone who promoted Trump businesses (attending the launch of Trump Vodka, for example; one of his many failed enterprises).

She's also — unbelievably — a big fan of Sarah Palin's. Remember when Sarah Palin almost being Vice President was the worst thing that we could imagine? It turns out that she was just foreshadowing.

So she doesn't quite fit the mold for a left-wing hero.

That said … she appears to have a great sense of humor.

Stormy daniels laughs

We suppose that you have to know how to laugh if you're one of the humans cursed with the knowledge of what Trump's penis looks like.

And Stormy Daniels really shows off her sense of humor and wit in her interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

(Some may say that Jimmy Kimmel or someone else coached her with funny, non-disclosing replies to his questions ahead of time. Even if that's the case, keeping her cool like she does is still impressive)

We can see why she says that her favorite show is Saturday Night Live. She'd be pretty good on an improv show.

And before you say that she's not an actress, remember that she was a porn star, that she's also a porn director, and that she was apparently able spend time with Trump without him being clued in to disgust.

And, in this video below, Stormy expresses some definite disgust.

Stormy daniels and jimmy kimmel state of the union

One of the cutest moments is when Jimmy Kimmel holds up a Trump doll that looks like it belongs in a Chucky film, asking her to show him what she and Trump did together.

Rather than complying, she holds up a Stormy Daniels doll with tape over its mouth. Very cute.

Another funny moment is when Jimmy lays out three carrots of different sizes and tries to get Stormy to choose one (by which he means that he's trying to get her divulge details about Trump's penis).

Stormy abstains, replying: "Who wants a carrot?!" That's a big mood.

On a sad note, she mentions the lies that have been concocted about her on the internet. She doesn't single out the stuff about Trump as lies, just conspiracy theory stuff about her that people make up. That's not cool.

Stormy daniels pic

It's no exaggeration to say that Stormy Daniels made us laugh or at least chuckle with almost everything that she said.

Part of that is Jimmy being a good host, but a lot of it is just Stormy being charismatic and likable.

Even if we don't see eye-to-eye with her politics, we can agree that she's a charming person.

Also, she doesn't deserve the lies that people concoct about her. Especially because she's a mom.

Perhaps, one day, she'll be free to tell all about Trump. That will be quite an experience.

Stormy daniels discusses her trump affair with jimmy kimmel

Josiah Duggar: Rumors of Gay Affair Resurface Following Courtship Announcement

Earlier this month, we learned that Josiah Duggar is courting Lauren Swanson.

The couple shared the news with fans in a video message posted on Facebook, and both seemed positively giddy about beginning the process that the Duggars describe as “dating with a purpose.”

News of a Duggar courtship is always greeted with excitement from the family’s legion of obsessives, but in this case, there’s been a pervasive sense of deja vu sweeping across the family’s fan pages.

The reason, of course, is that Josiah has been down this road before.

Yes, back in 2015, Josiah courted Marjorie Jackson, but in an unprecedented move, the couple parted ways just a few weeks after their relationship went public.

Five of Josiah’s siblings are married and every one of them wed the first person they courted.

Josiah and Marjorie parted ways with no explanation, which naturally led to speculation that they broke up for reasons that the Duggars would prefer to keep quiet.

The split took place at a time when the Josh Duggar sex scandals were still making tabloid headlines, but Marjorie would have known about that situation before she entered the relationship.

Duggar fans ran wild in their effort to come up with a reason why these two might have broken tradition by ending their relationship, and the best they were able to come up with by way of an “explanation” was that Josiah is secretly gay.

Some even went so far as to insist he was caught carrying on an affair with another young man, which prompted Marjorie to end the relationship.

These conspiracy theorists cite two pieces of “evidence,” one of which is patently ridiculous, while the other might–might–serve as an indication that Josiah engaged in some sort of sexual behavior that the Duggars would deem unacceptable.

First, the absurd:

Some Duggar fans believe Josiah is gay because he often wears pastel-colored clothing.

Yes, that’s seriously a theory that grown-up adults have espoused on Duggar message boards.

Like we said, not exactly rooted in hard science.

The other theory, however, might have some legs.

Around the time that his courtship with Marjorie ended, Josiah attended an Institute for Basic Life Principles cadet training program, which was reportedly not unlike the sex addiction treatment that Josh attended after getting caught cheating on his wife.

The Duggars’ response to what they deem sexual deviancy is generally to ship the offending party off for militaristic reprogramming.

We have no way of knowing if that’s what Josiah was forced to endure, but it’s certainly more compelling evidence than pastel clothing.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


James Kennedy Addresses Rumors of Gay Affair With Logan Noh

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules this season, then you know that half the cast is cheating on their partners, and the other half is acting like they’re deeply concerned for said partners, when really they’re loving every second of the drama.

At first, it looked like Jax cheating on Brittany would continue to dominate the race for this season’s most incendiary infidelity.

But in the past few weeks, a true dark horse candidate has emerged to prove that it’s not about the pasta … but it is about the noodles.

Yes, for the past two weeks, the show’s cast has been urging James Kennedy to come out the closet in response to rumors that he’s sleeping with his roommate, Logan Noh.

At first, they were basically tenting their fingers and cackling maniacally over the situation, but then someone whispered to them that they work in West Hollywood; they annually culture vulture a gay pride parade; and it’s 2018, so they probably should adopt a less bigoted stance on the possibility of their co-star being bisexual.

Now, their noses are still buried deep in James’ personal business, but they’ve changed their tack bit by pretending that they’re deeply concerned for his girlfriend.

It’s a tactic known as “concern-trolling” and it’s beloved by people who know what’s best for you.

Anyway, offering your two cents on the alleged romance between James and Logan has quickly emerged as the best way to guarantee yourself some of that sweet, sweet screentime this season, and the cast is behaving accordingly.

Even exiled former SUR-vers are getting in on the act, such as one Faith Stowers confirmed that James is gay and sleeping with Logan in a recent interview with Radar Online.

Of course, even the most salacious and problematic storylines get old after a while, so it should come as no surprise that the show’s writers James decided to put an end to the rumors once and for all on last night’s episode of Vanderpump.

Logan apparently told Brittany Cartwright’s visiting sister that he and James were sleeping together, but then he threw in a “welcome to Hollywood,” so he may have just wanted to give her Kentucky ass a story to go home with.

When James found out about this, he confronted Logan on speaker phone in front of an audience.

Logan admitted to lying and chalked it up to “being a jealous bitch,” but that wasn’t quite the end of it.

Many viewers pointed out that the conversation seemed very staged, and they’re right–but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was orchestrated by James and Logan.

Kennedy’s horrendous acting has been on display throughout this season, such as when he incessantly repeated “it’s not about the pasta,” having obviously been coached by producers.

It’s reality television, folks.

If you try to separate the real from the scripted, you wind up sounding like Neil DeGrasse Tyson watching an episode of Black Mirror.

The point is, this lame-ass storyline is being put to rest, and for that, we’re eternally grateful.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more from reality TV’s most sociopathic cast.


Stormy Daniels: Interviewed, Asked Directly About Alleged Trump Affair

You know how Donald Trump allegedly had a months-long affair with a porn star and then paid $ 130,000 for her silence with campaign money?

That porn star is sitting down for an interview. Right now, we just have the teaser video (below).

But based on her facial expression when she's asked if she ever banged Trump, we're in for a wild ride.

Stormy daniels pic

"Did you have a sexual relationship with Donald Trump?" the Inside Edition interviewer asks.

Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, tries to keep a straight face.

Her face cracks, revealing a smirk.

She doesn't say anything to that in this clip, but does acknowledge that it's common knowledge that the two of them at least met each other. You know, through their business relationship.

They do, after all, appear in photographs together.

Stormy daniels and donald trump

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump and the porn star who worked under the title, "Stormy Daniels," had sex at least once back in 2006.

This would have been shortly after the birth of his son, Barron, and not long at all after he married his wife, Melania.

What was truly explosive about this was that it appeared that Trump, through one of his lawyers, paid Stormy Daniels $ 130,000 in exchange for her signing a non-disclosure agreement in 2016, just months before that fateful 2016 election that we all wish that we could somehow forget.


Stormy daniels watches snl

"Saturday Night Live is my favorite show of all time," she says.

That's … quite something. Most people watch it (or at least clips of it), and though I have friends who've attended live shows and I've watched it since I was a kid, I never quite imagined it being a person's favorite show.

"You were portrayed on [Weekend Update]. What was that like?"

She says that being portrayed was "terrifying," for one good reason:

"Because I love SNL and I have a little crush on him. On Colin."

Doesn't everyone? (We're not getting into the is Colin Jost or Pete Davidson hotter debate here)

Stormy daniels photo

She admits that it would make her feel bad if Colin Jost were to say something mean about her during Weekend Update.

We imagine that she was relieved. Her portrayal did little to make fun of Stormy herself and mostly served as an indictment of people who elected Trump and of those who are more fascinated with salacious scandals than they are with actual issues like national security and treason.

She admits that she "giggled" while watching.

We'd hate to see people give Stormy Daniels a hard time over being a sex worker. if anything, though we may not share her political beliefs (she's a Sarah Palin fan, of all things), this woman deserves our sympathies.

After all, she possesses unenviable knowledge of what Trump's penis looks like.

Stormy daniels image

The alleged affair between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump featured "generic" sex, and reportedly lasted the better part of a year.

Many are hopeful that this Inside Edition will reveal hints, even if Stormy Daniels is still bound by the NDA that she signed, about Trump's infidelities and personal opinions.

(Beyond the fact that he's apparently terrified of sharks, and beyond the story about him wanting to be spanked with a Forbes … the world's worst product-placement for Forbes but actually a boon to shark preservation charities)

But it's important that we not lose focus. This is a detail relevant to Trump's marriage and hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of his "family values" supporters.

This is not relevant to Trump's total inability to govern or his incompetence or his monstrous personality. For that, see … everything else about him, ever.

That said, it's still an entertaining story, and we hope that you enjoy this clip:

Stormy daniels interviewed asked directly about alleged trump af

James Kennedy: Gay Affair Confirmed By Vanderpump Co-Star?

Earlier this week, we reported on rumors that James Kennedy is being urged to come out of the closet by co-stars who are suddenly deeply concerned with his ability to live his best life.

Kennedy’s Vanderpump castmates seem to believe that he’s engaging in an affair with his roommate, Logan Noh.

James has been dating Raquel Leviss for over a year, and thus has been quite keen to deny reports that he’s sleeping with anyone on the down-low.

Unfortunately for him, Kristen Doute and company fancy themselves the WeHo equivalent of th Scooby Gang, except instead of haunted amuesment parks, they investigate other people’s sex lives.

For reasons that remain unclear, Kristen has been as dogged as Robert Mueller in her pursuit of the truth about James’ wang.

And she may have just gotten the break in her case that she’s been waiting for.

You may remember Faith Stowers for sleeping with Jax Taylor and then lying and claiming that she was pregnant with his baby at the beginning of this season.

Vanderpump thrives on drama, but Faith went a little too hard for an ancillary character, and now it appears she won’t be returning to the show.

But that doesn’t mean she’s done stirring up sh-t:

“I’m not going to not say he’s gay,” Stowers said of James in a recent interview with Radar Online. 

“I think he has one foot in the closet, and one foot out.”

Faith says that as James’ former bestie, she had a front-row seat to the clandestine affair between the two roommates:

“I hung out with him every day. We were always together. We would go out and get wild,” Stowers says.

“Raquel would come with James, and Logan would be there. Logan is a very likable, lovable guy. But when it comes to James, he is very territorial. Logan is in love with James.”

Faith claims there’s no doubt that James and Logan are more than just friends, and she insiste Kennedy is keeping up appearances for the sake of his girlfriend:

“James wants to make Raquel feel comfortable, but he loves Logan,” she claims.

“They’re so weird, fighting, cussing each other out, and then I might look over and see Logan kissing James,” she claimed. “It is so intense!”

Just in case there was any lingering doubt, Faith adds that she once dropped by James’ and Logan’s place and made note of an unmistakable post-coital vibe:

“The place was super sweaty and had a post-sex smell,” she said.

“Logan’s hair was damp, he was sweaty. And James was in bed.”

We’re torn on this one.

On the one hand, James Kennedy is a terrible human being.

But on the other hand, we hate to see his private affairs made public like this, particularly when he’s being called out by a woman who’s already established herself as a liar.

It’s times like this we’re forced to remind ourselves that everyone on this show is an unrepentant sociopath and this group of “friends” fully deserve one another.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to remind yourself of how just ugly things can get at SUR.


Addie Zinone Delves Into Matt Lauer Affair, Vicious Backlash

The former Today Show staffer who carried on a month-long affair with Matt Lauer nearly two decades ago has spoken out on the misguided dalliance.

And she has a lot to say.

As previously reported, Addie Zinone came forward to Variety last week, revealing to the publication how she worked as a production assistant on the NBC morning program back in 2000.

At the time, Zinone was 24 years old.

She says Lauer sent her a message in which he said she looked “fantastic.”

She proceeded to ask him for some professional advice… he offered to meet for lunch… this led to another invitation to meet him in his dressing room… and this is where/when Zinone and Lauer first had sex.

The co-host was married to his second and current wife, Annette Roque, at the time of this affair.

Zinone went on to say a “several” other sexual liasians followed and acknowledged these actions were consensual.

But she still felt a need to speak out and to call out Lauer for the way he abused his power at work.

Especially over women and especially when it came to sex.

“He went after the most vulnerable and the least powerful – and those were the production assistants and the interns,” Zinone told Variety, adding of her motivation for going public:

“I’m putting my name and face out there to squash any doubts about the allegations from other women against Matt Lauer.”

In a follow-up to this initial story, Zinone sat across from Megyn Kelly on Monday and shared further details from her encounters with Lauer.

“This power dynamic in a workplace and how that imbalance really does affect your thinking, your ability to think logically, to be aware of what it is you’re doing and the impact it’s going to have for the rest of your life,” she said.

Zinone also described the unfortunate backlash she has received after making these accusations.

“When my husband and I decided that I was actually going to go forward with this and speak out and become a face, I expected some blowback of course,” the 41-year old said, adding:

“I understand that people are going to paint me as a home-wrecker, as a slut and a whore and those are things I have been called.

“It was suggested yesterday to me that ‘Please please go get hit by a bus.'”

Pretty awful, right?

Lauer was fired on November 29 amidst complains from a colleague over his inappropriate behavior at work.

Executives said at the time that they had strong reasons to believe Lauer had acted this way on multiple occasions, with multiple women.

Future reports than detailed how Lauer allegedly sent employees sex toys, demanded sex acts from them and even raped one of them in his office.

Zinone says she has no regrets, however, because she feels a need to “validate” the claims of other accusers and wants the world to know about Lauer’s “predatory behavior.”

Yes, however, Zinone feel ashamed for what she did 17 years ago.

“This shatters my family,” she told Kelly.

“They’re afraid for me. This all trickles down to a lot of people being affected, so having these conversations is important.

“But also, there’s a lot of shame attached to what I did . . . Everything was a massive mistake and I know who I am at my core and the core values I have, but of course, you carry shame.

“He had a wife. You do carry that your whole life. You’re thinking: ‘Why could I not get out of it? Why did I do that?’”

Lauer is yet to commend on everything Zinone has said and alleged.


Former Today Show Staffer Details Affair with Matt Lauer

Addie Zinone, a former Today Show production assistant, has given a detailed account to Variety of her affair with Matt Lauer.

In a lengthy interview with the publication, Zinone says she was 24 when she started sleeping with Lauer in 2000.

The host was recently married at the time to his current wife, Annette Roque.

After serving as an intern at the morning program, Zinone tells Variety she was offered an anchor position back in her home state of West Virginia.

Upon learning she was leaving, Lauer began to come on to Zinone.

In June of 2000, Lauer allegedly wrote the staffer a text that read:

“Hey, I hope you won’t drag me to personnel for saying this, but you look fantastic…

“I don’t know what you have done, or what is going on in your life … but it’s agreeing with you.”

Zinone says she thanked him and asked if the two could meet in order for her to gather “a little advice” from the veteran journalist.

Lauer agreed and met Zinone for lunch.

This is how she described the situation to Variety:

“My intentions were purely professional. I thought this was a way to get real-world constructive advice. What that turned into was an opportunity for him to come on to me.

“It was flattering, confusing, overwhelming. I was nervous. I didn’t know what to do with it. He was clearly trying to guide the conversation.

“He was there to hit on me and manipulate the situation, and I fell for it.

“Here’s how I should have known what I was getting myself into. When we left, he told me: ‘You leave first, and I’ll leave after.’

“In no lunch I’d ever had at Today had anyone suggested we leave separately, as if something was up.”

Confused over what was going on and feeling uneasy about how Lauer acted toward her, Zinone says she asked the host to get together for a discussion.

He requested the pair meet in his dressing room above studio 1A.

According to her account, she reminded him he was married, but…

“He opens the door. There you go. It crossed the line. It was a consensual encounter. It happened in his dressing room above studio 1A, which was empty in the afternoons.

“He got in his car and I had to go back to work, and now my life had completely changed.”

Lauer, of course, was fired late last month due to accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment.

Follow-up stories claimed he sent co-workers sex toys, demanded sexual favors of underlings and even raped an employee in his office.

In this case, Zinone acknowledges the relationship was consensual and that the two “met several [more] times” after this initial sexual encounter.

There was even one time, she claims, that Lauer used a button under his desk to lock his office door because he wanted them to have sex right then and there.

“It was embarrassing, because his secretary was sitting outside,” she says, adding:

“He wanted to do stuff. I was like, ‘No. I’m so in over my head. I’m not a performance artist.'”

The last time that Zinone says she saw Lauer was at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in California, when he supposedly told her to meet him in a nearby bathroom, where they proceeded to have “an encounter.”

Of the sexual variety, we assume.

She eventually quit her anchor job and joined the Army.

The former PA concludes that her situation was consensual, yes, but she still felt like a victim because she felt he had abused his power.

“He went after the most vulnerable and the least powerful – and those were the production assistants and the interns,” she told Variety.

“I’m putting my name and face out there to squash any doubts about the allegations from other women against Matt Lauer.

“I’m validating their stories because some of our experiences are similar. I want these women to know that I believe them, I want to help empower them and collectively we have a voice to change things.

“I have a 7-year-old daughter. I want to do everything I can to assure this doesn’t happen to her.”

Last we heard, the status of Lauer’s marriage was up in the air.


Wives Bonding Over Husbands’ Gay Affair: A Play-by-Play

When a Twitter user named BJ Colangelo sat down at an airport bar recently, she expected to sit quietly and enjoy a drink prior to boarding a flight.

She did NOT expect to overhear a pair of women discussing how their husbands are having an affair… WITH EACH OTHER!

Thankfully, Colangelo live-Tweeted nearly everything she eavesdropped, sharing the stunning and hilarious conversation with all of the Internet below:

1. For Real?!?

For real
How could she not listen in, right?

2. Love at First Sight?

Love at first sight
Something like that for these two.

3. A Helpful Life Lesson

A helpful life lesson
But we digress.

4. You Care a Little That They’re Gay, Right?

You care a little that theyre gay right
Be honest.

5. A Shot? Really?!?

A shot really
Desperate times and all, I guess.

6. Forget Reviving Sitcoms!

Forget reviving sitcoms
Just base a new one on these women.

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