Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal Settles National Enquirer Lawsuit, Free to Talk Trump Affair

Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal is clear to spill the beans about her alleged affair with Donald Trump … and, perhaps most importantly to her, make a ton o’ money off it. McDougal had sued the National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media, over a…


Brittany Zamora: Married Teacher Arrested After Affair With 13-Year-Old

Brittany Zamora is 27 years old. The teacher from Arizona taught sixth grade.

She is no longer a teacher, and not likely to be a teacher ever again.

Not after allegedly engaging in multiple sex acts with a 13-year-old student, some of which took place within a classroom.

Brittany Zamora 01

Sexual predators exist in all walks of life, unfortunately, but few have the degree of access to minors that a teacher does.

Brittany Zamora, seen above looking very unhappy in her mugshot, was arrested last week for a series of alleged sexual encounters with a 13-year-old student.

According to the boy’s statement to police, it all started when Zamora began flirting with him in a classroom chat.

Over time, during which one assumes that she groomed the boy to feel more comfortable with her inappropriate overtures, she sent him nude photos of herself.

From there, things escalated.

Brittany Zamora 05

Between February 1st and March 1st of this year, this extremely inappropriate relationship between a 27-year-old teacher and her 13-year-old student became disturbingly physical.

According to the Arizona Republic, Zamora and the unnamed student had sex on three occasions during that time.

Zamora also reportedly performed oral sex on the student in her car … and in a classroom.

During this, she sent messages that have since been preserved, with statements like:

“I [want to have sex with you] baby! I want you every day with no time limit.”

She also wrote: “If I could quit my job and (have sex with) you all day long, I would.”

This pattern of statutory rape was discovered by the student’s parents, who had installed an app on his phone so that they could spy upon his activities. (That tech is abhorrent and often used for the worst reasons, but this time, it was helpful)

From there, parents contacted the principal.

Hours later, Zamora was arrested. This all took place last Wednesday.

Brittany Zamora 03

There is a twist to this story, however.

Because there was someone else who knew about this illicit and illegal relationship for some — unknown — period of time before the arrest.

Brittany Zamora’s husband, Daniel Zamora, whom she had known since she was 15 — not much older than her victim.

Daniel reportedly called the boy’s parents multiple times and pleaded with them to not go to police with the report of Zamora’s actions.

Bizarrely, Daniel allegedly made an offer to the boy’s father that the two men could resolve the situation through a fight.

Brittany Zamora 02

Statutory rape cannot be resolved through, um, trial by combat or whatever it was that Mr. Zamora, clearly desperate to spare his wife from prison, was envisioning.

Some who have read the story have responded with shock and anger that Zamora’s husband was apparently aware of the affair, and some asked how long he had known.

The answer is unclear, but many assume that Brittany Zamora told her husband when she realized that she was caught. Better to hear it from her … we guess?

It is refreshing, at least, to see people respond with anger to news of this twisted crime instead of with jokes or expressions of envy.

Statutory rape is statutory rape, folks.

Brittany Zamora 04

Zamora made an appearance in court on Friday. She’s charged with multiple counts of sexual contact with a minor, child molestation, and transmitting obscene material.

Another student admitted to having witnessed the sexual relationship between teacher and student, and also admitted that Zamora had sent him an illicit photo, too.

Some have observed that they believe that these illegal relationships in which teachers prey upon their students are happening more frequently.

It may be, however, that since modern relationships so often happen through technology, these crimes have been happening for generations, and being caught more often now because they leave an electronic trail.

The world can be a frightening place.


Aubrey O’Day Porn Search Popularity Soars After Alleged Donald Trump Jr. Affair

If Aubrey O’Day is looking for a new career move, she should seriously consider doing porn. Pornhub, one of the biggest porn sites out there, tells us searches for O’Day’s name on their site rose a whopping 10,405% after news broke of her alleged…


Aubrey O’Day Wants to Make One Thing Clear About Her Donald Trump Jr. Affair

Aubrey O’Day is reportedly stating the obvious to friends:

Yes, the singer is allegedly telling those close to her, she slept for several months with Donald Trump Jr.

This is something she can’t really deny at this point, considering multiple outlets have reported on it and considering she wrote an entire song titled “DJT” about a past lover.

(Two notes on this song: 1. LOL!!!! 2. You can listen to it below.)

But TMZ now writes that O’Day wants to make something very clear in relaying details of this past relationship to friend:

Her affair with Trump did not end his marriage.

O’Day says that she started doing the nasty with Trump after filming on Season 5 of Celebrity Apprentice came to an end.

The shady businessman supposedly told the ex-Danity Kane group member that his marriage to wife Vanessa was essentially over and that he had actual, legitimate feelings for Aubrey.

And she believed him.

As previously reported, the affair came to an end after Vanssa Trump discovered racy emails between her husband and his mistress and then didn’t merely call O’Day to confront her about the affair…

… she called to confront her with her two little kids on the line!

This sort of effed up move was meant to lay the guilt on O’Day as heavily as possible.

But what truly put an end to the inappropriate romance was Donald Trump Sr. learning about it and telling her son to “focus on his marriage to make it work,” according to TMZ.

(Because no one out there is more against affairs and more for healthy marriages than Donald Trump Sr., right?)

Insiders tell TMZ that O’Day “devastated” people on the Internet are referring to her a homewrecker.

Her affair, after all, took place a full six years before Vanessa Trump filed for divorce.

The couple even had two more children even after Vanessa found out that Donald Jr. had been disloyal.

Unlike a few mistresses of Donald Sr., meanwhile, Aubrey swears she never signed a non-disclosure agreement and never asked for any money from the Trump family in exchange for her silence.

Why not come forward now, grant some outlet an exclusive interview and rake in big bucks?

Audrey doesn’t see the point.

She feels like she has “already lost,” explains TMZ, and probably assumes quotes on the record would merely lead to more ridicule.

For now, no one in the Trump universe has reached out to O’Day in any way.

No one has denied the rumor of this affair, either, basically guaranteeing that it isn’t merely some rumor.

Vanessa and Donald share five kids and we really do feel badly for them.

We may have many opinions about their dad and their grandfather, but their well-being is more important than anything here.

Upon announcing their split after 12 years of marriage, the Trumps released the following statement last week:

“We have decided to go our separate ways. We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families.

“We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time.”


Karen McDougal Sues to Speak Openly About Donald Trump Affair

Karen McDougal really wants to tell the world about Donald Trump’s penis.

Or, to be more specific and gross, about where Donald Trump’s penis once was in relation to her vagina.

As previously reported, McDougal is a former Playboy centerfold who claims she carried on a nine-month affair with Trump between 2006 and 2007.

But she also claims she was forced to sign a legal agreement many years ago that barred her from speaking openly about this relationship…

… and now she’s suing to have it overturned.

McDougal filed her legal documents in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, reports The New York Daily News.

She’s taking aim in them at The National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., alleging it paid her $ 150,000 for the story of her affair with the now-President — only to never publish it.

The agreement McDougal supposedly signed in 2016 did not require the Enquirer to publish her allegation, but it effectively muted McDougal on the matter, she states.

However, an attorney for American Media Inc. says this simply isn’t true.

Cameron Stracher tells The Daily News that McDougal is “already free to respond to press inquiries. That’s been true since 2016.”

(For the record, this is a different woman alleging to have had an affair with Trump and then claiming she was paid to keep it quiet.

You can go read about the other woman making this same claim, Stormy Daniels, HERE.)

But McDougal disagrees.

“AMI lied to me, made empty promises, and repeatedly intimidated and manipulated me,” McDougal said in a statement, adding:

“I just want the opportunity to set the record straight and move on with my life, free from this company, its executives, and its lawyers.”

The brunette earned Playmate of the Year in 1998, a distinction that followed many years of taking her clothes off for that famous magazine.

She also once dated Bruce Willis. But anyway…

Reads an except from the lawsuit:

“For several years, Ms. McDougal led a ‘Hollywood’ life, attending events and parties as both honored guest and hostess. During that time, Ms. McDougal had a 10-month relationship with Mr. Trump.”

The ex-centerfold did not go public with this past romance, but was exposed by Playboy Playmate Carrie Stevens in a series of tweets in May of 2016.

Convinced news of the extramarital dalliance would come out in full, McDougal hired entertainment lawyer Keith Davidson, who she says “assured her that the rights to publish her story were worth millions.”

But these new legal documents make an unusual assertion:

“Unknown to Ms. McDougal, Mr. Davidson was working closely with representatives for Mr. Trump while pretending to advocate on her behalf.”

McDougal allegedly received her $ 150,000 payment in exchange for a deal that did NOT include coverage of her Trump affair; but which did allow her to wrote multiple fitness articles for American Media.

It was basically a quid pro quo:

Here, Karen, take this money and stay quiet about the affair… and we’ll help boost your career by giving you a few bylines.

So this was not hush money, exactly, then?

Write The Daily News:

Even after her agreement was amended to say she could “respond to legitimate press inquiriers regarding the facts of her alleged relationship with Donald Trump,” it still said she could be on the hook for $ 150,000 in liquidated damages if she gave interviews “without prior written consent.”

It’s all a bit confusing, but the bottom line is that Karen McDougal wants to tell the world about sex with Donald Trump while he was still married.

She believes she is legally unable to do so and wants to change that.

Says her current lawyer, Peter Stris, in a statement:

“A quarter billion dollar company posing as a media organization systemically intimidated and silenced Karen McDougal in order to achieve its political and financial ends, and she will no longer be quiet.

“Through efforts including the collusion of her own lawyer, AMI has consistently deceived and manipulated Mr. McDougal through an illegitimate contract.”

We have a feeling this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing about this story.


Aubrey O’Day Had an Affair with Donald Trump Jr. (And Wrote a Song About It!)

Aubrey O’Day is the name of a quasi famous singer and reality star.

Based on a couple new bombshell reports, however, we can make the following joke:

For Donald Trump Jr., it’s more like: Aubrey Ohhhh, Ohhh, Ohhh… YAY!

Indeed, readers, the oldest son of Donald Trump allegedly carried on an affair with O’Day back in 2011, back when he was very much married to Vanessa Trump.

The pair met on the set of Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 in 2011, according to both Us Weekly and The New York Post.

“Things started up with Aubrey and Don Jr. toward the end of the taping,” a source close to artist tells Us Weekly.

This same source says that O’Day and Trump slept together from the end of 2011 until March of the following year.

News of this alleged romance comes just days after Vanessa Trump filed to divorce her sketchy husband.

(The couple shares five kids together – and, if this timeline is accurate, Vanessa was pregnant with son Tristan at the time of her husband’s affair.)

Trump worked as an advisor on this season of Celebrity Apprentice and reportedly told O’Day at the time that his “marriage was already in the process of dissolving,” per Page Six.

The newspaper even writes that Trump Jr. told Vanessa years ago that he planned on leaving her for O’Day.

Was the fling truly that serious? We can’t say for certain.

Why did it come to an end?

Trump Sr. supposedly stepped in when he heard about the relationship with O’Day and told his son to “knock it off.”

Adds the Us Weekly insider:

“He told [Aubrey] it was over with his wife, that they were separated and he didn’t love her – all of that stufd… Aubrey fell for him hard. She thought they were going to be together for real.”

Both the aforementioned magazine and tabloid are citing anonymous sources.

Both seem confident in their reporting, but neither story can be fully verified.

HOWEVER, consider two more pieces of possible affair evidence:

First, O’Day Tweeted on n election night in 2016 that she has a “story” she could tell in connection to the new President that would be “worth millions now.”

Second, O’Day actually released a song in 2013 titled “DJT.”

(You can figure out who has those initials, right? Exactly.)

The track features a phone conversation between O’Day and some unnamed guy, with her asking him at first:

“You want to believe that everything with me was a lie? A fantasy?”

He replies: “I’ll always want you and always wonder about it, but it doesn’t matter because I have to stay here.”

You may go ahead and draw your own conclusions from this song title and these lyrics.

Over this past weekend, direct messages between Trump Jr. and a model were also leaked online, during which Trump pretty obviously flirted with the model and also expressed an extreme affection for bacon.

These exchanges also took place in 2011 when Donald was married to Vanessa.

O’Day went on to date Jersey Shore star Pauly D for awhile, who is maybe the true victim in this case because if the reports are true, it would mean he got Donald Trump Jr’s sloppy seconds.


The stars are pictured together here:

Wrote Donald and Vanessa in a joint statement last Friday:

“After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways.

“We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority.

“We ask for your privacy during this time.”

Such a request is understandable to ask for, but unlikely to be heeded … considering Donald’s father is the most famous and most despicable man in America.