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Khloe Kardashian Splits With Tristan … After He Allegedly Cheats With Kylie’s BFF


Khloe Kardashian has thrown in the towel, breaking up with Tristan Thompson after she found out her baby daddy allegedly cheated on her with Kylie Jenner‘s best friend … TMZ has learned.

We’re told Tristan flew into Los Angeles to spend Valentine’s Day Thursday with Khloe and their daughter, True. On Saturday night, he hit up Delilah nightclub in WeHo, where he snuggled up with Kylie’s bff, Jordyn Woods

Witnesses tell us Tristan and Jordyn were all over each other in the club … making out. We’re told Khloe found out Monday and immediately broke things off with the NBA player. 

We’re told there’s little chance for reconciliation … Khloe and Tristan are done.

You’ll recall back in October, 2017, Tristan was at a hookah lounge in Washington D.C. where he motorboated a woman and got handsy with another. The video surfaced days before Khloe gave birth, and just before she delivered he was seen on video going into an NYC hotel with yet another woman.

Khloe hasn’t been back to Cleveland much this season, though the 2 still remained together. She was on hand when Tristan’s team ended an extended losing streak

We don’t know Kylie’s reaction to the latest development, but she and Jordyn have been inseparable.


Sailor-Kissing Nurse Statue Vandalized with #MeToo Spray Paint After Sailor’s Death

The death of the sailor in that famous V-J Day photo — where he kissed an unsuspecting nurse — is being marked by the #MeToo movement with an act of vandalism on a statue.

The statue recreating George Mendosa and Greta Zimmer Friedman‘s iconic moment from 1945 was tagged Monday in Sarasota, FL with red spray paint that spelled “#METOO.” Police say they don’t have any surveillance video or witnesses to the crime, at this point.

The vandalism took place on the heels of news that George had died at the age 95. While the photo of him kissing Greta is often romanticized — he later admitted he’d randomly grabbed her at the time and kissed her without consent.

For her part, Greta told CBS News in 2015 … “I did not see him approaching, and before I know it I was in this tight grip.” George said he’d had a few drinks and the excitement of the war being over compelled him to plant the kiss, which he said didn’t last long.

It’s interesting … Greta was willing to “reunite” with George at least twice in her life, and didn’t seem to be too upset about the kiss all those years later. Still, the question never seems to have been posed to her on the record … was she actually bothered by it?

#MeToo supporters have clearly weighed in on her behalf. Greta passed away in 2016. 

UFC’s Vicente Luque My Face Is Wedding Planner’s Nightmare … After Barberena Fight


Normally, UFC fighter Vicente Luque wouldn’t give two craps how his face looked after going to war in the Octagon — but this time it’s different, he’s getting MARRIED next month! 

Luque was the winner of that INSANE 3-round brawl with Bryan Barberena on “UFC on ESPN 1” on Sunday night … a fight that was so violent, each guy won a $ 50,000 fight of the night bonus! 

Luque tells TMZ Sports … he was in A LOT of pain after getting home Sunday night and could barely fall asleep because his face hurt so much. 

“I was in a lot of pain, man. So, I would sleep like 10 minutes on one side and then my face was hurting and I would move!”

The 27-year-old — who born in New Jersey — says his fiancee has been encouraging him to ice his face in the hopes that his bruising and swelling will go away by the time he’s got to pose for wedding pics … but we think the damage will make the pics look that much cooler!!!

“I’m not gonna have the best face for the wedding, but we’re gonna have a good time.”

Despite the damage, Luque says he had a BLAST during the fight and can’t wait to get back in the Octagon again as soon as possible. 

We asked if he’d be down for a rematch with Barberena — but he told us he wants to get a shot at a Top 10 fighter first … and then maybe a rematch down the line. 

He’s got a ton of respect for Barberena — telling us no one has hit him as hard as that guy — but his main focus is climbing the ranks and getting a title shot. 

Good luck! 

Chris Brown Back in the U.S. After Paris Rape Case Drama


Chris Brown‘s touched down in the USA, less than a week after being arrested overseas for allegedly raping a woman … something he strongly denies, and led him to file a defamation suit.

CB landed in a private jet with his crew at the Van Nuys airport outside L.A. Saturday afternoon. Everyone looked pretty chill after the long flight … and what was surely a turbulent week in Paris.

As we reported … Brown was arrested by French police Monday after a woman claimed she was raped by the singer in his hotel suite. CB was released on his own recognizance without bail hours later, though, and free to leave France … though he stuck around for work.

While the rape case hasn’t been dismissed, we’re told police had big problems with the accuser’s version of events … which factored into their decision to let Brown go.

Chris also has a problem with her accusations, and he’s taken action by filing a defamation suit and criminal case against her Thursday morning.

DMX Pit Stop After Prison Release … Snaps Pics With Employees


A few lucky DMX fans working at a Maryland gas station were among the first people to see the rapper after he got out of prison, and when they asked for a photo he replied … “X Gon Give it to Ya!”

Folks at the Royal Farms store in Frederick tell TMZ … DMX and his crew of about 20 pulled in Friday night around 7 PM to gas up and grab some goodies. We’re told everyone immediately recognized him and he was super friendly to the staff … agreeing to snap several pics before they took off.

We broke the story … DMX became a free man again Friday after he was released from federal prison in West Virginia. He completed a one-year sentence for tax evasion. He was first seen out in public post-prison with his son and fiancee, grabbing breakfast at a local spot.

As we’ve told you … the rapper is planning on dropping a new album and tackling some new movie projects in 2019, including a possible biopic. So, stay tuned!

Rob Gronkowski Unsure Of NFL Future After SB … Says Brother


Could Super Bowl Sunday be the last time Rob Gronkowski hits the football field??

His brother, ex-NFL player Chris Gronkowski, says maybe … ’cause the older Gronk tells TMZ Sports neither he nor the Patriots superstar is sure of Rob’s NFL future beyond Feb. 3.

“I couldn’t tell you, and I don’t even think at this point that he knows what he’s going to do after the season.”

Gronk’s no stranger to retirement rumors … he’s dealt with a TON of serious injuries in his 9-year career — and even reportedly threatened to walk if he was traded before this season.

But, the dude is only 29 years old … and is still a beast — which Chris says people are starting to take note of again now that fantasy football seasons are over.

“If you actually watched him play throughout the year, he was crushing people all year!”

Sooo … could there be only four more quarters of that in his legendary career???

Stay tuned.

Report: Hue Jackson Cussed Out Browns Owner … After Firing

Breaking News

Hue Jackson was so furious after getting the axe from Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam after a Week 8 loss to the Steelers, he cussed at his boss and threw him out of his office. 

This is all according to an explosive new ESPN report which says … if you couldn’t tell … things were a MESS behind the scenes in Cleveland this year. 

Haslam reportedly went to Jackson’s office to deliver the news after the team had chalked up another loss — sending their record to 2-5-1 on the season. 

When Haslam told Jackson that the team had “quit” on him and the Browns were firing the head coach, Jackson reportedly said, “Get the f*ck out of my office.”

So, why such anger in a moment EVERYONE saw coming? 

According to the report, Jackson’s position is that Haslam had given him a vote of confidence behind the scenes — telling him the team would be firing offensive coordinator Todd Haley, not Jackson. 

When Haslam decided to move on from Hue on October 29 … Jackson didn’t see it coming (despite an overall 3-36-1 record with the organization) and lost his cool. 

The article also paints Haslam as a guy who’s in over his head — who was adamant on selecting Johnny Manziel in the 2014 NFL Draft over Teddy Bridgewater because “something about Bridgewater’s handshake rubbed Haslam the wrong way.”

Of course, Manziel flamed out of the league while Bridgewater ended up being a pretty solid QB (despite injuries). 

Haslam also reportedly nicknamed ex-VP of football operations Sashi Brown, who is black, “Obama” because of his Harvard degree … which made people in the Browns organization uncomfortable and came off as racial stereotyping.

Brown, however, did not find the nickname disrespectful.

Jackson has yet to comment on the story — but we’re guessing that’s just a matter of time at this point. 

Bob Barker Ambulance Called to Home After Nasty Slip & Fall


Bob Barker has had another health scare at his L.A. home that required another ambulance and paramedics to treat the legendary game show host. 

Sources connected to Bob tell us the former ‘Price is Right’ host slipped and fell at his Hollywood Hills home earlier this month. Someone called 911 and paramedics rushed over, but they didn’t take him to the ER. 

Our sources tell us Bob was given the all-clear, and that he’s currently receiving in-home care for injuries from a prior fall. We’re told he’s regaining his strength from his 2017 fall, during which he also slipped and seriously hurt himself. 

He was transported twice in 2 months toward the tail end of 2018 — once in October and again in November … both of which had to do with his back flaring up.

And remember … Bob suffered a nasty fall in 2015 as well, where he tripped over a sidewalk and split his head open.

During his recovery, we’re told Bob isn’t taking any new jobs — including multiple offers for interviews — and is instead enjoying retirement and focusing on his animal foundation.

Get well and PLEASE take care, Bob. For all our sake. 

The Mooch on ‘Big Brother’ It Brought Me Down to Earth … After Just 6 Days!!!

Anthony Scaramucci‘s time on “Celebrity Big Brother” ended up being even shorter than his White House tenure but still … he says it still helped him feel like an Average Joe. 

President Trump‘s ex-White House Communications Director — for a now infamous 11 days — made a surprise appearance in Switzerland Wednesday after mysteriously exiting the ‘BB’ house. The Mooch appeared on Tuesday night’s episode … but it was clear from the online live feed he had left sometime on Monday.

We know from the episode he wasn’t voted out by housemates, but Mooch is keeping tight-lipped about his exit after just 6 days. In true reality star fashion … he dropped a “make sure you tune-in” line.

There’s a silver lining though — Scaramucci says signing up for ‘Big Brother’ brought him down from his ivory tower of snobbishness and elitism … and got him back in touch with his blue-collar roots.

He’s not great at keeping a job, but at least he’s entertaining about it! 

Lindsey Vonn Still Clinging to Hope … After Devastating Knee Injury

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Lindsey Vonn ain’t throwing in the towel just yet … but she’s close … saying she’s still holding out hope she won’t have to retire from skiing after suffering another major knee injury. 

Vonn pulled out of the World Cup super-G run at Cortina in Italy on Sunday due to pain in her knee — the latest in a spectacular career riddled with injuries. 

Now, the 34-year-old Vonn — the greatest female downhill skier ever — is opening up about the reality she might have to hang up her skis for good. 

“After a lot of physical therapy and time to clearly think things through, we have come to some conclusions about my knee,” Vonn said on Wednesday. 

“First, we discovered the reason I had so much pain and muscle shut down in Cortina was due to an impact injury to my peroneal nerve.”

Vonn says the pain got worse each day and by Sunday “my lower leg was in a lot of pain and my muscles had completely shut down.”

“Now that we know the problem the next issue is fixing it. So far we haven’t found a solution and as a result I will not be able to compete in tomorrow’s downhill training run. However, since this is a new ‘injury’ per say, I remain hopeful that we can fix it.”

“I’m taking things day by day and we will see what happens.”

“I know that I might not get the ending to my career that I had hoped for, but if there is a chance, I will take it. Thanks for all of the support you have shown me, it helps keep me going.”