Jenelle Evans: Did She STEAL A DOG In the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence?!

Thankfully, the impact of Hurricane Florence on the Carolinas wasn't as disastrous as some meteorologists predicted, but the storm still devastated many areas along the Carolina coast.

To the shock of many Teen Mom 2 fans, Jenelle Evans refused to evacuate ahead of Florence, but fortunately, her neighborhood avoided the brunt of the hurricane's impact.

But at this point, Jenelle is probably still wishing she had gotten out of Dodge for a few days, as her conduct in the wake of the storm is being heavily scrutinized these days.

And the latest accusation against her is so bizarre that we would never believe it — were it not for the fact that this is Jenelle Evans we're talking about …

1. It’s a Hurricane, Dude!

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Jenelle refused to heed the advice of experts, local authorities, and hundreds of fans, all of whom encouraged her to head for safer territory as Florence prepared to make landfall.

2. Braving the Storm

Jenelle evans hearts hurricanes
Jenelle and her family stuck it out through the storm, all the while posting pics of their relatively unaffected area, seeming as a middle finger to the haters.

3. The Aftermath

Jenelle evans and daughter on instagram
Eventually, Jenelle came to realize that even though her beloved “Land” survived unscathed, the hurricane was no laughing matter for many of her neighbors.

4. Helping or Hurting?

Jenelle eason bikini photo
In the wake of the hurricane, Jenelle’s behavior has been intensely scrutinized, as she’s claimed that she and her husband are helping their neighborhoods, despite not offering any evidence to that effect.

5. Classic Jenelle

Jenelle photo
Despite revealing that she and her family quickly ran out of food and gas, Jenelle has also downplayed her area’s plight by using a “#whathurricane?” hashtag and boasting, “With this storm I’m getting skinner [sic], y’all.”

6. Here We Go …

Jenelle evans gaze
Now, she’s facing some truly bizarre allegations. And as usual, she’s keeping a low profile and hoping this whole thing (no pun intended) blows over …

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Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: The Aftermath

Well, that was quite the turn of events. 

Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 13 picked up in the immediate aftermath of what happened at Chloe’s big birthday bash. 

Juliette made her way off the boat and demanded a lift home from Garrett. What followed was the most awkward car journey in the history of reality TV. 

Garrett took her home, and she reiterated the fact that she was looking forward to making her way back to school. 

The next day, Juliette made her way back to Tallahassee for school. She quickly opened up to her friends about the sorry state of her relationship with Garrett. 

The conversation switched up to what was happening between Juliette and Alex. The common consensus from her pals was that Alex was “disgusting.”

In reality, the pair makes a good couple because, well, they’re both as bad as each other. 

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Madisson recounted the big fight to everyone, and you could tell Kelsey was loving the fact that Juliette was on the outs with everyone else. 

Kelsey then opened up to her mother about heading to New York for some modeling work. Her mother worried because Kelsey previously stopped eating when she was trying to work as a model. 

Kelsey reiterated that she did not plan to go down the dark route again and that she was ready to make sure her health was in check. 

Her mother did not look convinced, but we’re sure we will find out more down the line. 

Elsewhere, Madisson got a job with Alex’s mother, and it gave her the platform to air her frustration about Juliette “going off the deep end.”

Alex’s mother did not seem to care much for Juliette, and it’s not hard to understand why. Juliette seems to float wherever she thinks she will get friends. 

There were two very different parties in the episode. Juliette had a party that was crashed by none other than Alex, while Kelsey and Madisson threw a party in their new apartment. 

“What’s up?” said Juliette, who was very excited about Alex’s presence. Juliette’s friends sat on the sidelines and complained about how stupid Juliette was for letting him show up. 

Back in Siesta Key, Garrett showed up at the housewarming, and it was evident that Carson was getting a little jealous. If you watch Siesta Key online, you will know that Kelsey has been getting closer to Carson of late.

It’s glaringly obvious that there is still a spark between the former lovers, so Carson should probably get out now. Maybe Juliette will snap him up because she loves picking up Kelsey’s hand-me-downs. 

When Garrett tried to call Juliette, she declined the call because she was a bit too busy getting up close and personal with Alex. 

The next morning, Chloe told Kelsey and Madisson that Alex was with Juliette. In Kelsey’s defense, she admitted it was sad that Juliette did not want to give Garrett a chance. 

Chloe wanted to know whether there was a chance for Kelsey to get back together with Garrett, but she shut all of the talks down. 

She wanted to look to the future, and not wallow in the past. She did have her modeling career to look forward to. 

Back in Tallahassee, Juliette’s friends were quick to find out what Alex was playing at, and he snapped at Hannah’s boyfriend. 

“I knew my friends meant well, but Alex was my mistake to make,” Juliette narrated. Yes, she’s deluded. 

Later, Chloe met up with Tarik and they chatted about how difficult it is to date in Siesta Key. 

Tarik opened up about his ex-boyfriend being murdered in the Pulse shooting. 

Chloe subsequently admitted the truth about Alex and Juliette to Garrett and it seemed to make him want to ice Juliette out. 

What did you think of the episode?

Siesta Key continues Mondays on MTV!


Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: The Aftermath of Another Pub Brawl

Pub brawls appear to be the norm on Floribama Shore. 

Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 5 picked up in the immediate aftermath of some dude saying derogatory comments to Gus. 

Candace, who we forgot even existed because of her severe lack of screentime proved she was supportive of her roomies and went out guns blazing at the man. 

Before we knew it, the entire cast had been kicked out of the bar because, well, they were all prepared to fist pump all over the dude’s face. 

Jeremiah’s brother, Josh, was coming town and the two men were like two peas in a pod.  

“He’s my gym partner, and he’s my boy,” Jeremiah said to the camera. 

Before we got to the big entrance, Kirk took everyone out on some pontoon boats to get full of alcohol and to make themselves look like a bunch of idiots. 

They had fun but never got involved in another brawl with the locals, so I couldn’t help but feel a little short-changed. Like Jersey Shore, Floribama Shore is at its best when the cast is exchanging expletives with the locals. 

Candace and Jeremiah were on the hunt for some hot people to have some hot times with. Wouldn’t it have been easier for them to just sleep with each other? 

Maybe it’s for the best. Ronnie and Sammie fighting on Jersey Shore grew tiring real quick. Jeremiah as “Single Ronnie” wouldn’t be all that. 

Nilsa was also on the hunt, and she got up close and personal with Josh who seemed to think that all of his muscles made up for his lack of brain cells. 

While everyone seemed to think Josh and Jeremiah were a great double act, Kortni was surprisingly against both of them. 

“I don’t think either one of these homeschool freaks are fun.”  Maybe Kortni had a good point, but she’s the woman who was marking her territory on beds a few weeks back. 

Nilsa, however, was intrigued by Josh and made him promise to sleep in her bed with her. They proceeded to make out right next to Jeremiah. 

Codi made the biggest mistake yet when he thought he could swoop in and sleep with Aimee. 

“I’m gonna come in there, and I’m gonna scoop you off your feet, and I’mma wear that motherfucker out,” he says with a grin, but Aimee was not interested. 

She liked all of the men in the house as brothers, but did not want to have sex with any of them. Smart move. 

Nilsa and Josh made it to the bedroom, but it was evident they were too drunk even to function. 

“If I taste like nasty pasta, will you tell me?” Nilsa asked. 

“I love pasta,” said Josh. 

While it’s unclear if they actually did the deed, Jeremiah did not seem impressed. 

Jeremiah took his rage downstairs when he heard Kirk and Codi trying to conclude why Aimee did not want to have sex with them. 

“We can all have our personal opinions … but you don’t say that shit out loud,” he said to the two men. 

Codi got mad, and he and Jeremiah stepped outside to have a good old fight. 

Oh, Floribama Shore, you’re becoming a guilty pleasure. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below. 


Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: The Aftermath

It would be the understatement of the century to say we weren’t a little bit intrigued to find out what happened on Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 4 after the epic brawl that broke out in the streets. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you will already know that Jeremiah was the only housemate who decided against joining in for the big fight. 

That’s not a good position to be in when you’re supposed to be showing your fellow housemates how loyal you are to them. But how did things pick up, exactly?

The exciting thing about the fight was that Gus was the one who managed to get everyone out of the area and back to the comfort of the house before the police arrived. 

Given that these kids are fighting on reality TV, we’re not so sure they will be able to stay out of the drama for very long. The fight did successfully bring the house closer together. 

Jeremiah was not impressed that the house got embroiled in the fight and actually felt like Nilsa should not have been letting some lewd comments get to her. 

Maybe he was putting on a front because it seemed like he was scared to get caught up in the fight. While he never gave much of an answer about his part in all of it, you could tell everyone was mad. 

This could be the start of a division in the house, and Jeremiah seems all too happy to be playing along with it. Jeremiah tried to stir the pot some more by inviting Kayla Jo out with everyone. 

Nilsa implied that she was playing nice with her enemy, but it quickly became some petty high school drama. The two women were trashing each other to the rest of the house. 

It was sad and proved that they are very false. When Nilsa learned that Kayla Jo was Wiccan, things only got stranger.Codi, Candace, and Aimee took issue with Kayla Jo hanging around all the time. 

Maybe they were scared of her doing some spells on them or something, but their hatred seemed to come out of nowhere. Jeremiah learned what was going on and called an impromptu family meeting. 

Jeremiah dragged Nilsa for trashing Kayla Jo and essentially said that it was fine for Kayla Jo to trash talk Nilsa. Everyone seemed confused because it was petty as hell. 

Nilsa did not roll over and had it out with Jeremiah before the pair finally stopped fighting. How long will this last? It’s tiring to watch such unlikable characters get so much screen time. 

Later, someone thought it would be fun to call Gus a derogatory name at a bar. Candace got ready to tear someone apart, and the episode came to a close. 

There is a lot of drama on this show, but it’s nothing compared to Jersey Shore. 

What do you think of it?

Sound off below.