Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Married! Again!

Congrats, Ryan and Mackenzie!

Yesterday, these two Teen Mom OG lovebirds had their second wedding down in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Was it as classy as their first wedding, the one that took place in the parking lot outside the aquarium?

Was it a more festive occasion, were there more guests than just Ryan's devastated parents?

Keep reading for the details!

1. True Love (?!?!)

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer pic
We don’t know too much about the beginning of Ryan and Mackenzie’s love story, but we do know that they met and began dating sometime in 2016 — probably later in 2016, since Mackenzie filed for divorce from her first husband during the summer.

2. The Fast Track

Mackenzie standifer engagement ring
Things apparently clicked for them though, because Ryan proposed that December, less than a month after her divorce was finalized.

3. Trouble in Paradise

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer photo
At first, Teen Mom OG fans thought that Mackenzie was good for Ryan, that she seemed stable and mature and that she’d help him get himself together. But that was not the case, because as time went on, he just got messier.

4. Poor Maci

Maci bookout on teen mom og
Sometime in early spring of this year, Maci Bookout, Ryan’s ex and the mother of his son, Bentley, learned that Ryan was struggling with a severe drug problem. We saw her struggle with the information on the show, but we never saw Ryan or Mackenzie address it — until the season finale.

5. Dream Wedding

Ryan edwards at teen mom og reunion
In May, Ryan and Mackenzie made the quick decision to get married immediately, even though they’d been planning a big church wedding for November. Mackenzie claimed that they wanted to do this to help in their custody case for Bentley, but, you know, that doesn’t exactly make sense.

6. Scary, Scary

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
As Ryan drove Mackenzie and himself to the wedding location, it became clear just how serious his problem was — he was so high he started nodding off behind the wheel. Instead of instructing him to pull over, Mackenzie turned the cameras off and asked him if he’d been taking Xanax “again.”

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Getting Married Again!

Ryan Edwards has been married to Mackenzie Standifer for six months now.

And what a wild and crazy ride it has been.

From the drugged-up drive to their first wedding to the fact that their first wedding was in a parking lot down by the river to Ryan's Tinder cheating scandal …

There's so much drama we barely even know where to start.

But since Ryan and Mackenzie are having their second wedding this weekend — the real wedding that they'd been planning before that abrupt decision to get hitched in the parking lot — we have to try!


Ryan edwards high
For a very, very long time — the entirety of his relationship with Mackenzie, even — Teen Mom OG fans noticed that Ryan looked pretty odd on the show.

2. Up to No Good

Ryan edwards gun pic
In addition to looking high as a kite 100% of the time, Ryan got into trouble for murdering a bunch of cats. For real. This is the beginning of the fairy tale love story of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer.

3. Meet Mackenzie

Mackenzie standifer screen cap
Right around the same time that Ryan was getting into trouble for killing those cats — and pretty much immediately after she filed for divorce from her first husband — he met Mackenzie.

4. Moving Fast

Mackenzie standifer engagement ring
… And then pretty much immediately after the divorce was finalized, Ryan proposed. Did we mention that Mackenzie was only 19 years old at this time? Because that feels like an important thing to mention.

5. Bad News

Maci bookout on teen mom og
A few months after Ryan and Mackenzie got engaged, Maci Bookout began opening up about his issues on Teen Mom OG. She started out by hinting that she was scared for his safety before finally breaking down about his drug addiction while on vacation with Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood.

6. Moving Faster

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer photo
Though they’d been planning a wedding for November, Ryan and Mackenzie decided to go ahead and get hitched in May because, as she explained it, it would help them in their custody case against Maci for Bentley. It didn’t make too much sense, especially since their custody hasn’t changed since then, but that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Getting Married This Weekend! Again!

Troubled Teen Mom OG cast member Ryan Edwards is getting married to Mackenzie Standifer this weekend, according to a new report.

It can’t be any more awkward than last time.

Back in May, as you clearly remember (how could you ever forget if you watch Teen Mom OG online), Ryan and Mackenzie made it official.

The only witnesses:

Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, an MTV film crew and millions of viewers at home who saw some disturbing dashcam footage.

As Ryan Edwards drove high to his own wedding, fans were up in arms over how Mackenzie – or the network – could ever permit that.

Before Standifer pulled the plug on the dashcam, Ryan could be seen driving the car while so out of it he seemed barely awake at times.

Not surprisingly, observers widely questioned the validity (or at least the sanity) of the bizarre parking lot wedding that followed soon after.

Edwards, who shares son Bentley with Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout, felt his efforts to win more custody would be aided by a marriage.

The logic of that is debatable – and likely hindered by the MTV footage in question – but that was allegedly why they rushed the nuptials.

Then Mackenzie blamed Maci for almost killing Ryan (not literally, but indirectly through her actions) and the whole thing was just a mess.

If Standifer and Edwards’ union got off to a rough start, it got worse, with Edwards busted sending d–k pics on Tinder to random girls.

And yet, six months later, they have weathered the storm, and according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, are ready to do it up right:

They’re getting hitched on Saturday!

Ryan and Mackenzie will be saying “I do” (again) in their hometown of Chattanooga, Tenn., with actual guests there to see it this time.

Unlike their first ceremony, Ryan’s son Bentley and Mackenzie’s son Hudson, as well as a bridal party, will watch them exchange vows.

Yes, MTV will film round two as well.

“They will be filming at the wedding, and a crew has been there capturing the pre-wedding stuff too,” The Ashley’s source tells the site.

“For awhile [production] wasn’t sure if Ryan and Mackenzie would allow the wedding to be filmed,” apparently, given their recent history.

“They declined to come to Los Angeles to film the special with the rest of the cast in October, and some other things. But they are filming it.”

It’s not clear if Maci Bookout will be attending, though there’s no doubt Maci’s reactions to the wedding will be a major topic this season.

Mackenzie and Ryan, as we said, have been struggling in their marriage after Edwards was released from rehab and going on Tinder.

While newlywed Ryan trying to bang other girls technically doesn’t concern her, it’s no shock that Maci feels he can’t be trusted as a result.

That incident, of course, opened up a can of worms, with Bookout and Edwards feuding and Ryan and Mackenzie on the brink of divorce.

At one point, Ryan even blocked Mackenzie’s number and told members of the crew and production team that he planned to file for divorce.

Didn’t happen, though.

To the surprise of many fans, Standifer stood by Edwards‘ side, even in the wake of what had to be a most humiliating ordeal. 

While Standifer made a grand public display of loyalty to Edwards with the photo above, she was clearly reeling – and furious.

“Please stop playing dumb. … I know everything,” Standifer told Ryan’s Tinder girl, further instructing her, “I want you to stop.”

When the Tinder match, whose photos have not been released, asked what she would like her to “stop,” Standifer threatened:

“Guess we will have to do this the hard way.”

It’s not clear what that means, or how Mackenzie dealt with her – or Ryan for that matter. But clearly things have progressed positively.

Just a short time, later, the Teen Mom couple has evidently worked through their issues and the (second) wedding is just days away.

Think it’ll last? Stay tuned.


Duggar Family: Facing Cancelation AGAIN?!

The Duggar family’s reality shows are not unlike cockroaches.

Before you get offended, note that we’re applying that analogy to the Duggars’ TV series, not to the members of the family themselves. 

And while that’s certainly not a compliment, it’s not quite an insult, either. Hear us out:

Back in July of 2015, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled by TLC in response to growing outrage over the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

Astonishingly, the decision didn’t come until two months after the world learned that Josh had molested five young girls, and even then, it took the loss of advertising revenue for network execs to finally act.

At the time, Duggar fans and detractors alike assumed that was the family’s time as a television staple had come to an end.

After all, surely viewers wouldn’t be quick to forget crimes so egregious and a cover-up so corrupt as the one perpetrated by Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, right?

Well, as it turns out the morals of the Duggar faithful proved to be more malleable than we would have thought.

To be fair, Jim Bob and Michelle did make the concession of assuring fans that Josh Duggar would never appear on their new show, Counting On.

In fact, the show was pitched as a limited-run documentary series that would focus on the couple’s then-newlywed daughters, a premise reflected in the series’ original title, Jill and Jessa: Counting On.

Ratings-wise, the show struggled from the start, and it has yet to hit the same heights of popularity as its predecessor, 19 Kids.

In season two, producers made the decision to broaden the focus and feature the entire family–except, of course, for Josh.

It seems most fans assumed that Jim Bob would eventually leap back into the spotlight, but many were surprised that he made the move quite so quickly.

As several industry analysts predicted, the change proved to be a misstep, and the show’s ratings continued their slow decline,

On October 23, the sixth season of Counting On came to a close with little fanfare.

Tellingly, TLC has yet to announce that the show has been picked up for a seventh season.

In a rare move, even the Duggars are admitting that the future of the series is in question.

Or at least the “close family friends” who operate The Original Duggar Family Fan Blog are admitting it:

“As of right now, a new season has not been announced,” the webmasters known only as Lily and Ellie wrote recently.

“But we will let you know as soon as it is.”

Obviously, it’s not a full-blown cancelation announcement, but it’s the closest the Duggars have come to admitting TLC might be having second thoughts about keeping the Duggars on the air.

This is hardly the first time that rumors of Counting On being canceled have circulated online, but it is the first time that sources close to the Duggars have publicly admitted the show might not be back.

And it’s tough to imagine that the Duggar media empire could survive a second cancelation.

Of course, like so many others, we predicted their demise the first time they went off the air, as well.

But like everyone’s least-favorite pestilential insect, Duggar TV ventures are nigh-impossible to kill.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Matt Baier: Trying to Get with Farrah Abraham AGAIN?!

Fact: Matt Baier is one of the most embarrassing people in the history of people.

Embarrassing, creepy, manipulative, gross … if it’s a negative adjective, there’s a solid chance it describes Matt.

We all saw how his relationship with Amber Portwood played out — how he reached out to her on Twitter right after she was released from prison, how he moved in immediately after meeting her for the first time.

We saw red flag after red flag, until eventually he was basically in control of her entire life.

She revealed that he was in charge of her bank account, of paying all her bills, and that at one point he even carried her license for her.

It was pretty alarming.

After a while though, Matt got a little too big for his Teen Mom-loving britches, and after stealing thousands of dollars from her, handing out drugs to her friends, and making sexual advances towards another woman, Amber cut him loose.

She dumped him in spectacular fashion over the summer, even threatening him with a lawsuit for the money she said he stole from her.

That wasn’t the first time she slammed him publicly before taking him back — far from it — so we imagine Matt couldn’t have taken it very seriously.

But after that, Amber really was done, and she began dating Andrew Glennon to prove it.

And if just dating him wasn’t enough to show that she was done with Matt, she also got pregnant just a few weeks into the relationship, if that.

It would almost be enough to make you feel sorry for Matt, right? 

Almost, but not quite.

Matt has taken the opportunity to get some attention again by giving an interview all about Amber’s pregnancy news.

“Amber is a great mother,” he said. “If this is what she wants then I’m extraordinarily happy for her and I wish them nothing but the best.”

He also said that he’d be sending her a congratulatory text.

It was a sweet enough thing to say, and he deserves some credit for not being too weird about the whole situation.

But then he gave an additional interview about Farrah Abraham, and, well, he doesn’t get any credit anymore.

To give a little bit of background, just in case you’d blocked out this part of Matt’s sketchy history, he actually tried to seduce Farrah via Twitter before he settled for Amber.

He tweeted her messages like “I’m a big fan and u r very beautiful” and “Forget online dating. I’d be honored to take u out.”

Somehow she managed to resist his obvious charms, and Matt moved on to Amber.

(Well, he tried Jenelle Evans next, and then moved on to Amber, but let’s not add insult to injury by pointing out that Amber was Matt’s third choice of Teen Moms.)

He’s claimed that he never wrote those things to Farrah, that his friend tweeted the messages from his account, which … come on.

After Farrah saw that Amber was with Matt, she tried to call her and warn her that he’d been creeping all over the place, but Amber refused to listen to reason.

Later, Farrah said during a reunion show that Matt looked like a pedophile, Amber tried to fight her, and now they’re mortal enemies.

Matt supported Amber’s hatred of Farrah at the time, even dedicating much of his memoir to how awful she is, but he’s changed his tune now.

Speaking out about Farrah’s supposed firing from Teen Mom OG for her work in the porn industry, Matt defended her by saying that “Farrah and I have always had our differences, but what she does to support her child is her business.”

“One thing I have always respected about Farrah is the fact that she works constantly. People may not agree with how she makes her money, but at least she is setting her family up for the future.”

About MTV, he said the network “has a lot of balls passing moral judgment on anyone.”

“It seems like their motto is ‘you can’t act stupid or do anything we deem immoral unless of course you do it on our show and it helps ratings.’ Total double standard and total hypocrites.”

“Act as immoral as you want,” he continued. “Just don’t do it outside the confines of the show. Keep the crazy in the house.”

Uh … yeah? MTV has a reality show to make, is it really outrageous that they’d prefer any and all shenanigans to be shenanigans that can be put on Teen Mom?

Sure, it’s dumb to think they’d be cool with Jenelle’s heroin use and Amber’s domestic violence but not Farrah’s work in adult entertainment.

But if that’s where they draw the line, then that’s their decision.

And besides, Matt, no amount of sucking up in the press is going to get you in Farrah’s good graces. Stop.

See what we mean about how embarrassing this guy is?


90 Day Fiance: Did Nicole Cheat on Azan … AGAIN?!

Nicole and Azan aren’t new to 90 Day Fiance, but the couple has returned to season 5 because … well, things didn’t exactly get wrapped up in season 4.

But a new development has arisen, and fans are wondering if it could tear this couple apart.

Did Nicole cheat on Azan? Or, more accurately, did Nicole cheat on Azan … again?!

First, a refresher:

Nicole is from the US, while Azan is from Morocco.

The couple managed to hit things off online, but Azan wasn’t happy when he met Nicole and her body was a little larger than he’d realized.

Azan could have handled that more sensitively.

(Remember, folks — people don’t have to be attracted to someone but they do need to be nice about it)

Azan himself is extremely fit, so that contrast adds to the couple’s dynamic.

This season, Nicole is headed back to Morocco — and she’s bringing along her toddler, May, to see how Azan is with her.

That’s great, because if you already have a kid, seeing how good of a parent someone can be is quite frankly the most important thing that you can learn about them.

(When you’re a parent, your child has to come first. Always)

And let’s not forget that Nicole and Azan’s future depends on Nicole’s father’s willingness to foot the bill for Azan to come to the US and actually go through the visa process and, you know, marry Nicole.

But, last season, we saw the first wrench get thrown into the gears.

Because Nicole confessed to Azan that, before she flew out to Morocco and met him in person, she cheated on him.

Azan was able to forgive her, which is great.

But some time after she returned from meeting with Azan in Morocco, Nicole slipped off her engagement ring … ostensibly for a night out with some female friends.

That’s what Nicole told Azan.

As it turned out, though, Nicole took off her ring so that she could hang out with a male friend.

Women — engaged or married or whatever — can absolutely be friends with men, contrary to what Mike Pence might think.

But if you have to take off your ring to hang out with somebody … that doesn’t sound like a friendship.

Not to us, anyway.

Nicole assured Azan that nothing of an intimate, cheating nature happened when she went ringless with a guy friend.

And Azan was, once again, able to forgive Nicole.

More than that, though, it looks like the two of them are still really getting along.

As in, in real-time, not whenever these episodes of 90 Day Fiance were filmed.

Nicole has been gushing about Azan on Instagram, and the couple has been showing off their fair share of PDA in Instagram photos.

Just last week, Nicole was positively gushing about how much her daughter, May, and Azan love each other. And about how much she loves them both.

That probably qualifies as spoilers for this season of 90 Day Fiance, but they’re really the best kind of spoilers, right?

Long-distance relationships are tough, so maybe these little slip-ups of Nicole’s won’t keep happening once the two of them have settled down together in the US.

Like, after they’re married and have a routine and are living together, a lot of conflicts should hopefully go away as the two of them put precious little May first.

Many fans will rejoice at that.

Of course, some “fans” of 90 Day Fiance are haters of Nicole, and try to body-shame on her own Instagram. That’s not an okay thing to do, folks.

It even looks like Azan is over his surprise and insensitive misgivings. How Nicole and Azan feel about her body is really all that matters.

We’re rooting for this couple, and we look forward to seeing where this relationship will take them both.