Mechanic Steals Airplane, Crashes to Death In Puget Sound

A bizarre and tragic story unfolded on Friday night in and around Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

According to various outlets, as well as footage captured by stunned pedestrians, an airport mechanic hijacked a plane around 8 p.m., flew it around for about an hour…

… and then crashed into the Puget Sound in Washington, killing himself in the process.

an airport

The man, who was referred to as Rich by air traffic control personnel in various exchanges that have been made public, worked for Alaska Air Horizon and allegedly stole a Horizon Air Q400, shutting down the airport for a brief period of time.

In a statement released on Twitter last night, Sea-Tac Airport officials confirmed the reports of an “unauthorized takeoff,” saying in full:

“An airline employee conducted an unauthorized takeoff without permission at Sea-Tac; aircraft has crashed in south Puget Sound. Normal operations at Sea-Tac Airport have resumed.”

The incident is not considered to have been a terrorist act of any kind.

Instead, based on the aforementioned traffic control exchanges, it appears to have been a suicidal act by a troubled individual.

“Male is confirmed a suicidal male. Acted alone he is 29-year-old Pierce county residence [sic],” the Pierce County Sheriff Department Tweeted late Friday.

plane in sky

The drama actually played out live over air traffic control monitoring sites.

In audio recordings of the incident posted on Broadcastify, Rich can be heard talking to air traffic controllers as they try to guide him to land the plane.

“I’ve got a lot of people that care about me, and it’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this,” the man says.

“I would like to apologize to each and every one of them. Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess. Never really knew it until now.”

It’s terrifying and upsetting to listen to.

air traffic exchange

Earlier in the flight, the man says: “This is probably like jail time for life, huh? I mean, I would hope it is, for a guy like me.”

“Well,” a controller replies, “we’re not going to worry or think about that. But could you start a left-hand turn, please?”

Throughout the back-and-forths, controllers are calmly trying to steer the man away from any place where he could cause damage by landing or crashing the plane.

They are trying to save his life and also the lives of everyone underneath his flight path.

“Let’s get you on the ground so you don’t hurt anyone,” someone identified as Captain Bill tells Rich.

As Rich flew over the water, a pair of F-15 fighter jets were dispatched to intercept the plane; neither were involved in the eventual crash landing.

The plane was seen by a number of witnesses doing stunts before crashing, as witnesses shared videos of the low-flying aircraft on social media.

“Some dude stole a plane from #Seatac (Allegedly),” Tweeted one witness, adding:

“did a loop-the-loop, ALMOST crashed into #ChambersBay, then crossed in front of our party, chased by fighter jets and subsequently crashed. Weird times.”

air tweet

Weird times, but mostly sad and tragic times in this case.

The plane was taken from a maintenance position and was not scheduled for a passenger flight, said Gary Beck, Horizon Air’s president and chief executive officer.

An investigation is underway to determine more, but it is not believed that anyone outside of the pilot/mechanic was harmed.

“Our hearts are with the families of the individual aboard as well as all of our Alaska Air and Horizon Air employees,” said Constance von Muehlen, the airline’s chief operating officer.


Couple Caught Very Clearly Having Sex on Board Airplane

We never thought we'd need to say this, but here we go:

There's a big difference between getting married on board an airplane and having sexual intercourse on board an airplane.

The former arrangement can be pretty romantic, despite its unusual setting, as evidenced by the following video:

The latter, though? It's just weird and gross and dirty, despite being sort of admirable.

We say this because a man and a woman were recently videotaped while very clearly getting it on while flying about 35,000 feet over the ground.

This isn't the first time a couple has joined what society has deemed The Mile High Club, but it's gotta be one of the first times they have dared to do so without going into the bathroom first.


These two just starting humping on their seats!

“My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this……..” Twitter user @kileytully wrote alongside the borderline NSFW footage, which was filmed by her mother.

The video has been viewed over 4.2 million times since it went live — and it's easy to see why.

How often do you see a woman just straddle a man mid-flight and thrust all around?

Here's the thing, though: these two nearly got away with it!

At one point in the video, the mother of the aforementioned Twitter user pans around to the rest of the cabin, showing happily unaware fellow travelers.

Granted, we assume, if someone had gotten up to use the restroom, he or she would have seen what was going on.

But we almost can't blame the horny couple in question for trying to get away with their lewd act.

It's not like any nudity is showing!

NOTE: Silver Airways has confirmed the video was taken on one of its flights, according to the Daily Mail, and also told the outlet it is working to confirm its authenticity … but did not condone the type of behavior.

We guess we understand what it has to say that.

But check out the footage above for yourself.

We've seen more naked action on the Instagram account of Kim Kardashian.

Couple caught very clearly having sex on board airplane

Woman Gets Very Annoyed Over Man Jerking It on Airplane

In a word? YIKES!

In another two words? EWWWW! GROSS!

Elly Shariat, the head of a PR agency, has gone viral for the nightmare she recently lived through while flying from Las Vegas to Philadelphia on board a Southwest airline.

The poor woman says the next to her was not only viewing adult entertainment while jetting through the apparently VERY friendly skies…

… he was also pleasuring himself to it.

For real!

Shariat live-Tweeted this nauseating scenario, including the response of Southwest when she made the company aware of what was taking place.

You may not want to, but you know you have to scroll down to read all about this incident:

1. Down with Southwest?

It hasn’t been the best run of late for Southwest, as one of the company’s planes nearly killed everyone on board in April of 2018.

2. And Remember This Incident?

Swp lane
The airline once gave the bootto a famous musician for the type of pants he was wearing.

3. But This? This May Take the Really Terrible Cake

Gross schmudt
We just wanted to give you proper warning. Okay? Here we go…

4. One Man’s Orgasmic Bliss…

… is another woman’s biggest nightmare. Yes, we’d agree this is “an issue.”

5. Maybe If He Had a Nice Eggplant?

But that thing is tiny AF, Southwest. I don’t want to be looking at it.

6. Come On Now!

No way this happened, right? You know what that emoji stands for, right?

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Emotional Support Peacock Gets Denied Seat on Airplane

We could all use a little emotional support at times.

But this is getting ridiculous.

As frequent travelers are likely aware, animals deemed to provide this sort of comfort to airline passengers have become more and more popular over recent years.

There's a small dog on nearly every flight these days.

But a conceptual artist with the name "Ventiko" on Instagram recently took the program one step further: she tried to take her "emotional support" peacock, Dexter, on board a cross country flight from Newark to Los Angeles.

This is the story of that bird's thwarted flight and the Internet's response to it…

1. This is Dexter

This is dexter
His owner had been warned three times by United Airlines that he would not be permitted to travel with her. Nevertheless, she persisted in trying to get him on board.

2. And We Mean… PERSISTED!

And we mean persisted
She did not take no for an answer, not for awhile. Dexter has his own Instagram page and “wrote” the following as a caption to the photo above: “Spent 6 hours trying to get on my flight to LA (after following all required protocol) Tomorrow my human friends are going to drive me cross country! Keep an [eye] out for us!”

3. What? I’ll Pay for His Seat!

What ill pay for his seat
Even an offer to pay for Dexter’s seat by his owner did not earn the bird a spot on the flight.

4. The Internet Reacts!

The internet reacts
Not everyone thought the idea of an emotional support peacock was all that outlandish, not when compared to some other animals in airports.

5. Down with Dogs!

Down with dogs
Not all dogs, of course. But many users seem to prefer Dexter over the canines they’ve encountered on trips.

6. No One is Allergic to Peacocks

No one is allergic to peacocks
Think about it, airlines.

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