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Alex Smith In Gnarly Leg Brace … 2 Months After Injury

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Alex Smith ain’t out of the woods yet — the QB is still using crutches and a complex brace around his leg … 2 months after suffering a gruesome injury against the Texans. 

The Washington Redskins star finally surfaced in public Monday at the Wizards-Pistons game in D.C. with his leg wrapped in bandages and what appears to be a Taylor Spatial Frame

FYI, a TSF is often used by doctors to treat compound fractures. It essentially helps the bone heal correctly with the use of pins, wires and rods. 

Smith’s right leg was snapped in half in a game against the Texans on Nov. 18 … with Smith ending up breaking both his fibula and tibia to the point where bone poked through the skin.

In fact, the injury was so devastating … reports say Alex needed further surgeries to correct an infection he got following the first operation to fix the issue.

But, Smith seemed to be in good spirits as he watched the hometown Wizards from a press box … even smiling as he spoke with people in the arena.

It’s unclear whether Smith plans to play ever again … releasing a statement just a few weeks ago, saying, “Although this is a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong.”

“We would ask that everyone please honor the Smith family’s request for privacy at this time.”

Alex Honnold When I Climbed El Capitan Without a Rope I Didn’t Think About Death


Alex Honnold is f-ing incredible … the guy who completed the first free solo climb of El Capitan is humble and almost nonchalant about his superhuman feat.

We got Alex at AMC Empire 25 Saturday night in NYC and asked about his historic climb in June 2017 … now the subject of “Free Solo,” a National Geographic documentary.

He says the 3,000-foot climb, on the mountain called the epicenter of the rock-climbing world, was not particularly scary … meaning he really didn’t think about death.

He made the 3-hour, 56-minute climb without any rope or other preventative measure that would break a certain death fall.  

People have called the accomplishment the moon landing of free soloing. 

Alex, who says he’s going back to what he knows — climbing — seemed overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the Big Apple.

Truly incredible!