Pauly D: Aubrey O’Day Is Almost as Crazy as Ronnie’s Baby Mama!

It’s nice to have Jersey Shore back, isn’t it?

Sure the show has changed a bit, in that it’s roughly 95 percent Ronnie baby mama drama, but we can always rely on old DJ Pauly D to bring some levity to the proceedings with his signature wit and quotable catchphrases.

Of course, if you prefer to think of Pauly as a lovable smartass with hilarious hair, it’s best if you stick to Jersey Shore and avoid Marriage Boot Camp like the plague.

Over on that series, Pauly’s life involves less fist-pumping and more head-butting as he continues to lock horns with ex-girlfriend Aubrey O’Day.

Pauly and Aubrey dated in 2016, and even though they’ve been broken up for quite some time, didn’t even date for that long, and have no real ties to one another, they’re still working on their “relationship” on MBC because money.

On Friday’s episode of the show, the always-melodramatic O’Day described her time with Pauly D as “torturous.”

Not surprisingly, Rhode Island’s premiere party-rocker took umbrage with that description.

“I was very shocked,” Pauly told Page Six on Monday.

“I’m like, ‘Oh wow, this was a bit dramatic. Torturous’? That’s an interesting word. If it was tortuous, why would you stay in a torturous relationship?’

“And I’m the one that left her,” he added.

“I think that’s a little bit fabricated but if that’s the way she feels, it’s a good thing we’re not together anymore.”

And Pauly’s not the only one who feels that way.

His Shore castmates have been quite outspoken about their distaste for O’Day, with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino being particularly critical of the Making the Band alum:

“He always has my back as my brother, and he sees that she’s not the right one for me,” Pauly said of Mike’s concerns.

“I truly felt like I was involved in a situation that was extremely toxic and I did not understand why or how to get out of it,” he adds.

O’Day, meanwhile, is defending her use of such a hyperbolic term to describe her relationship with Pauly:

“I felt like that was the right term to use and it’s my journey and that’s the best term that I could think of to describe what I went through for two years,” she tells Page Six.

Something tells us Pauly is happier than ever to be out of that relationship and back with his one true love — Vinny Guadagnino.


Jenelle Evans: I Got PTSD from Almost Shooting That Guy, Dude!

This season of Teen Mom 2 has been one wild ride, huh?

Especially for Jenelle Evans.

She's always brought the drama to the show, but this season, she really outdid herself.

Her husband got himself fired after going on a homophobic rant, she likely scarred her son for life when she got a case of road rage so bad that she pulled a gun on some guy …

There was a whole, whole lot of bad stuff.

And during her segment on the reunion special, Dr. Drew tried his best to discuss those things with her.

It didn't go great.

1. Oh, Jenelle …

Jenelle evans and a green screen
Jenelle is a mess. An absolute mess. She always has been, we fear she always will be, and it’s a weird, sad situation.

2. Totally Normal

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
In addition to being a mess, she’s also becoming a co-dependent shut-in, it seems, because she’s been refusing to attend any MTV events without her creeper husband, David Eason.

3. A Problem

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Except MTV fired David for being homophobic garbage, so that’s not exactly in the cards.

4. Ugh

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
We’ll get into all that, but the point is that David was fired and banned from filming but Jenelle can’t go anywhere without him, so instead of flying out to film the reunion with the rest of the cast, Dr. Drew flew down to her swamp and spoke to her there.

5. Lots to Discuss

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Dr. Drew sure had plenty of topics to discuss with Jenelle, since the girl was such a disaster this season.

6. Classic

Jenelle evans best picture
And you know Jenelle had plenty of dumb things to say to Dr. Drew.

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The Situation: I’ve Been Sober for Almost Three Years!

Remember back in the old days of Jersey Shore, before any of the cast members had kids and they were just out there, living their messiest lives?

Those were wild times, right?

And, looking back, they were actually kind of sad times, too.

While Ronnie and Sam’s terrible relationship made for some fantastic reality television, it was also pretty remarkably unhealthy.

Since Ronnie’s in another remarkably unhealthy relationship these days, complete with domestic violence charges, things obviously haven’t changed too much for him.

Snooki and JWoww are both married with kids, and Deena is married and pregnant.

Sammi is trying to lead a more private life now with her boyfriend, and Pauly D and Vinny both seem happy with the lives they’ve made for themselves.

As for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino … boy, he sure was a piece of work, huh?

He partied as much as the rest of his co-stars back in the day, maybe even more.

After all, he did go to rehab in 2012 to get help for an addiction to pills.

In 2015, he suffered an injury at the gym, and his doctor prescribed him painkillers, which led to a relapse.

He went to rehab again after that, and as he announced in a new post on Instagram, he’s been clean ever since!

The Situation is sober

In his post, he shared two photos — one of him in the neck brace he wore in season four after he ran headfirst into a wall during an argument with Ronnie, and one of him proposing to his now-fiancée, Lauren Pesce.

“33 Months Clean & Sober,” he wrote for his caption.

“Went from Running into a Wall to Down on One Knee. We do recover.”

It has been a pretty amazing transformation, honestly.

And most of his fellow Jersey Shore cast members have taken the time to praise him for his hard work.

“Proud of u my bro,” Pauly D wrote in a comment on Mike’s post.

“Love you Mike!!!!!” Deena told him. “So proud of you brother.”

Snooki said “I am legit crying im so proud of you,” which is really sweet.

Even Angelina popped in with a simple comment of “resilience,” and how crazy is that?

Besides the Jersey Shore crew, tons and tons of his followers flooded the comments to tell him how proud they were of him, what a great role model he’s become, that sort of thing.

And those people are right — he really has turned his life around in a major way.

Back in the day, he was really just a seriously obnoxious douchebag who got arrested and sued pretty regularly, and he even thought it was a good idea to commit tax fraud.

Just take a look at the top portion of that “then and now” photo he shared: that’s a photo of a guy who got into a dumb argument with his roommate and decided to ram his head directly into the wall for reasons that we still can’t quite understand.

But now, he’s settled down, he’s pretty likable, he’s getting his legal issues sorted (even if that means spending some serious time in prison).

He’s even getting married.

So good on you, The Situation. Good on you.


Vicki Gunvalson: My Daughter Almost Lost Her Leg … And Her LIFE!

Even though The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson blocked her son-in-law on FaceTime over a feud back in May, she loves her family.

She especially loves her daughter, Briana Culberson, and misses her. They live on opposite coasts.

Now, Vicki is reflecting on what it was like to almost lose Briana to a dangerous infection just a few years ago. These details are chilling.

Even if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you won’t have seen this particular story.

Speaking to the Daily Dish podcast this week, Vicki Gunvalson relives the painful memory of daughter Briana Culberson’s brush with death.

“We almost lost her a couple years ago,” Vicki shares about her 31-year-old daughter.

“That was one of the biggest fears I had in my life while I was filming,” Vicki admits. And that’s no surprise — it’s every parent’s worse fear.

Vicki says: “It’s my ‘Oh, my God,’ moment.”

Vicki elaborates, revealing some of the details of her daughter’s ailment.

“She was super, super sick,” Vicki shares, explaining that Briana “got a very, very bad infectious disease from the hospital.”

Your mind might jump to a staph infection, but this was no ordinary situation, as we’ll explain in a moment.

Revealing how bad things became at one point, “They almost amputated her leg.”

We are relieved that it didn’t come to that — but Vicki and Briana herself have to be much more relieved.

“The viewers don’t know” the details, Vicki says. “But we can share it now because she survived it.”

That entire ordeal must have been scary and nightmarish.

“But it was horrible,” Vicki says, stating the obvious.

This isn’t the first time that she’s mentioned this terrifying ordeal.

Back in 2017, Vicki said that Briana contracted the infection during a surgery that she received in Oklahoma.

“It almost killed my daughter,” Vicki revealed at the time.

Vicki shared: “[The scalpel was infected] with feces from a previous surgery the day they put inside her body.”

“So, not good,” Vicki said. “She almost lost her leg.”

“I mean she almost died,” Vicki clarified. “And all this stuff.”

Briana actually works as a nurse at UNC Medical Center. The Triangle area of North Carolina is home to a number of world-class hospitals, and we’re sure that they’re lucky to have her.

“[That] is actually where she works,” Vicki gushed. “She’s an ER trauma nurse.”

Briana lives in North Carolina with her husband, Ryan Culberson, and their sons, Troy and Owen.

Briana also has lupus, a dangerous autoimmune disease.

“They’ve got a great lupus center out there,” Vicki says. “So if God brought her out there to help her get through this, that was the good thing from it.”

Vicki misses her daughter but is glad that she’s where she wants to be with her loving family and where she can receive the medical treatments that she needs.

Still, with this happening just a few years ago, we imagine that the trauma and heartbreak of that near miss are still haunting Vicki.

She is probably still processing it — and extra anxious about her family.

We are so sorry that Briana had to go through this, and so sorry for her entire family — her husband, her children, and her mother — that they had to endure that harrowing experience with her.


Jenelle Evans Reaches Out to Demi Lovato: I Almost Died From Drugs!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that resulted in the singer being hospitalized on Tuesday.

The singer is now in stable condition and recovering in the presence of her family.

Many in Hollywood have reached out to Demi via social media to offer words of encouragement and support.

Jenelle Evans is one such star, but her message to Demi was more poignant than most.

If you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you’re probably aware that Jenelle has also struggled with addiction throughout much of her life.

In the wake of yesterday’s frightening news, Jenelle took to Twitter to offer a very personal message of hope:

“If you need help or support in time of immediate need, please seek it,” Evans tweeted.

“Hearing this news about @ddlovato breaks my heart. I hope she’s okay. You’re strong girl, don’t let the devil drag you down.”

For all of her many faults — and those faults are profound and plentiful, to be sure — Jenelle deserves credit for being so open about her past struggles with addiction in recent years.

She revealed the depth of her struggles in a recent memoir:

“I won’t glamorize the drug by going into the long details of why people love it so damned much,” Jenelle wrote.

“Before I knew it, I was shooting up four or five times a day. I was hooked.” She continued, “The first thing I lost to the drug was my family.” 

Jenelle and Demi are about the same age; they both found fame while still in their teens; and they’ve both struggled with addiction and emotional issues during their years in the spotlight.

So while they may seem like unlikely bedfellows, Jenelle can probably relate to Demi’s plight more than just about everyone.

Demi’s story is a familiar one, but sadly, many of the celebrities who have traveled down her current path didn’t live long enough to turn things around.

So while it’s hard to imagine Jenelle being a source of inspiration to anyone, she may be just the sort of role model Demi needs.

Fortunately, reps for Lovato say she’s currently and ready to begin the long and painful process of recovery:

“She is awake and with her family who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers, and support,” says one insider.

We wish Demi and her family all the best during this incredibly difficult time.


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro to Jen Harley: You Almost Killed Me So I’m Taking Our Kid!

If you watched Jersey Shore Family Vacation this season, you know that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro became embroiled in some serious baby mama drama.

And if you follow Rahn on social media, you know the situation only deteriorated once the cameras stopped rolling.

The first sign of trouble came when Ronnie called Jen a c-m dumpster on social media and accused her of cheating.

Didn’t think things could get worse from there?

Then you don’t know Ronnie romances.

Earlier this week, Jen was arrested for assaulting Ronnie.

It was eventually revealed that she had dragged him down the street as he clung to her car during an altercation.

Harley told police that Ron hit her several times, but they determined that she was the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody.

Yes, the whole thing is enough to make Ron’s fights with Mike Sorrentino look like guido child’s play.

The situation (no pun intended) is made all the more tragic by the fact that Ron and Jen have a 3-mon th-old daughter together.

And now, it seems Ronnie is taking steps to ensure that little Ariana will has as little contact with her mother as possible.

According to TMZ, Ron is gunning for primary physical custody of his daughter.

The site claims that Ortiz-Magro has hired a family attorney and plans to get o after Jen with everything he’s got.

But he’s also being realistic with his expectations.

Ronnie is reportedly going for 50/50 custody, which TMZ’s legal experts say he’ll probably get.

Sources claim he wants sole physical custody but has been counseled that that’s a long shot.

After all, Jen may have been arrested for domestic battery, but Ronnie wasn’t blameless in the incident.

And his best bet is to shoot for a custody arrangement that Jen will agree to.

If this thing goes to court, Jen’s got hundreds of hours of video evidence that Ron is a seriously unstable dude.

Here’s hoping both of these two can sort themselves out for the sake of their daughter.


Kanye West: Kim Kardashian Almost Divorced Me Over Slavery Comments

Remember back in May when Kanye West said slavery was a choice and was justly torn limb-from-limb by the entire internet?

Perhaps after weeks of concerted effort, you succeeded in blocking that shameful incident from your memory — but it’s still very much on the minds of both Kanye and his long-suffering wife.

Earlier this month, Kanye debuted a new studio album, on which he made some surprising and disturbing revelations about his marriage and the way it’s been negatively affected by his erratic behavior.

Now, the controversial rapper has gone into greater detail in a surprisingly candid interview with The New York Times.

West says that after he made the infamous slavery comment during a conversation with TMZ staffers, he had reason to believe Kim Kardashian was considering ending the couple’s four-year marriage:

“There was a moment where I felt like after TMZ, maybe a week after that, I felt like the energy levels were low, and I called different family members and was asking, you know, ‘Was Kim thinking about leaving me after TMZ?’ So that was a real conversation,” he told the paper.

The comment won’t come as much of a surprise for fans who have listened closely to the lyrics on Kanye’s eighth studio album, titled simply ‘Ye:

“I said, ‘Slavery a choice,’ they said, ‘How, Ye?'” West raps at one point, adding:

“My wife callin’, screamin’, say, ‘We ‘bout to lose it all! … Told her she could leave me now, but she wouldn’t leave.”

Obviously, never every line in every rap song is an accurate reflection of the emcee’s real-life experiences, but Kanye prides himself on his authenticity and often insists that he’s 100 percent straightforward with his fans.

That’s why it’s so troubling that the song contains at least one line in which he seemingly alluded to being unfaithful.

“Told my wife I’ve never seen her After I hit it, bye Felicia, that’s the way that I’ma leave it,” Kanye raps on a song fittingly titled “Yikes”.

Sounds like Kim had reasons for considering kicking Kanye to the curb that go beyond his astonishingly ignorant remarks.

As for those dreadful comments Kanye is still defending them, telling the Times:

“I said the idea of sitting in something for 400 years sounds—sounds—like a choice to me, I never said it’s a choice. I never said slavery itself—like being shackled in chains—was a choice.

“That’s why I went from slave to 400 years to mental prison to this and that. If you look at the clip you see the way my mind works.”

All of this comes at a time when Kim is being praised for her efforts to secure presidential pardons for non-violent offenders serving life sentences.

In other words, don’t be surprised if you hear another round of Kim-Kanye divorce rumors.