‘Veep’ Star Diedrich Bader Says Oswald Acted Alone in Kennedy Assassination

“Veep” star Diedrich Bader thinks the thousands of soon-to-be-released secret documents relating to the Kennedy assassination will not change the government’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Diedrich — who played Rex Kwando in…


Amber Portwood to Matt Baier: Leave Me ALONE!

We’ve heard all about it, we’ve seen the proof on social media, it’s official: Amber Portwood has herself a brand new boyfriend.

And while we don’t know too terribly much about this new fella, it’s already clear that he’s miles better than Matt Baier.

Which, to be fair, isn’t exactly a feat.

She’d have to really try to find a guy worse than Matt.

Like, she’d have to start perusing Indiana’s finest crack dens, or she’d have to start up a correspondence with Charles Manson.

But so far — on paper, anyway — this new guy, Andrew Glennon, actually seems to be a big catch for her.

He’s got a long-standing career in television production, he doesn’t have an arrest history, he doesn’t seem to have a slew of children that he fathered and then ghosted.

Basically, Amber and Andrew forever.

But still, even though it’s been a few months now since she dumped Matt, and even though she seems to have a great thing going with Andrew, Matt still can’t seem to let her go.

And, according to a new report from Hollywood Life, she has had it.

“She wishes Matt would just move on and leave her alone,” a source reveals.

“Amber gave Matt opportunity after opportunity to make their relationship work, but he just kept messing up.”

And isn’t that the understatement of the year?

We’d have probably dumped Matt after Farrah Abraham called her to let her known that he tried hooking up with her before he got with Amber.

Or when she found out that he’d lied to her about how many kids he had.

Or, at the very least, after she found out all those terrible things he’d said about her when she refused to marry him that time in Las Vegas.

“The relationship was toxic,” the source continues, “she could never trust him and they were constantly fighting.”

“She finally managed to get the strength to walk away from him for good, but he’s still trying to pull her back in.”

Terrifyingly enough, the source claims that Matt is “constantly calling and texting Amber, begging her to give him another chance, but she’s done with him.”

“He had his chance and he blew it.”

Boy, did he ever.

All this is definitely easy to believe, and not just because Matt is the worst.

Ever since we learned that Amber got herself a new boyfriend, Matt has been giving interview after interview about her to anyone who will listen.

He’s said that he can’t help but to “hold out hope for a reconciliation,” and that he misses her so much because she was his “best friend” and his “family.”

Which is funny, considering that he has multiple children that are his actual family that he doesn’t have anything to do with.

It seems like Matt is having a really hard time letting go of Amber — or at least he’s having a hard time letting go of that sweet Teen Mom gig.

Here’s hoping Amber is able to stay strong, because goodness knows how long it will take for him to finally slither away into oblivion for good.


John Heard Dies; Home Alone Actor Was 72

Sad news for Hollywood today.

John Heard has passed away. The actor was 72 years old.

He was found in a hotel room in Palo Alto, California, by a maid. The hotel called 911 to report a medical emergency, but he was pronounced dead when officials arrived on the scene.

At this point, there’s been no official cause of death listed, and a coroner is investigating the matter.

However, police don’t believe there was any foul play.

Interestingly, John’s rep informed TMZ that he’d just had “minor back surgery” on Wednesday.

That’s why he was staying at the hotel in the first place — it’s common for people with the means to do so to stay in a hotel while recovering from surgery.

Could he have had some unknown complication from the surgery?

It’s very possible, but of course we’ll have to wait until the coroner’s report is released to learn exactly what happened.

John’s list of acting credits is ridiculously long — no doubt you recognize him, even if his name wasn’t immediately familiar.

For many people, he’s most recognizable for his role of Peter McCallister — the dad in the Home Alone movies.

You remember, he played the man who somehow managed to leave his young son, Kevin, at home for Christmas while the rest of the family set off for a lovely vacation.

And then, in Home Alone 2, he played the man who, even after that first traumatic experience, somehow managed to miss the same son taking the wrong flight for the next year’s family vacation.

But while that was definitely an iconic role of his, he’s been working steadily as an actor since the early 1970s.

He got his start on Broadway, where he acted in original plays, and he even had a short run in Hamlet, where he played Guildenstern.

His first film role was in a TV movie called Valley Forge that aired in 1975, and his Hollywood career took off from there.

He’s had roles in movies like Big, The Pelican Brief, and Beaches, just to give a small example of the kind of work he’s done.

He’s also no stranger to television: he’s worked on several shows, including a well-received stint on The Sopranos.

At the moment, there aren’t many public condolences from his co-stars — possibly because there are entirely too many co-stars for the media to track down.

But Robert Patrick, an actor who starred with John in a movie called Last Rampage, paid touching tribute to him on his Instagram.

“I am shocked and saddened to awake to the news that John Heard passed away last night,” he wrote.

“Such a gifted actor! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to watch, work, and spend time with him. This is tragic news.”

Our condolences to John’s friends and family.

This really does seem like a hard loss.