Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus: Already MARRIED?!

It’s been less than a year since we first learned that Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus are dating, but the couple has been moving at warp speed in recent months.

Affleck checked into rehab for the fourth time in December, and sources say he went straight from treatment to an apartment in New York that he now shares with Shookus.

Ben and Lindsay

And it seems moving in together isn’t the only major step forward the couple has taken in 2018.

Some insiders close to Ben and Lindsay say wedding bells are in the near future for the Oscar winner and the SNL producer.

Meanwhile, others claim they’ve already gotten hitched and are simply waiting for the right time to make the announcement.

Witnesses say Lindsay has been sporting some new bling on her left hand in recent weeks, but the jury’s still out as to whether it’s an engagement ring or a wedding band.

Whatever the case, it seems there’s no denying that Ben and Lindsay are head over heels for one another.

“He’s fallen hard,” an insider tells Life & Style.

“It’s no surprise that they’re now taking their relationship to the next level.”

There are conflicting accounts as to whether or not the knot has already been tied, but there’s no doubt these two are in it for the long haul.

“They both want to spend the rest of their lives together.”

“They can’t bear to be apart and spend every free moment they have together,”

One insider says the only thing holding the couple back is the fact that Ben’s divorce from Jennifer Garner is not yet finalized.

“It hasn’t been a straightforward procedure,” explains the source.

“They’ve spent months behind closed doors working out how to divide assets, finances and custody of their children.”

Yes, if there’s a downside to possessing tens of millions in assets (big if), it’s that having so much stuff makes a very complicated divorce.

“They are getting close to finalizing things. Once their divorces are both out of the way, Ben plans to walk down the aisle with Lindsay,” says one insider.

So it sounds like despite claims to the contrary, Ben and Lindsay are not yet married.

But it also sounds like they’ll be taking the plunge as soon as legally possible.


Joy-Anna Duggar: Fans Believe She’s Already Given Birth!

Joy-Anna is using social media to sing the praises of her husband. In and of itself, that’s nothing suspicious, right?

But given the context of Joy-Anna’s impending due date and a lot of suspicious timing surrounding this pregnancy, fans aren’t so sure.

In fact, a number of fans believe that Joy-Anna has already given birth.

Joy-Anna Duggar took to Instagram to gush about her husband, Austin Forsyth.

“Austin, I’m so grateful for your sacrificial, Christ-like love.”

Gotta be honest, the word “sacrificial” can creep out a lot of people, but you have to remember that she lives in a fundamentalist bubble where certain words have different connotations.

“I know that through this pregnancy you’ve given and given so much to me and have never expected anything in return.”

She means throughout the pregnancy. Through works but it almost sound like she’s referring to … well, you know how babies get made, folks.

“Thank you for being my best friend! You are the greatest!!!!”

That line sounds like something that a person would scribble in a yearbook. But she continues.

She then adds a kissing lips emoji, a kissy face emoji, and a heart eyes emoji.

“I love you with all of my heart, honey!!”

She signs and tags her message:

“-your girl #sohandsome #besthusbandever”

Austin Forsyth looks like an off-brand Michael Cera, but we’ll let Austin’s alleged handsomeness and other husbandly qualities go unchallenged.

A swell of commenters replied by … well, assuming that Joy-Anna has given birth and that this Instagram post was merely “fluff” to string followers along until there’s a more “appropriate” time to announce that she’s given birth.

“Is this post to throw the haters off? To make them think you haven’t had the baby yet? Honestly i don’t care when you got pregnant i just hope your baby is healthy and you are happy forever.”

Among other things, Joy-Anna’s suspicious baby bump really reinforces the belief that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth lied about pre-marital sex and had a shotgun wedding.

But, to be clear, most of those who commented with the belief that Joy-Anna has given birth weren’t being hateful.

“Congrats on the new baby girl!”

Others seem to be setting themselves up for disappointment, because Joy-Anna isn’t likely to post photos until we get closer to the “due date.”

“Congrats! Hope you and the baby are doing well! Posts pics soon!”

Other commenters were intensely defensive of Joy-Anna.

“She’s not had the baby and its non of our business if she has.”

Yes and no. Sure, it’s her body. But she’s a reality star and public figure and pregnancies are very much a part of her family’s brand.

“She is still very much pregnant stop with the rumors.”

Some people will believe anything that the Duggars put on their website. Precious!

“She could of had it early…premie?”

That’s really cute.

“Who care if was before or after she got pregnant??? They look like a hard working couple and they will make good parents.”

To be clear, we don’t know that Joy-Anna has given birth, and neither do any of those commenters.

More importantly, the only reason that the alleged premarital sex and ensuing shotgun wedding and now the perceived fudging of the due date is even a topic of conversation is because Joy-Anna and Austin are Duggars. Sort of.

They are part of this extreme, fundamentalist fertility cult with a deeply archaic view of sex, gender, and marriage.

It’s not actually wrong to have premarital sex or to get pregnant out of wedlock. But because the views that they espouse say otherwise, many point to this as yet another instance of Duggar hypocrisy.

But you know what? Joy-Anna didn’t choose to be born into that family. Honestly, who would?


Luann de Lesseps: Already Filming for RHONY in Case She Goes to Prison!

Within less than a year’s time, Luann de Lesseps got married, got divorced, and got arrested on multiple felonies.

For a person, that’s disastrous. But for a reality star? That’s amazing fodder for television.

And producers are reportedly so enthused about Luann’s upcoming court drama that they’re pulling out all of the stops to capture her story … before she potentially spends time behind bars.

Because 2017 wasn’t surreal enough, Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps got arrested for kicking a police officer.

In Florida, of course.

Apparently, she went to the wrong hotel room and refused to leave it. When police were called, she locked herself in the bathroom … and went so far as to slam a door on a police officer’s face.

Here’s some advice, folks: don’t do that. 

Luann checked herself into rehab for alcohol, a great way to either work on getting better or at least make it appear that she’s addressing her behavior.

But she’s due in court later this month, after being charged with four felonies.

Now, Luann tweeted out her apologies, sounding mortified, revealing that being in Palm Beach had brought up some powerful negative emotions.

Hey, we get that. It’s not an excuse, per say, but you don’t need old marriage drama for Florida to have that effect on you. Just saying.

Honestly, the wildest part of that whole situation is the details of Luann’s arrest.

Not the violence or the threats of violence — that’s, you know, not actually funny. But the fact that she slipped her handcuffs.

Either some PR-conscious officer cuffed her a little too gently, or Luann is a serious escape artist. Dang.

Some feared that Luann de Lesseps’ arrest might get her fired from The Real Housewives of New York.

If you were one of those worried, you can probably rest easy.

All reality television is essentially the TV version of a messy b–ch who lives for drama. The wilder that someone’s real-life highs and lows are, the better television they’l make.

Besides, Luann’s arrest isn’t exactly secret, which makes it free publicity for the show.

There is such a thing as bad publicity, don’t get us wrong, but this wasn’t it.

RadarOnline reports that producers are already working to make sure that Luann’s storyline is captured on film.

“Bravo is NOT filming at the moment but producer have reached out to her and asked that she document what’s going on in her life.”

Does that mean that she’s filming, like, confessional segments on her phone or a webcam? We’re not sure. No matter what the camera quality, though, it’s bound to be interesting.

“They need as much home footage as possible to edit Luann and her troubles into the show.”

That makes a lot of sense.

That same source goes on to assure us all that Luann’s status as a Real Housewife is safe.

“If anything, this incident has secured her job.”

Though it has, to be clear, endangered her actual real life.

“The producers love nothing better than real life drama and with the exception of wedding and divorces, nothing is better on reality TV than a court hearing that could result in jail.”

Luann might be worried about her future — with four felony charges, that’s justified. But producers feel differently:

“They are giddy with excitement about what will happen to Luann.”

Well, that’s show business.


Kylie Jenner: Wait… Has She Already Given Birth?!?

As it turns out, nature is not the only thing that abhors a vacuum.

The same can be said for fans of Kylie Jenner.

Over the past several weeks, the 20-year old reality star has remained far quieter than usual on social media.

Her typical array of scantily-clad photos have been replaced by… well… pretty much nothing at all, as she waits to give birth to her first child some time in late February or early March.

So sources have claimed, at least.

Kylie herself has not said a word about her pregnancy.

In response to Jenner’s silence, followers have had to form their own theories or conjure up their own ideas about what’s going on.

Some have wondered whether Kylie was so distraught over this news that she considered an abortion.

Others have speculated that she’s actually the surrogate for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West that that explains Jenner’s silence on the issue.

And still others think this is pretty simple:

Kylie has made a living by showing off her body; now that said body looks different and, let’s face it, fatter… she’s simply ashamed and has basically gone into hiding.

This may be true.

But a few folks out there think something else is true: KYLIE ALREADY HAD HER BABY!

baby tweets

How could this be?

Why would Kylie have given birth in secret?

It’s unclear.

But at least one Internet user alleges to have uncovered proof that Jenner is, indeed, already a mother.

We should warn you, however: this is rather flimsy “proof.”

It’s more akin to a crazy hypothesis with no supporting evidence, but whatever. This is the World Wide Web, right?

It’s the exact place people go for their crazy hypotheses with no supporting evidence.

This individual has shared one of the Kardashian Christmas card outtakes, taken note of where everyone is looking and concluded:

They must be looking at Kylie’s baby!

card proof

It’s possible, right?

Kris Jenner, her mom and Kourtney Kardashian are all glancing off to the side, away from the camera, and smiling broadly.

What possible reason would they have for doing this unless Kylie was standing over there with her newborn daughter?

Perhaps you can think of another reason, but this much we know to be true:

Until Kylie issues some kind of statement… or flaunts her baby bump… or does actually produce a photo of her baby, people will continue to speculate.

She may wish it were otherwise, yet Jenner at least has the power to shoot down these sorts of rumors and innuendo.

The reality star can come right out and tell her fans what’s going on.


Kendra Caldwell Net Worth: Is Joseph Duggar’s Wife Already Rich?!

It’s only been three months since Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar got married, but the newest addition to the Counting On clan has already jumped on board with the family business.

We’re talking, of course, about making babies.

Currently, Kendra is pregnant with her and Joe’s first child, and the news has been greeted with great enthusiasm from the Duggars’ most devoted fans.

But just because she’ll be focusing primarily on the doting wife and mother role, that doesn’t mean Kendra won’t also be assisting father-in-law Jim Bob in his lucrative money-printing operation.

Yes, as we’ve discussed before, the Duggars make a lot of money, but they aren’t rich in the way that we expect from celebrities with long-running TV series.

There are numerous reasons for this, not the least of which is Jim Bob’s “high-class hoarding” habits, or the fact that the family has a small army to feed.

Jim Bob reportedly spends money as quickly as he makes it, and while many of his purchases may be frivolous (he reportedly loves picking up old furniture at auctions), he also drops a lot of cash on investing in his families’ future.

Massive purchases of real estate and cars that can be sold at a profit are not uncommon for the Duggars, and Jim Bob has launched several businesses which he hopes to pass on to his kids.

So at the moment, the family is not exactly cash poor, but not as well off as one might expect.

Another factor, of course, is that TV stardom simply isn’t as lucrative as it used to be.

According to an estimate from In Touch, an episode of Counting On costs about $ 250,000-$ 400,000 to produce.

Stars typically receive about one-tenth of the production budget, which means the Duggars are paid $ 25,000-$ 40,000 per episode.

Not bad for a week’s work, but it’s divided about 40 bajillion ways.

So what does all of this have to do with Kendra?

Well, like most Duggar men, Joe seems to have no interest in full-time employment.

And since Kendra is forbidden to work, that means cash from Counting On a small cut of the family businesses makes up the enirely of the young couple’s income.

According to some estimates, the total is in the low six-figure range.

That’s certainly not bad, especially for such a young couple in an area with such a low cost of living.

But it’s anyone’s guess as to how long the family’s main source of revenue will remain viable, especially with rumors of Counting On being canceled circulating non-stop.

Kendra’s father is a preacher, and she comes from a humble home.

So she’s not pampered, but she’s clearly planning to have a lot of kids, and we’re guessing she plans on raising them in relative comfort.

And we’re guessing she’s not planning on resorting to begging fans for money like Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

Looks like Joe may eventually be forced to do the unthinkable and get a job.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.