Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: ALREADY Making Wedding Plans?!

It has not even been an entire week since Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin on July 7.

Now, an insider close to the Biebs says that the two of them are already discussing wedding plans.

Even things as specific as where the nuptials should take place. …

According what a source tells Us Weekly, Justin and Hailey have already been “discussing having a very small wedding.”

While that would be a crushing disappointment to millions of fans of the couple who want to behold a massive spectacle, it’s not about what the fans want.

It’s about what the bride and groom want.

“They want something private, intimate,” the insider describes.

After living most of their lives in the spotlight, it’s actually understandable that they might want to have their wedding be something just for the two of them.

The insider also sheds some light on where this small, intimate ceremony might take place.

“Justin loves Canada,” the source reports on the Canadian singer. “And is at home there.”

Sure. And while Hailey Baldwin was born in Arizona, she might be onboard for a Canadian venue.

The insider explains: “It’s a special place for him.”

Well, yeah. He’s from there. Also, Canada has nicer weather than most of the U.S.

Justin is, after all, Canadian, “and he’d love to get married there,” the source says.

The suddenness of the engagement — after only weeks of dating again — was a shock to a number of fans.

But the insider explains that Justin and Hailey “have always had this weird thing.”

Years before they dated, they met when Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin, introduced her to the singer. And ever since they dated, years later, he’s held a particular significance in her story.

“He was a very important part of her life way back when,” the source affirms.

The longer that you know someone, the more emotionally linked you become to them. Sometimes, that bond remains even after a breakup.

Or, as the insider puts it: “He’s always had a special place in her heart.”

In case you’re wondering about the Biebs’ other recently rekindled relationship with an ex, Us Weekly has heard enough to basically confirm what we’ve heard.

Selena Gomez isn’t bothered by Justin’s engagement. The source reports that “she’s fully done with him.”

We’ve already heard that Selena doesn’t give a f–k about Justin and Hailey.

But she also wasn’t following the coverage of their relationship before they became engaged.

“Selena doesn’t have social media on her phone,” the insider explains.

“No one in her circle speaks about him when they’re on the outs,” the source reveals.

That makes sense. Plenty of us walk on eggshells when it comes to a friend’s ex.

“She’s over Justin,” the insider clarifies. “He can do whatever he wants.”

Selena may not be concerned, except to laugh that Justin used the same lines on Hailey that he said to Selena just months earlier.

But a lot of fans still have misgivings about this abrupt engagement.

First of all, some worry about religious pressures, as Justin seemed to use church dates to get Hailey back by his siide.

Then there was the surprise of the actual engagement, where he proposed in front of a crowd.

That’s a lot of social pressure, and some worry that Hailey may have made a different decision than she would have in private.

Then there are concerns about toxic issues like jealousy. When Hailey purged all photos of Shawn Mendes from her Instagram, many wondered if Justin was jealous of the younger, hotter, fresh-faced Canadian singer.


The Bachelorette: Are Becca and (Spoiler) Already Doomed?

Many a season has been telegraphed by The Bachelorette spoilers beforehand, but this one feels a whole lot different for several reasons.

Thanks to the nature of the Internet and the (purported) winner himself, we may be witnessing a relationship that was over before it began.

If you dig hard enough, Bachelorette spoilers are out there every year, and not that hard to find … but only if you’re so inclined.

You typically have to at least go out of your way to visit one of the notable celebrity gossip sites that post this inside information.

Not this season.

Thanks, ironically, to the show’s increasing popularity with age on social media, keeping secrets a lot is harder for producers.

As such, numerous celebrity news sites – including perhaps the biggest of them all in TMZ – revealed the ending very early.

Not just rumor-style “spoilers” either. We’re talking about photos that reveal the final rose recipient as none other than (spoiler) …

Garrett Yrigoyen.

Okay, so what’s the problem? Don’t we often watch the show for the drama and all the twists and turns, even if we know the outcome?

Yes, but again, this season is a bit different, because … well, Garrett Yrigoyen has been under intense scrutiny since day one.

If you missed the controversy surrounding Garrett’s Instagram activity, the guy “liked” a whole bunch of things that are pretty offensive.

We’re talking anti-immigration, fat-shaming, and transphobic memes, and pics suggesting Parkland student David Hogg is a “crisis actor.”

Those posts originated from a conservative Instagram account titled MericaSupplyCo, not Garrett, but dude hit the heart icon often.

AGAIN, hasn’t this happened before? Aren’t off-screen social media scandals involving contestants almost an annual thing?

Yes. But …

As was the case last year with Lee Garrett’s racist tweets surfacing before Rachel Lindsay’s season, ABC had to know about it.

In Lee’s case, he might have even been cast because of it, knowing it would inflame racial tensions before be was dispatched.

Pretty bad if you think about it, but at least the point was for him to be dispatched, be labeled a racist, then beg for forgiveness.

In Garrett Yrigoyen’s case, his cringe-worthy likes are a much bigger issue because … he’s not here to get kicked off the show.

He received Becca’s first impression rose on the season premiere, a distinction that often goes to eventual final rose winners.

Garrett Yrigoyen is also being given very positive, go-the-distance style treatment from the editors in general. Cringe-worthy.

After reports of Yrigoyen’s Instagram activity went viral this spring, he went into damage control mode and posted an apology.

According to Garrett, he didn’t realize “the power of a mindless double tap,” and said this is “not a true reflection of me and my morals.”

Becca, too, came to his defense.

Kufrin said all the right things, encouraging the audience to be “open” to every contestant, despite all the noise on social media.

She cleverly mentioned that filming the show was great in that it let her get to know the guys “without any added fodder or any distraction.”

Sticking to the script, Becca swears she fell in love with two men and people need to watch The Bachelorette to see it all play out.

She promises she got to know the “real” Garrett, but seamlessly pivots to the rest of the men and the “journey” as a whole.

All of which rings hollow.

Becca’s attempts to shield Garrett from backlash – and distance herself from him – are as obvious and desperate as it gets.

Will it work in the end?

That remains to be seen. Will Bachelor Nation accept this man as her true love, rather than a closeted bigot and misogynist?

Can Becca herself reconcile her undoubtedly strong feelings for Garrett with the fact that he’s a racist conspiracy theorist?

You can’t base your life around what others think, but when everyone thinks your fiance thinks David Hogg is a crisis actor …

Even more broadly, can the show still be successful if we know who wins from the onset and that person is reprehensible?

Needless to say, B&G already faced an uphill battle when it comes to making this work in the real world, and it’s about to get steeper.


John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett: ALREADY Breaking Family Courting Rules?!?

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett are wasting no time at all.

Falling in love and planning a family?

Sure, maybe. We guess.

But we mean it more along these lines:

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett are wasting no time at all… in breaking family courtship rules. Uh-oh!

As any celebrity gossip follower likely know well, the Duggars are a rather strict family.

We don’t mean this as a statement of judgment, just a statement of fact: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have put strong guidelines into place for their loved ones.

These include making a relationship official via a courtship announcement, such as the one John David and Abbie made last week; along with requirements that you cannot kiss before marriage and even cannot go anywhere while courting without a chaperone.

And one source now claims that this new couple managed to break BOTH these rules after just a few days of courting.

The Facebook group titled “Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray” has shared multiple photos on its account of Duggar and Burnett taking a trip last Tuesday to Walmart.

This was the same day on which they announced their courtship.

According to an onlooker, John David and Abbie were NOT accompanied by a chaperone, for starters.

But… wait! It gets even more scandalous:

“My source also says that it looked like John grabbed Abbie’s ass before he noticed there were other shoppers around and moved just before this photo was taken,” reads the controversial post on this side, adding:

“My source also says he whispered to Abbie after he walked past a lesbian couple. Doesn’t Jesus condemn whispering? It’s rude!”

(NOTE: Does Jesus condemn whispering? We’re actually asking.)

John David has often been seen as one of the more rebellious of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children.

There’s even been talk that he may be the first relative to simply walk away from reality television.

We can’t verify that rumor just yet, but we can say that this relationship is serious enough that John David and Abbie have opened both a Twitter account and an Instagram account.

The first two photos in this article are taken from the latter.

“The Razorbacks lost, but I’m still feeling like a winner!” John David wrote as the caption to the second picture above; it has already been Liked over 21,000 times.

Fans, meanwhile, seem unconcerned about John David and Abbie’s possible rule-breaking.

They’re just happy the 28-year old has finally found love.

“So happy you found your girl, John David! You guys seem like such a great fit… she’s everything I thought your girl would be,” wrote one Instagram user, whole anothed added

“John, you have such a big smile these days! You and Abbie make a cute couple.”

Burnett lives in Oklahoma and works as a nurse.

And her potential in-laws seem pretty psyched that she’s in their son’s life.

“John David brings our hearts so much joy and we’ve watched him faithfully pray, wait, and trust God for the right girl to come along!” said Jim Bob and Michelle in a statement, adding:

“Now, a beautiful relationship has blossomed between the two of them. We can’t wait to see what the Lord will do in the future.”

Click PLAY below to watch the first interview between John David and Abbie:


Kate Middleton: ALREADY Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

It’s only been three months since Kate Middleton welcomed her third child, but if a new report from Life & Style is to be believed the Duchess of Cambridge is already expecting her fourth.

Mind you, that’s an if that would give Big Ben a run for its money in the size department.

The tabloid’s claim is based on specious evidence gathered by sources who have noticed things like Kate is eating food and wearing pants.

“Those close to Kate are saying she’s pregnant with baby number four,” one “insider” claims.

“Kate is showing all the signs of pregnancy, and she and William have always said they wanted four children to complete their family. Actually, William would like five kids — but Kate thinks four is enough!” 

Yes, the Royal Willie shows no signs of slowing down, but we still have a hard time believing Kate is knocked up again, just three months after giving birth.

That said, a set of Irish twins would be a good way for Kate to honor the part of that island that remained loyal to the crown, and she has spoken about wanting her kids to be close in age.

“It’s important to Kate for her own children to have a similar bond with their siblings, and she knows it’s more likely to happen if they’re close in age,” says the source.

Another supposed sign that Kate is in a family way is the fact that she skipped a recent birthday celebration for Prince Charles — but there are several possible reasons for that.

Maybe Kate was still hungover from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Maybe she’s stick of this weird royal custom of people their celebrating birthdays whenever they feel like it.

(Charles was born in November, but his birthday party’s in May?! WTF is that?)

Perhaps she just (rightly) believes that Charles is a lame-ass.

Whatever the case it seems the clearest indicators that Kate is expecting are her fashion and culinary choices.

“One of the reasons for her not attending was that she was exhausted and felt sick,” the source claims.

“She’s wearing loose-fitted clothing again, avoiding alcohol, and craving curry, which she often does when she’s pregnant.” 

Yes, apparently “curry and biscuits” are Kate’s main pregnancy cravings.

Now, we’re assuming the source means “biscuits” in the British sense.

In America, we call them “cookies” because that’s what they’re called.

What’s less clear is if Kate is eating those two items separately, or if she’s combining them.

Now, if she’s crumbling up Oreos and mixing them with her tikka masala, then Kate is either George III-level psychotic, or stoned out of her gourd.

Frankly, either possibility would make for a more interesting story than her being pregnant again.


Cheyenne Floyd: Pissing Off Teen Mom OG Castmates ALREADY?!

Earlier this week, the world learned that Cheyenne Floyd will be replacing Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG.

Floyd is a bit of an odd selection, as she gave birth to her only child at the age of 24, and thus never had the experience of being a teen mom.

And while she's a reality TV vet, having appeared on MTV's Are You the One? and The Challenge, Cheyenne has never had any association with the Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant franchise before now.

Judging from the reaction on social media, fans are less than thrilled with the selection of Cheyenne.

And now we know that her castmates on the long-running series are just as unenthused …

1. The New Mom In Town

Cheyenne floyd with her daughter
Fans were stunned by the announcement that Cheyenne had been cast as Farrah’s replacement. In fact, many stated that they had no previous knowledge of the 25-year-old mother of one.

2. The Cheyenne Gang

Cheyenne floyd and cory wharton with daughter
Cheyenne will be joining the show along with her baby daddy, Cory Wharton, and their 1-year-old daughter, Ryder.

3. Stiff Competition

Cheyenne floyd photo
Cheyenne beat out a number of other moms, including two frontrunners who seemed to be the preferred selections of TMOG viewers.

4. Mackenzie #1

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Many fans thought that Ryan Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, had earned a full-time cast member gig after putting up with Ryan’s erratic behavior for so long. On top of that, Mackenzie welcomed a child while she was in her teens, and thus, meets the show’s only casting requirement.

5. Mackenzie #2

Mackenzie mckee and broncs
Mackenzie McKee would’ve been another obvious choice. Like Briana DeJesus, McKee was one of the stars of the short-lived Teen Mom 3, and the courage with which she’s faced a number of major life challenges has made her a favorite among viewers.

6. Alas, No Macks

Teen mom cast title card
Both Mackenzies reportedly campaigned hard for the position, but were passed over. And sources say the other moms on the cast are very, very unhappy with Farrah’s replacement.

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson: Engaged! Yes, Already!

Pete Davidson has a message for those who thought he was moving quickly upon getting two Ariana Grande-themed tattoos after dating the singer for just a couple weeks:

Oh yeah?!?

Check THIS out!

As if the aforementioned decision by Davidson did not seem rash enough, an insider now tells Us Weekly that the artist and the Saturday Night Live cast member are engaged.

Yes, engaged.

To be married!

“They are a perfect fit,” this source tells the tabloid, confirming that the stars have agreed to become husband and wife, yet are not hurrying to rush their vows or anything:

“They are not rushing to get married. Their friends are really excited and supportive.”

We find that a tad hard to believe.

Only because Davidson and Grande have been dating for about as long as the Cleveland Cavaliers had a chance of defeating the Golden State Warriors in this year’s NBA Finals.

Word of a romance between the singer and the comedian only first went public on May 21, mere days after Grande announced her split from Mac Miller, her boyfriend of nearly two years.

That means Grande and Davidson have gotten engaged after less than a month of dating.

Yes, they’ve shared a handful of photos of each other on social media.

But we’re not sure that means the relationship is built to last for all of eternity.

Still, a second source backs up the first Us Weekly source, alleging the couple “were telling people that they’re engaged” at Robert Pattinson’s birthday party in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 9.

Writes the magazine on its official website:

“They are both constantly making each other laugh. Their moms have met. They’ve been very public with their relationship on social media, and they are very in love.”

Heck, Us Weekly even quotes a THIRD source in its story, one who says the following:

“They are looking forward to a very long engagement together.”

That’s an odd way of framing it, isn’t it?

Most people would say they are looking forward to a very long marriage to their partner.

But while we have our doubts about the future of this couple, we’d be thrilled to be proven wrong.

We’re all for young, mindless and intense love between two people.

We’ll be among the first to buy Pete and Ariana a wedding gift if we receive an invite to their big day.

The thing is, ABC Family has run Harry Potter marathons that have run longer than this romance, so you’ll understand if we’re a bit reticient to check out any registries just yet.

What do YOU think?

Will Grande and Davidson make it down the aisle?

Or is there a better chance that Blac Chyna reconciles tomorrow with Rob Kardashian?


Pete Davidson Already Has TWO Ariana Grande Tattoos!

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are dating and … we wish them all of the happiness in the world. They’re both great.

Ariana recently destroyed the claim that she somehow “caused” Mac Miller’s DUI by breaking up with him — and was also accused of leaving Miller for Davidson.

But clearly, these two are enjoying each other’s company and their budding relationship. So much so that Pete Davidson has gotten two Ariana tattoos.

After Ariana’s powerful performance at the Billboard Music Awards, she and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson were spotted backstage looking very cozy.

They later took to Instagram to make things a little more official than some secondhand sightings.

Honestly? This relationship is great news.

They’re both 24, they’re both hot, they’re both recently out of other relationships, and they both deserve all of the happiness in the world.

And though they’ve only been an item for a few weeks, Pete Davidson is already getting himself inked for Ariana.

Tattoo artist London Reese shared this photo — with comments disabled, captioning it:

“We had a good night.”

As you can see, Pete Davidson has a tattoo of the bunny ears mask behind his ear.

The black bunny ears mask was an accessory on Ariana’s Dangerous Woman tour and became a symbol for her and for her tour.

(Of course, he’ll have to lean over for Ariana to see it — did you know that their height difference is fifteen inches?)

The thing is … that isn’t even the only new tattoo in Ariana’s honor that Pete is sporting.

Take a look:

Pete Davidson with Ariana Grande's Initials on His Thumb

Unless Pete Davidson is just really excited about Academically Gifted programs at elementary schools or is planning on running for Attorney General and forgot to tell anyone …

… We’d say that “A.G.” stands for Ariana Grande.

Now, some may look at Pete’s tattoos and say: “Whoa, there, slow down!”

Because their relationship is still very new.

But not everyone treats tattoos with the same level of deliberation. Pete is known for his impulsive tattoo-getting.

Remember, folks, he once got a direwolf tattoo before ever watching Game of Thrones. He just thought that they were cool.

Speaking of cool tattoos, one of his other famous tattoos is of Hillary Clinton. He has tons of tattoos and he tends to just ink himself with stuff that he likes.

It’s his flesh prison and he can decorate it however he likes, folks.

Ariana and Pete showed that they were profoundly relatable by sporitng some Harry Potter House Pride.

It is no surprise to anyone that Ariana is a Slytherin. She’s cunning, ambitious, and fiercely loyal to those whom she loves.

(If you’re looking for other celebrity politicians who are Slytherin role models but aren’t politicians, look no further than Kris Jenner, Nate Silver, or Taylor Swift)

Some were surprised to learn that Pete is a Gryffindor.

But sometimes, people’s image of a Harry Potter House is a little skewed by familiar characters.

My friend has a test for Gryffindors: Could you envision Pete Davidson, when he was a high school student, yelling at a teacher? Yes. He’s a Gryffindor.

What’s really significant about this photo isn’t their House affiliations; it’s just that they have shared interests and are happy to express them.

It’s possible that Ariana and Pete could part ways in a week or two. It’s also possible that they could stay together for years.

No one knows the future.

But Pete getting a tattoo doesn’t mean that he thinks that something will last forever. Even tattoos don’t really last forever without upkeep.

Ariana means a lot to him, and this new relationship is already an important event in his life. It makes sense that he wants to commemorate this.

Congratulations to Pete and Ariana!