Michael Vick Urges Kareem Hunt To Get Help … ‘He Can Always Reach Out To Me’


Michael Vick says the only way Kareem Hunt can get back to the NFL is if he gets serious help … and the ex-QB tells TMZ Sports he’s willing to be a part of that whole process.

“He can always reach out to me, I’m going to give him positive advice,” Vick says … “I didn’t condone what he did, I’m against that — but he’s gotta learn from the situation.”

Of course … Vick knows all about what it takes to go from exiled to NFL superstardom — he came back to the league after serving 19 months in prison for illegal dogfighting.

Vick says it was help from others that paved that whole road for him … and now he’s urging Hunt to find the same thing.

“You gotta get help. That’s what I did. I got help. People helped me in my situation. He gotta get help, and that’s what’s most important.”

Vick’s advice for Hunt on where to start that journey?

“Anger management. Learn to control it.”

Mike says the NFL is a second-chance league … and says Kareem can latch back on if he does all the right things — but admits he’d still pause at the idea of bringing the RB aboard his team.

“If I’m a CEO, I’ll bring my daughters in and let them ask the questions. I mean, for real,” Vick tells us.

“As a man, you’ve got to take everything into account. And hopefully, he lands on his feet. As long as he works on it.”

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Tori Roloff Opens Up About Marriage to Zach: I Always Have to Reach the High Shelf!

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff is a wonderful mother to her adorable baby, Jackson.

But she’s also an amazing wife to her husband. In fact, she posted the ultimate anniversaty tribute to Zach earlier this year.

Now, she’s opening up to fans about how her husband’s dwarfism impacts their marriage. She gets very honest.

On Monday night, Tori Roloff took to Instagram for a no-holds-barred Q&A with her fans and followers.

Seriously, no topic was off-limits.

Tori gushed about having found an entire community of little people through her husband, Zach Roloff.

Tori wrote that she is “so blessed that I’ve made such amazing friends in the dwarf community.”

(Disclaimer: some little people are totally onboard with the dwarf label while others are emphatically not)

Tori went on to speak about how Zach’s dwarfism impacts their relationship.

It turns out that the effect is not as great as some people have assumed.

Tori is quick to shoot down the misconception that his dwarfism is a “limitation” within their marriage.

She does say that the biggest impact is that she has “asked to reach the high shelf a lot.”

That sort of thing can happen in a lot of marriages where there’s a height difference.

Tori says that things go smoothly so long as neither of them are trying to be a different height than they really are.

“To me it feels weird to crouch,” Tori confesses.

“And,” she adds. “Zach always told me to stand.”

“I’m not trying to be shorter and he’s not trying to be taller,” she notes.

Any relationship is going to be healthier while both parties agree to be exactly who they are.

“I love my husband for his heart not his height,” Tori affirms. “Love is love is love.”

She’s right — and it’s good that she makes it clear that she is not a “chaser.”

That is, she is not someone who fetishizes him for his dwarfism.

She loves Zach for who he is, neither for nor despite his height.

That is just as it should be.

She also speaks about baby Jackson, and this is when she starts talking science and genetics with her followers.

“It’s a dominant gene,” she explains. “So you only have the gene if you are an achon.”

(How many other reality stars can hold their own in a conversations about hereditary traits and genetics?)

“They do all carry the gene for dyostraphic,” Tori continues.

“But,” she notes. “Their partner would also have to carry the gene to have children with dyostraphic dwarfism.”

Fans ask how she feels about the very real possibility that sweet baby Jackson might need to undergo surgeries, like his father and grandfather.

Tori says that “of course” the idea of that scares her.

“There’s no telling,” Tori admits.

Tori then notes: “but we’re blessed to have no health issues so far.”

“But we have so much support and love,” Tori says. “And I know we’ll handle anything God throws at us.”

Right now, she’s more worried about the bumps and bruises that Jackson is very naturally getting as he learns to walk.


Wolf Blitzer Backs Meghan McCain’s Eulogy for Her Dad, America’s ‘Always Been Great’

Wolf Blitzer doesn’t think anything at John McCain’s funeral was out of line or too political … and he’s got no apparent issues with Meghan McCain’s shot at the Prez either. We got the CNN anchor at the Reagan National Airport in D.C. Saturday…


Pete Davidson: My Dick Is ALWAYS Hard Around Ariana!

Back in June, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged after just a few weeks of dating, but this appears to be one of those matches where they both just knew.

They seem to have similar senses of humor, they're the same age, and they're also both incredibly thirsty for each other. With good reason.

As you'll see in the video that we've included, Pete is sharing some TMI about the effect that Ariana has on him.

Ariana grande on pete davidson

On Thursday, Pete spoke at Auburn University’s Welcome Week, where he answered questions. As you can imagine, Ariana came up.

"What’s it liked being engaged to Ariana?" Pete read aloud before answering the question.

"It’s like what you would think it would be like," Pete says. "But like a 100 times sicker."

They are so cute! He's said in the past that he feels that he doesn't deserve to be engaged to Ariana. Awwww!

"I’m a very, very happy boy," Pete says. "Who is very, very loved."

Ariana grande and pete davidson at the vmas

"And," Pete acknowledges. "I’m very lucky."

He is! But so is Ariana. They're lucky to have found each other and for their timing to have lined up just right.

This was when Pete, being a comedian — who is admittedly an impulsive guy — decided to share a little TMI about the effect that his relationship with his fiancee has on him.

"And," Pete adds. "My dick‘s forever hard."

Well … that is kind of understandable.

Ariana grande thirst trap dance move

Pete obviously does not mean that he suffers from literal priapisms. Those can be dangerous.

But we should of course point out that from what Ariana Grande has said about Pete's impressive dong, he takes after Priapus, the namesake of priapisms.

It's hard to tell whether her "ten inches" quip was serious or not, which is part of the point, but that was the shot heard 'round the world that sparked conversations about "Big Dick Energy."

Ariana took to her Instagram stories to post her review of Pete's chat with Auburn students.

Writing over a mirror selfie in which she sat in his lap, Ariana shared her thoughts.

"Bae was funny as f–k and brilliant today," Ariana writes. "As always."

Ariana grande mirror selfie with pete davidson

In a recent appearance on Good Morning America, Ariana also sang Pete's praises (she also has a song, "Pete Davidson," that literally sings his praises).

"He just ticks every box," Ariana told Michael Strahan on GMA.

Go ahead, make your jokes about Pete Davidson's massive dong ticking her box. Get it out of your system.

"And," Ariana cotninued. "It gets better every day."

"I’m very grateful for him," Ariana gushed. "Life is beautiful."

Ariana grande rides pete davidson

There's some debate over whether Ariana and Pete's engagement will last, largely because it was so sudden and seemed like a rebound.

But with the revelation that Ariana has been thirsting after Pete for years, things start to make sense. Suddenly, they were both single, and everything lined up.

Honestly, and we hate to be spoilsports, but even if you take commentary about Pete's massive, ever-hard dong at face value, we think that there's so much more than their sex life fueling their relationship.

Sometimes, you just click with someone.

We wish them the absolute best.

Pete davidson jokes that his dick is always hard around ariana g

Jenelle Evans Defends David Eason: My Husband Is Always Right!

Last week, MTV stunned shocked the world with the news that Bristol Palin had been cast in Teen Mom OG.

The decision was a highly controversial one that attracted a tremendous amount of criticism.

Naturally, no one had more to say about the news than the past and current Teen Mom franchise members, themselves.

And as is always the case with this sort of thing, the people the public wants to hear from the least have been the most outspoken.

Former Teen Mom: OG cast member Farrah Abraham has already thrown shade at Bristol by reiterating her opinion that the show will never survive a Farrah-less season.

And of course, the other former star who was also fired for being a moron also had to make his voice heard.

Yes, David Eason took to social media to inform the world that he feels he’s been wronged by MTV.

David has been beating this dead horse for months now, but there are two interesting things about his latest rant:

For one thing, he’s finally admitting that he got fired.

(For a long time, David claimed it was his decision to end his lucrative business relationship with MTV.)

On top of that, Eason is now taking dead aim at Bristol and insisting that it was a hypocritical of network execs to hire her.

“I know MTV is comprised of hypocrites but how do you fire me and hire Bristol Palin after all her homophobic and racist remarks?” Eason wrote on Facebook over the weekend.

We highly doubt that either Bristol or anyone at MTV gives a crap what David thinks of the decision, but even so, his wife, Jenelle Evans, is clearly in awe of his willingness to express his opinion with absolutely nothing at stake.

“And again, I will ALWAYS stand by my husband’s opinion #BestBelieve #StandUpForYourself,” Jenelle tweeted in reference to Eason’s post.

That may not sound like a particularly shocking statement — especially by Jenelle standards — but pause for a moment and consider what she’s really saying here.

If you’ll recall Eason was fired for hurling homophobic slurs and expressing bigoted views about gay and trans people.

It was only a few months ago, and the incident is probably fresh in Jenelle’s mind.

So when she says she will “ALWAYS” support her husband’s views, is she co-signing that revolting bigotry?

Seems astoinishing that anyone would admit that publicly, but when it comes to Jenelle, nothing surprises us anymore.


Kendra Wilkinson: I Will Always Love Hank, But…

With her marriage teetering on the verge of non-existence, Kendra Wilkinson has once again taken to social media in order to vent, rant and sort of rave.

Except the subject of said raving is…

… estranged husband Hank Baskett?!?

Kendra, Hank, Kids

As previously reported, Kendra and Hank are in a dark place.

Multiple outlets have alleged their relationship is basically over and that the ex-centerfold is ready to file for divorce.

What, specifically, has driven the stars apart?

Sources go back to 2014 and the hand job Baskett has admitted to receiving from a transgender model named Ava London.

These sources say the couple has never really recovered from Hank’s infidelity and that Wilkinson has “lost trust in her marriage,” according to People Magazine.

But that doesn’t mean Kendra no longer loves Hank, as she told a follower on Twitter last night.

In response to a question about whether she’s happy with her husband, Wilkinson replied as follows:

“I will always love Hank. Always.”

loving hank

It’s worth noting that this is likely very true, but it’s also an example of Kendra clearly not being content in her relationship.

Notice that she did NOT say she is “happy” with Hank, just that she will always have love for him.

Kendra went on to say an awful lot via her Twitter account on Thursday evening, some of it abstract and vague, some of it clearly addressing the problems in her marriage.

“The universe doesn’t stop for you,” she wrote at one point, waxing philosophical and adding:

“Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. At the end if all u have is faith ,love and positive outlook then it’s a good day.”

universe tweet

At another point, she Kendra was far less vague and far more direct.

“I can’t stand marital advice. Lol,” she Tweeted, acknowledging that she’s been receiving plenty in the wake of recent reports and then joking:

“The @DalaiLama is the only one who can give me any type to real shit advice. Lmaoooooo.”

dali l

There was also this:

“If you’re choosing to be happy every second then you’re masking some pretty heavy shit. Happiness does live in pain and tears but u can’t live there. Gotta be patient n giving n loving through ups n downs.”

So maybe there is hope after all for the marriage?

It’s really hard to say right now, but Wilkinson previously went on a long diatribe about her state of mind, one that we interpreted as a sign that a divorce was imminent.

See what we mean below:

As for where Hank stands in all of this drama?

He has not spoken out directly, but an insider tells Radar Online that “the kids are the only reason that Hank stuck around for this long” in the first place.

His son and his daughter are the only reason he has even been putting up with Kendra’s “bullshit,” this source states.

Both Baskett and Wilkinson are determined to co-parent in a healthy and stable manner, no matter what happens.

Just probably not as husband and wife.

“Now that his kids are a bit older, Hank realizes that he does not need to be with Kendra in order to be a good father and a good role model to them,” Radar writes, concluding:

“Neither one of them are happy right now, and the kids know this.”


Questlove Shows Sympathy for Jimmy Fallon, ‘When You Lose Someone It’s Always Sad’

Questlove just suggested to our photog … Jimmy Fallon’s mom has either passed away or it’s about to happen. We got “The Tonight Show” band frontman leaving the Director’s Guild in West Hollywood Saturday and asked him how Jimmy’s doing after…