Amber Portwood: See Her Precious Baby Shower!

As Teen Mom OG fans are well aware, Amber Portwood’s baby is due in less than a month — May 13th.

Naturally, she and her family are preparing for the event — and that includes throwing a baby shower.

As you’ll see in the photos below, even her daughter Leah was there. This will be a big, exciting change for her, too.

Amber Portwood is pregnant with Andrew Glennon’s baby.

It’s an exciting time — even if a lot of fans still harbor some misgivings about her new baby daddy and his worrisome personal history.

Baby showers are a time-honored tradition in which friends and family gather to celebrate someone’s upcoming childbirth and motherhood.

While it’s true that it’s often a bigger deal for first-time mothers, baby showers are a wonderful time to celebrate any expected childbirth.

And celebrating is exactly what Amber and her family are doing.

In that first photo, you can see Amber attempting to quickly change the diaper of that baby doll. While blind-folded.

Additionally, fans can see Amber’s daughter, Leah Shirley, holding the doll.

Leah is her daughter with Gary Shirley, and she’s more than old enough to be excited about becoming an older sister.

We know that Amber is expecting a boy, and Amber revealed that his name will be James Andrew Glennon.

Leah is about to embark upon the experience of having a brand new baby brother.

This baby shower might be a second run for Amber, but for Leah, it’s a brand new experience.

It was sweet of Amber, and her mother Tonya, to share some glimpses of this happy occasion on social media.

Amber Portwood, Baby Shower

Though Amber continues to battle a number of personal demons, including struggles with substance abuse and of course the explosive anger with which fans are familiar, she’s in a better place now than she was when she first became a mother.

In fact, that’s usually the case for people who become pregnant as teens.

These days, though Amber struggles with mental health issues during her pregnancy, she’s a reality star and a minor celebrity.

Her estimated net worth is around half a million.

Considering that Andrew Glennon, her new baby daddy, is reportedly from a well-off family of big-name filmmakers, we hope that Amber’s son will have the kind of stability and security that he deserves.

We do need to talk about Andrew Glennon, however.

As we have mentioned, he has a somewhat troubled history — though, especially in the world of the Teen Mom franchise, there are much more alarming men out there.

A couple of Andrew’s exes have complained and even filed restraining orders to keep him from allegedly harassing them after their breakups.

We hope that he is no longer prone to those sorts of alleged behaviors.

Amber seems to indicate that he has bonded well with Leah.

We certainly hope that Andrew will make a wonderful presence in the lives of Amber, Leah, and James.

(He has to be better than Matt Baier, right?)

Speaking of Amber’s baby daddies, Gary Shirley sent over his own gifts for her shower.

So it appears that things are going a bit better between them than they used to.

It is also possible that Gary just wanted to do the right thing, even if he and Amber are still on the outs.

Either way, it was a great gesture. Baby showers are not the place to hold grudges.

Even if you’ve been feuding like crazy.


Amber Portwood: Was She on Drugs When She Got Pregnant?!

Believe or not, Amber Portwood will become a mother of two sometime very, very soon.

Believe it because it’s a fact, the “or not” part is just in there in case you need a little more time to prepare yourself for the mess that is Amber caring for another human life.

Yep, Amber is due to give birth on May 13th — Mother’s Day — with her second child, her first with boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

They already know they’re having a boy, and she’s said that they’ll name him James Andrew Glennon.

This will be her second time giving birth, and she’s also suffering from gestational diabetes, so there’s a decent chance James will make an appearance before his due date.

And when he does … well, we’ve got some concerns, we’ll say that much.

It’s been several years since Amber had her daughter Leah, but as we saw on those first few seasons of Teen Mom, she just wasn’t that great at caring for her.

She left her crying in her crib regularly, or so it seemed on the show, and sometimes she’d throw in a bottle of Kool-Aid to comfort her.

When Leah cried, it always seemed to overwhelm Amber, much more than the average mother. Which isn’t great, because in case you haven’t heard, babies tend to cry quite a bit.

The big thing that got her in trouble though was how she just wasn’t able to control herself around Leah. We all saw her beat Gary right in front of her, not to mention the countless times she screamed at him in her presence.

There’s just been so, so many examples of Amber’s questionable parenting skills, even recently, that it’s hard to be hopeful that things will be any different this time around.

And when you consider the things that she admitted during last night’s Teen Mom OG reunion special … it’s just not looking great.

Amber did her segment via Skype, since presumably she wasn’t up to flying to New York, and things started out rough when she got angry after watching a recap of her scenes from this season.

Once again, she took issue with Gary’s totally fair and true remarks about how she’d been an absent mother, and once again, she defended herself by saying she was too depressed to see her daughter.

“The main thing is when I was going through everything after me and Matt broke up, people have to understand, I was with that man for three and a half years,” she explained.

“It was a really horrible relationship. It was an abusive relationship — mentally and physically.”

She said that the relationship “turned me into a really unhappy, depressed person and I couldn’t keep going on with that.”

As we saw in the last season, he failed a lie detector test with a question about infidelity, and she said “that was the end because I couldn’t stay with a man who would ever do that to me.”

She finally broke up with him for good last May, and — this is the relevant part — after the split, she said she “spiraled out of control.”

Dr. Drew asked her if she’d managed to stay sober during that tough time, and she admitted she hadn’t.

“I was drinking horribly,” she revealed. “I might not have been doing a lot of drugs and things like that but I was definitely trying to drown my sorrows.”

So wait, if she wasn’t doing “a lot of drugs,” does that mean she was doing some drugs?

Many viewers seem to think so.

On Marriage Boot Camp, Amber has been completely out of control, and some people think that her behavior there is more indicative of drug abuse than drinking.

Right after filming, Brandi Glanville even seemed to insinuate that she was abusing pills during filming, which was her drug of choice before she went to prison.

These days, Amber does look and sound a lot healthier and much more stable than she did last year.

But if she was drinking this much and possibly dabbling in drugs during the same time she conceived?

Amber, why do you have to worry us like this?


Amber Rose: I’m Heartbroken for Khloe Kardashian!

Now that Tristan Thompson has been caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian, everyone has an opinion to share.

But rather than roasting Tristan or claiming that Khloe deserves this, one of Khloe’s former enemies is reaching out with a message of compassion.

Amber Rose sounds heartbroken fro Khloe.

Amber’s post begins:

“I know we’ve had our differences in the past.”

Yeah, Amber and Khloe have had their share of beefs.

“But my heart is broken for you sis SMH.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, SMH generally means “smacking my head,” as one might to express frustration with another’s behavior. For example, Tristan Thompson’s foolishness.

Amber’s post continues:

“No one deserves to feel that pain especially during such a sensitive time.”

Amber Rose Khloe Sympathy

Amber concludes her beautiful, compassionate message by writing:

“God bless you and your baby.”

Khloe is expected to give birth any day now.

In fact, some have suspected that Khloe has already given birth.

Tremendous stress — like suddenly becoming embroiled in a cheating scandal because your baby daddy can’t seem to reign in his own penis — can be much worse during pregnancy.

It’s probably safe to say that everyone is hoping that Khloe and her baby remain in good health.

We should be clear that Amber Rose does not actually say Khloe’s name at any point during her message.

Given the circumstances, however, it seems abundantly clear to just about everyone that Amber is referring to Khloe.

It’s kind of like how, these days, if you see someone tweet about being furious at “him” or “what he’s done now,” just about everyone can infer that they’re talking about Donald Trump.

Similarly, when someone so closely linked with the Kardashians — as Amber has been, often to her chagrin — posts a message like this in the wake of Tristan Thompson’s devastating cheating scandal, it seems clear that her message is intended for Khloe.

Though, given their less-than-amicable history, it’s entirely conceivable that Amber does not actually have Khloe’s phone number.

This cheating scandal began when The Daily Mail published a video that appeared to show Tristan Thompson with a young woman in a bar.

The woman, who was not Khloe, appeared to be making out with Tristan.

On its own, that might have been explained away. In fact, one report seems to suggest that Khloe is totally in denial about the whole thing.

But then came TMZ‘s video of Tristan seeming to be fooling around with two women in a hookah lounge back in October, after the public had already learned about her pregnancy.

And The Shade Room chimed in with a video that appears to show Tristan with the same girl from the bar, possibly headed to a room together.

Now, the alleged identities are being revealed of Tristan’s mistresses.

While Lani Blair has not chosen to make a public statement just yet, not everyone is being so tightlipped.

Finally, a woman’s final message to her Instagram followers before deleting her account was to claim that Tristan Thompson had impregnated her, too.

Sympathetic messages like Amber Rose’s are definitely kind.

But it sounds like Khloe’s going to need many more kind words in the future.

This story is far from over.


Amber Portwood Throws Shade at Farrah Abraham: We’re Better Off Without Her!

It’s been almost five months since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG as a result of her continued refusal to quit performing in live-streaming sex shows.

We still don’t know what the show will look like without the famously unpredictable Farrah, but her number one rival Amber Portwood says fans can expect the TMOG to come back stronger than ever.

Amber spoke out on life after Farrah in an interview with In Touch this week and to the surprise of absolutely no one, she’s not exactly fiending for more Abraham in her life:

“We’re doing good without Farrah,” Amber told the tabloid this week.

Yes, it seems filming is under way, and Amber feels the whole process is going more smoothly without 

Of course, TMOG is unlike most other reality shows in that the cast spends very little time under the same roof, and their storylines mostly take place in separate states.

So it’s not not like Amber can really say for sure if the show will suffer in Farrah’s absence.

But apparently, the response she’s been seeing on social media leads Portwood to believe that fans are mostly in favor of the decision to kick Abraham to the curb:

“We still have our fans and some of them are really happy about it, so I can’t knock that,” Amber said.

Farra, of course, strongly disagrees:

“You could take all the girls on all the series, but none can bring or do as much as I do for the series,” she told Us Weekly in response to recent rumors that she would be replaced by Mackenzie McKee.

The crazy part is, Farrah might be right:

The most famous clash between Amber and Farrah came during a reunion show taping in 2016, when the ladies famously almost engaged in a physical altercation.

Things calmed down a bit in the months that followed, but there’s still a good deal of tension between the former co-stars.

Earlier this year, Farrah went off on the subject of Amber’s pregnancy, accusing her of pretending that it was a surprise and receiving a bonus from producers for getting knocked up:

Amber, just f–king admit you planned your pregnancy. Lmao this is so pathetic,” Abraham tweeted.

“F–K TEEN MOM! Enjoy the bonus for your new kid and pay your child support!”

We’re sure some fans are happy to see Farrah go – but it won’t be easy to find a replacement that can bring that level of drama.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to remind yourself just how bonkers the Farrah years could get.


Amber Portwood Reveals Due Date, Has Doubts About Andrew Glennon

If you’re a Teen Mom OG fan, then by now, you’ve likely heard the news Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child.

The news came just weeks after the world learned that Amber is dating Andrew Glennon, a reality TV producer she met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp – while she was still in a relationship with Matt Baier.

Now, Amber has given her most candid interview yet on the subject of her whirlwind romance and surprise pregnancy, and it seems she shares the opinion held by many fans that she probably should have taken things a bit slower.

Speaking with E! News, Amber opened up in one of the most candid interviews of her career.

“His name is James Andrew Glennon,” Portwood said of her forthcoming bundle of joy.

She cited his due date as “one day before my birthday,” which would make it May 13.

Amber says she’s incredibly excited about her future with her new family … but she admits she and Andrew may have moved a bit too fast.

“The best thing that came out of [the show was] meeting Andrew,” she said of her experience on Marriage Boot Camp.

“He makes me the happiest.”

Asked about the possibility that she and Glennon might get married after the baby arrives, however, Amber is quick to slam on the brakes.

“We’re not talking about that,” she tells the outlet.

“Right now, we’re happily living together and seeing where everything goes.”

She then concedes that it’s a bit late to think about taking things slowly.

“Obviously, we jumped the gun and we’re having a baby, but I don’t know,” Portwood says.

“He drops little hints here and there about things, but we haven’t necessarily talked about it.”

In other words, Glennon badly wants to get married (dude did quit his job in LA to move to Indiana, after all) but Amber is a bit more hesitant.

We guess we can’t blame her after her disastrous engagement to Matt Baier, but like it or not, she’s tied to Andrew for life at this point anyway.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive Amber’s long history of questionable decisions.


Amber Portwood: Suffering from Mental Health Issues During Pregnancy

Amber Portwood is not in a good place right now.

But then again, she’s never been in a good place, not once in all the years we’ve known her, so it’s to be expected at this point.

After years of dealing with drug addiction and massive anger management problems and, you know, prison, not to mention the supreme creepiness of Matt Baier …

She’s been through a lot, to say the least.

So now that she’s settled down a little bit, since she’s cut Matt loose and found a new creeper to play house with and since she’s pregnant again, you’d think things would be easier, right?

At least a little bit.

But if you honestly thought that, then you must not be too familiar with Ms. Portwood.

While it looks like she gets along better with Andrew Glennon than she did with Matt, we don’t imagine that will be the case forever — Andrew has two exes with restraining orders against him, so a happy ending with Teen Mom’s OG felon doesn’t seem likely.

And while it may look like she’s in a better situation to have a child now than she was when she was a broke teenager, it really doesn’t feel that way.

After all, she doesn’t really parent the child she already has, and we all saw how maternal she was when she did have custody of Leah.

Spoiler if you missed the first few seasons of Teen Mom: most inanimate objects appear to be more maternal than Amber.

Look, the point is that it’s all just bad, everything about this whole situation is bad and weird and scary.

And in a new interview Amber just did with People, she’s opening up about how bad things are for her these days.

In the interview, Amber revealed that she “had a concern” with her depression recently, and after speaking with her doctor, they concluded that “it was a concern that postpartum [depression] was something that could happen because of how I’m doing right now.”

She explained that she wants to “nip it in the bud before anything gets too bad or you go into a really deep depression, which is not good for me right now, obviously.”

So she began taking antidepressants, which she said is “just something you have to do to make yourself feel better, and you have to make sure it’s safe for the baby and just move forward from that.”

First of all, it’s sincerely wonderful that Amber took the steps to get help if she’s been feeling depressed. Lots of antidepressants are perfectly safe during pregnancy, and it’s a great thing that she’s taking care of herself like this.

Obviously there’s no shame in admitting you’re struggling, and if she does develop postpartum depression down the line, she’s got a head start on battling it.

It’s also good that she seems to be wising up a little when it comes to her health.

Last year, after Amber broke up with Matt, she made statements about how she’d stopped taking her medications because she thought it was just her situation that was making her feel depressed.

Except she’s said many times that she’s bipolar, which isn’t something you just get over by getting out of a bad situation — not that depression is either, but bipolar disorder is a lifelong thing.

She’s also said before that the medications she normally took weren’t safe for pregnancy, but maybe since she’s already on antidepressants, she’ll consult her doctor about any other meds she made need after having the baby.

Maybe this is the first step to a whole new and improved Amber!

We can dream, right?

Oh, also in the interview, she specified that she’s 33 weeks pregnant right now, which means that she conceived within the first few weeks of dating Andrew.

What a world.


Gary Shirley to Amber Portwood: Sorry for Admitting You’re a Bad Mother!

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley never really had the greatest relationship, but they do share a daughter, Leah, so they pretty much have to get along with each other for the rest of their lives.

Think about that for a second, being forced to deal with Amber for all the rest of your days …

It's no wonder Gary snapped, right?

In last night's episode of Teen Mom OG, he had some pretty harsh things to say about her — harsh, but true.

Amber didn't take it well, so no surprise there, but what was surprising was that Gary took the time to apologize to her on Twitter for everything he said during the episode.

Because again, what he said was true.

Here, let's just review everything, and you can see if you think Gary needed to apologize, OK?

1. A Bad Match

Amber portwood and gary shirley in therapy
OK, so Amber and Gary were always terrible together, from the very first moment we ever saw either of them on Amber’s 16 and Pregnant episode. They just don’t get along well. Even in their happiest moments, there was always some issue — remember when he tried to propose and she got mad because he didn’t use the exact words she wanted to hear?

2. SMH

Amber portwood gary shirley shirtless
These two broke up, got back together, got engaged, then broke up again more times than we can even count, and it took Amber going to prison to really end things for good between them.

3. Hey, Kristina!

Kristina anderson and gary shirley
While Amber was incarcerated, Gary met Kristina, who he went on to marry and have another child with. Kristina became the mother figure that little Leah never really had. Everyone loves Kristina.

4. Shame, Shame

Gary shirley of teen mom
Gary did lead Amber on a bit during this time though — he didn’t make it clear to her when he was in prison that their relationship was over, and he strung her along when she got out. But through it all, he was always a good father to Leah, and that’s what we’re talking about here.

5. Choices

Amber portwood with leah
Meanwhile, Amber chose to stay in prison, away from her young daughter, instead of going to rehab, and when she was back home, she chose to get involved with creepy Matt Baier instead of rebuilding her relationship with her kid.

6. Tsk Tsk

Amber portwood black and white selfie
She mentioned trying to get custody of Leah back a few times, but then never really talked about it again. And in the time that she’s been out of prison, she hasn’t seemed to make seeing her at all that much of a priority.

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Amber Portwood: Does She EVER See Her Daughter?!

Amber Portwood … well, let’s be honest, nobody’s going to be giving her any Mother of the Year awards anytime soon.

Things may be different with her second child, but she’s been a parent to Leah for nearly ten years now, and honestly, it hasn’t been great.

If you’ve watched any Teen Mom episode throughout the years, you’ve probably noticed that the woman just doesn’t seem to have any maternal instincts whatsoever.

In the early seasons of the show, we saw Amber scream and fight with Gary in front of baby Leah on several occasions, so much that child protective services got involved at one point.

Some might say she neglected Leah — and remembering all those scenes when she was left alone to cry in a crib without sheets, comforted by only a bottle of Kool-Aid …

We’ve heard more outlandish accusations, we’ll say that much.

Amber has admitted that she was a hardcore drug addict until she went to prison, and when she was released, she focused on her relationship with Matt Baier instead of her relationship with Leah.

For several years now, Gary has had custody, and Amber has really never made a real effort to change that, though that’s probably for the best.

Gary and his wife Kristina have been able to provide a stable, loving environment for Leah, one that it’s hard to imagine Amber could have created herself.

When she does see Leah, things seem tense and awkward — for example, that time when she cried and tried to guilt her for making a Christmas ornament for Gary and not for her.

It’s just a bad situation, and it got worse when this current season of Teen Mom OG began airing, when we saw that she’s barely been spending any time at all with her kid lately.

She could have spent a bunch of quality time with her daughter during her summer vacation last year, but she said she was too depressed to even see her.

However, she wasn’t too depressed to start dating Andrew Glennon and get pregnant!

Look, we could sit here all day and discuss Amber’s shortcomings as a mother, but we’ve got a brand new interview from her to go over, so let’s go ahead and jump into that, OK?

Besides, it all ties together pretty well.

To kick things off, Amber discussed her current custody agreement with Gary, explaining that Leah is “getting older and it’s coming to the point where she kind of decides when she wants to go back and forth and what she wants to do, which is a great thing.”

“It’s easier that way, you know?”

She said that “some weekends she wants to go and spend the night with her friends or do something else,” but “she’s a kid so I can’t really get mad at that.”

“But I do miss her a lot and I do explain to her that, even though she’s young, ‘Mommy still wants to see you more’ and things like that. She understands, but she’s a kid.”

So basically Leah still lives with Gary, and she’s deciding she doesn’t want to spend so much time with Amber?

Sad, but fair.

Next, Amber discussed her current co-parenting relationship with Gary and how he gets along with Andrew — thankfully, she said that “there’s no fighting” between them.

“Andrew just wants me to be happy and when he sees Gary saying certain things and I’m crying or I’m really sad about it … it hurts him and it does make him angry, but he stays out of it as much as he can because it’s not really his place to be in between that,” she explained.

She added that he’s “really protective over me especially now that I’m pregnant,” that he’s “super protective over how I feel, so he doesn’t appreciate the things that [Gary] says about me because he feels like he knows me better because, you know, being with me every day.”

Gary has known Amber for well over a decade and they were together on and off for years, but sure, this guy who creeped his way into her life less than a year ago knows her better.

But hey, what’s all this about Gary making her cry?

One of the things she had trouble with was an earlier episode when Kristina made a remark about adopting Leah, which she said was “ludicrous and absolutely ridiculous.”

“I would understand a comment like that if I was an addict again or if I was doing something in my life that was outrageous,” she admitted. “However, I don’t think falling in love with somebody is something that’s outrageous.”

“People do it all the time, you know. It’s really hurtful that they connected with me not seeing Leah because of my depression to me being with Andrew.”

She added that “it’s hurtful and it also makes me angry to make me think they’re talking behind my back like that as though I’m just a mom who doesn’t care about my child which is absolutely absurd.”

… OK, Amber. OK.