Amber Portwood Melts Down In Bizarre Instagram Rant: I Am NOT a Bad Mom!

We think it's safe to say Amber Portwood is going through a bit of a tough time.

Over the course of the past two weeks, Amber has gotten emotional on social media multiple times while discussing recent events in her life.

And she's not exactly welling up with joy.

Amber recently "quit" Teen Mom OG over what she says is bullying and harassment from fans.

It's unclear if she'll actually be leaving the show, but in the week since, she's complained about poor treatment from viewers several more times.

And last night, she delivered what might be her most emotional tirade to date.

Take a look:

1. Tough Times

Amber portwood winces
Amber appears to be stuck in a downward spiral these days. The Teen Mom OG star is now in the habit of unleashing her anger toward fans in bizarre social media rants.

2. When the Bullied Becomes the Bully

Amber portwood new selfie
Amber has accused TMOG viewers of bullying her, but as many have pointed out, she’s recently engaged in quite a bit of behavior that could be described as bullying.

3. Crossing the Line

Amber portwood cant chill
In the first of her recent rants, Amber threatened to get violent with fans and insulted one of her followers by referring to them using the R-word.

4. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Amber portwood deals with matt baier
Shortly thereafter, Amber took to Twitter to deliver another rant, this time threatening to quit the show that made her famous.

5. In Case It Wasn’t Clear …

Amber portwood wedding dress tryout
“I can’t do this anymore,” Amber tweeted. Shortly thereafter, she followed that up with “I have to quit this show.”

6. Amber’s Heartache

Amber portwood reunion special image
“The heartache this show has put me through is too much to bear anymore,” she continued. “If I will not be shown then there’s nothing more to do. My name will not get smeared anymore.”

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Teen Mom OG Recap: Wait, Is Amber Pregnant Again?

The newbies made the originals on Teen Mom OG this week.

On the latest installment of this MTV hit, viewers went back in time and watched as incoming stars Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin met the women who have been in this spotlight forever:

Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell.

How did this interaction go? How much tension was present? And which young lady thinks she may be pregnant again?

Wait… WHAT?!?

You need to scroll down right now for our recap of storylines and developments:

1. Here. We. Go!

The new ogs
This is our rundown of the episode that aired on November 12, 2018.

2. We Gotta Start with Amber…

Amber reacts
Portwood felt ill and got very concerned that she was pregnant with another baby. (She had basically JUST given birth to her son on the show). “It feels like my stomach is just achy. I swear to God, if you got me pregnant,” Amber said to boyfriend Andrew Glennon after admitting that she felt queasy while in New York City.

3. No on the Pregnancy, But Yes on the Frustration

No on the pregnancy but yes on the frustration
It was a false alarm for Amber, but what rang true was her irritation over the way MTV handled the hiring of Bristol and Cheyenne. No one even told the three original cast members this was happening until an announcement was made to the public.

4. Where’s the R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

Catelynn lowell amber portwood and maci bookout
Amber talked to a producer about how it all transpired, saying in an emotional tone on air: “This show, to us, is like family, especially with the girls. There’s been a lot of things that have happened in 10 years from my f-cking life that I have let you guys watch, that has been really personal so I need that respect back … We would really like some f-cking respect.”

5. Wait, Lady, I’m Not Done!

Amber and andrew
“Hopefully we’re not dealing with Farrah sh-t, but I don’t think they’re anything like that from what everyone’s been saying,” Amber told this producer, referencing Abraham and the two new women and adding: “It’s simply the courtesy of letting the girls who’ve been doing this for 10 years, who built this franchise with them, know what’s going on on their show.”

6. Amber’s Emotions Ran High

Amber portwood with andrew glennon
This caused some to wonder if she really was pregnant, which prompted a pregnancy test. It came back negative. “I need to get on birth control,” Amber said. “There are things that I wanna do in my life… Having a baby right now would kind of stop that. It’s just not the right time to have another kid.”

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Amber Portwood: Secretly Married to Andrew Glennon?!

Amber Portwood …

What a roller coaster ride her whole entire life has been, huh?

She’s dealt with a very serious drug addiction, she’s been to prison for domestic violence.

She was in a relationship with serious creeper Matt Baier for a few years, and that alone is just a nightmare to consider.

She’s been through so much in her life, but fortunately, things seem to be settling down for a little bit now.

Her relationship with Andrew Glennon has lasted for over a year now, and that’s something, right?

Sure, he has a sketchy past with two separate restraining orders from two different exes.

And yeah, lots of Teen Mom fans get a weird, unsettling vibe whenever he appears on the show.

And all right, yes, it’s still super strange that he apparently met her while she was an absolute train wreck on Marriage Boot Camp with Mat Baier, saw her acting like a monster, and thought ‘wow, I have to get to know her.'”

There are just lots and lots of red flags when it comes to Andrew, but hey, at least he’s not hiding a bunch of kids and obviously stealing her money like Matt.

They also share a precious little baby boy, James, so that’s neat.

Yep, these days, Amber is living her life as a full-time mom to James — she has Leah, too, of course, but her ex, Gary Shirley, has had primary custody of her for a long, long time.

It seems like the little family has been going back in forth between Amber’s home state of Indiana and Andrew’s work in Malibu, which she’s been loving.

And now, thanks to a new statement from Amber, it sounds like they’ve got something else going on, too.

Are these two already married?!

They’ve discussed marriage on Teen Mom OG, of course and honestly, Amber hasn’t seemed to be too into the idea.

For example, during last season’s reunion, Andrew brought up the idea of a surprise proposal, and she shut it down pretty quickly.

They’ve also mentioned in interviews that they don’t have any plans to marry anytime soon.

She’s been content just being together without any formal commitment, which is fine, obviously.

But has it all been a lie?

Have they already gotten married, and for whatever reason, are they hiding it?

Lots of people think so after a live video Amber made on Instagram last night.

In the video, she brought up the subject of the wildfires that have been raging in California — the ones that burned the Bachelor mansion down.

Answering one of her followers, she said “Yes, I have heard about the fires in Malibu and Calabasas.”

“And my hubby is freaking out because his mom’s house is in Malibu and he has a lot of family that lives around that area.”

She have a little update on that situation on Twitter after that, explaining that “Andrew’s family had to evacuate their home in Malibu.”

It’s great that they were able to get to safety, and now that we know they’re all fine, we can focus on that one little word that Amber slipped in there.

You know the one.

So Amber called Andrew her “hubby” — short for husband, if you just managed to get an internet connection for that rock you’ve been living under.

This could mean a couple of things.

One, as we said earlier, they could already be married.

Maybe Amber didn’t want any more criticism for moving so fast with Andrew — she got plenty of it when her big pregnancy news came out.

Or maybe it’s just that she’s living a more private life in general.

There’s also a chance that they’re saving the big reveal for Teen Mom OG.

That would actually make a lot of sense, considering the show’s ratings haven’t been too stellar this season.

Two, and this is the not-so-fun option, Amber could just be throwing words around.

Lots of people call their boyfriends their “hubby,” and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re married.

It could be a pet name, or maybe the relationship is serious enough to feel like a marriage without the paperwork.

At this point, it’s hard to say what exactly is going on here.

Help us out with an explanation, Amber!


Amber Portwood Opens Up About Heartbreaking Miscarriage

When it comes to her personal struggles, Amber Portwood is not always as forthcoming as some of her Teen Mom co-stars.

Amber has been through a lot over the years, and sometimes she would understandably prefer to not share her most painful moments with fans.

But Amber seems to understand that sometimes she can help others who might be struggling by opening up about her own heartache.

And she's done exactly that this week by opening up about one of the more difficult times in her life.

Take a look:

1. Turning Things Around

Amber portwood on insta
Following some painful years marred by addiction, bad relationships and jail time, Amber seems to have gotten her life back on track.

2. Finding Love

Silly andrew glennon
After an unhealthy relationship with Matt Baier, Amber has found love again with TV producer Andrew Glennon.

3. Expanding Her Family

Amber portwood with james
Together, Amber and Andrew have welcomed their first child together, a son named James.

4. Healing the Scars of the Past

Amber portwood with leah shirley
Amber has even made progress in repairing her relationship with Leah, her 9-year-old daughter from her relationship with Gary Shirley.

5. Better Days

Amber portwood wedding dress tryout
Of course, as longtime TMOG viewers know, things haven’t always been this easy for Amber.

6. Bad Baier

Amber portwood and matt baier photo
It wasn’t all that long ago that Amber was engaged to deadbeat dad and conman Matt Baier.

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Amber Rose: Mom-Shamed for Making Out With Son

Amber Rose owns her identity and her sex-positive attitude. She knows that she has her haters.

Unfortunately, some trolls target Amber’s son because they know that it will get under her skin.

This time, Amber is getting mom-shamed and accused of “making out” with her child. Here is the photo:

This is the image that drew so much ire from the internet.

Note that Amber and Sebastian Taylor Thomaz’s lips aren’t actually touching.

“Too much intimacy in this pic,” declared one follower.

“Get that nasty mouth away from that poor kid,” demanded another. “Yuck!”

Another insisted that what she was doing was “making out” and that she should stop at once.

(This is not even the point, but anyone who makes out without their lips touching is doing it wrong)

The attacking comments came in a number of forms.

One person decided to target boht Amber and feminism in a backhanded compliment.

“That’s your greatest accomplishment and you know it,” the commenter wrote. “No matter what the feminists like to preach.”

Others stuck to old-fashioned slut-shaming.

“The child is Innocent but she sure aint smh,” one vile person wrote.

“Now Amber, you had six boyfriends this year. I counted,” added another. “You do not need to kiss this baby anywhere!”

The troll continued: “That is like telling him to lick a public bathroom floor.”

Fortunately Sebastian, who will turn six years old early next year, is too young to see these horrible comments.

Also fortunately, Amber had plenty of defenders.

“He loves his mommy!!! And his mommy loves him!!! So sweet,” affirmed a commenter. “She’s a wonderful mother to her child and that’s all that matters.”

Another put the haters on blast.

“You people are DISGUSTING really. It is her SON,” writes another. 

“She has every right to kiss him on the lips,” Amber’s defender insisted.

That comment continues: “and for all of you nasty people making comments, clearly your parents never loved you or gave you hugs.”

“Beautiful,” praised another. “People are so spiteful and hateful. I kissed my daddy on the lips up until he passed last year.”

Obviously, not everyone comes from a kiss-on-the-lips family (I don’t, either).

But we all know that there are families who give each other a peck on the lips.

And, as you can clearly see in the photo, Amber and Sebastian weren’t doing anything of the sort.

Of course, we all know what this was really about.

People don’t like Amber.

Why? Mostly because she’s not ashamed to be a sexual being.

You would think that people wouldn’t be bothered by a woman who takes off her clothes and tells other women to live their lives however they wish.

But for some reason, sex-positive feminism is really threatening to some people.

And if htey can’t make Amber back down in undeserved shame for having a body and daring to show it, they’ll go after her young son.

Amber has defended Sebastian from trolls before.

Earlier this year, she shared how excited he was to receive personalized Taylor Swift tickets.

He loves Taylor’s music, probably because he has two ears and a heart.

Some truly despicable trolls decided to take to Instagram to “accuse” the 5-year-old child of being gay.

That is stupid in too many ways to count.

We’re glad that Sebastian has such a loving and supportive mother.

You don’t have to agree with her on everything to recognize that she’s a good mom.


Johnny Depp: Amber Heard Beat the Sh-t Out of Me!

When Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finalized their divorce back in January of 2017, the actors signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevented them from speaking to the press about their marriage.

Sources say both parties considered it the best path forward, as it would enable them to focus on their careers and avoid public conjecture about their personal lives.

But unquestionably, no one benefited as much from the arrangement as Depp.

Heard had accused Depp of abuse, and photos of the injuries she allegedly sustained at his hands stunned the internet.

In the current climate of Hollywood, it seems very likely that if we knew all of the details of Depp’s behavior toward Heard in the final months of their marriage, he would never work again.

And that’s a large part of why those details were supposed to be forever buried by that NDA.

Which is why it’s so bizarre that Depp continues to make counter-claims against Heard, thus dragging the whole messy situation back out into the open.

Back in June, he hinted at being unfairly denigrated by Heard in a bizarre, rambling Rolling Stone interview.

And this week, Depp spoke with British GQ and claimed it’s not possible that he could have been physically abusive toward Heard, as he’s not that “dumb.”

“To harm someone you love? As a kind of bully? No, it didn’t, it couldn’t even sound like me,” Depp told the magazine.

Lawyers for Heard promptly issued a statement accusing Depp of continued psychological abuse:

“Mr. Depp is shamefully continuing his psychological abuse of Ms. Heard, who has attempted to put a very painful part of her life firmly in her past,” their statement reads.

“One need only look at the physical evidence to draw the proper conclusion.”

Depp’s attorneys quickly shot back with a statement of their own, claiming that they’ll soon reveal in a London courtroom that Heard was violent toward Depp on multiple occasions:

“In UK court proceedings next month, we will be submitting clear evidence of the violence committed serially against him by Ms. Heard and the serious injuries that he suffered,” Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman said in a statement released on Wednesday night.

“We will also submit overwhelming evidence that Ms. Heard faked the abuse allegations against Mr. Depp.”

This is not the first time that Depp has claimed he was physically abused by Heard.

The actor previously claimed Heard punched him in the face in front of multiple witnesses after flying into a rage because he was late to a party.

He also says Heard defecated on his bed as an act of revenge.

Again, we’re baffled as to why Johnny would air all this dirty laundry in public.

But we’re guessing those closest to both Depp and Heard wish they would simply cut ties with one another for good.