Jacob Roloff Curses Off Donald Trump, Defends… American Flag Stomping?!?

Jacob Roloff is not one to withhold his opinion.

The former Little People, Big World star quit this TLC show two years ago because it found it to be phony and recently went off on the ridiculous nature of reality television in a new book.

This is not someone afraid to speak his mind.

In case you haven’t noticed, the same can be said for many Donald Trump supporters, which is why Jacob has landed himself in a bit of Internet hot water.

Late last week, Jacob shared an image on Instagram that appeared to be a protest of either the country in which he lives; the President; or both.

On the occasion of July Fourth, Roloff posted a picture of himself with his two feet on the American Flag.

Was he accidentally standing on this symbol?

Was he doing so on purpose as some kind of statement against the current White House and all it stands for?

Most Internet users assumed the latter, taking Jacob to major task for showing such disrespect and calling him out on social media for his actions:

roloff remove

According to various commentators, the photo was reported to Instagram and eventually deleted.

We can’t even find a copy of it anywhere in the archives of the World Wide Web, so we unfortunately do not have the scandalous snapshot here for readers to debate and consider.

However, Amy Roloff did post a photo in celebration of America’s birthday last week and many followers used its Comments section to remark on Amy’s youngest son.

“You might want to teach your youngest son it’s very disrespectful to step on a flag and post a picture of. It’s very disrespectful,” one user wrote, while another chimed in as follows:

“I’m all for people having different views, but stepping on the flag and telling the president to ‘f–k off’ is disgusting.”

Indeed, this was a line that Jacob used in response to a few critics.

Happy to mix it up on Twitter, Jacob recently fired back at someone who didn’t agree with Roloff’s stance in regard to the topic of family separation at the Mexican border.

Your bio says family is everything yet you’re offended I am posting about the reunification of immigrant families… hmm, the 21-year-old wrote, concluding his reply as follows:


It’s also evident that Jacob is aware of the controversy surrounding his flag photo, as he encouraged further talk about it on Twitter, while refusing to back down or apologize.

“For everyone ASTOUNDED at my political views… they are not new,” he wrote online this weekend. “And they are inseparable from who I am.”


Not wishing to upset their loyal fanbase, most Roloff family members keep their political opinions to themselves.

Matt came under some attack himself back in December when it appeared as if he supported Trump.

But Jacob, of course, is NOT a cast member any longer on Little People, Big World.

He is not beholden to producers and is free from concern over ratings.

In other words: He’s outspoken by nature and has no professional reason to keep quiet.

This may not be the last time we hear from Jacob Roloff on the issue of Donald Trump.


American Hunter’s Giraffe Trophy Kill Earns International Outrage

People love non-human animals. That’s why the entire internet was on edge as a racoon scaled a skyscraper just a few weeks ago.

But some people enjoy hunting and killing wildlife so much that they wll travel halfway across the world to hunt a rare, exotic species and share those photos.

One big game hunter’s photos of her posing with a giraffe’s corpse have gone viral as people condemn her. But is there more to this story?

In 2017, Tess Thompson Talley traveled to Africa where she hunted and killed an 18-year-old, 4,000 pound giraffe.

She then posed with the body for a series of haunting, even going so far as to “hug” the dead male in a particularly ghoulish image.

Though she shared the pictures of her “dream hunt” in 2017, the images are going viral now after they were shared by an African Twitter account.

Accompanying two photos of the Kentucky native, the outlet shamed her in an inflammatory tweet.

“White american savage who is partly a neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe,” the tweet begins. 

That is deliberately confrontational language — but we should point out that genetic studies do confirm that almost all humans, save portions of Africans, have neanderthal ancestry.

Africa Digest tweet

The tweet continues, saying that this horror comes “courtesy of South Africa stupidity.”

That is likely a reference to the fact that a few countries, including South Africa, permit a degree of big game hunting.

“Her name is Tess Thompson Talley,” the tweet concludes. “Please share.”

A follow-up tweet is a little less inflammatory.

“If our so called governments can’t care for our wildlife,” the Africa Digest account writes. “Then its time we stand up and responsibility of our continent, lands, resources and wildlife.”

“Share share share! and lets have a united voice against pillage of Africa,” the tweet says. “It’s the only home we have”

The horrifying photos of Talley’s gruesome “dream hunt” went viral, with people sharing their horror and sorrow.

Even celebrities added their voices to the mix.

On Instagram, actress Debra Messing writes: “Tess Thompson Talley from Nippa, Kentucky is a disgusting, vile, amoral, heartless, selfish murderer.”

“With joy in her black heart and a beaming smile,” Messing describes. “She lies next to the dead carcass of a *rare* black giraffe in South Africa.”

While we don’t necessarily object to her characterization of Talley, there is some question as to the rarity of this particular species of giraffe.

“Giraffes are the epitome of gentle giants,” Messing says. “They glide across the plains, like liquid; awe inspiring creatures who spend their days eating leaves and caring for their young.”

“How DARE she,” Messing continues. “A rare animal that will be extinct by the time her grandchildren can go and gutlessly sit in the brush with a scope and pull a trigger.”

In case you missed the grim news, yes, some giraffe species have quietly and quickly slipped from being safe to being critically endangered.

“It does not take skill to have a ranger track a giraffe for you, and with the aid of night vision glasses and a scope, pull a trigger like some Carnival game,” Messing says.

“If you need to eat a giraffe? Get a bow and arrow and make it at least a fair fight,” Messing suggests.

Most would argue that the but I need to hunt for food argument goes out the window when you book a flight from Kentucky to South Africa.

“I am disgusted by people like you Tess,” Messing says. “You reek of privilege and ignorance. Shame on you. And your husband Andrew Claude. Unconscionable. Irreparable damage. Irreplaceable beauty.”

Tess Thompson Talley hugs giraffe corpse

When Tess Thompson Talley first shared the image, she wrote about it.

“Prayers for my once in a lifetime dream hunt came true today!” Talley announced. “Spotted this rare black giraffe bull and stalked him for quite a while.”

Like the sorts of stories you usually only hear in people’s engagement stories or a serial killer’s diary, she wrote about when she “knew.”

“I knew it was the one,” Talley says. “He was over 18 years old, 4000 lbs. and was blessed to be able to get 2000 lbs. of meat from him.”

Since her story went viral, Talley has defended her actions, saying that her hunt aids conservation efforts and that killing this older giraffe was doing a favor for the species.

Tess Thompson Talley beside her kill

It is true that giraffes are endangered, with overall populations having plummeted by a staggering 40% in the past 25 years.

This particular species, however, seems to be doing okay.

“The giraffe in the photo,” Julian Fennessy of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation says. “Is of the South African species Giraffa giraffe, which are not rare – they are increasing in the wild.”

That’s good news for the South African giraffe.

However, as many have pointed out, the ethical concerns of big game hunting extend far beyond whether or not a species is in danger.

There are issues of cruelty. And, when a white person from a global superpower visits Africa, a continent ravaged by vicious colonialism and genocide, there’s possibly a racist angle.

Killing for conservation is a complicated issue but … wow, the glee in thos photos is a little unsettling.

These stories are never pleasant.


American Idol Recap: Who Won Season 16?

ABC’s rebooted American Idol crowned its first winner on Monday night in an episode that was so bloated with guest appearances, and other pointless things to keep viewers on tenterhooks before getting to the good stuff. 

Seriously, there was so much filler that it could have passed as a whole nother show entirely. 

The two-hour live finale kicked off with Lionel Richie performing “All Night Long,” and it was still as impressive as it was in 1983. 

The top 10 contestants joined him on the stage to throw their vocals into the ring for it, but they were overpowered at every turn by Lionel’s excellent vocals. 

When we finally got to the first round of results, it was more than halfway through the show, which is problematic. Ryan Seacrest confirmed which of the three were going home. 

As expected, Gabby Barrett secured the lowest amount of votes overnight and left the show in third place. 

Something very unexpected happened after that. Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe aka the final two confirmed that they were, indeed, dating. 

It was a great twist in an otherwise polarizing finale, but things took a cheesy turn when they performed a duet of “Over the Rainbow” together. 

There’s saying you’re in a relationship and then there’s throwing it at the audience like you’re selling it. 

In the end, Maddie Poppe was crowned the winner. If you’ve been keeping up to speed with the show this season, you will likely be well aware that Maddie has been the most consistent throughout the whole process. 

Her performances have been solid, and she has made every single moment of the process count. Out of all the top 10, she is the most marketable star. 

The real test will be whether a lesser-viewed Idol can still propel contestants to stardom. Despite returning after a hiatus, the ratings have not been great. 

But ABC has faith, and the show will be back for Season 17 in 2019.

The rest of the finale was filled with performances from celebrities such as Bebe Rexha, Nick Jonas, and even judges Luke Bryan and Katy Perry. 

With the revived season officially in the can, it’s time to look ahead to the next season. The good news is that the judging panel will remain intact next season. 

Despite some issues with the format, the judges have been very constructive.

Katy has been a real treat as a judge. Instead of trying to apologize to Taylor Swift live on air at every opportunity, she’s been helping these contestants realize their true potential. 

Okay, what do you think of the winner? 

Should someone else have it to the finale?

Hit the comments below!