Jenelle Evans Attempts to Get David Eason Re-Hired Amidst Abuse Allegations

It's been almost a year since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2, and saying he hasn't been missed by viewers would be a massive understatement.

Judging from reactions on social media, most TM2 fans are glad to be rid of David, and they wish Jenelle would follow him out the door.

Evans, however, remains committed to her goal of forcing MTV to rehire her husband.

Needless to say, that campaign is going very poorly so far — especially since Jenelle couldn't have picked a worse time to try and rebuild David's public image.

1. A One-Income Household

David eason picture
Jenelle’s motives for trying to strongarm her MTV bosses into rehiring David are quite simple. After all, it’s not like she’s the type to selflessly accept the role of sole breadwinner.

2. Doubling Down

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Jenelle earns upwards of $ 300,000 for each season of Teen Mom 2. David was never paid nearly that much, but no doubt his income served as a nice supplement to Jenelle’s.

3. Even Angrier Than Usual

Jenelle evans in commercial
Jenelle is currently filming the upcoming season of TM2, and she’s made no secret of the fact that she’s very pissed off by her husband’s continued unemployment.

4. One of Her Famous Rants

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Jenelle recently bit the hand that feeds her in a major way, unleashing a full-blown social media rant against Teen Mom 2 producers.

5. Boring, Boring, Boring

Jenelle rant 1
Jenelle informed fans that the show’s new season will be painfully boring, largely due to the absence of Eason.

6. Really Going In

Jenelle e photo
It seems Jenelle’s bosses aren’t crazy about her attempts to torpedo ratings, but she’s showing no signs of holding back …

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Kate Gosselin Sends Kids Off to School Amidst Custody Controversy

Six kids.

Two new grades.

And one proud and sentimental mother.

Amidst yet another battle with her awful ex-husband, Kate Gosselin has shared a fresh photo of her sextuplets, but it’s not just any photo.

It wasn’t snapped on just any day.

It was taken on the first day of eighth grade for Aaden, Joel, Alexis and Leah; and the first day of their senior year in high school for 17-year olds Mady and Cara.

“Feels like school never ended,” Kate wrote as a caption on Instagram. “And they’re already back! #SeniorYear #EighthGrade #ProudMom.”

As we’re certain many readers will note, the heartwarming photograph is missing two kids: Hannah and Collin.

In 2016, Kate revealed that her now-14-year-old son had moved out of her Wernersville, Pennylvania residence to enroll in an education program that teaches “life skills” to help him overcome his “educational and social challenges.”

She hasn’t said much about Collin since, which has angered and confused many celebrity gossip followers.

This is what Gosselin admitted a couple years ago about Collin, though:

“There’s a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things.

“This has been a struggle we’ve had for a very long time, and it’s one I’ve dealt with on my own.”

What about Hannah, however?

This is where the aforementioned controversy with Jon comes into play.

The teenager has been spending a lot of time of late with her dad, which is encouraging we guess.

For years, it seemed as Jon was an absentee father at best; a total deadbeat and bankrupt dad at worst.

Now, though, Jon has seemingly gone in the opposite direction when it comes to Hannah at least, as he wrote on social media that this daughter now lives with him “permanently.”

Except she doesn’t. Not according to Kate.

“[Kate] maintains full custody of all eight of her kids,” a source familiar with the situation told People Magazine this week, further confounding everyone who follows this situation.

Why would anyone actually follow this situation anymore?

That’s a fair question.

It’s almost impossible to remember that Jon and Kate rose to fame back in 2007 when TLC debuted the series Jon & Kate Plus 8; it chronicled the crazy lives of this couple and their eight kids.

In June of 2009, however, the Gosselins announced they were splitting, surprising absolutely no one who had watched them fight, scream and yell at each other for years.

Ever since, Jon and Kate have battled in public and in the press over their children and over which of them sucks more.

In 2015, Jon filed for full custody of Hannah, but he was denied.

We’re glad she’s getting along better with her father these days, but we still feel sorry for Hannah and her siblings.

Because Jon is still her father.


Thomas Ravenel Quits Southern Charm, Plays the Victim Amidst Rape Allegations

Thomas Ravenel is leaving Southern Charm.

But he isn’t going away quietly.

The lead cast member on this Bravo reality series has been under fire for weeks after TWO women accused Ravenel of sexual assault.

First, there was a nanny, who was hired to care for Ravenel’s two kids.

She alleges that the wealthy Charleston resident came home after a night out in 2015 and tried to kiss her.

After she left one room of his house and went into another, in an attempt to extricate herself from the awkward situation, Ravenel allegedly followed her, closed a door behind her and dropped his pants.

“He proceeded to rip my clothes off,” the nanny told People Magazine, with insiders confirming Ravenel has been under investigation for “first-degree forcible rape.”

Ravenel, meanwhile, is also accused of raping a woman with whom he went on a date three years ago.

In this instance, the alleged victim’s daughter went on record with how Ravenel reportedly pushed his date onto a bed, grabbed her wrists and “stuck his fingers inside of her vagina as well as her anus.”

Ugly, heinous stuff all around if these accusations are true.

With Southern Charm cast members hesitant to film with Ravenel again and pressure mounting from viewers, the former United States Senate candidate Tweeted the following on Tuesday evening:

I’m not doing the show anymore.

In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me.

I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.

First: What a pompous statement.

Second: Did Ravenel really quit or was he fired and is now just trying to save his reputation?

Ravenel is owning up to nothing here, instead trying to somehow claim that he’s been portrayed in an unfair manner on the series itself…

… despite these rape allegations having nothing to do with anything we’ve seen on Southern Charm air.

Shortly after the two assault stories came to light, a lawyer for Ravenel said the following:

“My client enjoys a certain degree of fame, which has unfortunately made him a vulnerable target for such claims.

“The person this woman describes is simply not the man that I know. My client is a loving father, successful businessman, and upright member of the community.

“He is appalled and hurt by these allegations – and is committed to defending his reputation in the appropriate legal forum.”

Ravenel did not film the season 5 reunion special, although girlfriend Ashley Jacobs did attend the taping to defend the father of two.

“I have seen a new Thomas,” she said there, explaining in further detail as follows:

“I mean, it’s humbling, of course, and now he’s [like] let’s stay in, let’s watch movies, let’s cook dinner, let’s just stay under the radar right now.

“And I’ve just seen a much softer, more sensitive, kinder, more supportive boyfriend. You know, everyone wants to be with you when you’re on top.

“Who’s with you when you’re down there? And I’ve told him, I’ve just said, I’m not leaving.”

Except that she reportedly did leave… only to come back a very short while later.

Does Jacobs think Ravenel assaulted these women?


Does she think he’ll be cleared of the charges?

“Of course, yes,” she said at the reunion.

“And it’s all hearsay. I mean, he’s not been charged with anything. These are just allegations. It used to be, you know, you’re innocent until proven guilty.

“Now you’re guilty until proven innocent.”


Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth Breakup Rumors Swirl Amidst Instagram Drama

If you love Miley Cyrus to the point that you follow all the social media fan pages devoted to all the latest gossip on the singer’s personal life, then you may have caught wind of a startling rumor over the weekend.

Several such outlets breathlessly exclaimed that Miley and Liam Hemsworth have broken up yet again.

And this time, they claimed, their source was not some bogus insider, but Miley herself, who seemed to have broken the news on her Instagram page.

If you read beyond the headlines, however, you may have found that while Cyrus has engaged in some very unusual activity on social media recently, it would require quite a leap in logic to conclude that she’s trying to send a low-key message about her love life.

Yes, Miley deleted every photo of Liam Hemsworth from her Instagram page.

But she also deleted all other content from her account and changed her profile pic to a plain black background.

Miley also blacked out her Twitter avatar, but she did not delete her tweets.

Obviously, it’s not hard to see why some fans would take this is a sign that something is amiss in Miley’s personal life.

But in all likelihood, the move has more to do with her professional life.

It appears that Miley is participating in a recent and somewhat annoying trend in self-promotion.

You see, lately, celebs have been drumming up interest in upcoming projects not by teasing their new work with tweets and Instagram pics, but by deleting (or archiving) all of the content on their pages.

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have both taken that approach to drumming up interest in upcoming releases.

Back in April, rumors of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds getting divorced began to circulate non-stop as a result of Blake’s decision to remove all content from her Instagram page and unfollow her husband.

It was later revealed that Blake did all this to promote the release of her upcoming film A Simple Favor.

Miley Cyrus: Blank IG

(Side note: that movie still hasn’t come out yet, so we’re thinking Blake jumped the gun a bit in terms of promotional stunts.)

Not surprisingly, Miley fans are losing their minds trying to figure out what’s next for the eccentric songstress:

“The fact that she’s [deleting] all her 2013-14 posts already and is still deleting is HUGE. We are getting a proper era? Building hype?” one Cyrus enthusiast tweeted.

Yes, the world of mainstream pop music stans is a fascinating one.

Only in 2018 could a 25-year-old artist with only 5 non-Disney studio albums to her name be credited as the architect of multiple musical “eras.”

But hey, you’ve gotta hand it to her — if Miley’s goal was to drum up interest in her new music, mission accomplished!


Demi Lovato: Fires More Staff, Shudders Website Amidst Relapse Drama

It’s been three weeks since the world learned that Demi Lovato relapsed after six years of sobriety, and it seems the recovery process has been a long and difficult one for the troubled pop songstress.

To her credit, it wasn’t the tabloids that publicized her latest struggles with substance abuse but Demi herself.

In June, she released the song “Sober,” which detailed her fall from the wagon with heartbreaking and surprisingly personal lyrics.

Unfortunately, the release of the song did not signal the start of Demi’s long road back to sobriety, as many had hoped.

Instead, those who know her best say Lovato is still drinking and has no immediate plans to get clean.

“Demi has gone off the rails,” a source tells Radar Online.

Equally troubling is the fact that the singer has reportedly been severing ties with those who wish to help her.

Demi fired her manager earlier this week, and it seems she’s ended her relationship with several other staffers in the days that followed.

“She’s completely dropped her family members, friends and everyone in the sober community, including all of the people at CAST [Demi’s former recovery program],” the source claimed.

“And now she is cutting off her staff who have worked with her forever.”

As Radar reports, Lovato also shut down her website earlier this week.

The site is now back up and running, but the hiatus left many with the impression that Demi is badly in need of some time away from the spotlight.

The fact that Lovato is cashing in on her relapse by actively promoting “Sober” on her social media pages has led some to label her a hypocrite:

“She is making money off her relapse,” says the insider.

“But she is a walking contradiction, because she is does not have a game plan to get clean right now.”

Friends and family already staged an informal intervention, but sadly, it seems their concerns fell on deaf ears.

“[They] suggested to her that she should get some help and go to rehab,” the source claims.

Clearly, Demi didn’t heed that advice.

On social media, Lovato has been the subject of a massive outpouring of concern, but unlike in years past, she seems to have little interest in communicating directly with fans.

Here’s hoping she’s able to find the help she needs before it’s too late.


Billy Knight: Former UCLA Basketball Star Found Dead Amidst Child Sex Scandal

Former UCLA basketball standout Billy Knight was found dead on a road near Phoenix this week.

He was just 39 years old.

Billy Knight

News of Knight’s death comes just weeks after he was charged with six felonies in connection with his alleged sexual assault of a child.

TMZ reported this week that the girl who accused Knight was just 9 years old. 

Knight’s cause of death has yet to be determined by a medical examiner.

However, Phoenix police have noted that there were no signs of foul play, which in this case, would seem to indicate that Knight took his own life.

According to initial reports, Knight was found unresponsive just before 3 am on Sunday.

He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Just days before his death, Knight — who played for UCLA from 1998 to 2002 — posted a YoiuTube video called “I am Sorry Lord.”

“This is probably my last message on Earth,” Knight said in the video.

“I just want to say that I lived a life of sin. I lied. I cheated, and I stole from many people. I was a taker. That’s why my life ended up where it is now.

“Life is not a game,” Knight said. 

“You can’t play around with life. It’s serious, and I wasn’t honest with a lot of people, even my mom, my brother and my family members.

Billy Knight Photo

“I isolated myself from my family members. I isolated myself from my friends, and that’s not something you should do.”

“I’m lost in life, and I feel like there’s no hope,” he continued.

“I have no friends with me here. I have no wife, girlfriend. I have nothing, and I just feel like I can’t continue on.”

UCLA has issued a statement on Twitter in response to news of Knight’s death.

“Our hearts are heavy after learning Billy Knight has passed away,” reads the statement, which was released before the charges against Knight came to light.

“We ask that the Bruin family keep Billy’s loved ones in their thoughts during this difficult time.”


Selena Gomez: All Smiles Amidst Justin Bieber Engagement Bombshell

Have you heard the stunning news?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged.

Multiple outlets have reported that the singer proposed to the model while the two were on vacation in the Bahamas and, of course, she said yes.

We know, right? EEEEK!!!

And also: WTH? Really?!?

Bieber and Baldwin carried on a fairly brief romance toward the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, with the latter even admitting at the time that the stars were very casual and not exclusive.

They were basically just banging.

But Justin and Hailey reportedly kept in close touch after they went their separate ways and then started touching each other’s private parts again just last month.

The Internet saw photos of Baldwin and Bieber kissing, yet this same Internet was still woefully unprepared for this earth-shattering, life-altering engagement news.

Seriously, did any of you see this coming?!?

Naturally, however, there’s only one person whose take is truly desired right about now.

What, pray tell, must Selena Gomez be thinking at the moment?

The artist dated Bieber off and on for many years, culminating in a reconciliation this past fall that many assumed would lead to the Jelena wedding for which we’ve all been waiting.

Alas, the rekindled romance barely got off the ground before it ended… by Selena’s hand, nearly all insiders have indicated.

Still, just because she pulled the plug on Bieber, this doesn’t mean she’s totally cool with him asking someone else to marry him.


Wrong, perhaps.

On the same day Bieber proposed to Baldwin, Gomez was hanging out in New York City with friends and looking like this:

Close friend and assistant Theresa Mingus shared the above snapshot on her Instagram Stories Sunday, just after the Bieber-Baldwin engagement news went viral.

It’s unlikely that Selena was actually aware at the time of her ex-boyfriend’s proposal, but we’d still like to believe she simply smiled broadly and shook her head upon learning what transpired.

Last we heard, Gomez was absolutely fine with Bieber dating Baldwin, having moved very far on from the man who treated her so poorly over the years.

Selena doesn’t care what Justin does with his love life anymore,” a source said three weeks ago, adding:

“In the end, Justin turned out to be exactly the same person he [always was], a selfish and immature kid who only cares about himself.”

This may be true, but his engagement must still sting for Selena.

And for all those fans who fantasized that she would end up with Bieber in the end.

It’s also important to remember that Gomez has checked into rehab on multiple occasions to deal with bouts of depression and anxiety.

This makes us a bit concerned over her emotional state right about now.

Let’s just hope the singer’s support system is strongly in place and let’s just hope the above quote is accurate.

She can do so much better than Bieber and she better know it.


Jenelle Evans: Losing Custody of Son Amidst New Abuse Allegations?!

Jenelle Evans has a little habit of finding herself involved in a little bit of drama from time to time.

You may have noticed it.

She fights with her mother, she fights with whatever guy she's dating at the time (as well as all the guys she's dated before that guy and those guys' new girlfriends), she fights with her employers at MTV.

She even fights with dogs. For real, we've seen it on Teen Mom 2.

It's bad.

But even with that long, long history of violence and anger, one of the worst situations she's ever found herself in has to do with her second child, Kaiser, and the custody battle over him.

If you somehow missed the original news of that custody battle, or if you're wondering why we're talking about it again when there hasn't been news for several months now, well, just stick with us.

And maybe grab some tissues, because this is genuinely a horrific story.

1. Awww, Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser birthday pic
This is sweet little Kaiser! He just turned four last week, and he’s Jenelle’s second child. She shares him with Nathan Griffith, although their coparenting relationship has really never been all that great.

2. Come On, Nathan

Nathan griffith mug shot
When Kaiser spends time with Nathan, it seems that he typically stays with Nathan’s mother, Doris, because Nathan is a bit of a mess himself.

3. Grandma Doris to the Rescue

Kaiser griffith bruise photo
So Doris is pretty involved in Kaiser’s life, that’s what we’re saying. And that’s why when she began to develop some big concerns last year over Kaiser’s safety, she tried to get emergency custody of him.

4. So Sad

Nathan griffith with kaiser
According to court documents filed by Doris, the toddler would often come for visits with several suspicious bruises. He even told her once that David Eason, Jenelle’s awful husband, had punched him in the head.

5. Solid Parenting

Jenelle evans son kaiser halloween
She also claimed that Jenelle and David lock all of the kids outside the house for hours at a time while they stay inside, and that once she’d arrived at the house to see the sight for herself. She said that Jace once got lost in the woods for the better part of a day, and that obviously the Easons’ parenting style just isn’t cutting it.

6. Poor, Poor Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser evans summer chillin
There were all sorts of awful stuff in those documents — that’s when we learned that little Ensley had a failed drug test at birth and that there’d been a CPS investigation, and there were just tons and tons of stories about how Jenelle and David were allegedly neglecting the kids.

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Cheyenne Floyd Begins Filming Teen Mom OG Amidst Castmate Protests

It’s official — Cheyenne Floyd is the latest mother to join the hallowed Teen Mom franchise.

And she’s the first to do so without actually being a teen mom!

Yes, Cheyenne gave birth to her first child last year at the age of 24.

And that’s just one of the reasons that her new co-stars aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of sharing screen time with Cheyenne.

Amber Portwood and other cast members have reportedly been quite vocal in their complaints to producers.

Some apparently feel that the show doesn’t need a fifth cast member to replace Farrah Abraham, while others have taken issue with Cheyenne personally, arguing that she’s a bad fit for the series.

But whether Amber and company like it or not, producers have already taken steps toward introducing Cheyenne to the Teen Mom fan base:

“They started test shooting on Wednesday,” a source close to the show tells Radar Online.

But production insiders are careful to note that this is just a test run.

Cheyenne has not yet received a dime from the show, and she apparently won’t be paid until producers determine if she’ll be able to “fill the big hole” left by Farrah.

We assume the source proceeded to giggle for 20 minutes after mentioning Farrah and hole-filling in the same sentence.

“They haven’t been paid yet,” the source confirms.

“They have not signed a contract at this time.”

And if the rest of the moms get their way, Cheyenne never will sign a contract:

“Amber [Portwood] is pissed off about a new cast member,”

And apparently, she’s not alone:

“They’ve been doing Teen Mom for 10 years and don’t think they like the idea of someone who is a total newbie and has never even been on the show before coming on permanently,” says the insider

“They all just think it’s stupid that they’re bringing in people from outside the franchise instead of bringing the [Teen Mom OG] and [Teen Mom 2] casts together.”

Since combining two shows into one would likely mean all the payroll expenses and half the ratings, we can see why MTV wouldn’t be thrilled by that suggestion.

As for how Farrah feels about her replacement, she gave Radar a typically Farrah-esque response:

“I don’t watch the show anymore, as I’ve moved on,” she said.

“The show was done when I left.”

Thus far, Cheyenne has turned out to be such an unpopular choice that the moms might actually prefer to have Farrah back.

Does this mean the Backdoor Teen Mom won in the end?

Whatever the case, as you can see in the gallery below, Ms. Floyd is already proving to be a very controversial choice, and her days as a Teen Mom might come to an end before they really begin:


Khloe Kardashian Goes Into Labor Amidst Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal (Report)

It’s been quite a roller coaster 24 hours for Khloe Kardashian.

Last night, several media outlets reported that Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe on multiple occasions over the past six months.

Khloe is currently pregnant with her first child, and TMZ reported moments ago that she’s experiencing contractions and is now headed to a Cleveland hospital to give birth.

The outlet reports that Khloe’s due date is sometime in late April, but her family and medical team believe the baby could arrive as early as this afternoon.

TMZ is also confirming that Khloe’s mother and sisters are currently headed to Cleveland in preparation for the birth.

Kris Jenner has reportedly been shuttling back and forth between Cleveland and Los Angeles all week in order to keep tabs on Khloe’s progress.

As for Tristan, he’s scheduled to help his team close out their regular season at home against the New York Knicks tonight.

We’re guessing he’ll skip the game, however, if Khloe goes into labor.

We’re also guessing the Kards aren’t too thrilled about the fact that Khloe relocated to Cleveland for Tristan.

Sources say the entire family is outraged over the allegations against Tristan, particularly the rumors that Thompson impregnated one of his mistresses.

“They are heartbroken for Khloé. They didn’t realize how deceptive Tristan could really be,” a source tells People.

Of course, Khloe is a Kardashian, which means many on social media are skeptical about the timing of all this high drama.

“Soooooo that video of Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe is from October but it just now comes out while khloe is due to give birth any day and they’re shooting another season of KUWTK the devil works hard but not harder than Kris Jenner,” one Twitter user joked.

We understand the skepticism, but we doubt even Kris and company would go so far as to fabricate this sad situation.

Drama might be their bread and butter, but this is the stuff of soap operas.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.