Deontay Wilder v. Tyson Fury That Fight Was ‘Bulls**t!!!’ Ice Cube Angry About Draw


Ice Cube‘s gotta say it was NOT a good day when Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury‘s heavyweight championship fight ended in a split decision draw — in fact, Cube’s straight up pissed.

We got him storming out of L.A.’s Staples Center moments after the boxers fought to a 12 round tie, and he called the outcome “bulls**t” because he thinks Wilder was robbed. True enough, Wilder did knock down Fury twice — including in the 12th — but he got up both times.

Just like the match … opinions are split. We also talked to boxer Andre Berto leaving the bout and he thought the result was fair, and he’s looking forward to a rematch.

Michael Rappaport, on the other hand, wanted more from Deontay.

We know this … if there is a rematch — there’s totally gonna be — you can believe Ice Cube won’t be watching! He’s really not happy.

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Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman: Is She Angry and Controlling?!

Last October, Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend was revealed. The golfing legend and Erica Herman then went public in November.

The two of them are still together and have been spotted being affectionate in public recently.

But a report says that things aren’t as happy behind closed doors.

According to RadarOnlineTiger and Erica’s relationship is not as healthy as it appears on the outside.

“Erica controls Tiger,” an insider reveals, shedding light on a troubling relationship dynamic.

On the surface, Tiger is the wealthier and more famous member of the couple, while she is the general manager of a restaurant that he owns.

But it sounds like, within their relationship, there’s a bit of a role reversal.

‘And,” the source shares, Erica “gets rid of people around him because she is threatened and jealous.”

Oh dear. That’s not what you want to hear. (Though there may be a less scary explanation for that — we’ll talk about that below)

The insider describes their relationship as “toxic.”

And they are not referring to the excellent Britney Spears song.

“She has a temper,” the source claims.

This, they say, results in a lot of heated disagreements.

The insider reports: “They fight and argue.”

You might be thinking that, if this is true, Tiger must really be over the moon if he stays with her.

Not so, says the source.

In fact, the source claims that Tiger “seems unhappy with her.”

And yet his reported reason for staying with her is crushingly sad.

The insider offers some insight into Tiger’s mindest, saying that the legendary golfer “doesn’t want to be alone.”

Aside from what we’ll gently refer to as “relationship problems” that Tiger has experienced in the past, he has had some other troubles.

Last year, Tiger Woods got a DUI, though he would later go on to claim that he was not drunk.

That may be, but the toxicology report did come back showing five different drugs in his system.

Take whatever medicines you need, folks, but please do not drive while impaired. Meds won’t do you any good if you die on the road.

Tiger also failed to qualify for the 2018 US Open. That is not really what you’d expect from the most famous golfer of the past few decades.

As usual, we’re inclined to take reports from unidentified sources with a grain of salt.

It is so incredibly easy for someone — say, a bitter former employee or even a friend — to prove that they were closely associated with a celebrity and then just claim whatever they like.

And we should point out that the line about getting rid of people in Woods’ orbit sounds a lot like something that a disgruntled former employee might say.

So we’ll keep this in mind and be on the lookout for signs of relationship trouble … but we’ll also remember that maybe Erica just fired a waitress who was too flirty with Woods.

After all, the man she’s dating has a bit of a reputation.


Dani Vitale: Demi Lovato’s BFF Receives Death Threats From Angry Fans

It’s been three days since Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that nearly claimed her life.

Friends, family, and fans of the singer are still reeling from the news, and unfortunately, some have chosen to lash out in destructive ways.

Earlier this week, Lovato’s guitarist, Mike Manning, blamed her friends for the overdose and threatened to “expose them” as addicts.

To be clear, it’s understandable to feel a confusing mix of emotions at a time like this, but unless it turns out those friends held her down and stuck a needle in her arm, it is 100 percent not okay to blame or shame Demi’s fellow users.

If this situation has taught us anything, it’s that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and the addict begging for change on the street deserves to be treated with the same dignity as a multi-platinum recording artist.

Manning hasn’t launched his horrendously ill-conceived campaign yet, but the misdirected outrage from fans who are desperate for someone to blame has already begun, and predictably, it’s made an awful situation considerably worse.

In the hours before her hospitalization, Demi was spotted doing shots at an LA bar.

Sources say she and several friends were celebrating the birthday of Dani Vitale, Demi’s longtime friend and backup dancer.

Little is known about what took place in the hours after the group left the bar, but since Demi was last seen celebrating Dani’s birthday, several foolish fans have decided to exacerbate whatever guilt of grief she might already be feeling by harassing Vitale online.

Insiders claim Vitale has been receiving non-stop hate messages and death threats.

This, despite the fact that she Dani is a teetotaler who has reportedly been a much-needed source of strength for Demi in the dark days following her overdose.

“Dani spent the whole day at the hospital with her,” a source close to Vitale told Radar. “Dani and Demi have known each other for a long time, and are very close.

“She’s very upset about it,” the insider added.

“She is very straight; she doesn’t do drugs.”

Despite the fact that Dani has apparently devoted herself to ensuring that Demi receives the best care and treatment possible, hundreds of fans (many of them tagging the vigilante Manning, of course) have spent their weeks hurling non-stop vitriol at Vitale.

“Fake friend…. f-ck you bitch is toxic,” one such psycho wrote today.

“I’m about to beat this bitch up,” reads another comment on Vitale’s Instagram page.

“Ima brake ur legs if i see you,” a third Demi obsessive commented.

Guys, we don’t know Demi personally, so we hate to speak on her behalf, but we’re pretty sure she’d agree that there are better ways to spend your time and express your concerns than issuing physical threats to her best friend.

Just sayin’. 


Angry Tim Hortons Patron Poops on Floor, Hurls Feces at Employee

So, you still think Canadians are all gentle and nice and well-mannered, do you?!?

Just in case Justin Bieber didn't shatter this notion many times in the past, the female Tim Hortons patron featured in the following video is pretty much guaranteed to do so.

Before getting to the footage, however, we should probably warn you:

It's very gross and extremely graphic in nature.

And speaking of nature, this is exactly what called when it came to a woman getting angry at an employee at her local Tim Hortons on Monday evening.

The restaurant in question is located in Langley, British Columbia and the incident that will make you lose your lunch took place around 6:15 p.m.

Thanks to a surveillance camera, we can plainly see that this customer is yelling at some poor dude behind the counter for some unknown reason.

Apparently fed up with whatever he was doing or saying (or not doing or not saying), the woman proceeded to do what any non-rational person would do:

She dropped her pants. She squatted against a wall. And she pooped.

Right there on the restaurant floor.

After the excrement left her butt, the woman picked it up and hurled it at the employee with whom she was having her dispute.

She then wiped her rear end with some napkins… and hurled those at the employee as well!

A few observations are worth noting here:

1. What if the woman did not have to go number-two at the exact time? What other way would she have shown her extreme displeasure?

2. Gotta love that she took the time to grab some napkins before taking her dump. I'm so livid that I'm gonna drop one directly on the floor and then use my bare hand to pick it up and throw it… but it would be gross if I didn't wipe afterward!

3. She actually goes back to get a second set of napkins (which she also throws, of course), meaning this was probably a pretty messy endeavor.

4. Don't the other customers in this video look oddly relaxed throughout the ordeal? 

We'd never judge anyone going through such a trauma.

We just think we'd react in a bit more of stunned horror if a stranger took a crap in a public place while we were trying to enjoy an italino grilled bagel sandwich or something. 

Sources say the woman was arrested for her shitty act in the restaurant parking lot, although police are still trying to determine what charges to press against her.

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say… public indeceny?

Watch the nausea-inducing video below. (You know you sort of want to and now you definitely have to, right?)

Angry tim hortons customer poops right there on the floor hurls

John David Duggar: Angry at Jim Bob Over Greed & Reckless Spending (Exclusive)

John David Duggar keeps a fairly low profile compared to his more famous siblings.

Unlike so many of his brothers and sisters – including his twin, Jana Duggar – John David seems relatively uninterested in the reality TV spotlight.

The presumption amongst fans has always been that the 28-year-old simply has other ventures to pursue.

John David is a pilot; he does construction and maintenance work on properties owned by his father, and he volunteers with his local police and fire departments.

Without question, the man has a very busy schedule.

But it seems that’s not the only reason that he takes a dim view of his parents’ unquenchable thirst for fame.

According to a former employee of the Duggars’ who spoke to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively, John David has emerged as his family’s moral compass in recent years.

Which means that when John David is distancing himself from his parents, fans who are drawn to the Duggars by their wholesome values should pay close attention.

“When John David doesn’t want to be a part of it, then you know that it ain’t right,” says the insider.

“John David is a good guy, and he’s in a good spot. He gets to do what he wants to do.”

And apparently, he wants to do these days is keep a safe distance between himself and some of his father’s worldly impulses.

“There’s things that Jim Bob does that John doesn’t think are right,” our source tells us.

“Some of his real estate transactions, some of the equipment that he buys – a lot of this stuff, Jim Bob doesn’t really need, but he thinks he does.”

In the past, we’ve reported on allegations that Jim Bob is a “high-class hoarder” who’s reckless with his finances.

Now, it seems John David has taken issue with his father’s profligate ways, not only because they conflict with the Duggars’ Christian values, but also because Jim Bob’s constant consumption is threatening to bury the family in debt.

“He’ll go to an auction and he’ll come home with a bucket truck that he got for $ 4,000, then he’ll realize that it needs $ 8,000 worth of stuff to fix it,” says our source.

“And John, he gets kind of tired of that. There’s a lot of stuff that Jim Bob does that John doesn’t agree with, but now that John’s up and in the world, that’s his right.

And it seems the conflict between father and son goes beyond financial matters and into the Freudian realm, as Jim Bob sees John David as a threat to his familial dominance.

“[John David] is old enough now that he can pick and choose what he wants to do, and that just kills Jim Bob, because he doesn’t have that ultimate control,” the source tells us.

“He’s losing his control factor. He’s got control over the little ones while they’re there, but he realizes that soon they’ll be big and gone, and he’ll lose that.”

Concluding on a note of levity, our source jokes:

“And then he’ll have to deal with Michelle on a full-time basis!”