Chris Pratt: Divorcing Anna Faris Totally Sucks

In August of 2017, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation. Because love is dead and we’re all just bags of meat on a space rock who will one day succumb to entropy.

Little by little, they’ve both opened up this month about how it feels now that they’re divorcing.

Chris has just come right out and said it: It sucks.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is coming out in June, for better or for worse, and as part of the press tour, Chris Pratt spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

And yes, he touched on his divorce. And he was blunt:

“Divorce sucks.”

It can ultimately make people’s lives happier, but the process … is not fun. Kind of like how surgery can save your life, but you’ll definitely spend a few days feeling like you’ve been cut open.

“But at the end of the day, we’ve got a great kid who’s got two parents who love him very much.”

The couple shares a 5-year-old son, Jack. He remains the priority.

“We’re finding a way to navigate this while still remaining friends and still being kind to one another.”

That can be so challenging. It’s amazing that they’re keeping things amicable.

“It’s not ideal, but yeah, I think both of us are actually probably doing better.”

Anna Faris recently spoke to Women’s Health about the secret to keeping things healthy during this painful process.

“What Chris and I try to do is to communicate openly.”

That can be key for a successful marriage, but some couples allow a total breakdown of communication when they divorce. And that can be disastrous.

But Anna reminds people that not every divorce works the same way.

“We reiterate that there aren’t rules to this.”

It sounds like the key is keeping their priorities in order.

“We have a lot of love and friendship, and our big goal is to protect Jack.”

Every parent’s first priority should always be the welfare fo their child.

“I cherish my family, my close friends, my child — that makes the rest of it worth it.”

It wasn’t so long ago that an insider dished to Entertainment Tonight about how Chris and Anna are getting along.

“They still laugh and joke together and have seemed to have found a nice friendship as they co-parent.”

That sounds so healthy for them.

More importantly, it sounds really good for their young son.

“They are really committed to making this split as easy on Jack as they can.”

Of course, 5 is a time of massive transitions for children, but they know that.

“Helping him adjust to a big kid school is part of that.”


As soon as news of their split broke, rumors began to circulate that Chris Pratt was already dating someone else.

While there are many obvious reasons why it’s totally plausible to believe that he could land just about anyone, we should remember that this divorce isn’t happening because either Chris or Anna is a horndog.

Some joked after they announced their separation, saying things like: “This is why I’ll never let my man get hot.”

But that wasn’t the problem.

Sometimes, people just grow apart. It can be difficult when suddenly the person whose big break was starring on a sitcom is suddenly a movie star.

And no, despite rumors to the contrary, Chris Pratt is not dating Olivia Munn. They’re just friends.

It’s so good that Chris and Anna have found a way to make things work during their divorce.

So many splits turn acrimonious so quickly.

This is good for them, and even better for their son.

We imagine that this subject will come up a lot more, because we have two whole months until Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom comes out in theaters.

So Chris will be doing many more interviews. Obviously, a lot of people still have a lot of questions.

We continue to wish Chris and Anna the best.


Josh Duggar Still Controls Anna, Doesn’t Allow Her to Speak With Men (Report)

It’s been almost two years since the public learned that Josh Duggar molested five young girls – four of whom were his sisters – while he was still living under his parents’ roof.

And in that time, Josh’s life has completely turned upside-down.

Josh has gone from reality star and high-powered lobbyist to used car lot attendant.

He no longer lives in the same town as his parents or worships at the same church.

In fact, about the only thing that’s remained constant in Josh’s life is his relationship with his long-suffering wife Anna.

Sources say that despite the fact that Anna has had every reason to divorce Josh, she remains steadfastly loyal to her disgraced husband.

Not only that, Josh is still the one who makes the rules in the relationship, and it’s Anna who is allowed little to no privacy.

According to one insider, one of the conditions of Anna being permitted to use Instagram and other social media platforms is that she hand over all of her passwords to Josh.

Yes, despite the fact that he never creates posts of his own, Josh reportedly has full access to Anna’s accounts.

We imagine he reads some pretty scathing messages from Anna fans who are critical of his past behavior.

And that’s just the beginning of Josh’s dictatorial control over his wife’s behavior.

Those who know the couple best say Anna is not allowed access to Josh’s money and must ask his permission before making any kind of purchase.

Duggar women aren’t allowed to hold jobs, but they are typically granted an allowance by their husbands.

Sources say that’s not the case with Anna, who isn’t even allowed to go grocery shopping without Josh’s say-so.

The most shocking rule that Anna is forced to follow, however, has to do with her interactions with the opposite sex.

Insiders claim that Anna is not allowed to converse with men outside of her extended family.

She is reportedly permitted to speak with Josh’s father and brothers, and that’s it.

Ironically, it seems this rule went into effect after Josh was caught cheating on his wife using the Ashley Madison dating website.

The situation is shocking, but it makes perfect sense, given the strictly patriarchal world in which the Duggars live.

Fans have urged Anna to run for the hills, but it seems that’s the last thing on her mind these days.

It’s easy for those of us on the outside to offer counsel, but it’s important to bear in mind that for Anna and her sisters-in-law, this is the only world they’ve ever known.

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Duggar Fans to Anna: WHY Are You Still With Josh?!

It’s been three years since the world first learned that Josh Duggar molested five young girls while he was still in his teens.

Amazingly, the Duggar family’s media empire remains intact, but not without some major changes.

The most apparent, of course, is that Josh Duggar has essentially been exiled for his crimes.

Not only is Josh persona non grata on the reality show that provides the cornerstone of the Duggars’ empire, but he’s seldom seen at family functions.

Those who know the family best say Josh no longer resides in Tontitown, where he’ll always be regarded as “Josh the molester” by the locals.

Josh has even been “encouraged” to attend a different place of worship than the rest of the family, and given the extent to which the church is at the center of the Duggars’ universe, that’s a move that carries major symbolic significance.

But not everyone has cut ties with Josh.

The former lobbyist’s long-suffering wife, Anna, has stood by her man despite revelations that Josh used an Ashley Madison account to hunt for potential mistresses.

(Not surprisingly, it doesn’t seem that he was successful.)

Anna recently posted a tribute to her husband for Josh’s 30th birthday, and needless to say, it wasn’t terribly well-received by fans.

“Happy Birthday Josh! I’m so thankful for the 30 years of life God has given you – I love you!” Anna captioned a photo of Josh on Instagram.

Her followers were quick to point that Anna should have divorced Josh years ago.

“God Anna you still with that pervert??” commented one user.

“He’s a sick son of a bitch if I were Anna I take those kids and run.”

Fans are particularly concerned with Anna following a recent account from a self-described acquaintance of the Duggars’ who says Josh’s wife is miserable:

“The only one who seems like she’s miserable is Anna,” said the source. 

The insider says that Josh’s history of pervy behavior was well-known even before his highly-publicized scandal:

“And as someone who has met Josh multiple times, he’s not someone who seems like he’d be a whole lot of fun to be married too,” the insider claims.

“He just stares at every girl he meets like she is an object for him to do something with.”

She adds:

“Most of the Duggar boys are very respectful and are good at keeping their eyes up — Josh has never been, and I know he was reprimanded a lot for his wandering eyes as a kid.”

Sadly, it sounds as though Josh has yet to change his ways.

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Anna Duggar Appeared in WHAT ’90s Sitcom?!

Some of our younger viewers may not remember a time when Fox was home to content deemed too edgy for the more mainstream networks.

Of course, our definition of “edgy” has changed dramatically in the past couple decades, and Cops and early seasons of The Simpsons seem pretty tame by today’s standards.


One show that routinely pushed the envelope in Fox’s undergorund days was the Ed O’Neil, Christina Applegate sitcom Married With Children.

And now it appears that one of TV’s trashiest families may have ties to the medium’s most wholesome clans.

There are few things that Duggar fans love more than exposing the family’s moral imperfections.

(To be fair, the family invites this on themselves with their more sanctimonious and hypocrtical tendencies.)

And the amateur sleuths who keep the closest watch on the Duggars believe they have unearthed a minor scandal involving Josh Duggar’s long-suffering wife, Anna.

It’s hard to believe, but Duggar obsessives say they have evidence that Anna Duggar appeared in an episode of Married With Children way back in 1992.

Before she married into the Duggar clan, Anna’s last name was Keller, and the credits confirm that an actress by that name did in fast appear in the episode.

The most obvious explanation is that the show featured an actress who happened to have the same name.

But that doesn’t explain why Anna’s official IMDB page features her sole acting credit.

Anna would’ve been just 4 years old at the time, and many fans have cited her age as evidence that it’s impossible for Anna to have appeared on Married.

But as several others have pointed out in a Reddit discussion forum on the subject (yes, fans are taking this very seriously), Anna’s role was not a speaking part, and she may have appeared in a group shot with other children.

Anna, of course, stayed with Josh Duggar after it was revealed that he molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

And she stayed with him when it was revealed that he’d used an Ashley Madison account to try and hit on her.

Needless to say, the Bundy-gate is hardly the biggest scandal that Anna’s been involved with.

But it would be amusing to find out with certainty that she starred in a show about a miserable marriage decades before she crossed paths with Josh.

Watch Counting On online to be reminded of the extent of Anna’s self-sacrifice.


Anna Duggar Throws Shade At In-Laws: I Make the Most Babies!

As the wife of the notorious Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar has endured an awful lot in recent years.

Through it all, however, the beleaguered mother of five has kept a smile on her face and has never had anything but kind words for her famous in-laws.

Until now, that is …

In a recent social media post, Anna made a comment that some Duggar fans are interpreting as subtle trash talk.

“I’m so thankful for the 5 beautiful children God has given us (+1 in heaven!). Jim Bob & Michelle have 10 grandchildren and 2 more on the way,” Anna wrote.

“On Joshua’s side of the family I’m mommy to 1/2 of the grandchildren so far…and the only grand-daughters! #FunFactFriday @duggarfam.”

The “+1 in heaven” remark refers to the miscarriage Anna suffered in 2010.

Anna has discussed the loss before, referring to it as the great heartbreak of her life.

But what fans are most focused on in her latest post is the remark about how many grandchildren Anna has provided for Jim Bob and Michelle.

If you’re a fan of the family, you know that with the exception of their religious beliefs, the Duggars prioritize procreation above all else.

So when Anna casually points out that she’s birthed half of the Duggar grandchildren and all of Jim Bob and Michelle’s granddaughters, it’s hard not to see it as a boast.

It’s the sort of comment that Duggar fans would normally be quick to call out, but in this case, it seems the consensus is that Anna has earned a pass.

In addition to having endured multiple Josh Duggar sex scandals, Anna is currently living a life of virtual exile as a result of her controversial decision to stand by her man.

Josh and Anna live in a separate town and they have no involvement with his family’s media empire.

Josh isn’t completely cut off – he currently works on a used car lot that’s co-owned by his father – but he’s not exactly his parents’ favorite. 

Anna welcomed her fifth child back in September of 2017, but the occasion was not met with the fanfare that usually surrounds a Duggar birth.

In fact, baby Meredith became the first Duggar grandchild whose birth was not filmed.

The Duggars reasons for keeping their distance from Josh are obvious, of course.

Fans remain revolted by his actions and every time they’re reminded of his continued existence, the reaction is harsh.

It’s shocking that the Duggars were able to rebuild their brand following the Josh scandals, and they’re not about to risk it by welcoming him back on TV.

Unfortunately for poor Anna, she’s just an innocent who was dragged down by her husband’s actions.

So you really can’t blame her for occasionally reminding the world that she’s more than just a long-suffering wife.

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Josh Duggar: Still a Pervert, Still Making Anna Miserable (Report)

It’s been almost three years since the world learned that Josh Duggar molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

Initially, it looked as though the scandal would bring an end to the Duggars’ wildly lucrative media empire, especially after Josh was caught cheating on his wife using an online account he created solely for that purpose.

In that time, the rest of Josh’s family has gone to great pains to distance themselves from the disgraced former lobbyist.

He rarely appears on any of his siblings’ social media pages, and the Duggars have gone to such great lengths to keep Josh off their popular reality show that he was once digitally erased from a scene in Counting On.

These days, Josh works on a used car lot owned by his father, and while he’s still invited to family functions, sources say he’s mostly cut off from his siblings and parents.

Along with his wife and five children, Josh lives in a separate town, attends a separate church, and has little involvement in the day-to-day lives of his more famous family members.

Josh’s parents helped him to avoid criminal prosecution, but there’s a modicum of comfort in knowing he has at least paid some small price for his deplorable actions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Josh’s exile had led him to change his ways.

In a recent discussion on Reddit, one verified user described himself thusly:

“I live in Springdale and my uncle and aunt go to the same home church as the Duggars. They’ve attended my church multiple times and I’ve hung out with them at family camps and home school retreats a lot.

“There seems to be a huge misconception that they’re insane (I grew up around this so my definition is probably different than yours) but if you have any questions I can try to clear anything up to the best of my ability.”

He encouraged other users to ask him questions about the Duggars’ lifestyle and not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before the conversation turned to Josh.

Asked if the family seems hapy despite the tumultuous events of the past three years, the Springdale resident had this to say:

“Honestly, yes, the only one who seems like she’s miserable is Anna. And as someone who has met Josh multiple times, he’s not someone who seems like he’d be a whole lot of fun to be married too.”

He elaborated:

“[Josh] just stares at every girl he meets like she is an object for him to do something with.”

“Most of the Duggar boys are very respectful and are good at keeping their eyes up — Josh never has been, and I know he was reprimanded a lot for his wandering eyes as a kid,” the source adds.

Obviousy, it’s disturbing to think that Josh’s parents may have ignored early warning signs of potentially deviant behavior.

But it’s even more disturbing to think the father of five may not have changed his ways. 

Sadly, with the wall of secrecy the Duggars have built up around themselves, it seems extremely unlikely that any further misconduct from Josh would ever become public knowledge.

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Anna Duggar Ditches Josh For Valentine’s Day, Earns Applause From Fans

In the two years since the world learned that Josh Duggar molested five young girls, his wife, Anna Duggar has stood by his side.

Needless to say, she’s taken quite a bit of flak for that decision.

In fact, when Anna welcomed her fifth child in September of last year, many went so far as to claim that she’s as bad as Josh for putting yet another child in harm’s way.

We understand the critics’ frustration, but it’s important to remember that Anna is one of Josh’s many victims, and she lives in a world where divorce is believed to be on par with murder.

So we’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she feels she has no choice but to be loyal to her disgraced husband.

But just as fans had finally resigned themselves to the situation, Anna began to give indications that she’s through putting up with Josh’s crap.

The mother of five posted the above photo of her children earlier this week, and it’s prompted speculation that she and Josh are on the outs.

For one thing, the image was posted on Valentine’s Day, and yet Josh is nowhere to be seen.

Since Anna very rarely posts on social media these days, and since the Duggars’ love for Valentine’s Day is well-known the widespread theory is that this is Anna’s way of sending a subtle message about the state of her marriage.

“Such cute kiddos, what a shame that Turd is their father,” one follower commented.

“Anna literally hasn’t posted [on Instagram] for two years and then she’s posted three times in the last week. I bet something’s going on behind the scenes, the Duggars are wily like that.”

Sadly, it’s still highly unlikely that Anna will ever leave Josh.

“[The Duggars] always taught their kids that divorce was never an option,” a source previously told People.

“They never even thought about cheating. But that’s not how life works.”

Well, Josh certainly thought about cheating, but those who know the couple best say the possibility of leaving him has still never crossed Anna’s mind.

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Anna Duggar Makes First Instagram Post in Two Years, Gets So Much Hate

Anna Duggar … well, it’s safe to say that her life has been a little complicated for the past few years.

Ever since it was revealed that her husband, Josh Duggar, had molested five young girls when he was a teenager, things haven’t been easy for her.

Which, you know, makes sense.

Back in 2015, the news about Josh came out, and it was an absolute mess, to say the least.

Michelle and Jim Bob tried to make the situation seem not as bad as it was, which absolutely didn’t work, and 19 Kids and Counting was canceled.

A few months after that we learned that Josh had also had an Ashley Madison account, and that he’d been cheating on Anna, or at least trying to cheat on her.

In a statement about that part, Josh also admitted to being addicted to porn, so that’s another fun little tidbit.

After that, Anna essentially went into hiding. She didn’t appear much on Counting On or any of the family’s social media accounts, not to mention her own.

She got a whole lot of backlash for staying with Josh after the Ashley Madison thing, and for potentially endangering her children.

Not leaving him was a way of supporting him, even after everything had come out, and many people didn’t like that.

And that’s basically why she hasn’t made a post on her Instagram account in two years.

Until this weekend, that is.

Up until yesterday, her last post was in February of 2016, but then she posted this cute photo of two of her kids playing:

“Usually my boys are playing with blocks, hot wheels, and nerf guns,” she captioned the picture. “Sometimes they decide to get creative ‘toys’ — stack ‘em and then snack ‘em! #creativity”

So that’s pretty harmless, right?

Not so much.

Some people took issue with the fact that the boys are on the counter — one person wrote “I love you and all, but why would you let your kids play on top of a counter top like that?”

Others were upset that Anna didn’t post any pictures of her daughters, and one of her followers even asked if the girls were “allowed” to play like the boys.

But, of course, the main issue wasn’t with this particular picture, but with Josh.

“I don’t see your little girls in the picture,” someone told her. “I hope someone besides your cheating, molesting husband is watching them.”

“Please keep a careful, watchful eye on your kids both boys and girls,” another instructed.

One particularly passionate person commented with “Have you finally realized that there is no hope for cheaters and especially molesters???”

“Incestuous molestation at that..glad you have your children..but please move on and don’t bring anymore into the world with your sick hopefully soon to be Ex husband. HE TRIED TO RUIN YOU.”

Then, on a bonus photo Anna posted, one of adorable little Mason, she got more criticism.

“You continue to have babies with that cheating incest molesting husband of yours,” someone began over in that comment section. “Smh …. what did he say 3 hali Mary’s and u turned around and forgave him all willy nilly……”

“Set an example to your daughters for peets sake to be a strong woman…your families females being subservient to the man makes you ladies look weak which is something the movement is fight against…”

Whatever movement this person is talking about surely isn’t of interest to the Duggar clan, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a point.

It is kind of bizarre how Anna is still pretending everything is fine after what Josh has done — or at least it would be in a normal marriage.

But of course at this point, we all know how far the Duggars are from normal.