Donald Trump Celebrates Election Anniversary With Smiling White People

Well, it’s been one full year since Donald Trump shocked the world by defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Depending on where you fall on the political spectrum, you either look back on the victory as a tragedy from which the nation may never fully recover, or as the night you reveled at the sight of all those cucks melting into weeping snowflake puddles.

Either way, it signaled the start of what was inarguably an eventful year:

Construction began on the 1,900-mile border wall between the US and Mexico; Obamacare was repealed and replaced with a more equitable alternative; ISIS was defeated in a mere 30 days; the opioid crisis was resolved; coal mines popped up all over the country; and, of course, Hillary Clinton was condemned to a life sentence in a hard labor camp where all shades of pantsuit are strictly prohibited.

No, we haven’t been bought out by the Kremlin–that was merely an attempt at humor.

(Feel free to scroll down to the comments section to tell us how painfully unfunny it was!)

But despite all the campaign promises left unfulfilled and the ever-tightening noose of special counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation, there is one achievement of which Trump and his supporters remain unabashedly proud:

We’re talking, of course, about losing the popular vote.

Or, as the #MAGA set might phrase it: seizing a bigly victory despite historic opposition from the Soros-funded Deep State and the #FakeNews lame-stream media.

(And hey, if you belong to that crowd, congrats on making it this deep into the article without being triggered into a seizure state!)

Trump tweeted the above photo last night to celebrate the first anniversary of his election to the White House.

At first, we thought the pic was taken moments after the president learned of a new method for turning poor people into fossil fuels, but Trump explained otherwise in his caption:

“Congratulations to all of the ‘DEPLORABLES’ and the millions of people who gave us a MASSIVE (304-227) Electoral College landslide victory!” 

To be fair, winning a national election is a pretty damn big accomplishment.

But when you’ve been President of the United States of America for the past ten months, running a successful campaign shouldn’t still be your biggest achievement.

Obviously, everyone in the photo got roasted to a crisp on Twitter, but we won’t indulge in that sort of pettiness here.

We won’t point out the uncanny resemblance between Stephen Miller and the dude that had Voldemort living in the back of his head in the first Harry Potter.

Nor will we point out that there’s a 100 percent chance Hope Hicks burned that sweater and enjoyed a nice Clorox and Brillo pad bath after being forced to stand so close to Miller’s sweaty hover hand.

And we certainly won’t point out that Little Lord Jared should probably get used to standing in line-ups and spending time in close proximity with sex offenders.

No, we’ll take the high road and simply wish Mr. Trump a happy anniversary.

We hope you’re not tired of winning yet, sir. 

After all, you most likely have a criminal trial ahead of you, and you’re gonna want to bring your A-game for that.


Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Celebrate First Wedding Anniversary on Instagram!

It seems like just yesterday that we watched them say “I do,” but believe it or not, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for one full year.

Sure, with a family the size of the Duggars, it sometimes feels that not a day goes by without a couple celebrating an anniversary, but Jinger and Jeremy are a special case. 

For one thing, they’re the first of Jinger’s generation to be married for an entire year without announcing a pregnancy.

And that’s not the only way in which Jinger and Jeremy have embraced their reputation as rebels.

Jeremy clashes with Jim Bob Duggar on a regular basis, and the two men have reportedly locked horns on issues as wide-ranging as religious doctrine and Jeremy’s decision to relocate to Laredo, Texas.

(Jinger is the first of her sisters to make a home for herself outside of her native Arkansas.)

For less conservative fans of the Duggar clan, Jinger and Jeremy represent a sliver of hope for a more moderate future.

Many who appreciate some of the Duggars’ values but struggle with the family’s more far-right views see Jinger and Jeremy as evidence that the Counting On clan might eventually be open to adopting an ideology that’s more in step with modern times.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Wedding Pic

It remains to be seen if that will happen, so for now, fans of the couple will just have to content themselves with the knowledge that the Vuolos are more in love today than on the morning they exchanged vows.

Jinger marked the occasion of their first anniversary by posting the above photo of herself with Jeremy.

“It’s been 1 year since the day we said “I do”…it’s been the best year of my life!” an ecstatic Jinger captioned the image.

“Jeremy, you have shown me such love that is too amazing for words. Whether we are talking, going on an adventure together, or simply doing everyday life together—I cherish every moment with you!

In true Duggar fashion, she concluded by praising Jeremy’s religious devotion:

“I love how you lead me in the Word and prayer. Your selflessness and sensitivity and care is remarkable. I love absolutely everything about you and couldn’t be more grateful to God for giving me the most incredible husband in the world! I love you, babe!”

Not to be outdone, Jeremy posted a loving tribute to Jinger on his Instagram page:

“To say she’s the woman of my dreams would not quite capture it seeing as, even in my dreams, I never could have imagined a woman so staggeringly beautiful, genuinely lovable, and sincerely Christlike as my dear Jinger,” Jeremy wrote.

“This year has been the best of my life. I love you, @jingervuolo, and always will.”

Needless to say, both parties brought their loving tribute A-game.

Guys, you may want to make sure your significant other doesn’t see these posts if you have an anniversary coming up.

Jinge and Jer have officially raised the bar.

Watch Counting On online to relive the Vuolos’ road to the altar.


Jessa Duggar Wows Fans With Anniversary Letter to Ben Seewald

Hard to believe, but it’s been three full years since Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald in front of 1,500 of their closest friends and relatives.

The Seewalds celebrated their anniversary on Wednesday, and Jessa marked the occasion with a touching open letter to the father of her two children:

“I thought we’d reached the pinnacle of our love on this day, three years ago… but since then, you’ve taken me from the mountain top up into the clouds! Darling, I love you more today than ever before,” Jessa wrote on her personal website.

Yes, she busted out the Austen-esque purple prose right from the start.

From there Jessa continued to sing Ben’s praises, but she also conceded that there have been some rough patches during their time together.

“Sure, we worked through our squabbles and disagreements, like anyone else. But because of your meekness and gentleness in the midst of trials, I always come out loving you even more,” she wrote.

Jessa being a Duggar, she devoted much of the letter to praising Ben’s piety, writing:

“When I wake in the wee hours of the morning to tend to Henry and you’re not beside me in bed, I know that you’re already up reading and studying your bible. 

“Many a time I have walked into the spare bedroom and discovered you there, kneeling beside the bed, in prayer… and it’s brought tears to my eyes.”

She added:

“I have loved our recently developing family devotions, as you lead us in prayer and reading the word. And though I laughed a bit and felt a teeny bit awkward at first, I’m now especially loving the aspect of singing together, with the boys, in family worship.”

There have been rumors of Ben butting heads with Jim Bob Duggar over religious differences, so Jessa might be subtly assuring fans that Ben is sufficiently devout and all is well on that score.

Jessa’s sense of humor shines through in her letter, and she affirms that Ben is a bit more “modern” than the other Duggar men by revealing that he’s skilled in a wide variety of household chores:

“Ok, can I brag on your cooking skills for a min? How is it that you can think up recipes off the top of your head, and they actually taste good?” Jessa writes.

“I, on the other hand, try to be a cool chef… so I substitute sour cream when we run out of milk for the pancakes. It’s dairy, right? No, that was not ok.”

Jessa concludes by praising Ben’s sense of humor and selfless devotion to making her happy:

“You’re one of the most down-to-earth and humble people I know. I love that we have fun and laugh together,” she writes.

“I love your made-up jokes and your cheesy play on words. You have me laughing out loud all the time. I genuinely love your sense of humor. 

“The list of the things I love about you is endless. I am forever being reminded of just how incredibly blessed I am to call you mine.”

Happy anniversary to these perennial fan favorites.

Here’s to many more!

Watch Counting On online to relive Ben and Jessa’s years of wedded bliss. 


Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Post Cute Anniversary Tributes

Not every start or hearthrob from the turn of the century remains a star or gets their happily ever after. For proof, look no further than Aaron Carter’s many, many problems.

But, as so many of us hoped back in the late ’90s, both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are now living their best lives. Just … not with each other. And that’s okay.

In fact, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are immensely precious and adorable together. Look at what they each wrote for their 5-year anniversary!

It’s weird, thinking back on it.

Some celebrity couples, like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, seem almost preordained.

(One could argue that the writers from That ’70s Show set the couple up)

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, who are thankfully no longer together (although they’re talking again), both rose to fame around the same time. It was sort of a natural fit.

Other couples aren’t quite what you would have expected, back when they first became famous.

Justin Timberlake was on The All-New Micky Mouse Club and then skyrocked the fame as the most thirsted after member of NSYNC when they launched in the ’90s.

He’s been an enduring sex symbol ever since, though he’s definitely more in the “DILF” category now. That’s how time works, but it’s been kinder to him than to many of his former bandmates.

And then there’s Jessica Biel, who might still be best known for her role on that old Christian family drama, Seventh Heaven.

But in 2007, they met at the Golden Globe Awards. That, according to witnesses, is when “sparks flew.”

We don’t believe in love at first sight, exactly, but overpowering thirst at first sight can absolutely blossom into genuine love.

Because just look at them now.

On October 19th, 2012, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married.

And that means that, yes, yesterday was the beautiful couple’s 5 year wedding anniversary.

Justin Timberlake left 

“#TBT to a late night freestyle session on a break in the studio — YES I’ve been back in the studio cooking!”

So he’s back in the studio for real, but he shared some black-and-white throwbacks of himself in the studio.

“But, today is even more special for me because five years ago, on this day, I became the luckiest man in the world when I exchanged vows with my best friend. This song was our first dance.”

Awwww! That is so cute, you guys!

“To my beautiful @jessicabiel : You have taught me so much about what a true love means.”

Some things you have to do in order to properly understand them. Like computer programming. Or true love. Or surgery.

“I can’t put into words what these last five years have meant to me, so… ‘Listen to the melody ‘cause my love is in there hiding…'”

Hey, artistic expression is sometimes the best kind of expression.

He finished with the tags:

“#Happy5thAnniversaryWifey #ASongForYou”

That’s so sweet! Corny, but sweet.

It has to be surreal to be married to a sex symbol, even if you yourself are also a big-name actress and major Hollywood hottie.

Their son, Silas Randall Timberlake, is only two years old.

One day, he’s going to watch the Shrek movies — all 9,000 of them, by that point. Before he gets to the one where his father provides a guest voice, he’ll see Princess Fiona sleep in her childhood bedroom where a poster reads “Sir Justin.”

Like … that level of cultural impact that Justin Timberlake has had … it just has to be a little weird for the people who know him best.

Cool, but weird.

Jessica Biel, however, just counts herself lucky.

Her message of love and adoration for Justin was much more succinct.

“How lucky am I? Even if he’s initially skeptical, he always gets extra for me. #5”

She’s talking about him dancing goofily along to music with her, but it sounds like he’s like that all of the time.

And that’s so good to hear.

It sounds like Justin Timberlake might be playing the Superbowl Halftime Show this year.

You know, the musical performance that happens to have some sort of sporting event before and after it. The Halftime show is where the action is. And it’s where stars are born — remember Left Shark?

Well, Justin Timberlake has already been part of a similarly memorable Halftime Show … when he and Janet Jackson and an alleged ‘wardrobe malfunction” shocked audiences with Janet’s bare breast.

That was back in 2004. And we’re pretty sure that it was the origin of the term “wardrobe malfunction.”

Many people feel that, because Janet was blacklisted from so many networks in retaliation, Justin shouldn’t get to come back unless she can.

While that sounds fair to Janet, it sounds unfair to JT, you know?

We don’t know whether Justin should play the Halftime Show, but we think that Jessica Biel would be all for it.


Chelsea Houska: Cole DeBoer Posts Sweet Tribute on Their One Year Wedding Anniversary!

It sometimes seems like Chelsea Houska, the best mom of the Teen Mom franchise, can’t catch a break. She makes a responsible decision, but trolls slam her for “poisoning” her baby. Go figure.

But she’s not letting that get her down. Instead, she’s taking time to celebrate the good things — like her one year wedding anniversary!

And Cole DeBoer posted the sweetest anniversary tribute. Awww!

Not all of the moms on Teen Mom 2 make the best life choices.

That kind of goes with the territory when you’re talking about people who each decided to become a mom in high school.

One area where the stars really seem to struggle is choosing

Like … Briana DeJesus, who seems to have a subconscious attraction to deadbeat dads.

Remember when she shared that Luis Miguel had never even seen their baby, Stella? Which means that she’s made that same mistake twice now.

Or, worse, there’s Jenelle Evans, who tends to choose men who honestly don’t seem like they’re qualified to be parents.

To be fair, we wouldn’t trust Jenelle Evans to watch over a houseplant, so we guess that her romantic history is just story after story of water finding its own level.

These days, though, Chelsea Houska seems to have figured out how to tell the good ones from the bad. Cole DeBoer seems to be a good guy, and he’s even handsome.

He’s definitely sweet — because look at the anniversary tribute that he posted!

That photo might look like it’s out of a fairytale, but we’ve seen other pics from this same wedding photoshoot before.

Cole didn’t leave it at just a 

“1 year ago on this beautiful day I married my amazing perfect wife. Happy anniversary @chelseahouska I love you”

It’s not long or poetic — because he’s not trying to impress his followers with how creative he is, or whatever.

He’s just speaking from the heart, but over social media — which is very different from the performative romance that you see a lot of the time from social media stars and their loved ones.

(Which is all part of the gig and can also be very sweet; we get it)

These two are crazy about each other and, honestly, we wish them the best. Not that they seem to need a lot of luck.

Chelsea Houska married Cole DeBoer on October 1st, 2016.

The first wedding anniversary is a big deal because it’s your first.

Other, later milestones become much bigger deals.

But we think that they’ll get there.

In addition to being crazy about each other, these two seem like an actual good fit.

Sometimes mixed families can leave out someone, but contrary to how MTV sometimes portrays Chelsea’s life, she and Cole absolutely make time for Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree.

It’s an editor’s job to make things more interesting, and since Chelsea isn’t an out-of-control redneck or whatever, we get that editing out context so that it looks like Chelsea’s ignoring Aubree probably seemed like a good idea.

Even if it’s not accurate.

Chelsea Houska has previously stated that she could keep doing Teen Mom 2 for years and years.

Obviously, “Teen Mom” sounds like a misnomer at first — but you have to remember that they did become mothers as teenagers.

That’s not something that ever goes away in your life, you know? It’s a decision that frames your destiny. That’s a dramatic way of phrasing it, but … yeah.

Still, Chelsea’s done well for herself despite numerous disadvantages along the way. We, at least, look forward to seeing where she — and Cole — are in a few years.