Roseanne Barr to Fergie: HA! Even I Sang the National Anthem Better Than You!

By now, you’ve likely read the Internet’s stunned and spirited reactions to Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem prior to Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game.

By now, you’ve also likely watched this controversial rendition of the national anthem.

If not, well… prepare yourself to click PLAY and check it out below:

Viewers should have been clued in to Fergie’s plan before she even opened her mouth, considering the revealing attire the singer chose to wear for the occasion.

It proved to be quite (form) fitting, as the Black-Eyed Pea went on to deliver what some believe to have been the worst Star-Spangled Banner performance in history…

… but which was definitely the most seductive.

While Fergie tried to turn the persistent nature of the American flag into something sultry and sexy, cameras caught such stars as Jimmy Kimmel and Draymond Green reacting with a mixture of confusion, humor and horror.

“Literally dying at these reactions. Fergie with the worst rendition ever,” wrote one bemused Twitter user.


Charles Barkley even joked on TNT that he needed a “cigarette” after witnessing Fergie pay her unique tribute to the country.

But, hey, if Fergie’s goal was to make headline, she certainly accomplished that much, right?

oh, fergie

The criticism has grown to such an extent, however, that even Roseanne Barr has gone ahead and chimed in on the debacle.

Yes, the same Roseanne Barr who very likely did give us the absolute worst national anthem rendition in the history of the world.

It took place in 1990 right before the first pitch of a San Diego Padres game… it was more off-key than the most nauseating of American Idol auditions… it ended with a crotch grab … and it even caused President George H.W. Bush to label the entire act as “disgraceful.” 

Before we get to what Barr said about Fergie, it’s worth reliving this trainwreck.

Check it out here:

Still, despite whatever the heck one would call THIS nonsense, Roseanne happily jumped on board the Fergie hate train last night.

“Who saw Fergie’s national anthem performance at the NBA All Star Game?” she Tweeted, adding:

“I think mine was better lowkey.”

Barr, of course, is actually bringing her formerly beloved sitcom back to the air in a few weeks, so we understand why she would want to chime in and make herself relevant again here.

It’s a form of promotion for the series.

But it’s also flat-out ridiculous.

Go ahead and watch that Roseanne performance again.

It’s disrespectful and abhorrent.

It’s a a blatant attempt to make a mockery out of our country’s theme song.

Say what you want about Fergie here, but she was mostly just trying to be different. She was trying to put a unique spin on an old favorite.

She may have wanted all male viewers to feel something rising in their crotches while they listened, but at least she didn’t actually grab her crotch and then spit on the ground.

Roseanne really did this after finishing her version of the song.

You can contrast it with other national anthem performances below, but there’s no doubt in our minds at all: She loses.


Fergie Apologizes for Disastrous National Anthem

Forgive the mixed sports metaphor, but Fergie really wishes she could have a mulligan on her NBA All-Star Game national anthem performance.

The artist made headlines for all the wrong reasons on Sunday night after she donned a sexy dress and then belted out some kind of sultry rendition of our nation’s theme song.

Pretty much every single person who heard this version of the Star-Spangled Banner laid into it. Hard.

We mean it, too: Every. Single. Person.

Heck, even Roseanne Barr claimed her disrespectful and disastrous performance way back in 1990 was better than whatever Fergie was trying to accomplish.

We disagree with that assessment.

But the general point remains: This was a baffling and bizarre rendition by Fergie.

Take a look and take a listen for yourself if you have not already done so:

In the wake of universal panning across the Internet, Fergie has taken a step we can’t ever recall an artist taking after he or she performed a less-than stellar anthem:

She’s come out and apologized.

“I’ve always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA,” she said in a statement first published by TMZ.

The statement continued:

“I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best.”

Pretty impressive, right?

Many stars over the years have attempted to put their own spin on this legendary song by holding certain notes for a long period of time or emphasizing certain lyrics.

Fergie likely thought she would attempt something similar.

She just lacks the vocal range to pull anything too unique off with her range, so she went the seductive route instead.

It failed miserable, as evidenced by the Tweets below…

oh, fergie

… but it’s hard not to admire Fergie for admitting it and for taking responsibility for it.

And we certainly never thought for a second that Fergie had anything but love for the United States.

At various points, the Black Eyed Pea seemed to struggle to hit notes, although she closed out the tune with an impressive vibrato, telling the arena at the very end:

“Let’s play some basketball!”

Thankfully, the All-Star Game itself was so competitive that some people forgot all about Fergie’s opening fail.

Some, that is. But very clearly not most.


Stars Sing the National Anthem: Who Really Sucked?

"… and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air…"

This is a line from the Star-Spangled Banner.

But it can also be paraphrased and applied to a handful of times in which a famous singer attempted to honor his or her country prior to some kind of major event.

What we're saying here is that some artists have bombed with their rendition of America's theme song.

Some artists have bombed… HARD.

Whose version remains the most memorable, for all of the wrong reasons? Whose do you consider to be the best of the best?

Listen/watch the following videos and decide for yourself! (NOTE: We saved the undisputed best for last.)

1. Fergie

Fergie national anthem the worst of all time
Fergie attempted a sultry edition of the Star-Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game. As you can see here, it did NOT go over well.

2. Roseanne Barr

Roseanne barr national anthem fail
If Fergie’s performance wasn’t the worst ever, Roseanne’s from 1990 may have. For a very different reason, as you can see above.

3. Pink

Pink sings national anthem grade it
Pink overcame illness and belted out a rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Watch the performance and hand out a grade now!

4. Ciara

Ciara sings national anthem exposes her cleavage
Ciara pretty much showed off her boobs while singing the National Anthem. Should the artist have covered up more? Or should she have worn even less?!?

5. Lady Gaga

Lady gaga national anthem at super bowl 50
Lady Gaga blew her national anthem out of the park at Super Bowl 50. Watch the performance now.

6. Marlana VanHoose

Marlana vanhoose blind teenager wows with national anthem perfor
Who is Marlana VanHoose? Only a blind singer who left us in awe with this rendition. It’s an absolute must-watch.

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