Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin Call Off Divorce: What Could Go Wrong?!

These days, Anthony Weiner is serving a prison sentence for sexting a teenage girl at the nadir of what’s surely one of the most rapid and infuriating political downfalls in recent memory.

There was a time–not all that long ago–when the former congressman seemed to have it all, including the love of his beautiful and equally successful wife, top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

What made his many discgraces so much more frustrating than most was not only the fact that he targeted a minor, but also that he seemed to receive countless second chances, only to repeatedly betray the trust of his supporters and his impossibly merciful wife.

Eventually, of course, both the public and and Abedin could take no more of dishonesty and depravity, and he lost it all.

His political career went up in flames.

He was sentenced to 23 months in prison.

And in what may have been the most painful loss of all, Abedin filed for divorce

But now it seems that Weiner may once again be on the receiving end of Abedin’s compassion.

The New York Post is reporting today that the Weiner and Abedin have officially withdrawn their pending divorce case.

According to the newspaper, Abedin was scheduled to appear in Manhattan Supreme Court this afternoon for a compliance conference.

Instead, her attorney submitted paperwork signed by both her and Weiner, agreeing to remove their case from the sourts … for now.

Lawyers for Abedin says this doesn’t mean she’s had a change of heart, insisting that she Abedin simply needs more time to work out a settlement with Weiner before the case goes before a judge.

“In order to ensure the proceedings have a minimal impact on their child, the parties have decided to attempt to reach a settlement swiftly and privately,” says attorney Charles Miller.

For a professional opinion, the Post consulted with divorce attorney Michael Stutman, who is not involved with the case.

Stutman confirmed that the withdrawal does not necessarily mean that Abedin and Weiner have called off their divorce.

He says that they may have decided to postpone the hearing for tax or other economic reasons, or to allow them more time to work out a custody agreement for their 6-year-old son.

Of course, with how much Weiner has gotten away with over the years, we won’t be convinced Huma is really leaving him until the papers are signed.


Casey Anthony: Dating Again? Is She Still Single?

Casey Anthony apparently gets a lot of attention from members of the opposite sex these days, despite the whole child murderer rap.

Yes. More than six years after she was acquitted of murder in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, the guys are lining up.

According to a new report, Casey has slowly abandoned the reclusive lifestyle she was basically forced into over the last half-decade.

As a result, single men in her area are taking notice!

“Enough time has passed that she’s not as toxic as she used to be,” says a source close to the polarizing 31-year-old Anthony.

“She’s going out now and then. She’s got a circle of friends, and guys are paying attention to her again,” the insider reported.

“Guys are even asking her out now.”

Another source adds that when she’s out, “people pretty much leave her alone. She can go out and no one really bothers her.”

That’s a stark contrast to a few years ago, where she would receive scorn at best and death threats at worst if she went out.

So is Casey Anthony single now?

By all accounts yes, though she was linked to Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator of the defense team that got her acquitted.

She has worked for McKenna and lived with him since the highly publicized trial, after which she says she craved a return to normalcy.

Casey maintains she has no clue how Caylee died – and that she sleeps well at night despite society turning into her a pariah.

Still, Anthony said in an interview this year that she wasn’t “dumb enough” to bring another child into this world after all she’s endured.

“The potential that some … little snot-nosed kid would then say something mean to my kid … I don’t think I could live with that,” she said.

Having a family again may not be on her radar, but dating could be in the cards now that she’s living a more normal life of late.

We’ve read speculation that Casey is bored by freedom in the past, but that was due to relative isolation she’s broken free of.

Anthony can’t help but enjoy that men are attracted to the woman in front of them, not the person they saw on TV and in the tabloids.

“She likes being more anonymous now,” the source says, adding that with the passage of time, a lot of “people don’t recognize her.”

“Guys just see her as a pretty girl. She’s not, ‘Casey Anthony, murder defendant.’ She’s just an average Florida girl who is living her life.”

Yes, murder defendant. That’s exactly how we’d put it.